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I completely understand this. There are times I’ve spent hours with endless chatter replaying on repeat about a conversation I had earlier in the day with various endings of what I wanted to happen.

It’s very common for people to replay conversations and analyse what was said. We all want to make a good impression, and sometimes we’re our harshest critics.

The thing is, everyone has moments like these, and it doesn’t define who you are.

Instead of focusing on the things you might have said differently, find the positive parts of the conversation. Because we tend to be harder on ourselves than others are.

If you find yourself stuck in a particular conversation, try to practice self-kindness. We’re all learning and growing every day, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Also, keep in mind that people often don’t listen to every word you say in a conversation as much as we think they do.

Perhaps, it might be helpful to consider the other person’s point of view.

And if you ever need someone to talk to or strategies to manage these thoughts, I’m here for you.

Additionally, if you find that these thoughts are significantly affecting your well-being, seeking professional help can be a good option.

It’s okay to ask for support when you need it


Can we talk about something real for a sec?

You know those times when you end up saying ‘yes’ when all you wanted to do was shout ‘no’?

Been there, done that got the t-shirt!

Share a time when you found yourself stuck in that people pleasing loop.

I want to hear your stories because let’s face it , life’s messy, and where all in this beautiful mess together !

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The art of saying no without over explaining, keeping it short and sweet is the key.

How do you handle those ‘No’ moments?

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