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Whatever you do just remember that nothing is worth gaining if it means losing your peace, your health, and most importantly yourself. That is the worst trade of all. ⁣

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world but lose their soul?”⁣

So many things are attractive and seem like they may be good for us, but I’m always reminded that good is different from best. What is best and worth pursuing for some, may not be for you. ⁣

What is best takes a lot of time and a lot of saying “no” which if you like to make people happy can be hard and impossible at times to say. Today I just wanted to encourage you to practice saying no to the things that are not your best. You deserve the best you can give, and nothing or no one should get in the way of that.


NEAT Movement - Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis - can make up to 20% or more of your daily calorie expenditure and a large part of how your body metabolizes food. It’s also vital for optimal blood circulation and health. Ahem. It’s really important! ⁣

Steps are one of the most common parts of your NEAT movement, but it also generally includes any movement that’s not exercise. During the cold, winter months this type of movement usually goes down, resulting in reduced calorie expenditure during a season where calorie intake is usually higher. ⁣

For those wishing to stay healthy and maybe even reduce body fat, this can be problematic. Here are some creative ways to counteract this trend until Spring and the nicer weather! ⁣

If you have any questions or other ideas that work for you comment below!


7 months until I turn the big 4-0, and I will say this is probably my biggest “secret.” I sleep! I go to bed around 10 and wake up around 5 pretty much every day. Sometimes I can’t sleep. Sometimes I go to bed late. But for the vast majority of time I hold sleep in high regard and protect that time. ⁣

Work can wait. Nights out with friends can wait. That show on Netflix can wait. Tik Tok? That can definitely wait. ⁣

My biggest motivation in regards to sleep is having done the research (and of course the field experience) to know how profoundly beneficial this element of my health is…and I also don’t want my face to like an old catcher’s mitt when I’m 50.⁣

So to have more energy, feel healthier, get sick less, hold less belly fat around your waist, get stronger, look younger, and live longer…sleep!


“You should be a monster, an absolute monster, and then learn how to control it.”


The power of the word “YET.” Read this caption for a crucial mindset tip.⁣

What happens when we try to improve ourselves? We notice a lot of what we’re doing WRONG. We fail. We feel stupid, embarrassed, frustrated, and a list of other uncomfortable adjectives. ⁣

“No thank you. I’d rather go back to what I know and the comfortable land of acceptance and procrastination please.” ⁣

Well that’s no fun either because even then when it gets quiet and you’re alone with your thoughts, you know you CAN do better and you know you really WANT to do better. So how?⁣

Decide this very instant that you end the self deprecating nonsense. Stop classifying your current state as your final destination and finished product. “I’m not great at this. So and so is a natural at that.” Saying things like this gives all our power away and buys a ticket to sit in the bleachers and do nothing while everyone else is out there playing the game. Saying escapist, negative things like that feels good and accurate in the moment because they get us out of responsibility. But it leads you right back to where you started. ⁣

So stop, and here’s the first step on how to do that because it may take a while to reframe old patterns. Just add the word “yet” onto those negative sentences when they slip out. ⁣

“I can’t seem to stay consistent…yet.”⁣

“I’m not good at this…yet.”⁣

You got time but you gotta start today! When life is bullying you please don’t help it. Fight back, and don’t stop fighting. You will be surprised at just how powerful you really are.


Jane’s face says it all. ☺️ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Hi. It’s me again reminding you that you can’t out-train a crappy diet. And no, eating healthier isn’t going to do much either if you don’t know exactly WHY you’re eating those foods. It’s time for you to get a real and individualized plan that is proven to work. Link in bio. Spots are limited.

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Back on our yearly tradition of seeing the PA Youth Ballet 🤗 2021 and 2019


This one’s perfect timing for a Friday night. You never see someone asking someone else how to have fun. That’s because everyone knows how to do that. What you really see is the people going out every single weekend or hopping on the next big thing every month asking the disciplined ones what their “secret” is. What you need it to stop looking down on the people you could learn from.


The long game ALWAYS wins.


This is it. One of the best possible parts of coaching you should be know and use!


I was going to write out a whole list of questions you could ask yourself to ensure you’re making great decisions with the people you surround yourself with. But honestly you probably already know one way or the other. Follow your GUT.


Just waiting for my turn to be the hometown love interest in a Hallmark movie.


Here’s the part where I tell you I know exactly how to get you out of your current situation. All you have to do is make the decision. Link in bio to apply.


If I could encourage anyone reading this with just one thing it would be to stop focusing on all that you’re not. This is supposed to be fun! Don’t let the joy of change and progress be rushed or tarnished by comparison. Nothing good will come if that.

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Anyone with a gym membership and an Instagram account can call themselves a Coach these days. Here’s some tips to make sure your money, health, and progress are in good hands.

Photos from phil_simmons's post 07/12/2021

Anyone with a gym membership and an Instagram can call themselves a Coach these days. Here’s how to make the right decision and make sure your money, health, and progress are in good hands.


When was the last time you said thank you to your body? I know for me it’s been a little while and as I sit here with a box of tissues and some cough drops, I’m reminded how many years this body’s brought me through. If you’re looking to change, that’s OK. You’re allowed to wish to change things about yourself, evolve, and grow stronger. I just wanted to remind you though that your body in its present state is an amazing gift.


The first list of phrases seem innocent enough. They have good intentions and may seem to be based in reality, but I can assure you they’re not. They are phrases that put all the responsibility onto the future you. They’re procrastination. They’re fear based. ⁣

The second list is based on love. Love of the present and future self. Of taking full responsibility for where you are and where you’re going. ⁣

Be on guard for when you say or think any of the first list (we’re all guilty of them at times). Politely interrupt yourself when you do. Say something like “No. I disagree completely. I can do this. If I cannot yet do this, I will learn how. I refuse to give up on myself.”⁣

This isn’t sexy stuff, but I promise you there are others with mountains of obstacles climbing every day. We’re here. We believe in you. But you have to too. You got this.


I had a lot to say, but I really mean this. You’re ALLOWED days, especially Holidays, where nobody gets to choose what you do. Nobody but you. Me and my team do help our clients with their individual goals and obstacles and support them through it, but that’s much different than me sharing a generic infographic on Instagram about to track your stuffing.

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If you’re not doing any of these 3 things I can guarantee you’re frustrated with slow results. All of them are extremely achievable and FREE! Let me know if you have any questions or need help with any of them.


If you tend to overthink things like me sometimes, I just wanted to give you a little reminder and a tip that helps me and my clients every day! And that is to think intentionally. What does that mean? That means to sit down, and actually write out your thoughts instead of letting a million different scenarios race around your head like the Daytona 500. Ask yourself questions. Visualize. The truth is what many of think of as “thinking about something” is really just…anxiety. Have you tried this before? Need tips? I’d love to hear your own experiences with this or if you have any questions. Drop a comment and let me know.


The work is actually fun. Limiting your abilities and cheating yourself out of your potential is not.


If someone offered you an additional 3 years of life in exchange for reducing or eliminating Social Media would you take it? The crazy reality is that this is an actual choice we all have. It can sound scary, but it can also offer a lot of hope for anyone feeling like they simply don’t have enough time. The side hustle you’ve wanted to start, getting to spend more quality time with your partner or family, time to work out, and even time to relax is there!


An absolute game changer right here.


If you were to sum up this year with an emoji, which one would it be?


We can’t consume our way into the life we want. We have to create it.


When I was growing up, my dad was always reading a book. Amidst him commuting to his job, working all day, doing yard work, restoring a ‘76 VW beetle, driving my brother and I to and from soccer practice and games, he was reading and constantly learning. Thank you for passing this passion onto me, pop. ❤️

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This is it. One of the best possible parts of coaching you should be know and use! ... #coaching #coachinglife #becoacha...
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