Melanie Kaye Yoga

Melanie Kaye Yoga

I am a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher & FRC Mobility Specialist. I am deeply passionate about creating uplifting environments wherever I go.

I believe in the power of yoga to unite individuals, inspire personal growth, and holistic well-being. I'm a seasoned yoga instructor with over seven years of teaching experience, originally from New Orleans and now calling Edinburgh, Scotland home. My journey into yoga began over 13 years ago, leading me to cultivate a daily Sadhana and dedicated asana practice. Throughout my career, I have had t

Operating as usual

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Bad days are also apart of a very good and sexy life ☀️😚

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Swipe to see my typical yoga face 🥲 It’s usually one or the other tbh haha


A little flow for myself after teaching this evening 🌼 missing all your faces and can’t wait to teach you guys in person!

Oh and this is a clip of new song 🥰


Happy new year everyone 🙌🏽 Stay true to yourself this year and every year!


My besties ill so here’s a cute photo of us 🌻 Love you 💕


It’s time to let go of all the things that are holding you back ✨
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🔈Sounds on 🌊 I feel very lucky to be able to have this beach right by my house, to practice and meditate on. With everything that is going on it’s important now than ever to stay connected to nature. Refresh and let go ✨


Not everyday has to be a race to the finish line. Productivity isn’t only measured by the steps you take towards career and material success. It’s also the days you acknowledge you need to have a break and progress in the things you enjoy doing. A hobby, a meditation or fitness practice, and anything that involves the creative part of your brain. As well as, the power we have to give and share love to our friends and family. If you’re anything like me, stop beating yourself up over every little thing you haven’t done and be proud of all the steps you take to being your Ultimate Self. It actually helps with procrastination too lol.

Happy Full Moon y’all ♥️

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Heart Opening poses help lower your stress and anxiety. They will increase your oxygen levels, and give you an increase in energy. While also stretching and strengthening your spine, quads, hip flexors, shoulders and chest.

But more importantly they make me feel amazing. I feel more free and less weighted down. I get this huge sense of release as if I can finally breathe. They are for sure my favourite poses.
Give it a go and see how they make you feel ✨
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6 min - Monday Meditation and Intention Setting

A short meditation and intention setting for today. If you’re feeling a bit over whelmed with everything going on in the world, it’s important to take time to look after your own mental well-being. Sync back into how you’re feeling. Take a moment to create space in your mind and find your breath. Stay safe and keep well ✨


👇🏼 Live streamed every week straight from my website / free or donation based classes ♥️ PM me if you have any questions!


A little flow from class earlier 🦑

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One of the biggest things I struggle with is my self worth. After having years where I was abused and made to feel worthless, it’s not a surprise. I don’t imagine it will be something that will ever go away but it has become something I can use to reflect on my life. A tool to remind me to be grateful and how much I can overcome.

Why do I do yoga? Why am I a teacher? I do yoga to remind myself that I am stronger than I think. I teach so that I can remind others that they are stronger than they think too. If someone hasn’t ever told you that before I AM TELLING YOU NOW. You are worthy of love, from others and especially from YOURSELF! It took years for someone to say that to me. So I hope as a teacher I can be someone’s first to remind them of their worth. -From the girl who had to cry for hours to remember this. I’m here for you 💜


Get that butt up and do some yoga

Thank you to everyone who has watched, donated, and been so amazing during my first livestream week! ♥️


Some info about the live stream weekly classes that are starting next week 🙌🏽 Message me for any questions or inquires. Head over to to see what classes suit your schedule. Link in bio 💋


Veg box unboxing - thanks beach house cafe 🙌🏽

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“I’ll let the flames soak my body as my words tickle my lips. They fall out quick and harsh, not giving you time to take it in. I can see that you’re hurting but I am hurting too. So we’ll sit in our burning home we made out of sticks and glue. It’s no ones fault, it never is. But your negligence made this happen. Still you’ll wait for me to yell, instead of putting out the heat that I’m trapped in. So I’ll let the flames soak my body as my words tickle my lips. Standing in the ashes of the home we tried to build.” 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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7pm Live yoga sesh 🤘🏼 check out my Spotify playlists if you’re needing some yoga tunes. Link in bio

all levels welcome :)
get cosy. find some space. share a practice.

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Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the live yoga classes! Another one coming tomorrow 😎 let me know what evening time works best for you all


Who wants to some free online yoga y’all?? 😅


Hey kelso yogis! Important email has been sent out regarding tonight’s class. Let me know if you haven’t received it 💜


Hey kelso yogis!
Just a reminder from our first email about this 6 week block - There will be no class this evening. Enjoy the sunshine! See you next week 💜

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Shout out to all of you who were there in tonight’s 7-8pm class. It’s something really special when the students lift you up and I leave feeling 1 million times better than I did walking in. Thank you, sending you all so much love!!

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Firbush Yoga Retreat 2020 ✨ Huge thank you to all of you who were with us this past weekend. It was such a pleasure meeting you all and making such beautiful connections. If you’re interested in participating in the 21 days of abundance meditation and writing project, give me a message on Facebook and I will add you to the group on Wednesday 💜 LOVE YOU ALL! @ Firbush Outdoor Centre


Hey Kelso yogis! I am unfortunately having to cancel class tonight due to the bad weather and the roads being unsafe from Edinburgh. Stay cosy and warm tonight!

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Our Story

Hi there, my name is Melanie!

I am originally from New Orleans and moved to the UK in 2013. I am a fully qualified 200HR RYT Yoga Instructor and FRC Mobility Specialist. I am also a Kids Yoga Instructor and have completed an 8 week course in Mindfulness Meditation.

Yoga has brought many positive qualities into my life. I started practising when I was 18 years old and completely fell in love with it. Yoga became like a best friend to me, being a constant in my life through all the ups and downs. When I realised yoga was helping to the path of becoming the ultimate version of myself, I knew I needed to share it with others. So here I am, gratefully having the opportunity to bring positivity, self love, and serenity into the lives of all of my students!

I aim to create a limitation free atmosphere for every person that I share a practice with. Through body meditative movements, breath work, and themes to challenged our perspectives, we learn the inner workings of our mind and cultivate our body awareness. My goal is to share the numerous benefits that yoga can bring into a person’s life, mentally and physically. Solidifying that yoga isn’t just about the practice itself but how you apply what you have learned when you step off of your mat. My classes are a funky mix between mobility specialist exercises, focusing on strength training for your joints, and complimenting this with yoga poses.

I look forward to seeing and guiding you on your yoga journey :)

Sending so much love your way,

Melanie Richard / Limitless Yoga

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Who wants to some free online yoga y’all?? 😅
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