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This page is a collection of all things Parkour from our Woodward locations!

Calling all Oregon ninjas! The Woodward WreckTangle ninja obstacle course is coming to Bend, Oregon! Get ready to challenge yourself and take on your friends in this exciting ten-obstacle course. Bend, Oregon is home to Mt Bachelor and is known as an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, making it a perfect location for the latest Woodward WreckTangle course. Opening to the public for summer 2019, more details to be announced!

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Dom Di Tomato always has some epic stunt that he has to conquer while he is at Woodward Camp. Come and learn from some of the very best athletes in the game.

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Week 7 Demo at Woodward Camp

🚧 The Woodward Cheer, Woodward Gymnastics, and Woodward Parkour staff throwing it down into the foampit! 🚧

🎥: Jake Kearney

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SUMMER IS COMING... Let your friends know about Woodward Camp. First Time camper discounts are available.

Mason Blue at Woodward Camp

Check this out from Mason Blue. Do you guys want to see him back this summer? Let him know!

There are only 100 days until summer camp officially begins. Join us for 2019 for the experience of a lifetime.

Athlete: Erik Mukhametshin
Photo: Tristan Afre

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Valtteri Luoma-aho at Woodward Camp

Some pretty sick maneuvers from Valtteri Luoma-aho during his time at Woodward Camp. #campwoodward #parkour

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Nate Weston using the pole jam at B3 in a new way, we love the creativity the Parkour Program brings to camp!

Photo: Tristan Afre
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Joey Adrian at Woodward Camp

Check this line out from Joey Adrian from his visit with the #laceuptour to Woodward Camp. Train alongside some of the most talented traceurs in the game.

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Name this trick that Mich Todorovic is about to lace in the Plaza at Woodward Camp .

Photo: Gutstains #campwoodward #parkour #laflairlaceuptour

This close-up view was brought to you by Corbin Reinhardt and the Lace Up Tour. Stay connected with us online and see who is going to make it to camp this summer.

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Deyvid Wolf Garcia out on the prowl at Woodward Camp

Deyvid Wolf Garcia caught leaping into the new month. Register by February 28 and use promo code FEB2019 to save $75 on summer camp registration at Woodward West or at Woodward Camp.

#campwoodward #parkour #freerun

Sometimes you just have to send it with your friends. So why not send it together at camp?
Learn more about our Parkour programs at Woodward Camp Woodward West Woodward Copper & Woodward Tahoe

121 days left until camp has us flipping out.

Our team is ready to help you flip and spin throughout your summer week. Place your $300 Flex-Pay deposit no later than January 31st to lock in your $100 discount and secure your spot at camp!

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Joseph Hendo at Woodward Camp

Joseph Hendo calm solo sesh at the Woodward Camp Parkour park to dial down a bunch of the tricks he learned while at camp. #campwoodward

Video: @GoPro

Off The Clock: Johanny Velasquez

When Johanny Velasquez is not working the GoPro Lab at Woodward Camp, he is out at the gym working on his flips, spins and run-ups on the Super Trampoline in the cheer gym. Join us for the summer and learn how to bounce.

Check out the full video here:

Dan Shipario at Woodward Camp Parkour

Here's one-liner from one of our Parkour Instructors, Dan Shipario, at @Woodward Camp. Balance is key.


Camper Jules Hopkins finds his own path around Woodward West. Our parkour program often uses natural obstacles around camp for training. #campwoodward #woodwardwest

Learn more: https://goo.gl/2k9NrS

Sydney Olson at Woodward West

"There's so many fun challenges and lines here"
- Sydney Olson on Woodward West

Check out Woodward's parkour programs and facilities: https://goo.gl/RtLFG8

Sending warm holiday wishes from our family to yours. We thank you for being part of Woodward; you are what makes us so much more than a camp. We wish you a joyous holiday season and a great start to the New Year.��We hope to see you this summer !

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Week 7 Demo at Woodward Camp
Mason Blue at Woodward Camp
Valtteri Luoma-aho at Woodward Camp
Joey Adrian at Woodward Camp
Deyvid Wolf Garcia out on the prowl at Woodward Camp



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