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Are you ready for the next season?

📆 We have a calendar for all Hurricane Heat events for 2023.

Whether you are up for trying the gateway to the endurance world HH4HR or dare to go straight to an HH12HR drill, we promise you it will be a life-changing experience.

😎 For the real hurricane geeks, we also have a 24-hour HH or an entire Hurricane Heat trifecta weekend, which will take place in the Czech Republic.

🙋‍♂️So, it's the time to revise the warrior ethos and join us!



🌪 Are you ready for the 2023 Hurricane Heat season?

🗓 We will publish the complete calendar of HH events in the CEU region soon.

What are your Endurance goals for the next year?

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 02/12/2022

📸The first photos from the Agoge weekend are here!

📲You can find them in photo albums on our FB


Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 15/11/2022

Welcome to the craziest, most
extreme events Spartan has to offer 🌪🏅

Designed to push limits, reconstruct human potential,
and offer complete mental and physical transformation.

Swipe to learn more about the Spartan Endurance Events



🌪️Your Spirit trifecta will be waiting for you next year.

HH4HR & HH12HR & HH24HR in 2023


3️⃣0️⃣ days until the start of the unique and the hardest Spartan Endurance event in the world.


Will you be a part of history?


🌪️ In two months you can experience in Slovakia.

😎Anyone who successfully overcomes 60 hours of physical and mental endurance will be able to proudly wear this finisher's t-shirt!

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 12/09/2022

🌪Three photos, three unique stories, three separate events and one extremely challenging weekend!

💪These are the HH12, HH24 and HH4 finishers!

Congratulations, you have become part of the endurance family!



…after a long night we deserve a healthy breakfast 🪱

🌪Hurricane Heat Trifecta weekend in Slovakia, Veľká Rača - finishing first event - HH24hr. Today we continue with HH4hr and tomorrow HH12Hr


🌪 The best option to participate in at least part of our Hurricane Heat Trifecta weekend is HH4HR, because it is the easiest level of HH.

🧘‍♂️ On our Trifecta Weekend, there will be a HH 4HR on Saturday between 24HR and 12HR.

🎒 The uniqueness of the 4-hour HH will be that the entire gearlist will be without additional weight and will fit in a small kidney bag.

📆 Join us in the unique HH Trifecta Weekend and start right now with a 4 hour HH

🌪HH 24HR
🌪HH 12HR
🌪 HH 4HR


🌪 Endurance season doesn't end!
The hardest event in the Spartan world - AGOGE - will be this year in Slovakia. Be prepared!


🔥The Hell's gates will be open in Veľká Rača!

🌪🌪🌪3 HH events in one weekend: HH 24Hr + HH 4Hr + HH 12Hr = 40 hours of endurance in this beautiful nature of northern Slovakia.

😈 Are you ready for the world's first HURRICANE HEAT TRIFECTA WEEKEND?

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 21/06/2022

🌪Teamwork, a lot of mud wellness and tasks for 💪muscles and 🧠mind.

👏Congratulations to all HHCZE-18 Litovel finishers.

🌀We are the STORM!


🫵Are you ready?
🌪Will you be the ?

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 20/05/2022

🏛 Endurance Olympic games will start next weekend in Šamorín

Šamorín, your is here!

Everything from the gearlist is mandatory!


🐣We wish you a nice Easter holiday and do not forget what you learned with Easter eggs at the last HH in .

🌪See you again on HH12hr


HHSVK-14 Jelenec 4Hr

🐣Yesterday we welcomed spring and Easter.

🌪24 students together with their Krypteias completed difficult tasks where the Easter egg played the main role.

🔥Congratulations to all finishers

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 21/02/2022

🎒 Tanvald 05.03.2022

🏔 In two weeks you will have the opportunity to experience 4 hours of HH again.

🇨🇿 This time we will visit the north of the Czech Republic and we believe that snow will be waiting for us there.

You have plenty of time to get your gearlist ready.

📩Registration is still open

Spartan Race Czech Republic

🎒 Tanvald 05.03.2022

🏔 In two weeks you will have the opportunity to experience 4 hours of HH again.

🇨🇿 This time we will visit the north of the Czech Republic and we believe that snow will be waiting for us there.

You have plenty of time to get your gearlist ready.

📩Registration is still open


🌪The first event of the 2022 season is over.

☀️It was a beautiful day spent with tires in the woods around Törökmezö🇭🇺

Next Hurricane Heat is waiting for us in a week in Jelenec, Slovakia.

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 04/02/2022

💘Your expected gearlist for the charity HH full of love in Jelenec is ready

🌪Read it carefully and prepare everything with you. Every item from gearlist is mandatory for this event.

🎁 The specialty of this gearlist is a gift for children from an orphanage, so choose a suitable gift for them carefully.


🌪 Storm of the 2022 season is comming!

💪Are you ready?!


🎄We wish you a beautiful Christmas full of expected goodies and not unexpected obstacles. We will enjoy them together next season🌪

Photo from our warrior


❄️Ice and 🔥fire, greetings from Ukraine!


🏜🌪Congratulations to our warriors who conquer the toughest endurance event - !

🐪60 hours in desert without sleep, rest and full physical effort.

🇵🇱Magdalena Piska
🇵🇱Andrzej Tomczyk
🇸🇰Marek Rehak
🇭🇺Kalman Koller
🇭🇺Viktor Gyócsi
🇭🇺Zoli Tróznai
🇭🇺Levente Németh

You are true warriors!


🏜The last debriefing before the 60-hour Agoge in Abu Dhabi.

🌪💪We keep our fingers crossed and good luck to you all.


💧Individually, we are one drop.
🌪Together, we are the STORM.


🌪The location for Christmas HH is well known Jelenec in Slovakia.

🎄The charitable and Christmas spirit of this event will be a unique experience for all of us in this day.

🌪Can we count on you?


🎁🎄🌪Special Christmas HH with a charity spirit.

📅On December 18th, a unique endurance event in Slovakia, in which you must participate.

💻Registrations will open soon


Be ready…


We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand!

🌪Try and show me how you play!



🌪Each HH location has its own unique atmosphere.

🏰🌲Sometimes we are in the woods, other times in the castle and sometimes on the playground, but always as a team we fulfill our mission!


🌪The World's Ultimate Endurance Event has tested athletes around the globe.

🏜In 2021, AGOGE arrives in the Liwa Desert on November 28-30, 2021

Spaces are limited. Secure yours now:


🌪It's not how hard you hit. It's how hard you get hit...and keep moving forward.

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 06/10/2021

🌪Your strongest weapon is your team 🤜🤛



🌪HH Prague - Team crawling challenge 🛏


🤔Are you looking for something new?

🌪Try our Hurricane Heat - 4Hour experience in Prague - this Saturday 2.10.2021

Registrations open until Friday! Link in Bio


Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 28/09/2021

Praha HH 2.10. 🧱🛏🧹

Registration still open!

Photos from spartanextremeceu's post 28/09/2021

🌪Spartan Extreme Endurance🌪

Find the limit of your comfort. We will help you!

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🌪HH Prague - Team crawling challenge 🛏@spartanextreme @spartanraceczechrepublic @spartanraceslovakia