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AT (athletic trainer) Sports Medicine is an Arizona based company that offers a wide variety of services to meet your needs. We provide high quality care of whole body approach to prevention, management, treatment, and rehabilitation to all levels of athletics.

It is our mission to develop athletes physically, and mentally, as a whole person that will inspire them to live fearlessly and effectively beyond athletics. AT (athletic trainer) Direct Sports Medicine, LLC is also a company that puts licensed healthcare professionals at sporting events. With the numbers of athletes playing year round and competing competitively, there is a growing need for healthcare professionals to be available to provide medical care.

Operating as usual

Huge shout out to Jake Waldron, who is one of our ATD ATs and Derek Clovis who is a performance coach/specialist, from the Diamondbacks organization! They came to Queen Creek High School to talk to our sports medicine classes today! We love when the kids can learn from other professionals in the field!

Great post! Athletic trainers ARE HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS ‼️ We are licensed, we have NPI numbers, we provide medical treatment and in some states can bill insurance!! Educate the community on who we are!

Athletic Training History

This is from a 1974 issue of Cramer's "First Aider for Women."

Pretty excited about this one!

Don't miss the keynote address this year during the AzATA Annual Winter Symposium January 23-24. Don't forget to register today! Please for more information!

Arizona Athletic Trainers' Association

Just announced!! Bonus EBPs (Pending BOC Approval) will be available for the annual AzATA Virtual Winter Symposium! Register today! Visit for my information on registration!

From our family to yours Merry Christmas! We hope you get time with your family, good food, lots of rest, and maybe a present or two!

Happy Monday!

“I just wanted to thank you for wrapping my GKeeper Mako’s right ankle. After a good sprain weeks ago (and previous break) she said that was the best ankle support wrap ever! 😉btw She and her team: Legends FC Temecula valley ‘06 Gold with Coach Carlos Basso snagged the Desert Cup championship title in their division! Thank you for all you do, we are grateful!”
We LOVE hearing these comments! This is what we are all about as a company, and it is our 100% goal to keep athletes safe and help them stay in the game! Shout out to our wonderful AT Lisa Gore for her awesome work!

Beautiful day for some soccer! #desertcup #azsoccer

Happy Thanksgiving from the AT Direct Family! We hope you have a great day with family, friends and most importantly lots of food!

Awesome weekend for soccer! Happy to provide care for @arizona.soccerclub

It’s a simple way to promote small businesses!

We love what we do as athletic trainers!

At Your Own Risk

Hi there! 👋 We’d love to share a little bit more about us.

➡️Athletic trainers (ATs) are health care professionals who never stop acting for the health, safety and well-being of their patients. ATs take action every day to reduce the risk of injury for the patients that they serve. Should an injury occur, athletic trainers act immediately to assess, diagnose, treat and refer injuries for specialized care. After an injury, athletic trainers act to rehabilitate patients and get them back to the sport, work and life that they love. Every step of the way, athletic trainers impact health care through intentional, patient centered, compassionate action.

➡️ National Athletic Trainers' Association developed At Your Own Risk, to educate, provide resources and equip the public to act and advocate for safety in work, life and sport. At Your Own Risk is a way of showing key stakeholders that without an athletic trainer on your side, you are left to face the inherent safety risk of living, working and engaging in athletics all on your own. By employing an athletic trainer, YOU provide #ASaferApproach to work, life and sport.

Benedictine University Mesa Redhawks Athletics

We love our Ben U ATs!

As #NationalAthleticTrainingMonth comes to a close, we would like to recognize our two BenU Mesa Athletic Trainers, Brandie Peterson and MaKenna Hancock, for all they do for our student-athletes!

And if you need any more evidence of the good our AT's provide our student-athletes, why not hear it from the student-athletes themselves! #RedhawksRising #NATM2020

Giants DB Ryan: Trainer helped save wife's life Giants defensive back Logan Ryan says a team trainer encouraged his wife to go to the emergency room in Florida for what turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. It was a potentially life-saving decision, Ryan said.

AT Direct had a busy weekend full of soccer, basketball and softball. We are so thankful sports have returned so we can do what we do best, take care of athletes! #njsoftball #arizonaelitebasketball #phoenixyouthrising

A.T. Still University Sports Medicine

Dignity Health

So excited to be able to sponsor such a great program! Athletic Trainers

At Your Own Risk

🔹Did you know that athletes who participate in a variety of sports tend to have fewer injuries and end up playing sports longer?

‼️Overuse Injuries can be caused by training errors, improper technique, excessive sports training, inadequate rest, muscle weakness and imbalances and early specialization. Pediatric athletes should only play one overhead throwing sport at a time and should avoid playing the same sport year-round. Participation in multiple sports throughout the year provides a wider range of skills as well as rest from repetitive, single-sport activities.

Swipe ➡️ for our Overuse Infographic translated into seven different languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. 🌎

#ASaferApproach #YSSAW #HealthyAdvantage #YouthSports

Happy Boss’s day to everyone’s favorite owner and Boss Casey McKay! She handles ATD a full time job at the high school and is a committee chair for our state association. We are so thankful for all you do Casey!

So proud to support Dignity Health and their athletic trainers! They have an amazing program providing care for east valley athletes and promoting the profession of athletic training!

Pretty cool to see!

For the first time in NFL history, there will be a game featuring a female ref and female coach on each sideline 👏

▪️ Callie Brownson - Browns Chief of Staff
▪️ Jennifer King - Washington Football Team Full-year coaching intern
▪️ Sarah Thomas - NFL Referee

📸: Cleveland Browns

So happy to be back providing care for our athletes!

Dr. Tamara McLeod - What I Wish People Knew About Concussion

Professor and Athletic Director Dr. Tamara McLeod tells us that concussion is treatable with more than just rest.

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

#THANKYOU to Mayor Kate Gallego for joining in the fun and raising awareness. Friday, Sept 18th is officially Concussion Awareness Day in Phoenix!

At Your Own Risk

What does it mean to be an athletic trainer right now? How have your day-to-day roles and responsibilities evolved in the wake of COVID-19? #ATsAreHealthCare

Spending the morning with the great Tamara Valovich McLeod! #concussionrehab

Another hat we wear as athletic trainers that people do not realize!

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Athletic trainers (ATs) have a unique patient-provider experience in the health care world and play a critical role in advocating for their patients’ physical and mental health needs.

As part of the primary medical team for student-athletes, ATs are often a trusted adult whom the patient feels safe sharing with on a daily basis. These interactions help ATs notice when a patient is struggling with stress from school, anxiety related to return to play or more severe mental health concerns, like thoughts of suicide. ATs refer patients for mental health care, activate mental health emergency action plans to keep athletes safe in times of crisis and help normalize discussions around mental health.

On and off the field, ATs help SAVE LIVES.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, seek help by calling 800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center or dial 911 for immediate assistance.

#Bethe1To #WSPD2020 #SuicidePrevention #MentalHealthMatters #ATsCare #asaferapproach #worldsuicidepreventionday #AT4ALL

This is one of my favorite pictures, especially now being 28 weeks pregnant. This is a woman sports medicine physician. She is 34 weeks pregnant, her husband was out of town, her child care for her three-year old fell through, and she had a game to work. This is her on the sideline taking care of an athlete. As a woman in healthcare, business owner and a soon to be mom, she is such an inspiration!

The Invaluable Value of an Athletic Trainer -

ATs are so valuable, especially when we see an increase in heat related deaths this time of year! One of the most common adjectives used to describe athletic trainers is invaluable. According to Merriam Webster, invaluable means “valuable beyond estimation” or “priceless.” Considering the services and care that athletic trainers provide, invaluable is an understatement in many cases. Sav...

Great day for Park U and Ben U physicals! Thanks to all who helped out!

So excited to announce our new partnership with Park University! #gilbertaz #parkuniversitygilbert

Happy Friday!

Thanks to this guy we had the best physicals day ever!

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