Fit4Mom Acton- Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Body Back

Come get a great workout and take your babies and toddlers along! We meet at Teamworks Indoor Sports or NARA Park depending on the season! We combine power walking & jogging with resistance training for a total body workout!

We focus on cardio, strength, and core exercises during our classes while doing our best to entertain our children!

[02/13/16]   Awesome workout this morning - 7am at Teamworks!! Weighted balls, burpees, sprints and more!! Come join us, we are there Sat and Sun mornings every week!! 💪🏃

[01/19/16]   Tuesday morning @ 9:30am---join Julia at Teamworks for a workout to heat up a freezing cold morning!!!

[12/26/15]   Tomorrow morning @7am-come join us at Teamworks Acton for a post-Christmas high intensity workout!! Everyone welcome :). Message me for more info!!!🏃💪🎄

Stroller Strides Trial Pass

Come join us inside at Teamworks on Friday 11/20 for our 9:30am workout!!! New to Stroller Strides?? Scoop up a 5-class trial pass for a limited time only!!! See you there!!

[10/30/15]   It's going to be warm enough to be outside at NARA Park for class @9:30!!!

[10/28/15]   Want to try out Stroller Strides so you can get in a workout with your baby or toddler this Fall & Winter?! Come join us!! Now offering a trial pass at a discount!!! We will be working out indoors at Teamworks M T W F 9:30-10:30am!!!

[10/27/15]   Come join us at Mt Calvary in Acton at 7pm for Body Back...1 hour packed with cardio, strength and core JUST for moms!!! Join us for a 5-class trial using the link below!!!

[10/02/15]   Getting in an outdoor workout at NARA Park this morning @9:30am!! Come join us!! 💪🏃

[08/18/15]   Stroller Strides Tuesday morning at NARA Park!! 9:30am- see you there! It's going to be HOT☀️💪🏃

[04/13/15]   Kicking off our outdoor season with Stroller Strides at 9:30am Monday at gorgeous NARA Park!! Come join us and bring a friend!! It's going to feel GREAT to work out in the sunshine!!

[03/09/15]   Starting this week off right with Monday Stroller Strides!!! Let's do it!

[02/25/15]   No class today, the Dufresne family stomach bug has hit. So sorry girls.

[02/22/15]   Back to our normal schedule on Monday!! Can't wait to see you all and get a full week of workouts in! Join us for Stroller Strides Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Stroller Barre on Tuesday!!

[02/15/15]   Tomorrow will be our only Stroller Strides class this week due to February vacation! 9:30-10:30am at Mt. Calvary Christian School, Acton, MA, 472 Mass Ave. "Like" this post if you're coming!!!

[02/09/15]   The snow is really getting in the way of our Monday workouts!! See you tomorrow for Stroller Barre at 9:30am and let's hope this snow quits soon!

[02/02/15]   NO Stroller Strides tomorrow due to the snow! At least we can sleep in after that exciting Patriots Super Bowl win!! See you Tuesday for Stroller Barre at 9:30!!

[01/29/15]   To make up for our 2 snow days in a row, we are going to hold Stroller Strides tomorrow (Thursday)! See you at 9:30am at Teamworks!

[01/26/15]   Come get your workout in tomorrow before we all get snowed in!!! It might be our last chance for a couple days! 9:30am at Teamworks for Stroller Strides! 💪 #stuckhomewith4kids #stircrazy

[01/20/15]   Stroller Barre tomorrow at Teamworks Acton...9:30am, come give it a try!! Always a good burn!

[01/09/15]   Roads are a little messy out my way, so class will start at 9:30 this morning, instead of 9:15 to allow for a little extra travel time! See you then!-Brooke

[12/22/14]   Couldn't make it to class today? You have another chance tomorrow to get a workout in before Christmas! Stroller Barre is tomorrow at 9:30am...join us to burn some serious calories!!

[12/22/14]   Busy holiday week? Come work out at Stroller Strides with us and get energized to accomplish everything on your list! See you tomorrow at 9:30am at Teamworks Acton!

Plans & Passes

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25 Ledge Rock Way
Acton, MA

General information

Monthly memberships or 10-classes passes are available. Your first class is free!
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