The Oak Tree Darts Team

The Oak Tree Darts Team

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Congratulations to James and Sean through to the final of the doubles.🎯🎯🎯🏆

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Latest Tables 26/02/2016

Latest Tons and Win Loss Tables, plus historical stats.

Timeline photos 27/01/2016

Uh ohhhhh....

Timeline photos 13/01/2016

Struggling against Malta B thus far, me hearties.


Congratulations to the new Oak Tree champion Ed Parkin-Coates. After last nights epic contest a proposed date of Saturday 9th January has been set for the p**s up. Let me know if you're available. PD



With the Oak Tree Championship upon us, rumours are rife that former runner up, Ed Parkin Coates has arrived in Harpenden as a shock entrant for tonight's competition.


"Why would they do that? A country named after Christmas dinner should be against ISIS" - S. Scott continues his ramble.


"Stick me in for the threes or fours. In fact, i don't even know the difference. What is it? Oh..." S. Scott, Philosopher

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At long last the updated fixture lists. PD


Stunning 9-0 victory to start the season and not a single dart thrown in anger.


Well well well...what have we here...the darts season you say?? Game The F**k On!

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2015/16 Fixtures


Ok we've been drawn against the Malta A in the challenge cup prelim (provisional date sept 23rd) at the Marquis. Minor change to the format but will explain when I see you all. League format has gone back to best of 3. League games to start sept 30th hopefully. Finally if you missed it we're playing at the legion this year, if I remember anything else I'll let you know. PD


Now that the dust is settling after finals night, I have 3 180 trophies for James, Ed and Kieran, and also 2nd place trophies for the 4's for James, Ed, Kieran and Dave(sorry Alex, Terry didn't get the extra trophies for subs).
We also need to arrange our own competition and end of season p**s up. James do you know if the landlord of the Inn is back from holiday ? If so we can maybe arrange a date with him to play down there.

Mobile uploads 07/07/2015

I've also got this collection that must belong to some of you.

Mobile uploads 07/07/2015

The Oak Tree trophy is back ! All we need now is a venue and a date and we can play this years championship.


Just been past the Oak, skips are apparently arriving from Wednesday, so if you happen to be passing and are able to rescue the trophies and any other darting accessories that may be useful please do so. I have contacted the brewery but they haven't got back to me yet. PD


'The Oak Tree'...probably for the last time...sign off with a win. X

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Two questions 1, Anyone available for a throw tomorrow ? 2, If the answer to q1 is yes then the question is where ?


Thumping win for the Smokin Vagrants last night, thrashing the Red Cow. Top of the tons table is tighter than a nuns chuff, with Ed and James both on 157 tons apiece with one game to go. In Europa League news, Al took full advantage of Sean, Dave and Kieran's absence by throwing like a drain and scoring two tons to draw level third in the table. Sarah hit her first ton of the season to notch on the scoreboard. Has anyone seen Neil?

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