Caleb Wheeler Personal Training

Caleb Wheeler Personal Training

Hi everyone! I’m Caleb and I’m a personal trainer at Phoenix Fitness in Skegness!

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We have listen to what you have asked for and tried our best to give you exactly what you want! And here it is!! 😍

All bookings available from NOW!!!
Let’s get those classes booked and goals smashed!

What classes will you be booking?

All classes have a limted amount of spaces to give you the best experience possible, your comfort means the upmost to us💕

✨NEW CLASSES FROM Molly-Jade Phoenix, Hannah Marie PT, Caleb Wheeler Personal Training & Katie Taylor!✨



Ever wondered how to be successful at reaching your goals? It is as easy as you make it for yourself. Remember you are the only one who can achieve what you want ✅, at the same time you are the only one who can stop you 🚫.

Here are a few tips and rules to follow which will hopefully set you on the right path for success 📈.

My inbox is open if you want any advice on building a good relationship with fitness and wellbeing and making that all important positive change 🙌.



How big should I make my goals? It is all about time frame, make it achievable, make it reasonable - but make it big.

Plan, prepare and execute. Have a great week everyone! 😊



Finding you want to make a change and start going to the gym? Feeling like you are going to end up doing everything wrong? 🤔

Here’s a few tips to help make those first few sessions matter and get you started.

Remember if in doubt speak to a trainer and take the guesswork out of making that big change 💪. Contact me today to get your journey started 😊



Mel has been coming along in leaps and bounds from the minute we started working together. Starting at being a beginner on free-weighted exercises to progressing to a recent deadlift personal best of 110kg. Mel always strives for more and her work ethic shows it!

Well done Mel 👏



Jordan and I have been working together for just over 16 weeks now and the results speak for themselves. Jordan came to me for a mixture of reasons although my biggest win has been how confident he has gotten in the gym.

Our goals are always improving and I am already looking forward to checking-in next and updating you all on how much he has progressed 📈.

Well done Jordan! 💪



Mel here hitting a deadlift personal best of 95kg for 4 repetitions! Mel has been eager to best her 100kg 1 rep max and is well on the way to beating her previous best.

Onwards and upwards. Well done Mel! 👏



No pain, no gain right? Not necessarily.

Sometimes during a workout you will feel an immediate ‘burning’ sensation or hours/days later. This is not necessarily a bad thing but pain can be a sign of injury and a should be avoided 🚫.

Take a read for a very brief why and I hope this impacts you in a some way. If you are unsure whether you are doing too much or too little then please drop me a message and I can advise you on how to optimise your training and make it safe and effective 📈.



Which one of us has seen an advert for a ‘six-pack ab blaster’ or a programme to reduce fat around the thighs. 🙄😆

This unfortunately is something that is too good to be true, as much as we would like to be able to reduce fat in one spot only, studies show that this is not possible through targeted exercise. 💪

The good news is that overall cardiovascular training is a scientifically proven way to reduce overall body fat and also improve fitness. There is a very brief reason as to why you can not ‘spot reduce’ fat in this post.

I hope this fact has helped you all in some way. If you would like to ask me a question or get started on your fitness journey then please drop me a message on any of my socials. 😊



2023 is right around the corner and a for many of us it is a time to gain fresh perspectives on things and prioritise ourselves. Prioritising our health is a great change that we can all commit ourselves to and set some goals leading into the new year.

You may be left asking yourself “where do I start?” 🤔

1-1 Personal Training is - for some - is a great way to get ourselves on track and take a lot of the guess work out of it. Over the years I have had many different and diverse clients and seeing their progress week has been a great achievement not only for me but can be your achievement too 😌.

Prioritise YOU and make 2023 your best year yet! 🙌



Pacing yourself is key to this one. Maintain a consistent pace and treat the workout like you will get a score (your distance in meters) at the end of the session.


You choose your repetitions on the bodyweight squats. The reps should be manageable and a complete set - with little rest in between reps - being completed in under 30-40 seconds. From 00:00 you will complete your chosen set of squats for your ability and work away at the bike meters with the remaining time of the first 01:30. This will be repeated every 01:30 until you have completed 20 sets (30 minutes). If your squats each set take more than 40s each interval, cut your reps down to allow yourself time to get back onto the bike.

If you would like to try this workout and need some guidance the drop me a message. Remember to have fun 😊💪



“I’ll start in january”. We all know how that can go - quite the same as “I’ll start Monday”. Action gets you closer to your goals, so start today! 💪

Studies show that it takes 66 days to form a habit. Get started now and in just over 2 months you will be in a positive routine and closer than ever to your goals.

Limited spaces available for Personal Training. Contact me now and book to secure your progress 🙌.


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Mel here hitting a deficit deadlift personal best of 90kg! Only recently had we achieved a 90kg personal best without the deficit.

No matter what we improve and keep putting in the work 💪

Well done Mel! 👏



Here’s a great bit of progress from Katt Denham 😄.

Katt and Claire have been doing joint PTs since April and not only do they bring a great attitude to each session and put everything into each workout, they have both progressed so far! 🙌

With a decrease of a 9lbs ⚖️ while still maintaining muscle mass 💪 well done Katt on another win in your journey 😊👏



Feeling tired all the time? 😴 Feeling low on motivation? 🙇 Feeling a bit out of shape? 😮‍💨

2023 is right around the corner why not get a head start?

It’s time to take control of your life and set a plan in motion. Every new block of 10 PT’s includes a FREE personalised workout programme. With a big saving of £60! Hurry and take advantage of this special offer as it is only valid until December 1st 2022. ⌛️

Not sure if a personal training and a programme is right for you? Drop me a message and find out how I can help YOU! 😊



Ever felt like you have been stuck in the same place for ages? Feeling like your training is not progressing or challenging?😴

Something to try is putting yourself out of your comfort zone. The human body by nature is infinitely adaptable. Sticking to the same workout routine or keeping each workout at the same intensity without making conscious progressions will in turn cause us to hit a plateau and cause our progress to slow down. Trying something new, be it a new style of training or a new intensity can challenge your body and spark a positive change.💪

Personal programmes and Personal Training sessions are a great way to formulate a progressive routine that will challenge you and keep your progress going in the right direction.📈

Why not send me message to find out more? 🧐



We love a bit of progress and nothing is more satisfying than someone who has worked hard for it. Here’s Marisa with a whopping 100kg Deadlift PB!

Form over weight always but as you can tell by her face it’s fun sometimes to lift some heavy things under the watchful eye of a PT.

Well done Marisa you have earned it! 👏



Along with any lifestyle change starting the gym is not something that comes easy to us all. It is quite natural to feel some anxiety and a certain uncomfortable feeling if you are starting to go to the gym for the first time or you are returning after a break from the gym 💪.

I am here to help. Drop me a message if you are looking for any questions, tips or just wanting someone to listen to how YOU are feeling 🫵.

Get in touch today and remember if you are a prospective new client I would like to invite you for a 1-to-1 session and set some goals in place and see how I can help you progress and support you 😊.



Do you know what you want? Are there any barriers or setbacks? Have you got a plan?

It is easy to have a rough idea of what you want. Without a clear idea of what you want how are you going to ensure that it works the best it can?

For example you want to lose weight - but how much and by when? 🧐

I hope this process can affect your goals and give you a different perspective on how to achieve to the best of our ability. If you would like to discuss anything with me then please give me a message and I’d be happy to go through your plan to set you on the right path for success 🏆.



Accountability is important throughout your fitness journey. Tracking your progress is a key way to stay motivated and also tailor your training in the future.

Great ways to track progress:
🗒 Workout books or journals. Using these to track your workouts/weights/reps performed is a great way to keep a score on how far you have progressed.
⚖️ Weigh-ins. Regular weigh ins (depending on your goals) are a great way to assess how your body has changed and where to go next.
📸 Progress pictures. Photographic documentation of your changes are a great way to see how much you have progressed.

Just remember that as much as keeping track of how far you have come in important it is not as important as keeping yourself mentally healthy. Your only competition is you and using data such as weights, workout logs, etc… is not in anyway way shape or form a reflection on you as a person. We are all human and as long as you are happy and improving you are on the right track.

If you would like to discuss progress and staying on track then why not give me a message and I can help you form a sustainable and achievable plan 💪.


Remembering Queen Elizabeth II. Rest in peace.



I will be away effective from the 07.09.2022 until 19.09.2022. I will be returning as usual from that date after some much needed rest and relaxation!

See you all very soon! ☀️🕶



Feel like things are getting on top of you? Feel like you have no routine or your routine is taking it out of you? When was the last time you did a bit of self care?

Self-care isn’t always something big. It is not always having a pamper night or buying yourself something expensive. Self-care can also be something day-to-day, for example, making a decision based solely on YOU.

So look after yourself. Take a day off from your usual routine, go do something fun that you enjoy, even do something as simple as spend some alone time to recharge yourself.

A great way to start is on your fitness. Take care of yourself by becoming fitter and better everyday. My inbox is always open if you would like to discuss ways to prioritise YOU!



⚠️Feel like you are struggling to progress or in a plateau?
⚠️Feel demotivated and a lack of consistency?
⚠️Feel like every day is groundhog day?

This MAY be down to your training and if it is tailored to your goals. Sometimes our workouts, motivations and/or lifestyle does not compliment what we want to get out of training.

As an example, your goal is to run a marathon. Your goal will most likely be to just survive the gruelling 26.2 mile run 🤣. If you are spending all of your time away from the track or treadmill and you are performing heavy free weighted exercises and nothing to address long distance cardio work, then maybe your training is not suited for you. Not to say that strength building does not have its place in a sport such as long-distance running 🏃‍♂️.

On the other hand if your goal is to be a powerlifter, then in my opinion in a structured and progressive programme of lifting heavy weights (safely of course 😅) you are most likely on the right track towards your goals 🙌.

To achieve sustainable and effective progress your training must be focused - as much as you can - on what YOUR goals are. I see many people (not to point fingers 😄) sharing programmes, following free generic programmes or doing what their friends/gym buddies do in the gym. Their goals are most likely going to be different, their progressions are going to be different, so that means your programme needs to be tailored to YOUR goals 🥅.

If you feel like this applies to you then please drop me a message and I can assist you in giving you options or even working through your goals and set a plan in place! 💪



When we think of ab exercises everyone thinks naturally of crunches, sit-ups or plank. You may or may not know that weight training is a very effective way of building strength and stability in the core.

Muscle Focus:
‣Core (abs)
‣Biceps (upper arms)
‣Lats (upper back/sides)

Give this a try and see how you get on! Always try to progress our weights week by week but our main priority is on correct and conscious form.



Struggling to get your first pull up? Finding it difficult to string more than one or two together?

Try this…

This is our main goal here - the hardest variation. Hands just outside of shoulders, full grip on bar, elbows pointed back and down. The focusing here is on pushing the elbows down towards the ground. Little to no movement in the lower body to keep our form strict.

This is where we bring a bit of controlled momentum in to the movement. Using a low box for support and height, pushing our toes only off the box or step to generate some momentum. Same form as the strict pull up - a big focus on controlling the rep on the way down.

This is where we bring in a little bit of help from bands. Use a resistance that keeps our muscles working but allows us to focus on correct form and feeling it in the muscle groups - we do not want a band that works more like a slingshot 🤣. Focus on controlling the down-phase.

This is most effective when you have achieved your first pull up and are struggling to perform multiple consecutive reps. Holds are designed to build strength in the muscles that are utilised for a pull up. Focus on static hold at the top (recommended between 2-3 seconds hold)

Considered cheating by some 🤣. These can be used to build on rhythm and repetitive reps. Good to be thrown into a mixed circuit style of workout and great for building volume. Focus on keeping our feet together and using a small controlled kick with straight legs to start the movement. Finish with a strong explosive pull and control ourselves back to the bottom.

Give these drills a try and see how you get on. If you need any advice or find that the drills aren’t as effective anymore drop me a message and I’d love to help you build those pull ups up!



Marisa is a great and wiling client of mine. Not just one to share a Monday morning pre-session coffee with but someone who has come a very long way. Marisa’s goal has been to increase strength and fitness to make daily and working life easier, not only this but she is someone who loves to go the gym and needs very little in the way of motivation - more of direction with exercises and workouts.

Here she is hitting a very easy 3 sets of 10 on an elevated Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift at a whopping 40kg to finish the session. Here’s to more progress and more coffee’s in years to come! ☕️🙌

Well done Marisa!



Most of us - with or without realising it - have goals. These can be short-term, long-term, small or big and normally drive our actions day to day in and out of the gym. Without a goal we have no direction and without direction we have no logical reason to move forward or do things day-to-day. Would you leave the house for a day out and have no plan of where to go? Normally not.

Take myself as an example. My goal is to get better at competing. This larger goal can be broken down into smaller goals, for example, if competing in CrossFit
means that I have to be able to walk on my hands and that is a skill that I struggle with, then as a consequence to reach my bigger goal, I have to accomplish (or at least work on) this smaller goal. This means my focus must be shifted to each task before moving on to the next to get to the bigger picture.

How can I apply this to myself?

The first step is to (if you haven’t already) have a clear idea of your goals. Now these goals can shift in focus from time to time but they need to be realistic and achievable, think of the end result. Let’s say your goal is to lose 10lbs. That would be something that we may be looking at completing between weeks or even years. Now if your goal is to lose 10lbs by tomorrow then you already know the answer 🤣.

The next step is thinking of smaller goals. These can be focused more on a shorter time-span. Think in the not so distant future. Maybe you would like to learn
how to perform a deadlift with good form or even lose your first 2lbs?

The last step is to think of a very short-term goal. Now the key is making this small and definitely achievable. This goal could even be something as simple as being able to walk into the gym or even feeling like you are getting comfortable with your workout routine and feeling more confident.

The key to success is taking these step by step. Create the goal ➡️ Put the plan in place. How am I going to execute this? ➡️ Put the work in and ✅ the boxes to get closer and closer to that final product.

If in doubt or lacking motivation get a trainer or a workout partner to keep you accountable. My inbox is always open 😊

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