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Heather Morse Hall, MD Coaching

I am a certified life coach, trained at The Life Coach School.

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These beautiful flowers are all over Malta in the spring. In English, they are called crown daisies, but in Maltese their name is lellux. I love this word, pronounced lel-LOOSH, rhymes with bebbux (Maltese for "snails"). I'm grateful to live in this amazing world with so many different cultures and languages. And to be able to learn new things! We as humans always have the potential to learn, to grow, and to change.

What have you learned recently that gives you a smile?

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Breakfast in the Munich airport. Isn't it beautiful? Porridge with figs, berries, red currants, and apples. Fresh, delicious food is so much more satisfying than highly processed food which is designed to keep you craving more.

If you want to find a way to eat that nourishes your body and aligns with your goals, I can help. Coaching spots are opening soon! DM me to set up a free consultation call.

Photos from Heather Morse Hall, MD Coaching's post 28/04/2023

Sunrise today got me thinking about gratitude. I am grateful to live in a place where I can see the sun rise over the water. To have the health and vitality to go for a walk in the morning. To have access to technology to take these pictures and to share them with you. I'm grateful gor coaching, and for the suggestion by to go for a walk *without* listening to a podcast or other distraction. I noticed so much more!

A regular gratitude practice can improve feelings of well being and increase positivity. I try to incorporate a gratitude practice on a daily basis - just writing down the 5-10 things I'm grateful for that day.

What are you grateful for today? If you have a gratitude practice, what benefits have you seen in your life?

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In an earlier post, I compared life coaching to athletic coaching. As I continued to mull over the comparison, I realized the big difference is that as a life coach, I am only interested in helping YOU achieve YOUR goals. An athletic coach in invested in the player making the perfect layup or penalty kick -- their compensation and employment may even be on the line. Whereas in life coaching, there is no external referee/score/medal other than what YOU want. How do you want to show up for people in your life? What do you want to change in your home, in your job, for your health? In many ways, the motivation behind your actions matters more than the actions themselves, because the motivation affects your experience of your life. Taking action out of love -- love for others AND love for yourself -- always feels better than any motivation. I used to try to shame myself into losing weight, but it never worked, AND it felt terrible! Making choices out of love for myself feels so much better.

Interested in finding out more, or setting some goals of your own? Send me a DM to get on my calendar for a free consultation call.


The most important thing about goals is that they are YOUR goals. What do you want for your life? It's also OK to have no goals, to be content with what you have in your life and how it's going. Even if others are telling you should change this or that in your life, it is only if you truly desire to achieve it that you will put in the work to figure it out and take the actions you need to take. What goals feel true and important to you, in alignment with your values? I offer weight loss coaching not because I think there is anything inherently better about having a lower BMI -- in fact, I've followed the fat acceptance and body positivity movements for years, and fully support everyone finding peace and self-love regardless of size -- but because I know how good it feels to set a goal and achieve it. My compelling reasons for weight loss were health-related: decrease risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, preserve mobility, and improve joint health. The added benefit I love​ is no longer going up and down in sizes all the time -- I have one wardrobe of clothes that fit consistently, and shopping is SO much easier.

If any of this resonates with you, send me a DM to get on my calendar for a free consultation call.


I am starting a weight loss coaching program in February. I am particularly interested in coaching health care workers (my people!), but I'm excited to coach anyone who is a good fit. When you join my program, you will receive:
*12 weeks of individual coaching on any topic
*help designing your individual protocol for weight loss
*videos explaining key concepts and tools
*worksheets to help clarify your thinking

Once I knew I could lose weight and maintain permanent weight loss, I felt I absolutely had to do my part to share these tools with the world!

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I've been thinking a lot lately about resolutions I've set in the past, as compared to goals I'm setting for the future.

For years of my childhood, my New Year's resolution every year was simple: "I'm not going to fight with my brother anymore." It would last a day, or a week, and then, because I thought of it as an all-or-nothing goal -- it was over.

Then for years, after I started struggling with my weight, it was: "I want to lose weight." No specific goal, and no specific plan. Which led to... ups and downs, but never a predictable, sustained approach to achieving my goal.

At some point, I learned about SMART goals. They were developed 40 years ago in a management context, but there is plenty of wisdom that applies to personal goal-setting. There are some different versions, but here's the original.

S = Specific. Vague goals are hard to get motivated for.
M = Measurable. How will you know if you have achieved the goal? Instead of "I want to exercise more," how about "I want to do yoga at least twice a week"?
A = Assignable. In a management context, this means whether it is a task/goal you can assign to someone. My take for how this applies to personal goals is -- is this something I have control over, i.e. can assign to myself? A personal goal should not be contingent on someone else's behavior.
R = Realistic. Sometimes people use this one to enforce limiting beliefs on themselves. Brooke Castillo talks about setting "impossible goals" -- goals we THINK are impossible, and really have to stretch ourselves to figure out how to accomplish them. Katrina Ubell recommends setting your weight goal as mid-normal BMI. When I heard that, I immediately had a lot of thoughts about how that wasn't possible for me. Less than a year later, I achieved that goal! If I had never set it there, I never would have done that. Think big, and you may be able to achieve results that blow your mind.
T = Time-related. If you're setting a goal for 2023, do you want to achieve it by 12/31/23, or sooner? What time frame is reasonable/doable?

If you want help setting your goals for 2023, send me a DM!


What does a life coach do?
I was curious about life coaching for years, in a general sort of way. Then in September 2020, I started listening to Katrina Ubell’s podcast, and it blew my mind. I remember exactly where I was when Katrina talked about Brooke Castillo and the model – I stopped on a walk and wrote down the model, thinking she might not mention it again! When I joined Katrina's program, I witnessed the coaches helping people (and helping me!) in this really powerful way, so different from therapy -- and in some ways more direct.
Fast forward two years -- I've received a lot of amazing coaching, and in October 2022, I completed my coach training through the Life Coach School. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to think about what it means to coach and be coached in this thing we call “life.”
As I see it, a life coach is similar to an athletic coach. The coach can’t play the game for the athlete, maybe can’t even demonstrate the perfect layup, putt, or pentalty kick. The coach’s role is to observe, to analyze, and to give feedback. The coach can provide a structure for the player – when you are playing defense, guard the player this way – but in the end, the player is the one in the game, making the decisions in the moment.
I offer “causal coaching.” We are always looking at the causes of behaviors. Rather than just saying “take this action or that action to achieve the results you want,” we look at WHY you are not getting the results you want in life – and behind the actions, there are always thoughts and feelings. Relationships, work, parenting, self-esteem, overeating, overdrinking – it all comes back to our thoughts and feelings. My job as a coach is to show you your brain – to observe, analyze, and give feedback – and make space for you to make your own decisions. I teach principles and provide tools, but it is up to you to decide what to believe and how to live your life.
If you are interested in working with me, send me a DM! Offering consultations now, with spaces opening up in January for my new weight loss program and for general life coaching.

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