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TT Inc Day 1 at Can/Am - Las Vegas

Game 1

5-3 Loss

D. Naro(1) - B. Albercht(1)
P. Burley(1) - D. Stoneman(1)
J. Hecht(1) - T. Rivera(1)

Game 2

5-4 Win

B. Albercht(1) - D. Naro(1)
D. Naro(2) - B. Kehrli(1)
B. Albercht(2) - Unassisted
D. Naro(3) - B. Albercht(2), T. Rivera(2)
V. Alvino(1) - B. Albercht(3)


TT Inc. will be making the move to roller hockey as we have entered into the Narch Pro division.

Notable roster changes from the CAHA lineup:

Not attending-
Tyler Craig
Mason Smith
Sean Naduea
Marc Turbokovich
Billy Leuenberger

Filling in-
Mitchell Cannan
Graeme Chisholm


To our fans, county of Santa Clara has banned gatherings over 1000 people. In the event of this restriction being in place during CAHA, we will only be allowing the first 900 fans into the arena. Thank you for your understanding.


It is unfortunate to announce that Tyler Craig will not be attending CAHA 2020. The government needs him more than ever as they plan to mix chem trails with combatant to the corona virus. Godspeed Tyler.


TT Inc. Hockey Club is happy to announce Brandon Kehrli is on his way home. Whether the country will allow him in is yet to be determined.


We would like to wish Brandon Kehrli safe travels. He will be representing the organization as he scouts potential players across the Pacific. He last checked in with team officials when his plane landed in the Chinese city called Wuhan.

We look forward to his scouting reports.


TT Inc is happy to announce the signing of free agent Billy Leuenberger. Billy has been a long time Martin Jones fan and we admire the loyalty, we just hope he does NOT play like him. To counter this risk we have developed a contract where he pays the team for every goal he lets into the net.


TT Inc. Hockey Club sees Brant Hancock lurking. We would be willing to speak to your agent about a potential contact.


Parker Burley, nicknamed “tree trunks” due to the lack of bending in his legs when he skates, will be joining TT Inc at caha. Standing at 6’10 he is surprisingly not our tallest player!


Nolan M. will be joining TT Inc. at CAHA. He served as an excellent water boy for UCI and we believe there is lots of potential in this freshman.


Mason Smith will be transitioning from forward to defense for CAHA. TT Inc is excited to use his left handed shot on the power play, although his shooting accuracy is below 5%... still excited!


Marc T. will be coming out of retirement. Rumor has it that he hasn’t played hockey since the age of 10! Nevertheless happy to have him!


Vince Alvino will help lead the way for the forwards at CAHA, Vince will serve as a Phil Kessel type of presence but instead of hot dogs it will be shakes and chicken nuggets.

Photos from TT Inc. Hockey Club's post 11/02/2020

Graeme Chisholm, whom has no ice hockey experience, will be behind the bench with a suit and tie for CAHA weekend. After ignoring team officials and electing to retire, he has been offered a part time water boy position.

Photos from TT Inc. Hockey Club's post 11/02/2020

Tyler Craig will captain the forwards during the weekend of CAHA. Tyler played D1 hockey in Montana before becoming a Pilot for Delta.


Current roster and tentative lineups for CAHA



Captains to be announce in the near future!

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