BRCA 12th Oval

BRCA 12th Oval

The British Radio Car Association (or BRCA) is an organisation to promote the construction and racing

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 10/12/2023

Massive thank you to Burton banger club for having 12th Stockcars today.
Something a bit different, lino corners on a post and wire track definitely makes for an exciting fun day racing.
Thank you to everyone who travelled to join us.

Congratulations to Oliver Bowns f2 and Zella Harding F1 concourse winners.

Thank you to the BBC team, Paul & Kay Bailey for keeping us all fed and watered, track elves were on form this morning, as always.
Thank you to everyone who helped clear the track away.
Congratulations to our first BRCA F1 Master of shale Ryan Cattell and f1 junior Master of shale Noah Bailey.
Congratulations to our first BRCA F2 Master of shale AND Junior Master of shale Noah Bailey.

Here's a few photos and results. I do have the videos from the finals, I'll get those uploaded


Some information about tomorrow's Masters of Shale meeting at Burton Banger Club.

Doors open 9am.
Drivers briefing, practice and concourse, Racing to start around 1030. Give or take a few minutes.

Burton cafe is open all day, with hot food, hot & cold drinks and snacks.

Please use the bins provided.
Please use a table cover if you have one.
Please park sensibly, there's plenty of space for all.

With 19 F1s and 23 F2s were set for a cracking days racing.

Drive safely. See you all tomorrow


***************2024 information********************

After the AGM all results, minutes and rules have been updated on the website.
Oval classes had no major changes, just updated the roof grade rule, to use your national grade etc scrutineering & scratch builds are now allowed. Everything else stayed the same.

F1s updated some out of date rules and clarification on some other rules, full details in the new rule files.

F2s had no major changes. Wing placement and designated drivers area. Full details in the new rule files.

F1 & F2 National series calenders will be released when they are complete. Hopefully by New year to give everyone chance to plan and book hotels in plenty of time.
There are no plans for a 1300. 2ltr. Ministocks or Hotrod national series next year.


Time to concentrate on the last meeting of the year. Less than a week left to get booked in. Booking in via
Booking in closes Sunday 3rd December at 10pm.

The new F1 world champion is already booked in, who's coming to take on the new number 1 ?
Let's go 🏆🏆🏆

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 26/11/2023

Congratulations to Ryan Cattell
F1 Stockcars 2023 world champion 🏆

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 26/11/2023

F1 Stockcars junior world final
Congratulations to Emily Jacklin taking the win.


F1 Stockcars world final photos and results thread.


10 minute warning

Booking in for f1 world final closes at 10pm

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 08/11/2023

F1 Stockcars world final.
Here's the info for the weekends racing.
Booking in is open on

Booking in closes sun 19th at 10pm

Please book in before the cut off, there will be no late entries.


Booking in is open

Booking in closes sun 3rd 10pm


Exciting news.........

F1 and F2 Stockcars
2023 Masters of Shale

Ever fancied racing on a different surface? We emulate shale by replacing the corner carpets with lino, makes it a little more tricky to get round those corners. It definitely gets your thumbs working

Booking in will open beginning November and will be open until December 2nd 10pm.

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 23/10/2023

AGM information.

Bournville College. 1 Longbridge Lane, Longbridge B31 2AJ

Sunday 29th October. Estimated start times. You only have to come for the classes you want. You don't have to attend all day.

Oval 930am start
F1 1030am start
F2 1230pm start

If you have sent in a proposal, you will need a seconder on the day and we would prefer you to be in the room so you can discuss your proposal.
Proposals are all on the brca website.

Any thing you want adding to AOB, drop me a message.



Event cancelled

English open for 1300,2tr,hotrod,ministox
Due to low numbers, the club cannot run this event as it's not cost effective.
Refunds will be processed asap.


The oval numbers are really low.
If they stay this low then it's not viable for the club to run it and will probably cancel the event.
You have 5 hours left to book in.

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 15/10/2023

5 hours left to book in for all of next weekends oval events.


Booking in closes Sunday at 10pm.

Last oval championship roof of the year.
Numbers are on the low side, the club needs a minimum number to cover costs etc, if it's not viable for the club, it will be cancelled.
So come on guys. There's a st George's flag roof up for grabs .....

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 05/10/2023

Sorry for the radio silence since charged rc weekend. We've been ill since monday, So having a little break.

Just a reminder that the English open championship at Walsall is going ahead. Booking in on the brca website is open.


Fabulous days racing so far at Charged RC Show


12 hours left to book in for charged rc show


1 hour left for your oval proposals


So this week we've had quite a few messages from people who haven't done a round but want to come to charged rc and race their oval cars. (1300,2ltr,mini,hotrods) So if you want to come and race. Get booked in. This hobby is all about having fun and racing with your mates. So if you want to race, come and join us. This is what the oval is all about.
Message the page with any questions.

Booking in closes on Sunday at 10pm.


Don't forget
The closing date for AGM proposals is 22nd September


Drivers information inside .......


7 days left to book in for charged rc show ovals. Booking in closes 24th September 10pm for all classes.

F1. F2. 1300 Stockcars. 2lr saloons. Ministocks and Hotrods

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 16/09/2023

Not long left to get booked in for the biggest oval weekend of the year.
F1 Stockcars. F2 Stockcars. 1300. 2ltr saloons, Hotrods and Ministocks all on two tracks battling it out for some very shiny silverware.
Booking in is open

Make sure you come and support your section to keep it going.


For those who want to come and race their f2s but haven't qualified for the world final. We are hosting an open championship for the weekend. Open to everyone, no qualification needed. Brca event so national rules apply. Booking in is open


Booking in is open so get booked in.

To qualify you will need to have done 1 national round.

The Oval Track hosted by the BRCA will be hosting some incredible action over the course of the weekend! (Turn up the sound and soak in the stock car atmosphere!) 😀

All year we have watched some incredible battles take to the ovals as drivers have taken part in the national rounds, all building up to one amazing social and racing event.

We have not one, not two, NOT THREE BUT FOUR!! Yes that’s right, FOUR World Championship titles up for grabs. 🏆
The Hot Rods, Mini Stocks, 1300 Stock Cars and 2Ltr Stock Cars will be hitting the carpet in this sensational lineup.
Will we see you there?

Entries can be made here:


Booking in is open on

Open championship to all, no previous qualifying as It's a one day championship

Current Golden Helmet champion is one of our great juniors, Lennon Cuthill.
So get yourselves booked in for a great days racing

Saturday 30th September

Get ready for the oval battle of the year as we welcome some of the biggest names in F2 racing to the Charged RC BRCA Ovals.
Saturday, it’s all to race for to take home the coveted Golden Helmet Championship!
Open to all BRCA licence holders.

No pre-qualifying necessary.👇
Entries can be made here:


Brca AGM information is on the website.
Please don't all rush at once and crash the system.
Please read the instructions carefully if you wish to submit proposals.

Photos from BRCA 12th Oval's post 28/08/2023

English championship at Walsall banger club.
21st Oct is 1300, 2ltr saloon, hotrods and ministocks IRACE transponders
22nd Oct is F2 Stockcars.
AMB transponders
Booking in is open via


Morning everyone.

So now that the F2 2023 national series is over and we have 2 silver roof champions. Congratulations to
Anthony Wyper and Junior Champion Noah Bailey.
Were going to start lookin at the 2024 national series soon.

So if you have a club or are a member of a club who want to take part in next year's F2 national series then please send an email with your club details to
[email protected]
And we'll add you to the list for discussion at the next committee meeting after the world final. We'd like to go into this year's AGM with a basic idea of a calendar to make the paperwork easier and quicker for the 2024 committee.


Due to the lack of numbers and not being financially viable for the club, Burton's oval national at the weekend has been cancelled.
Thank you to those who did book in. You'll all be contacted asap to sort out refunds etc.


Booking in closes 10pm Monday 21st August.

If there's not enough numbers then the event will be cancelled.


Booking in is open


Booking in for the brca oval national round closes at the weekend. Gotta be in it to win it.


Welcome to the new official home of the brca 1/12th oval section.
At the 2021 section drivers meeting, we had a new set of rules for 1300 stockcars, classic hotrods, 2ltr saloons, ministocks submitted, along with F1 and F2 stockcars. Which means our new section is growing nicely.
You'll find the rules for all the classes within the page.
If you need any help get in touch with any of the oval committee...
Chairman : Emma Parker
Secretary: Michael wood
Drivers rep : Robert Jacklin.

Ministocks : Chris goldsmith

Saloons,hotrods and 1300 : Richard Harris.

F1 reps
Sam Jacklin
Chris Taylor
John Durham

F2 reps
Emma Parker
Michael wood
Tim Bailey
Paul bailey
Phil chadbourne

If you want to be involved and help out, then get in touch. We can always do with extra pairs of hands.

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