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Operating as usual


Currently in Kowloon. Lots of fog and a bit cold... never an issue though

Replay XD 02/10/2014

The latest Replay camera - PRIME. Just released and stunning!

Replay XD We're proud to be involved with the best. The best Racers, the best Pro Shooters, the best Partners, and the best Brands.


Unpacked the Vision tonight... The classic inspirations were getting lonely.


Lamb BBQ weekend, spent the BBQ day working on an outboard and avoided the melee of off world folk hunting up some 20$ lamb BBQ. End result of my day, it runs .. it doesnt run, it runs.... it doesnt run.... old girl needs new coils!


Saturna Island Diving has a Transport Canada licensed Skipper to take care of your charter boat needs and wants!


If you are looking for a map of Saturna Island here you go: it isn't bad, but really doesn't do the beauty of the island any justice. Come and see what paradise looks like :)


A great day today! Saturna Island Diving is making progress in the Sofnolime Scrubber department for all you Rebreather divers! Headway is being made towards becoming a distributor of 797 grade Sofnolime on the West Coast of Canada.


Fresh Crab for dinner ! Mmmmm Tasty!


E-Fauna Species Checklists

Not a SCUBA Diver, but coming to visit BC (and of course Saturna Island) with a Diver and curious about the creatures that live in the province? Please have a look at this link: Establishing scientifically accurate lists of the wildlife found in British Columbia is important for wildlife management and species protection. It is a critical step in protecting biodiversity, and highlights species richness in a region as well as spotlighting knowledge gaps about species occurr...


For anyone that likes to fish or spearfish, - Spearfishing and harvesting of certaain types of shellfish etc while diving is allowed in BC depending on the area - and if you want to bring your gear with you and come dive here I will make sure that you get a Tidal waters fishing license to enable you to enjoy your sport and your dinner :) be it Crab, Rockfish, Lingcod or Salmon.

The Prices for Pacific Tidal water fishing licenses here are:

An "Annual' "Non Resident" License is $101 CAD per year
A 5 day "Non Resident" License is $31 CAD
A 3 day "Non Resident" License is $19 CAD
A 1 day "Non Resident" License is $7 CAD

The license is free for kids under 16 years old.

If you want to fish for Salmon, add $6 to the above prices.


For anyone that hasn't been to the BC coast and would really like to come visit, my dinner for the last 2 nights has been: Freshly caught Dungeness crab (pulled them from the trap myself) served right out of the boiling pot to my plate with clarified butter and fresh steamed veggies. If you come visit and dive with me out here this kind of fare may be on the menu for your dinner.


starting to take course registrations for an April Open water course.


Some interest already in CCR training. have 3 that want to do a Discover Rebreather Experience.... ....and 1 person who is interested in rebreathers for cave diving Next Instructor I take course is Rebreather Instructor! Calling the Dive Addicts! Come play in BC waters.


The Saturna Lions annual Prawn Fest feast is scheduled for Saturday March 30, 2013 at the Saturna Island Recreation Centre.

This event INCLUDES a prawn dinner with dessert followed by a dance.
Tickets go on sale March 15th and are $22.00 for adults / $10.00 for children under 14.
Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment and bring the whole family!

For more information contact Tom or Sandy Koochin at 250-539-3255. [email protected]


grabbing lunch after getting a coat of bottom paint on a friends boat. Have to check on a fising license after lunch so I can check on a friends crab trap while he's off island in Mexico. Dungeoness crab dinner... mmm mmm tasty!


decent frost on the ground this morning. The fog was lifting this morning at 730 as i headed for the workshop. Lyall Harbour had cleared enough to just see the marina as it emerged from the fluffy white mists so common here on the BC coast. a few sailboats at anchor on the bay, but no wind to set the orchestra of lines and bells ringing out across the waters from their masts. Summer will be here soon and the diving will be excellent.


Hoping to pull the old boat out of the weeds in a month and get her cleaned up for some adventure diving in May - June. Anyone want to do some drift diving? Out here in BC, Drift diving is DRIFT diving. Current, kelp beds, BIG fish, whales, octopus... and did I mention Current? Bring a lift bag and reel :)


Victoria Underwater Explorers Speakers Series | Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbi

There is ALWAYS something going on here in BC if you feel wrecked :) The Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island Chapter holds regular monthly meetings in BC’s Capital City of Victoria. At each meeting the UASBC invites a new guest to give a presentation on various archaeological, exploration or diving topics. The Underwater Explorers...


Home - Shipwrecks Tickets now available in events | Underwater Archaeological Society of British Col

What's neat about the BC Coast? Well looky here: Welcome to the website of the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia (UASBC). The UASBC is a group of avocational archaeologists, historians and shipwreckwreck divers dedicated to researching, locating, identifying, surveying, and protecting the maritime heritage of the province of B...


For people interested in finding out more about Saturna Island and what is here I will be posting weblinks to local events, businesses, tourist attractions and anything else that may tickle your fancy - Not just Dive related stuff!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?