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Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 13/09/2023

Y Das #20 - 2,251ft
Rhos Dirion #21 - 2,340ft
Twyn Talycefn #22 - 2,307ft

A gorgeous walk in the Black Mountains (Bannau Brycheiniog NP). Probably the last shorts and t-shirt walk of the year, though never say never...

The flies on Twyn Talycefn were awful, and we had to make a fast retreat once Storm's summit photo was taken.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 22/08/2023

Sometimes you have a walk that doesn't go well, and you think it can't get any worse!

This was supposed to be a walk to Drygarn Fawr (2,117ft) in the Cambrian Mountains of mid Wales.

There was forestry, then young forestry with bog and then endless purple moor grass with bog, with no proper path. The OS map had it as a bridleway, but at its best moments it was a sheep track. And it kept raining....

About 1km from the summit we turned back as it was an utter bogfest. And on the way back to the forestry fence the sheep track/no path was far more difficult to follow, so we zig zagged through the purple moor grass and bog.

Having made it to the bog track in the forestry and then eventually to the forestry track, and I think our troubles were behind us.

Sadly Storm then injured himself and did the last 0.2km of the walk on three legs. He is too heavy to carry (and does not like being carried), but by using the handle on his harness, I managed to take some of his weight and eventually we were back at the car.

We then had the fastest (within speed limits) to the vet, about 40 minutes away. Storm was very sorry for himself last night, though he had been given metacam. However today he is much better and should be back out on the mountains soon.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 20/08/2023

Hay Bluff #19 - 2,221ft

August 2023: a quick jaunt up Hay Bluff to test my fitness after covid. And it wasn't at all bad, my fitness or Hay Bluff. The views were stunning.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Craig y Fan Ddu #13 - 2,241ft
Craig Pwlfa #14 - 2,500ft
Waun Rydd #15 - 2,523ft
Bwlch y Ddwyalt #16 - 2,474ft
Craig Cwareli #17 - 2,395ft
Gwaun Cerrig Llwydion #18 - 2,395ft

July 2023: Bannau Brycheiniog NP - central

A stunning walk, though at times wet, windy and cold. Despite having shorts on, ended up with my woolly hat on and layering up.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Pen y Grib #7 (1,617ft)
Pen y Manllwyn #8 (2,543ft)
Waun Fach #9 (2,648ft)
Pen-y-Nantllyn #10 (2,464ft)
Pen y Gadair Fawr #11 (2,625ft)
Pen Trumau #12 (2,307ft)

June 2023: Black Mountains (Bannau Brycheiniog NP)

Absolutely cracking route up the Dragon's Back, and a lovely 17km in total.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Twmpa (Lord Hereford's K**b) #6 - 2,264ft

June 2023: In the Black Mountains. Storm and I had intended to go further, but impending kit failure stopped play.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Y Gyrn #1 - 2,030ft
Corn Du #2 - 2,865ft
Pen y Fan #3 - 2,907ft
Cribyn #4 - 2,609ft
Craig Gwarn Taf #5 - 2,704ft

June 2023: Our first walk in Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.

The walk up from the Storey Arms Centre was lovely and when we got to the summit of Pen y Fan it wasn't too busy.

However by the time we came off Craig Gwarn Taf it was heaving and we made the mistake of descending by the main tourist drag to Pont ar Daf.

Once the school summer holidays are over, we will try some other routes.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Langdale, epic day:

- Pavey Ark via North Rake #156 - 2,297ft
- Harrison Stickle #157 - 2,415ft
- Thunacar Knott #158 -2,372ft
- High Raise (Langdale) #159 - 2,500ft
- Sergeant Man #160 - 2,415ft
- Blea Rigg #161 -1,775ft

May 2023: Storm and I managed to find the dog friendly route up to Stickle Tarn, avoiding any dog unfriendly stiles.

North Rake was a really good route up Pavey Ark with a dog, and a lovely tarn at the top of it for Storm.

The rest of the walk, was fabulous though maybe we should have left Blea Rigg for another day, as it was out on a longer limb than expected.

So now three quarters of the way through the Wainwrights, which I'm really chuffed with.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Kentmere Horseshoe:

Yoke #149 - 2,316ft
Ill Bell #150 - 2,484ft
Froswick #151 - 2,362ft
Thornthwaite Crag #152 - 2,572ft
Mardale Ill Bell - 2,493ft
Harter Fell (Mardale) #153 - 2,552ft
Kentmere Pike #154 - 2,395ft
Shipman Knotts #155 - 1,926ft

May 2023: What a glorious day, even with the 5.30am alarm. There is very limited parking at Kentmere and we were second there.

This was an epic 22.5km walk - Storm was wonderful.

The only weirdness was the helicopter landing on Kentmere Pike and when we got there there were paramedics doing what paramedics do, and we saw mountain rescue coming up. So no summit photo on this one.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Whoap (Birkett) - 1,677ft
Crag Fell #146 - 1,716ft
Grike #147 - 1,594ft
Whoap (again)
Lank Rigg #148 - 1,775ft

May 2023: Due to boring life stuff getting in the way, the plan was just to bag Lank Rigg today.

So starting our walk up Lank Rigg, we got to White Esk and I thought why not add Whoap.

When Storm and I got to the summit of Whoap, I thought let's go and see if we we can get past Black Pots, which we did, so we went up Crag Fell.

Then I thought we might as well try Grike. Bit of a problem, Storm was too big to get through the dog flap between Crag Fell and Grike. However luckily there was a baggy bottom bit of fencing in the corner and he wiggled through.

So we bagged Grike and then returned to Black Pots and back up Whoap.

We eventually got to the summit of Lank Rigg, Storm loved the tarn. Then we went down the nose which was lovely solitude, no proper path and no people. This was fine until we got across Lank Rigg Moss and had to cross the River Calder = 1 wet boot!

So our short walk had morphed into 16.5km!

Finished with a lovely half of bitter from the Ennerdale brewery at the Fox and Hounds in Ennerdale Bridge.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Mungrisdale Common #145 - 2,077ft

May2023: An absolutely charming fell. Storm and I parked above the field centre and walked along the bottom of Blencathra until we reached Roughton and started uphill, reaching the lovely Sinen Gill, where Storm had a paddle.

Then on up to Mungrisdale Common, which was a charming tranquil fell. Up to the summit and then we had lunch by the skinny cairn. Then back down to Sinen Gill for more Storm paddles.

The infamous bog didn't materialise, so Storm and I liked this one.

Sadly this was our final fell from Wainwrights Northern Fells book, so if we stick to our rules we don't revisit until a second round. This would be sad as Storm and I have enjoyed the northern fells which tend to be wild and quiet. Maybe rules were made for breaking....

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Caw Fell #143 - 2,287ft
Haycock #144 - 2,615ft

May 2023: Started from what is probably my favourite valley in the Lake District for a fab 17.5km. Started with a lovely walk along Ennerdale Water from Bowness Knott, and then crossing the River Liza, we went past the new enclosure for the future beavers and then we wound our way up the Ennerdale Forest on tiny paths, eventually coming out above them.

Caw Fell was a lovely walk, though hot and sunny.

Then we headed off to Haycock. Storm and I will never know what the summit views from Haycock are, as we walked up ita hat of cloud descended on it!

Having made it back to the sunshine for lunch, we watched the cloud disappear from Haycock - you can't win every time...

Once we got back to Ennerdale Water Storm had some lovely swims to cool off.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 15/08/2023

Harter Fell #141 - 2,146ft
Green Crag #142 - 1,604ft

May 2023: Storm and I started our walk from Jubilee Bridge at the foot of the Hardknott Pass in Eskdale.

Harter Fell was the one Storm refused to go any further on a few weeks ago when we attempted it from the Duddon Valley in wind, rain and little visibility. Wainwright says not to do this - I should have taken note!

So today we were going from the Eskdale side. Brilliant! On the path across the front of Harter Fell, so many bluebells! A fun route up, lovely views from the summit, and then a pleasant route down to the Hardknott Forest.

This was where things were annoying - there were stiles over the fence towards Green Crag, but not a dog flap in sight. So into the Hardknott Forest, and much boggy forest path to be navigated, until eventually a gate brought us out onto a path to Green Crag.

However in Hardknott Forest I heard my first cuckoo of the year, then another near Green Crag.

Green Crag had amazing views from the summit, looking out onto Devoke Water and Wainwrights outlying fells beyond.

On returning to Eskdale, we were greeted by another cuckoo.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Red Pike (Wasdale) #139 - 2,710ft
Scoat Fell #140 - 2,759ft

May 2023: Another day at Wasdale, starting at Overbeck and heading up to Dore Head.

The intention was to do Red Pike (Wasdale), Scoat Fell and Steeple, however decided that Steeple would not be a good idea with Storm, without an extra pair of hands.

However it was still a stunning walk, and Storm managed the Red Pike scrambles.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Castle Crag #138 - 978ft

May 2023: The smallest Wainwright of the 214, in the Lake District.

Probably not my favourite Wainwright, especially the slag heap section to get up and down with Storm.

However stunning views from the top.

Afterwards we walked back to Skelgill at the end of Catbells, where we picked up a lift.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Middle Fell #135 - 1,909ft
Seatallan #136 - 2,270ft
Buckbarrow #137 1,388ft

April 2023: A honkingly windy day for another trip to Wasdale in the Lake District. The rain held off until we were on our way to Buckbarrow.

It was a day of different fells being difficult/easy than expected.

I wasn't expecting rocky looking Middle Fell to be so straight forward, including toddling down to just above Red Tarn.

Then grassy Seatallan. The options were the steep side facing Middle Fell - having watched someone go up, this was a no.

The other option was to go up to about 500m and head along that sort of contour to the arse end of the fell. This end was still pretty steep and had no shelter from the wind, but it was doable as long as you just looked at what your boots were doing, rather than looking down.

Having got to Seatallen summit, too windy for a lunch stop and we headed down to Cat Bields, and then we had late lunch on the way to Glade How sheltering behind a rock from wind and rain.

Getting to Buckbarrow was simple. Getting down Buckbarrow down the Gill Beck route was a bit unpleasant.

Like a lot of today there were no paths on OS maps. However Mapbox on my Suunto app had more, though I don't completely trust Mapbox. At times on the upper reaches, it seemed to be taking us over sheer drops, but always a sheep track sized path would appear, and we gingerly went down.

Once we were down to Gill Beck, I was more confident that the path would get us down.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Fairfield Horseshoe:

- Low Pike #127 (1,667ft)
- High Pike #128 (2,152ft)
- Dove Crag #129 (2,598ft)
- Hart Crag #130 (2,697ft)
- Fairfield #131 (2,864ft)
- Great Rigg #132 (2,513ft)
- Heron Pike #133 (2,008ft)
- Nab Scar #134 (1,476ft)

April 2023: What a monster day! The Fairfield Horseshoe- 20.5km, 8 Wainwrights, 1 rock climbing dog, 1 steep bouldering dog.

Storm was a complete star, nothing phased him and this was one of those epic days.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Stone Arthur #126 - 1,640ft

April 2023: A smaller one after the long day on a couple of days before, to see how we both were.

Started from Grasmere, light rain all walk, and a nice half pint at The Swan at the end - a very very dog friendly pub.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Red Screes #122 - 2,546ft
Middle Dodd #123 - 2,146ft
Little Hart Crag #124 - 2,090ft
High Hartsop Dodd #125 - 1,703ft

April 2023: Out and return via Caiston Glen which made for a long walk. Wainwright called Caiston Glen uninteresting, but I thought it was lovely.

Gorgeous weather but bitter wind, and a slightly questionable route from Middle Dodd back to just above the Scandale Pass, but it was effective

I had thought to drop off the end of High Hartsop Dodd, but decided it was too steep with Storm Assisted Descent, so we returned back over Little Hart Crag for a second visit of the day.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Great Carrs #119 - 2,575ft
Swirl How #120 - 2,631ft
Grey Friar #121 - 2,536ft

April 2023: An absolutely beautiful day for it, though a biting wind.

I parked on the Wrynose Pass. The route up from here was at times interesting, especially with a large dog, Storm, on the lead, as hands were also needed at times to get up to Wet Side Edge. However Storm was good and responsive to commands - mostly "stay" , "gently" and "hup hup".

We made our way over Hell Gill Pike (the wind was at its most bitter here), then over Little Carrs, and finally up to Great Carrs. Swirl How was not overly challenging, and then onto Grey Friar which looked steep from a distance. However when we got there it was absolutely fine.

Then we returned to the Wrynose Pass down a steep grassy not quite there path - there was a tiny cairn at the top of Wet Side Edge, and it was preferable to the route uo.

Our quote of the day was "just take a closer look" and each time on closer inspection Storm and I went up!

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Illgill Head #118 (1,998ft)

April 2023: After a week of rest and then easy walks for Storm, after his pulled hind leg muscle on The Knott, we headed off to Wasdale in the Lake District.

This was Storm and my first visit to Wasdale - we have looked down on it from up on the fells, but never been there before.

It was a stunning place and the walk was a t-shirt walk, with a lovely fell. After Illgill Head, we had started to head towards Whin Rigg, but the weather forecast had changed and the fells beyond Eskdale were disappearing behind rain.

So with perfect timing we got back to the car, as the first spots of rain turned up, and as we left the car park torrential hail and rain arrived.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Brock Crags #115 - 1,841ft
Rest Dodd #116 - 2,283ft
The Knott #117 - 2,425ft

Gorgeous walk from Hartsop in the Lake District, which was pretty quiet until we got to The Knott.

Brock Crags seemed to lack a footpath to the summit from the Hartsop side. However once Storn and I found the bottom of a tiny path, after a short steep uphill, it took us nearly to the top.

Rest Dodd was very quiet. However things got really busy on the path up The Knott.

Unfortunately on the way down the rubbly path from the Knott, Storm was not looking right on his hind right leg. As he is to heavy to carry (and he doesn't like being carried), we took the descent to Hayeswater and then Hartsop very steadily.

After this Storm had an easy week to recover, from what appeared to be a pulled muscle.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

April 2023: Bakestall #114 (2,208ft)

This was not the intended fell (Northern Fells - Lake District) for today. I had set my alarm for 0720, 0730 and 0740 this morning, and I managed to turn it off every time, without waking up! So instead I woke up at 0900. So had to rethink, as I was never going to park for our intended fells so late!

So instead we grabbed the last proper parking space for Dash Falls, and went up Bakestall.

Once a the top of Dash Falls it was a boggy initial ascent up Bakestall. This will not be one of my favourites, though a decent route up Skiddaw.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Hart Side #113 - 2,480ft

April 2023: Lake District - Ascent up Glencoyne via Seldom Seen.

Storm and I had only intended to go for a bimble up Glencoyne to explore the valley. It was beautiful, with the quirky cottages at Seldom Seen, that somehow we found ourselves at Nick Head. By then it seemed rude not to bag Hart Side.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Ullock Pike #110 - 2,264ft
Long Side #111 - 2,408ft
Carlside #112 - 2,448ft

April 2023: Back to the Northern Fells in the Lake District for the fells in front of Skiddaw.

We started with Watches and headed up to Ullock Pike. Again there was ice higher up, making the last steep section up Ullock Pike icey. But once up there were beautiful views in the spring sunshine.

Next Storm and I headed to Long Side and Carlside. After this we dropped down to White Stones.

We wanted to then drop down to Dodd Wood, however I was concerned that there might be a dog unfriendly stile to get into Dodd Wood. However a lovely couple who were going that way, said if I got stuck with Storm there they would help. However when we got there there was a huge dog gate, and Storm was fine. We then had a pleasant walk through the forest.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Lonscale Fell #109 - 2,346ft

March 2023: Back on the Northern Fells in the Lake District for Lonscale Fell. We decided to stay away from the tourist path up Skiddaw, and went up a tiny path that was little more than a sheep track. The cloud was low on the way up, so I still have no idea what the view from the summit was.

However on the way down the cloud lifted while we were having lunch and we had gorgeous view at last.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Great Calva #108 - 2,246ft

March 2023: A fellwalk in the Northern Fells of the Lake District.

A mostly lovely 13.5km, though there was a long boggy section, that was like an obstacle course with a washed out gully and deep holes. Also it was a mixture of frozen/definitely not frozen as the day warmed up.

Storn and I came down to the Skiddaw House/Dash Falls track on a more pleasant route.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Great Crag #107 - 1,476ft

March 2023: Now half way through a round of Wainwrights in the Lake District.

This was one Storm and I turned back from in January in the pouring rain, as it was an absolute bogfest, when we also bagged Grange Fell #103.

However today we started from Watendlath, the bogs had been tamed by ice and it was a lovely fell with stunning views.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Helm Crag #105 - 1,329ft
Gibson Knott #106 - 1,378ft

March 2023: More Wainwright bagging in the Lake District.

Helm Crag was a repeat attempt. Last autumn Storm and I had attempted from the Greenburn valley side. However on the zig zags there was a step stile I couldn't get Storm over (he weighs in at 35kg, so I can't pick him up), and the dog flap under the stile was not sufficiently large for him. After that we went for an explore to find an alternative route, but short days prevented any further attempt.

So we returned in March 2023 to try one of the potential alternative route. There was a muddy section, but it was doable and brought us out just above the impassable stile.

After that Helm Crag up the zig zags was pleasant. We carried on to Gibson Knott, and beyond to take the path back down the Greenburn Valley. I was glad the upper sections had been in the shade all day, as it made what would have been a boggy route, pleasantly frozen.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Rannerdale Knotts #104 - 1,165ft

March 2023: Back in the Lake District for some more Wainwright bagging.

This time Storm and I tackled the diminutive, but perfectly formed Rannerdale Knotts. What it lacks in size, it makes up with stunning views.

Photos from Women on the Peaks's post 24/07/2023

Fiend's Fell - 2,080ft
Little Knapside Fell - 2,156ft
Knapside Fell - 2,248ft
Dun Edge/Melmerby Fell - 2,326ft

Fellwalking in the North Pennines, January 2023, with my trusty hound, Storm.

It was freezing cold, but with all the bogs frozen, these were the best conditions for this walk. Cross Fell was looking stunning in its ever lifting and falling light cloud coat.

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