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We are here to teach about different strategies, tips, and products all to do with whitetail deer hunting.

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Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 12/11/2022

Still searching for a buck this year.

It only takes one buck to make one mistake.

If you haven’t got your buck yet this year, keep grinding. Hard work pays off 💪🏼

I’ll be grinding with you!🏹

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 01/11/2022

A pretty great Halloweekend🏹

Shot on October 30, 2022 at 8:15 am


The season is coming fast! I don’t think I’ll be able to get EVERYTHING checked off my yo-do list that I wanted to. However, now is the time to start getting back into the mindset of whitetails (if you haven’t already).

Some of the things that were on the top of my to-do list that are done or getting done soon.

1. Mineral sites in the spring-summer
2. Practicing with a mobile set up
3. Have trail cameras running to start patterning bucks.
4. Shoot my bow both on the ground and in the air to make sure I can make that shot count this year.
5. Scouting public land

Comment 3 things on your to-do list! I wanna know what your focus is this off-season.

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 19/06/2022

Happy Father’s Day Dad. I love you ❤️

Thank you for all the memories, teachings, guidance, and wisdom. I am so proud to be your son.


Talking a little bit about shot placement. You can find the full YouTube video using the link in my bio. It would mean a ton if you gave it a watch.

3 things I look at with shot placement:

1. The angle at which the deer is facing.

2. The angle of elevation that I am at in the tree stand.

3. The yardage that the deer is at.

These three things complete the Pythagorean Theorem and is the science behind a successful shot placement on a deer. (Don’t worry, I don’t get nerdy in the video)


Life is better where the corn grows tall and the deer run wild 🙏🏼

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 08/06/2022

What a great picture from one of my cousins who is a farmer!

As the fawns start to be born, do you like to take inventory on how many fawns you have on your property?

I try my best to count how many we get. This helps you understand how many new deer are on your property in a given year. An average of that number could help you make some decisions on how many deer you should kill to keep a good buck to doe ratio.

Just food for thought. HAPPY WHITETAIL WEDNESDAY 🦌🦌

Scott Archery Pursuit Review (Best Release for You?) | The Whitetail Teacher 31/05/2022

NEW BLOG ARTICLE!! If you are in the market for a thumb release trigger this year, the Scott Archery Pursuit is a great option. This article is a full review and breakdown of my own personal experience with this product.

Scott Archery Pursuit Review (Best Release for You?) | The Whitetail Teacher Well, in this article I will be breaking down each part of the Scott Archery Pursuit. I trust Scott Archery for all my release needs and figured that I would


“Your hat gave me good luck 🍀 ” - Delaney Beckett

I can’t promise good luck while wearing The Whitetail Teacher hat but I can promise a quality hat that you can enjoy while outdoors! 🦌🐟🦃

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Can’t wait to check trail cameras and hang some stands soon! 🦌


When you ain’t seeing any deer, stop. Look around and enjoy the beautiful nature that God has created for us to enjoy 🙏🏼

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 21/04/2022

Throwback Thursday. I was just a young buck that got a bit tired a little to often.
Also some old photos of me hunting with my Uncle and my Dad.


My dad and I were able to travel to our hunting property to do some property management. Picked out a couple new stand locations, saw 5 deer, checked cameras, and got to set two mineral sites!

This was our first time ever trying a mineral site so we will see how it turns out. However, I feel like it will do pretty well. (Will keep everyone posted how it does through the year)


A vision board has been something that I have wanted to try for a long time. I finally got around to it on Friday last week. My vision board is not only dedicated to whitetail deer hunting but it is also a vision for my life! I am a huge believer in the idea that you can dream it, take relentless action towards it, and you will eventually achieve it.

I am not going to go through my vision board piece by piece; however, I have been and will continue to use my board to remind me daily of why I am doing what I do. The board also help me keep my eye on the overall goal for my life.

Comment down below if you have ever made a vision board, ever wanted to make one, or think they are stupid. (I would highly disagree with you)

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 08/04/2022

Spent the last week in Mexico for my senior your spring break trip. Had a great time with my family and friends. However after 7 days, I was ready to get back to providing whitetail hunting value to everyone. It is also nice to be back in my routine of life! So more information coming to you guys soon!


Another Whitetail Wednesday!
I swear, I have a dream once a week and it always looks something like this. I am doing something related to hunting and in the background, there is a nice buck standing there staring at me. Here is the worst part. I always wake up before I get a chance to take my shot!!!😡😡😂😂 Maybe I am going crazy🤷

Does anyone else have any crazy whitetail deer dreams? Comment down below because I want to hear them.

📸 Credit
He does an amazing job with his photos. Thank you once again for letting me share them!


Have you ever wondered why deer have those dark spots on their hind legs?

📚Those dark spots are called tarsal glands. Tarsal glands are used by both male and female deer to communicate with the other deer in the herd. Each gender uses its tarsal glands differently.

📚Females: Use their tarsal gland to let bucks know when they are in estrus and ready to breed. They do this by urinating on their glands and the glands hold that scent. Then bucks will be able to distinguish that scent while they are cruising the woods during the pre-rut and rut seasons.

📚Bucks: They will use their tarsal glands to mark their territory and show their dominance. A buck will be able to identify when an opposing buck during the pre-rut, or rut, is in the same area. In general terms, the darker the tarsal gland on a buck, the older and more mature the buck could be.

💪🏼These tarsal glands are one of the few ways that deer communicate with each other. If you can understand the way that whitetail deer communicate, you will have an advantage over those mature bucks!

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 20/03/2022

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Deer Highways are one of my favorite places to hunt. Lots of action, good predictability, offer plenty of shot opportunities.

-What are Deer Highways?
Deer Highways are simply deer trails that are used significantly more than other trails. This deer highway on our property is on the south side of a ditch. This ditch is known to hold lots of deer, and deer that want to travel to the open field to feed tend to do so on this highway.

-How to hunt Deer Highways?
Your stand placement along these deer highways are crucial to your success. For me, I like to place my stand the closest I can to the area where the deer are headed or coming from. Not just somewhere in the middle. (If it is a bedding area, be careful when you sneak into the woods not to spook deer out)

I also like to set up for these deer highways by placing my stand about 10 yards off the highway. This gives you room to make your shot and plenty of options if the deer do not take the exact path of the highway. Then you will want to create 2-3 shooting lanes. This will help you stay hidden but still have options to get your shot off.

Deer Highways are great hunting locations while deer are still in their summer feeding habits. They can also be useful during the pre-rut when bucks are checking for a doe that is in heat.

-Now you know what deer highways are and how to use them! Make sure to get out in the woods when you can to start planning your upcoming season!


Why do you enjoy whitetail deer hunting?

I don’t hunt to shoot the biggest buck ever, not to show off my success to the world, not even to put meat in the freezer. The REAL reason I hunt is to find peace and clarity.

In the world of technology, everything is so fast and chaotic. Hunting gives me an escape from that reality and puts me in the reality of calmness, relaxation, and most importantly a place for me to take time to connect with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The other things are just bonuses! So remember to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while you are 20 feet up in a tree.

📸 Credit:

Photos from The Whitetail Teacher's post 15/03/2022

Why do Deer Smell EVERYTHING?? Well a look into the anatomy of the deer nose tells us exactly why. Here are 5 reasons why deer can smell everything.

After reading through those 5 reasons, you might be asking yourself, How do I Defeat the Whitetail Nose? Here is how you can do the best possible job to win the battle.

You want to use everything you have at your disposal.
1. Take a shower with scent-free soap. Spray your clothes off with a scent-killing spray. I personally like Scent Killer Gold.
2. Use doe in estrus urine during the pre-rut and rutting times.
3. Wash your hunting clothes in scent-killing laundry detergent and dryer sheets after each hunting trip.
4. Most importantly always keep the wind in your favor! The wind should be blowing into your face. Not into your back.

Now you should be fully prepared to win the battle against a whitetails old sniffer! Stay hidden, stay ready, and execute your shot! Comment Below your favorite scent killer product.


Aging bucks by antler size Caption

YouTube Video Clip about How to Age Whitetail Bucks in the Field. Check it out using the Link in Bio!
This clip explains How you should be analyzing buck’s antlers by the mass and tine length rather than the number of points. Here are 3 facts to consider about the antlers of a whitetail buck.
1. The whitetail buck’s antlers on average reach full antler points at the age of 4 and a half. Consider this before culling your next buck.
2. Whitetail deer antler growth has equally as much to do with genetics as they do the proper nutrition and proteins.
3. You want to understand the area that you are hunting to get an estimate of the average size of antlers per age class in your area to make a fair estimate of the age of a buck.
Remember this is only one part of the process to be able to properly age a buck in the field. If you are interested in learning all the parts of the process of aging a whitetail buck in the field use the Link in Bio!


Comment Below 'PREPARED' if you are ready to step up and make your shot count in the 2022 hunting season.

This is the first of many more Whitetail Wednesdays to come. Each one will be a quick thought, tip, or motivational quote to get your minds think about Whitetail Deer Hunting.

HUGE Thank You to for letting me showcase his photos in these whitetail Wednesdays. Go take a look at his Instagram Page and give him a follow!

📸 Credit:


Does your area have a CWD Problem? If yes, what is it, and how serious can it be to your whitetail deer herd?

Comment down below if CWD is a problem in your area!

CWD stands for Cronic Waste Disease and it has taken its toll on the whitetail deer herd across America. This study was done in Wisconsin showed the effects of CWD on the survival of deer in their area. I will not bore you with all the numbers, but I will highlight the points that I think are significant.

1. 75% of deer with CWD did not survive in the year 2018. However, not all 75% die just because of CWD. It is the psychological defects that cause the deer to do things out of the ordinary. The disease will make the deer more apt to death by weather, predators, and starvation. But the root cause is CWD. Deer without CWD only died at a rate of 25%. So it is a big deal among the whitetail herd. If not controlled, it can really hurt your deer heard.
2. Some symptoms of CWD are extreme weight loss, starvation, stumbling, extreme thirst, and loss of the fear of humans.
3. CWD is most commonly transferred from deer to deer by the transaction of saliva from feeding areas, salt licks, or watering holes. Be conscious of these hunting tactics if CWD is prevalent in your area!
4. What should you do if you see a deer and suspect the deer has CWD. You want to call your local DNR to report it. They should be able to determine for sure if the deer is CWD positive. Then from there, you will want to try to slow the spread by avoiding the tactics above and talking with your local DNR to discuss best practices for your area.

CWD is s serious problem that has a direct relation to the chances of mature bucks and doe to live long healthy lives and living to their full potential. CWD is a real problem that could affect me someday and I want to be prepared.
If you would like to read the full blog post written by Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, the link will be in my bio! (All data was provided by this source)


This past week I took a step back from The Whitetail Teacher Blog and Brand. I did this not because I needed a break, but because I knew that I needed to rethink my plans. So I did just that and you can expect LOTS of NEW content comming your way!

✅ I just got done with an Instagram Course on marketing/branding and providing value to your audience. It was called Beat the Algorithm by Rachel Paul. I would highly recommend her course to anyone looking to get started on growing a business through Instagram.

✅ More Content than I ever thought. I am in the process of getting super organized with what content I can give to you guys for FREE. This includes quick tips, strategies, and inspiration for you guys to go tackle all your whitetail dreams.

✅ I will be working on two in depth, FREE, guides that you will be able to get access to in the near future. One will be, A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare your Hunting Property. The other guide will be, A Complete Beginners Guide to Whitetail Deer Hunting. Comment Down Below which one you would like to see first. The most commented guide will be the one I complete first!

✅ If you watched the video 2 weeks ago about me getting Hoodies, Hats, and T-Shirts with The Whitetail Teacher Logo, then you may have remembered me saying they were not for sale. Soon that will be a false statement and they will be available for purchase. Once that is finalized, I will let everyone know.

✅ Lastly, I have connected with to bring you all Whitetail Wednesdays. These will showcase Adam's amazing whitetail deer photos and also give you a quick tip or inspiration. I am thrilled to work with Adam and if you havent already, go check out his account and show his photos some love!

Overall, I am just so blessed and excited to be able to chase my dreams of making a difference in the whitetail community that I have grown to love. I hope that you will stick around and join me on this journey of Learning, Planning, and Executing while whitetail deer hunting.


What a beautiful Mount that my cousin Aaron got back from the taxidermy! ⁠

The story goes that he never had seen this buck before. He was saddle hunting on his usual property when out of the blue here comes this tank. He kept his composer, pulled his bow back, and let that arrow fly! He got the job done on an amazing Michigan 8 Point! ⁠


BIG SHOUTOUT TO KIDD COMPANY! They sent me more than I was expecting in hats, hoodies, and t-shirts!

Couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey of making my dreams turn into a reality! This world is truly yours for the taking if you put in that work and believe in yourself!


Found this pine tree all ripped up yesterday on our property. This tree is located in a sanctuary where we hunt. It holds deer great and has always been a safe place for the deer. Seems to me that a decent sized buck was in there last year... have to get a stand in the sanctuary and get a bit more aggressive in 2022!

The reason I would get more aggressive with this location is due to the missed opportunities. For years, we have left this ditch line alone to hold deer. I want to be very selective on the days that we hunt this location. One wrong move and the deer could be spooked for weeks. However, it is worth the risk to get a stand up and hunt where the most mature bucks tend to be.

On the days that I will be hunting this spot will all depend on wind direction, wind speeds, if I can sneak in the afternoon when they are bedded down for the day, and if I will be using a decoy. I want to keep this place a sanctuary but be able to exploit it when the opportunities present themselves.

I have an odd feeling that come October or November a buck will be takin a dirt nap from this location.


Do You shoot Whitetail Doe? Read the article using the link in Bio!

The whitetail doe plays a crucial role in your hunting success whether you know it or not. They are the key to being able to see and shoot more mature bucks.

Take a look at the top 3 reasons why you should be shooting whitetail doe:

1. The more whitetail doe on your property, the fewer food resources get to the bucks on your property.

2. Too many whitetail doe can cause bucks to be locked on a doe. That would give you less of a chance to catch a mature buck cruising the woods.

3. A whitetail doe may be the reason for bad deer genetics... it is not always the buck's fault.

Making sure that you control the doe population on private and public land is important for deer habitat and for your success in the never-ending chase for mature bucks. Make sure to Learn, Plan, and Execute using the whitetail doe to your advantage this upcoming hunting season.

Comment down below if shooting whitetail doe makes the cut in your hunting plans every year.

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Talking a little bit about shot placement. You can find the full YouTube video using the link in my bio. It would mean a...
Aging bucks by antler size CaptionYouTube Video Clip about How to Age Whitetail Bucks in the Field. Check it out using t...
BIG SHOUTOUT TO KIDD COMPANY! They sent me more than I was expecting in hats, hoodies, and t-shirts! Couldn’t be more ex...
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