San Diego Kendo Bu

San Diego Kendo Bu

We are a member of SCKF and AUSKF and the largest Kendo Dojo in the County. Dedicated to the study an Kikuo Uyeji Sensei joined SDKB early on.

San Diego Kendo Bu (SDKB) was founded in February 1972 by Shigeo Yamanishi Sensei and practiced at the San Diego Buddhist Temple. At the foundation of SDKB, Yamanishi sensei and Uyeji sensei were 1-Dan and not qualified to teach at the time. Therefore, Maki Miyahara Sensei stepped in and became the first Sensei of SDKB. Miyahara sensei was from the Pasadena Cultural institute and the highest ranki

Operating as usual


Women’s Team USA at the 13th World kendo championships in Taiwan!

55 days until the WKC in Milan Italy!.

Here we feature Catherine Kikunaga Sensei ( )(center back line) who helped and become more successful as she practiced in San Diego for handful of years while at UC San Diego.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 28/04/2024

Result from the Western Kendo Federation (WKF) Spring Championships!

Adult Kyu Division
- 1st Place - R. Tokumoto
- 3rd Place - S. Zhao
- Honorable Mention (HM) - Y. Long

Senior Division
- 3rd Place - Y. Yoon Sensei
- HM - S. Zau Sensei
- HM - C Sentinella

1-2 Dan Division
- 3rd Place - J. Ho
- HM - E. Chen
- HM - D. Lee

Women’s Division
- 3rd Place - W. Yamash*ta
- HM - C. Wong

Women’s TEAM
- 3rd Place - C. Wong / W. Yamash*ta / S. Jeon

Co- Ed Best 5 TEAM
- 3rd Place SDKB TEAM B - A. Nguyen / R. Tokumoto / Y. Long / E. Chen / L. Nguyen

Congrats and great showing by kenshi!!! Way to represent and have some fun while winning some hardware!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 24/04/2024

These kids and adults really LOVE kendo!

Full house tonight with many beginners and advanced.

What is really impressive is the commitment of the kenshi that JUST took their promotion test few days ago……. Most were present tonight to train more and not take passing to their new rank for granted!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 22/04/2024

Congratulations to all kenshi that tested at the SCKF shinsa! Great showing by all by demonstrating great kendo and kata.

Here are our peeps that leveled up:
- W. Yamash*ta - 4-kyu
- G. Kikunaga - 4-Kyu
- C. Li - 4-Kyu
- T. Caldwell - 4-Kyu
- A. Nguyen - 3-Kyu
- S. Kano - 3-Kyu
- M. Yang - 3-Kyu
- K. Oyama - 3-Kyu
- K. Brinton - 3-Kyu
- S. Zhao - 3-Kyu
- R. Tokumoto - 2-kyu
- J. Klingspon - 1-Kyu
- A. Tong - 1-Kyu
- JD. Zhou - 3-Dan

Also congrats to these people as well as they are members of another dojo and practice with us all the time or we’re long time sdkb members.
- S. Thomas - 2-Kyu ()
- C. Soma - 1-Dan ()

All that participated passed with flying colors. Congrats!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 07/04/2024

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have Kikunaga Sensei’s daughter (Gabi) practice at San Jose Kendo Dojo where he as well as his father and sister () started kendo.

Three generations of kendo.

Also pictured here is .kendo Scott Chang sensei who also started kendo at and now is 6-Dan practicing with Salinas Dojo.

Also pictured ucsd alum and as well as kikunaga sensei’s senpai Onitsuka Sensei.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 30/03/2024

It is ALWAYS a pleasure having people come to to practice from all over the world!

This week, we had the privilege to cross swords with Usunaga Sensei and his daughter Rino from Kyoto. Also, handful of students from Berkeley ( ) who also have home dojos in salinas and .

Hope everyone had a great time and some good keiko!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 26/03/2024

Many guests to our practice tonight!

- several kenshi from UC Berkeley Kendo ()
- Usunaga Sensei (Renshi 6-Dan from Kyoto) and his daughter (2-Dan)
- J. Nguyen from Butokuden Dojo in Irvine ( )

Good sweats and keiko!


Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 22/03/2024

Cho Sensei has been practicing with for 10 years and has announced he will be retiring from kendo and his career.

We all wish Cho Sensei a happy retirement and best wishes on the next phase of his life!

Cho sensei has practiced kendo for about 45 years and was former Vice President of the Western Kendo Federation. He ran a very successful import business for many years. Cho Sensei is also a seasoned US Army Veteran. Most importantly, he is a recent new grandfather and looking forward to spending time with family!

Thank you Cho Sensei for all of your knowledge and friendship you gave to the dojo and we will certainly miss you!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 18/03/2024

North / South Tournament! (Northern California Kendo Federation vs Southern California Kendo Federation)

— 1st Place - R. Tokumoto - adult kyu
— 2nd place - R. Kim - adult kyu
— 3rd place - M. Taylor - adult kyu
— kantosho - Y. Yoon Sensei - seniors
— Women’s team - N. Sano sensei was selected to represent SCKF and they won.
— Kodansha Team (45+ age AND 6-Dan and up) — Kikunaga and Yoon Sensei were selected to represent SCKF and they won.

Thank you to all those at the dojo that participated, those that support the dojo and the parents as well!

We had about 5 participants that this was their first tournament experience ever and they did well! A BIG first step in their competitive kendo career!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 14/03/2024

This past weekend, we had the honor and privilege to demonstrate kendo to attendees of the SakuraMatsuri (Cherry blossom festival) at the Japanese Friendship Garden !!!!

As always, we fully support community organizations that give so much positivity and showcase culture to the general public.

📸: Gavin Zau


Peek that dojo calendar. Practice practice….. we talking about practice.

Shiai practice tonight!

Keep working hard to achieve your goals. Practice more and with intensity and conviction, you will get better.

We talking about practice.


Late post: MORI-HAI Tournament!

We had handful of participants make the quarterfinals in their respective divisions!

We did have a few receive KANTOSHO for their fighting spirit! There were Only two kantosho awarded per division and few of out members stood out!

Kantosho - Brian Asami - 1-2 Dan Division
Kantosho - Ryan Kim - Adult Kyu Division
Kantosho - Chelina Wong - Women’s Kyu Division


Monday night keiko crew.


Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 26/02/2024

60th Steveston Kendo Tournament

— A. Nguyen - 2nd place - 0-4 kyu
— R. Tokumoto - 3rd place 3-1 kyu

Always nice to compete in this tournament with competitors from all over Canada and as far away as Hawaii.

First pic is S Jeon. Faught her father in teams. This is the beauty of kendo.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 09/02/2024

We had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Li (2-Dan) from Hong Kong tonight. It was a pleasure.

We live where you vacation or have work conferences so if you find yourself in town, come practice with us!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 02/02/2024

Shiai and Shinpan practice tonight! As well as ’s last practice with us. We bid her farewell and looking forward to seeing Chieko at future kendo events.


This is our Queen! The Ajumma that can kick your ass.

Ajumma EXP is proud to have THE highest ranking female Kendo master in San Diego as part of our crew 💪

😉 Don't let her sweet smile fool ya. is a bada** swordswoman and worldly mama with multiple passports - read all about her in our latest Ajumma spotlight at (🔗 in bio)


Practice doesn’t always mean kendo. I can also apply to eating hotpot.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 03/01/2024

Happy New Year!



will be on holiday break the rest of 2023!

We will resume January 2,2024

We wish everyone a great and safe holiday and Happy New Year!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 15/12/2023

SDKB Holiday party featured some kendo themed games as well with beginners/sensei vs. kyu vs yudansha group competition!

A great time had by all as we had some friendly competition!

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 15/12/2023

Holiday party pics part DEUX.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 15/12/2023

Some highlights from our dojo Holiday party! More pics to come but these are the pics of the eats and dranks. So much food and desserts!

But a great time had by all to be able to sit down and eat and get to know our fellow dojo mates much better!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful for all those that have supported, visited and practiced with our dojo.

Also, there will be no practice tonight. Go spend time with friends and family on this holiday. Count your blessings. Be well. We’ll see you next week.


Please give a HUGE congratulations to ‘s Y. Yoon Sensei for passing his 6 Dan Promotion test in Japan today!

He has demonstrated such perseverance and leadership to all at the dojo, this is well deserved! An inspiration to all of our members as well as others that have met him.

In the past little over a year, the dojo has successfully advanced to four new 6 Dans, two of which recently achieved Renshi title, one new 5 Dan and one new 4 Dan.

Not bad for a little ol’ kendo dojo from San Diego.


Congratulations to Susan Zau Sensei () and Henry Kikunaga Sensei () for passing Shogo Renshi Examination at the AUSKF Kodansha Shinsa.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 06/11/2023

SCKO Individual Championships.

R. Tokumoto - first place Aduly Kyu division.

Best 5 team of B. Asami, T. Yabuta, M Uto, I. Goto, and H. Kikunaga lost to Torrance in Semi-finals.

Everyone showed up and did well with some really exciting matches, especially the team.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 03/11/2023

Full house for shiai keiko tonight. Many beginners there too to mitorigeiko (practice by watching) and be inspired.

Photos from San Diego Kendo Bu's post 10/10/2023

SCKF Fall Shinsa Results:
- we all did well and leveled up a few people

A. Mai - 4 Kyu
A. Nguyen - 4 Kyu
K. Brinton - 4 Kyu
S. Kano - 4 Kyu
M. Yang - 4 Kyu
K. Oyama - 4 Kyu
H. Wong - 4 Kyu
M. Carpenter - 4 Kyu
S. Zhao - 4 Kyu
B. Miranda - 4 Kyu
H. Chien - 3 Kyu
A. Choi - 3 Kyu
M. Taylor - 3 kyu
C. Wong - 2 Kyu
J. Klingspon - 2 Kyu
A. Tong - 2 Kyu
A. Zhang - 2 Kyu
C. Soma - 1 Kyu
I. Trujillo-Fregoso - 1 Kyu
B. Asami - 1 Dan
J. Ho- 1 Dan
L. Nguyen - 1 Dan
B. Washington - 1 Dan
C. Sentinella - 1 Dan

Congrats to all and way to represent !

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