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I have a vision about a world with people who are truly connected, loving & empowered to be the best

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Find little moments in life to be happy for; A genuine smile from a stranger, a compliment you give/get, finishing a hard workout, making progress on a project. All those count.

Give yourself permission to be happy.


Almost everyone can be helped but not everyone wants or is ready to be helped.


Take a pause ✋🏾⏸️, inhale deeply to fill up your lungs 🫁, then exhale 😮‍💨….. you’re now recalibrated 😊. Then ask yourself what your ‘higher self’ choose to engage in 🤔


Hormones drive desire 😍 in the initial stage. Harmony👫🏽and alignment keep the relationship strong and healthy.

As long as there is a sense of security, belonging, and intimacy, you’re on track 👌🏾.


Before you ask someone to go out with you; ask yourself “Would I go out with me?”

Before you ask to be hired for a position; ask yourself, “If I owned this business and understood the priorities, would I hire me to fill this position?”

You can’t ask for something from the world or others which don’t feel worthy of within you?

Do the work to gain confidence and add value in the areas that matter the most in your life and watch others want to led and/or influenced by you in those areas.


Being really good at anything isn’t a matter of luck. It takes deliberate action towards your goals day after day, month after month, year after year.

You have to fall in love with the mundane and unexciting life of doing something over and over.

It’s choosing what’s good for you in the long run other than what’s exciting or gets the most approval from others today.


What is an area in your life you have been procrastinating on that you could take action on today?


It’s easy discovering new things that excite you. But passion for any of those things requires you to spend years and decades of deepening your skill in that area.

Most people don’t have the focus to stick with what they discover past the excitement phase.

Not yet passionate about fitness, film-making, health-eating? Keep learning and being curious and with time you might find that after sometime it’s all you wanna do. You might find passion and fulfillment.


The most powerful things about being a human being is our RESPONSE-ability.

Choose to respond rather than reacting to life.


Have you ever mentally committed to a priority only to keep pushing it to tomorrow every day?

That’s exactly what has been happening for me in the content creation department for the last couple of months.

Last year I committed to writing a monthly NEWSLETTER 📰, but in February it wasn’t easy follow thru on that.

Getting back on top of things after a setback also has it’s challenges.

If you made a promise yourself that you’re feeling guilty not fulfilling, this months’ newsletter address how to navigate such times.

Read the NEWSLETTER on my website, www.evanssabbi.com and subscribe so read more on dating 👩‍❤️‍👨, fitness 🏋🏾, and nutrition 🥗


This is your Monday reminder to keep pushing and doing the work to give you the life you want.

Time, hardship, nay-sayers and so much more can try to talk you into giving up and giving in to mediocrity, but you and you alone will live with the REGRET of not reaching your fullest potential.

Believe in the work you’re putting in yourself. Persevere even when the world feels like it’s ending. There are better days coming.


Cultivate daily habits that are aligned with who you want to become and watch things fall into place.

Your habits are an indicator of whether you’ll find success or feel disappointed with your life. How are you showing up in your life everyday? Did you do what you promised yourself to do yesterday? If not, how are you going to make sure that today is different?

Are you finding yourself merely consuming media, and not fully present in your life? How about you delete that app, say no to that invitation, say yes to a challenge in an area you’re passionate about.

The life you want isn’t going to happen by chance, you’re responsible for your own growth, and so are you for your failures.


January 2023: Newsletter 31/01/2023

It's the last day of the first month of the year. Let's revisit what you committed to.

January 2023: Newsletter How to Make Attainable New Year Resolutions Hello Friends, 👋🏾 As we are on the last day of the first month of 2023, I have a question for you; ‘’Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?” if your answer was YES, how are your new year's resolutions coming along?’ FUN


✋🏾🛑Before you embark on the journey of your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, you’ll find it helpful first to establish what is essential and WHY before you set off to try and achieve whatever your target is for 2023.

Meaningful and long-lasting progress always starts with CLARITY. Your dreams and inspirations deserve it.


Being a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I constantly get asked what supplements I take for quick recovery ❤️‍🩹, performance 💪🏽, staying sane crazy🤪 and filling nutritional gaps in my diet. I made a VIDEO about it, LINK IN BIO.


Do something today that makes you feel alive 🔥❤️‍🔥


Photos from Evans-Claude Sabbi's post 11/10/2022

Portland-Port Angeles-Victoria-Vancouver-Abbotsford-Portland

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. To that I will add I’m blessed with an abundance of amazing people around me.

Last trip up North I got to see some of them and I kind of want to take another trip. 😁

If relationships were a currency (which I think they are). I would say “I’m rich 🤑 Biatch” *Dave Chapelle voice*


You don’t just get to look at your levels of happiness and fulfillment and sheepishly accept wherever they happen to be.

Some people and activities will make you feel alive while other will suck the energy out of you. Your job in life is to direct your glass to where there are people, activities, or states of mind that will add more to your life than you take away.

YOU GET TO DECIDE THAT. Don’t just look at that half-empty or half-full glass. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Photos from Evans-Claude Sabbi's post 24/09/2022

Speaking of a late post (1 and a half month later). 🤷🏾‍♂️ **I did write about it in my monthly newsletter at evanssabbi.com**

Last month I had the pleasure of riding around Vancouver with and Collins. What an experience that was.

The adrenaline from fast downhill rides was very addicting. I get it why people love cycling 🚴🏾. And of course keeping up with Collins and was not in the books for me that day.

had just completed a remarkable adventure of riding around the US at the time I was in Vancouver. What a feat that is.

Truly looking forward to being up in Vancouver again and ride with the boys.

All picture are courtesy of 📸


You have probably thought or heard of someone say, “what if I put in all this work this______________ and it doesn’t work out?”

Fill in the blank with: relationship, person I have a crush on, working out to lose weight/gain muscle, project I’m passionate about, planning for a trip of a lifetime……

Yes! Failure is an options, but so is success. You will never know for sure until you give it your all.

Just because your efforts failed in the past doesn’t mean they will fail in the present or future. As long as you objectively take the lessons from past failures and use them to improve your current actions, you should feel proud of yourself.

The goal isn’t to never fail but rather to never lose enthusiasm in starting fresh on endeavors that are meaningful to you.

Embrace Uncertainty

ROKA EYEGLASSES - Any good for Functional Body Building/CrossFit? - Fitness w/ Evans-Claude Sabbi 13/08/2022

3 months ago, I went on a journey to find the best prescription glasses 🤓 👓 to workout 🏋🏾 in and made a video about them. (Link in BIO)

Hands down these glasses I went with are the most comfortable glasses to pull off those box 📦 jumps, and when done, go about line in.

No more wearing contacts.

Check out Roka if you’re looking for nice looking glasses that stay on your face during workouts.

ROKA EYEGLASSES - Any good for Functional Body Building/CrossFit? - Fitness w/ Evans-Claude Sabbi After years of wearing contact lenses during workouts, the ROKA glasses have made me retire that routine. Watch to learn what I like about the glasses, what ...


Set yourself up for progress, not the never-attainable pursuit of perfection.


Find something you want to do wholeheartedly.

The goal shouldn’t be to NOT work hard, but rather to employed that hard work doing something we are truly passionate about.


Don’t let other people lack of belief in themselves define your actions for today.

The world needs you at your best, and so do you.


Most limitations reside in the mind, and that’s a blessing and a curse.

A blessing as in you have the ability to see things differently (perspective). A curse because you are the one who got you into that situation and are responsible of finding your way out.

This isn’t to say you won’t have struggles or challenges. Those will be there, but it’s up to you to see the struggles as opportunities for growth and lean into them with an open mind.

Photos from Evans-Claude Sabbi's post 06/06/2022

I think this Coffee ☕️ & Pastry 🥮 Date thing is gonna be a hit moving forward. 😋

Relationship advice to live by from the wife, “Never take a woman’s picture when she is about to stuff her face with cake 🍰”

The way to my woman’s heart is local coffee shops (good Mocha latte) - she likes her milk with a little coffee 😆 OR a good pho 🍲 joint.

Love you babe 🙃😘


Starting over ⏪ is always an option.

Every time you choose to begin again you have the option to bring the lessons from your past experiences.


Take time to exercise your brain 🧠 and feed it a healthy diet. Your thoughts 💭 and the information you take in determine the quality of your mental state.

Make a habit of:
Reading a good book 📖 daily on a topic that interests you.

Taking time to think 🧐 for yourself before accepting information ℹ️ from all around you.

Giving up wanting to be correct and looking for where your knowledge might be incomplete or wrong.


⚠️ ⛔️ Looking back too much can lead to neck-soreness… no bueno. ⛔️⚠️

Find excitement in the future that is ahead of you and all the possibilities that can come true with intention and attention.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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