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Rabid wolves is an airsoft team based in South Wales, who attend events across the UK. We are curren


First off I would like to apologize for the incredible lateness of this review but with everyone in the team having various other commitments since the original review this is the earliest I could do this. Hope you still find it helpful anyway

So back to the airsoft.

I received a suprise parcel from our sponsor imports which I'm always excited about.
I opened the plain brown cardboard box to find a beautiful tan vec......(put my glasses on) I meant a tan A&K K5 Mod1 with a 200rd high capacity magazine, unjamming rod and flip up iron sights. After seeing images of this AEG on the internet I couldn't wait to get my hands on it for a chance to test and review it.

First thing first, time to get all the nerdy stuff out of the way with a quick run down of the specs:
240mm inner barrel
ABS body with metal internals
Foldable stock
Single, 2rd burst, full auto firing modes
Adjustable rotary hop up
Lipo ready
Single sling point
Flip up iron sights
A whopping 4kg overall weight

After you get past the surprisingly familiar looks which can be likened to a certain, quite famous submachine gun the next thing you notice is the sheer weight of the thing. The specs say it comes in at 4kg but it feels more like 40kg which is strange considering the body is ABS. However, the weight gives it a solid feel that gives you the confidence that if you drop it on a concrete floor, the floor will break first.

After that the long, futuristic mock suppressor catches your eye because damn it looks fantastic. However, it is actually a cover for the 240mm inner barrel which becomes a problem because even with the stock is folded the 'cqb' style AEG measures in at 52cm long and a unbelievable 76cm with the stock extended. CQB? Really?

The battery compartment which is found in the pistol grip does limit the battery choice due to the compartment size, we picked a 7.4v small block lipo so we could test the functions of this AEG.
I ran through all the fire modes and discovered a serious flaw with the 2rd burst. It works more like a intermittent full auto rather than a burst, you need to hold down the trigger till two BBS are fired then you need to release the trigger because it will not fire anymore. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed quickly. While on the subject of firing the K5 I must mention the safety switch which is a separate lever to the lever for fire selection. It is a source of incredible frustration for any user due to the fact that there is no solid 'click' to ensure that the rifle is safe or live. Instead the lever rotates through its ark but only the last millimetre of the journey puts the gun live, I kept thinking the bloody thing was not firing and after checking the safety lever I realised it was half a mil from putting the rifle live. This is a serious ball ache that needs to be resolved.

Now finally the field test at CQC in Gloucester to see if the K5 lives up to its CQB origin. Things started well with the rifle feeling nice in hand and passing chrono at 335fps on Nuprol RZR 0.20G bbs but sad to say after that things sent south real quick.
First big problem was the trigger response which moves the same speed as a O.A.P with a Zimmer frame. Unless you can see into the future and know where the enemy will appear then quick snapshots will be impossible. This needs upgrading and overhauling asap.
The next problem was a major feeding issue, I had the drop on the enemy team a minimum of 6 times but instead of wiping out most of them I had the dead man's click and got myself rinsed instead. This was after using silicone spray on both the mag and rifle.
Finally the last issue was the weight and length of the damn thing. For CQB the length makes tight space clearing a real struggle because of that barrel is around the corner almost a second before I can, losing any suprise I had on the enemy. The weight made holding it in a shouldered position for a long period a real issue (and I'm not being a pansy it's bloody heavy). One other thing is if you want to use a sling to take some of the weight you cannot food the stock due to the design flaw meaning the sling, sling mount and stock jams against each other.
However, when I got into open areas I was able to pull off some memorable shots. So to sum up the CQB test a couple of good shots but my arms were shot and my frustration was obvious to everyone.

Field test part 2 at Airsoft Cowbridge was the A&K's last chance to redeem itself in the open spaces of a woodland site.
I am glad to say I was not disappointed. Good range, consistent shot placement and after some more bedding the feeding became less of a issue.
It was a beast in defending a position allowing me to hold a building for almost a entire game with only a DMR in a elevated position being able to outrange me. Still the trigger response was still very poor but in the open spaces it was less of a issue than in the close range of Strikeforce CQC.

So to sum up the A&K K5 Mod1:
Good points
Good range
Solid build and feel
Cocking handle can be locked back for easy access to the hop up

Bad points
Poor trigger response
2rd burst mode does not function as a burst mode
Major safety lever issue
Unesseserly heavy
Opinion but not worth the money when it needs upgrading straight out of the box just use like any other AEG

I would like to thank Imports for the opportunity to test the A&K. So we suggest heading over to www.airsoftimports.co.uk to see everything they have to offer (which is a lot) and don't forget to use the discount code RABIDWOLVES2017 for 10% off your next order.

Stay tuned for more reviews and content so don't forget to like and follow our page Rabidwolvesairsoft/?view_public_for=1109811245707205

Many thanks and happy hunting.


Three high caps for the Ares AM007 today. All full of magic BBS that instead of hitting people just fly through some sort of magic portal that make them disappear and not hit anyone who was being fired at even in full auto (burst)
I'm not a negative guy but when you have such a blatant cheating it ruins a whole day.
I mean why do it?
In my opinion it's pretty much stealing, you are stealing people's time and money when you don't take your hits and cheat in airsoft.
Rant over.

P.S also broke my eotech, not a happy wolf today.



Airsoft day at Taskforce Paintball Games Cowbridge

This Is the sport of airsoft . the wolves in a quick clean game of team deathmatch at Taskforce in cowbridge , the objective shoot everyone on the other team...


Looks like the wolves have some firepower to add to the ranks.
So big it's the size of the North 😉!
A lovely CA M249 para, plus a fast helm came today. All ready for action!
All purchased from the awesome !
Can't wait to get this one out on the field!


Quick! It's a camera try to look badass. Photo from our day at Taskforce airsoft Cowbridge. Really good day with the added bonus of it being dry and warm for a change.

Also I got to make a comment on the A&K Mod 1 which I was using from . It was the second game I have used it and I've now discovered it's a woodland not a cqb gun because it ruined several players with ease. A full review of the rifle will be going on our page soon so keep a eye out


Just wanted to share this great airsoft opportunity. A full weekend of airsoft action at . This is a event that can't be missed with terrain that keeps battles interesting, players in their toes and excellent all round game play. Included at the event is various stalls and competitions throughout the event will some quality prizes.

So contact to book your place before places run out:

The Wolves hope to see you lot soon


And this is our glowy version of our Rabid Wolves patches from Stitch Me Up. Amazing quality and look brilliant and functional for our dark cqb games (plus a really good nightlight)

Find Stitch Me Up on Facebook


A massive thank you to Stitch Me Up for our new quality patches. The white version are actually glow in the dark so we can easily follow each other in dark cqb and serve as a good night light for when we go to bed.

Find them on Facebook


We are having a vote on the A&K MOD1 , do you guys want a live review , or a written review , or both let us know


These seem to be getting really popular lately so I thought I may aswell show mine.

Bought from and I then but a steel section in the middle to create the fangs. The paint was just a rush job.

So I'm calling this one the mk1 but God it saved my face plenty of times at Strikeforce CQC last Sunday. I would highly recommend getting one.


The things we do for airsoft. Was still packing my kit till 12am then back up and out by 5:30am for Strikeforce CQC. Best part is our special guest a A&K Mod 1 from for us to field test. Plus we get to test out the titanium series kit.
Happy hunting
&K a vector morning


I am a Rabid wolf and I have a and addiction. Thanks to for this package which will be put to good use tomorrow Strikeforce CQC.


Wolves lead the way! (of course there is food at the end of it) Plus one of the very few times you will see us really shift after some really good game play at Taskforce airsoft.


This wolf.By here is called cupcake. It was his first time at Taskforce airsoft and even though he is looking a bit Stevie Wonder here he done really well.

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