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Operating as usual


A little down in the dumps today, under the weather and, as usual, caring about the whole world- cuz that is how I roll …

Demi lavato style~

*Shout out the entire team at HBO/HBO Max, SJP Collection/Sarah Jessica Parker and entire cast, Kim Cattrall too!!!- *We never leave family behind- ever.

With the weight of the world, I was grateful to bawl my eyes out after watching the season finale of: And just like that on HBOMax...

It was so needed…

The revival of one of my faves from back in the day; I hope you have been watching it.

-brings back to life the nostalgic good parts of the past, with a new modern twist…

Especially during these interesting times 🫂

…as it was written at the end of the episode: you just need one or two good friends in your corner…

Love ya all.
MDub -




… 🤬 (PS can you please make up and make some more music do I have to beg you on social media every day?)

… When are you going to help small businesses who have taken a hit on their credit because of capitalism… Have a new fresh start? LetsMakeSomeHealingMusicAgain PLZ


shame on you Shaaaaaaame Shame we know your name







’reNeverGonnaGetIt for #444 🙇🏻‍♂️🌬💨💕🍀🦸🏻🤓

Save the blue Jedi ’


Long live Inspiringquotes —————-

quiet on set or I’ll get those and sharp scissors and give you a circumcision

Jimmy you started this- and should be it’s not that kind of skit no bullying here equal opportunity now how would you like this to go (YM)

Gosh darn it Siri. these iPhones are too darn small for my hand and it makes my fingers cramp where in the heck is the big fat blackberry

All right Sophia listen it took me forever to show you how to do this so let’s do this together OK less feedback more work yes capitalism yes

Julie Andrews Disney talk to be stealing my ideas let’s work together because everybody deserves a little bit of mother Earth actually equal shares thank you so much OK Dorothy that was a real good



They tricked you into believe it was the land of the free ha ha just for the select few the top 20% New paragraph Siri please

thank you oh no Mr. Capitalism … It’s time for you to now go

We Need all the

Government in the world listen up I’m about to introduce


I have it on my necklace us us ———

Picture this

Supposed healthy breakfast cinnamon toast crunch mix with organic dried strawberries from Costco and then add a little bit of coconut milk with a shot of oat milk sprinkle a little Coco mushroom powder from you know that guy on a surfboard yes granny what else and some fresh blueberries did I whip that up quick enough

I think so -
Hey - please tell Betty White happy birthday for us

I would but she’s conspiring with Martin Luther King right now to send the tractor beams of kindness with some help from my friends

do you know cocoon

The movie was real
now beam me up hottie

Mee too

Will this work… Everybody’s got to get their DD

della Reese no she used to go by DD for short but when you walk down the road heavy burden heavy load I will rise and I will walk with you

So take my hand and I will talk with you and if it takes every single night we will get it right together when we unite

lovely now we’re about to watch the speeches get out the LPs let’s remember history because were surpassing my worst fear my red white and blue dears

Mrs. Doubtfire I don’t think I’ll ever get it right

Oh Dear… do you know when you take a pause and think about it with just cause it’s all about universal infinite equality it’s very simple puppets

now go to your room and ponder a great deal and put your feet flat on the floor and hands in a prayer and reflect of all that is sad and blight… And wish them to be better each and every night

isn’t he missing a lame…

not anymore good choice of words granny not anymore



How dare you

i’m a start shaming you up and down and all you hypocrites and blasphemers .
that is not very red white and blue or is it?!

tap tap tap
hello is this thing recording

The inauguration did it really happen are you waking me up from the never ending story dream .ch hello…

how is and and MJ?
everybody’s good past present and future or



stop making it so difficult to have fun


Wait hurry up and block him before he gets the truth out

The dumpsters are coming


before we all go Blind And that ain’t no bust and it’s not the good kind like challenge ’sTheRedWhiteAndBlueAndAllTheOtherColorsInTheHouseAndDon’tGetSassyWithMeOrIWillWashOutYourMouth

judge Judy and got nothing on me I’ll correct that capitalist you wait and see

oh y’all are working against the light so I’m gonna have to slap you up with a vocal delight

all the Ozzy rebel blocked me too now I’m so sad and blue

Don’t give up on me otherwise I’ll have to go rogue Please make sense to me on the 21st otherwise my heart might burst


Photos from MSW Yoga's post 15/01/2022

to write again but I have such sad truths to try to turn it into comedy

Thank you and thank you all for letting me channel Mr. King his speech has run many different variations in my head every anniversary of his death I listen to it again and visualize how I could talk to the masses so they could really understand

Equality unending universally the three in one

: Oh Lord here he goes again with another KindnessRant I mean he would love professional training but you know you have to pay for that it’s never free you never help out your brother and sister planet earth for free someone always has to take that money Right CrazyYogi EpisodeOnFacebook (I dedicate this part to my friend Randy Celine I hope your voice is OK and Will Smith will you please work with Celine Dion son Renee Charles to make some wraps of kindness and no more tips unless it’s the tip of asparagus



Public Bulling Services of America, Life Life Capitalized

!!! exclaimed

Q: is peaceful protest working… I’m not so sure ’sTimeToFightTheDailyInjustices

Q: Do you still have a dream?

Q: What will YOU do next to stop the Rigged Corrupted Human Value System…

This is not just a test… But a testament how much longer earth will allow this to happen.


How could you leave me here all alone to face these alone!?
of the 100%


( )

& And all those who turn a blind eye to daily social financial and political injustice… = Advocates to ongoing !

😞 😔 😢

People hurting other people intentionally and unintentionally …

100% accountability versus 80 or 20%

hey now child of the world…


-O-V-E and my….

🐯 🐈 🇪🇬🔱

LWJ = lightworkers Jenna

stoop- How many times do I got to tell you what we’re doing up in here

We’re trying to cleanse the world of mean people and convert them to good.

So stay in your blue bubble at home until it’s safe to go outside. what in the heck did you say she P

I don’t know I know she’s flawless and she p(erfection - y’all is!

that to….

Everybody say love everybody say love everybody say love now keep putting that on blast until everybody gets it right

77711 *ancestors hear our prayer 🦋💫🌻💛🪄 (you are my number 1 too)
- all of you

^ never doubt yourself as long as you are connected to the kindness light

SOsbourne : Now shut the “blank up” and go to bed ……….Sharron!
yiur father I tell you - everywhere still -Ozzy you’re going to choke on that burrito so please put the other half in the refrigerator please you can eat the rest of it tomorrow I don’t need to have to go in the pandemic and get your stomach pumped no sir not on this royal clock

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