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I recently put together a small 25 minute video training for some guys I’m working with on all things swimming.

This was one of the slides… our S&C should complement what we are trying to achieve in the water (long, strong & able to rotate). Let me know if these are a “go-to” in your gym routines!


WARNING ⚠️ Another boring post alert 😴

Some would say tracking your gym work like this is overkill. I would argue it is *essential*

There are certain rules of training that are non-negotiable.

My latest post in my private complimentary coaching group delves into these rules and I breakdown my method behind the madness of using data to support decision making.

This is my own personal data from the last 10 gym circuit sessions i’ve done.

If you’re interested to know why I track this and what it means… send me a DM or leave a comment below 👇

Timeline photos 18/03/2020

💥👌😍 cooked by the wonderful ... great example of a inexpensive breakfast, full of micronutrients and healthy fats to keep you going all morning during your work from home schedules 💪

- 1 toasted slice
- 1 avocado mashed
- 1-2 poached eggs
- Handful of chopped tomatoes
- 2 slices of turkey ham
- filtered coffee ☕️

Timeline photos 25/02/2020

Adapting to training doesn’t need to be a guessing game. We can use ’s law to figure out the simple things that will give us 80% of the benefit. Work these key principles into your life and watch yourself break through barriers like never before 💪

Timeline photos 24/02/2020

Another productive morning ✅ 70 mins fasted complete

Timeline photos 19/02/2020

Easy (recovery) day breakfast 🍳✅ - this meal is filled with lots of healthy micronutrients and protein to match... pin your food choices to the training day... today was easy - therefore prioritising carbs was not a requirement - use these days as an excuse to get “the good stuff in” 💪

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 23/11/2019

Pinpoint precision 💪... 2 tests can give you a lot of information when it comes to training programming and performance... don’t overcook the omelette - find what works and focus down on building an efficient testing process for yourself... evaluate yourself every 1-2 months to keep yourself on point @ Doha

Timeline photos 01/09/2019

1 mile 🏊‍♂️ at lunch followed by this tasty altitude interval session on the bike after work... zero energy when starting this - but got it done. Turkey 70.3 prep begins!


Coming to a bike or treadmill near you soon...

Timeline photos 29/07/2019

Go get it 👊

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 28/07/2019

Don’t believe the hype - Visceral adiposity (VAT) is a more relevant - stronger predictor of morbidity than body mass readings... SO why is exercise so good for us? Turns out that whilst a calorie deficit may potentially do a better job in “trimming” us down in the long run... that trimming does not necessarily affect VAT levels... exercise on the other hand was associated with a 6.1% reduction in VAT over time! Conclusion? Despite larger effects of diet on body mass changes - exercise tends to have superior effects in reducing and targeting VAT 💪💪... get moving - lift weights - run fast... your body will thank you in the long run! @ Doha

Timeline photos 25/07/2019

Good way to spend an hour at the end of a work week! Ready for some volume tomorrow 🏊‍♂️🚲

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 22/07/2019

Training adaptation can be achieved in numerous ways. How you plan your weekly sessions will be decided by many factors including:
• time available
• session preference
• enjoyment
• current weakness
• current strengths

Make your plan work best for you!

triathlete @ London, United Kingdom

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Be smart in your race. If you are never going to be first out the water, get on someone’s toes! Find a swimmer roughly your pace and sit in for the ride! Physiological benefits 💪 💦⠀

Timeline photos 17/07/2019

Tag a training buddy to try this with 💪... make sure to alter the speed so that you are pretty much running at vVO2max on intervals 4&5 - this is the speed you will spend 4 minutes at until you make your way back down the death slide - hanging on for dear life 🔥... if you try it - DM me with how it went for you!
2 mins @ 12
2 mins @ 14
2 mins @ 16
4 mins @ 18
2 mins @ 16
2 mins @ 14
2 mins @ 12
16 minutes of fun!

Timeline photos 16/07/2019

Tag a training partner if you think this would help them out 👆...
When running at or close to threshold pace, there is significantly more force placed on bones and joints versus easy volume runs... if you are prone (like many) to shin problems or even stress fractures, being smarter about your nutritional choices could potentially make a huge difference to keeping you strong and healthy when training! ••
Here are 3 things that are easy to implement and may help promote bone health in heavier training periods!

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 27/06/2019

Technical Tuesday - all things technical to help you on race day... so today... bike seat position to help you with a faster run... Moving your seat forward can really help that transition (T2) to your run off the bike. A study from 2000 showed that a more aggressive seat position (81 degree seat tube angle) enhanced running performance during the first 5km of a 10km simulated Olympic distance time trial. A more recent study (Duggan et al. 2017) looked at this in more detail. I will report on this soon for you... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to summarise: If you have never thought about your seat angle, or even tested it... may be something to consider for a faster run leg 🏃‍♂️💪...

Timeline photos 25/06/2019

Threshold Tuesday 🧨🔥
coming to you every Tuesday (give a follow),
Today, a great threshold session that will let you experience some serious pain 😈
Feel free to give this bad boy a go and see how you get on... you may want to reduce it to ~14 minutes per set if you can’t make it through. Great for developing threshold and time trialing 🔥 -Serious mental strength required... 😅

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 24/06/2019

Keep your emotions in check... it’s easy to take things personally - but why are we so quick to jump the gun? This message resonated me when I saw one of Paul Mort’s videos a while back... realise that it is very easy to fall into a reactive state when things are not going your way OR indeed they are!... Things and events don’t happen “to you”, they simply happen... YOU are the one who decides the impact that event will have on you. Stay strong. Work hard to get your head back in the game 💪 celebrate the wins, cut the losses - life is too short to do otherwise! @ Doha

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 22/06/2019

How do you plan your gym intensity? This graph represents (very basic) the force-velocity relationship of muscular capacity. Whilst updated models have been published - it is still a foundation I use in season planning and race preparation... I was fortunate enough to be taught by some excellent applied S&C researchers at university - and one of the key takeaway messages from my education and internship was “work the curve”...
If you are aiming to develop a component of strength you need to know how to apply a stimulus to hit a demand... clever periodisation can make all the difference in how a muscle adapts to help you perform come race-day! @ Doha

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 20/06/2019

Tip of the day >>>>> don’t make a mess when fixing your bike!
To avoid a chain disaster when fixing a chain or changing a back wheel - always handle the chain with a tissue of pair of latex gloves in order to not make a mess! We’ve all been there 🙄 @ United Kingdom

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 17/06/2019

I recently read book “Can’t hurt me” - and one thing to take home, is no matter how much you’re hurting - you always have more to give.
He took this to the extreme by deciding to run 70 miles off ZERO training... by mile 40 - he said he was completely done... but he found the strength to carry on (ended up running/walking for a few hours on broken feet and experiencing severe kidney failure) to finish in around 18 hours... from this moment, he knew there were limits to human potential that remain to be explored... remember this when you’re hurting and you feel like you can’t carry on. You can, you just have to want it enough 💪👏 @ Doha

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 16/06/2019

Sunday... video coming on IGTV 🙌👏 follow to stay up to date with the latest greatest endurance performance information 💪 @ Doha

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 12/06/2019

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: let’s kick this off with some absolute SAVAGERY... This one is designed to help you enhance running speed at critical velocity (you can hear me ramble on CV in yesterday’s IGTV)...
This one is for people that have a solid (3-4 weeks) base of training AND people who will not risk injury from performing 2 x 20 min hard efforts!
How to do your session.?
Put on HR monitor - calculate 92-95% of your max HR (my max is 202 bpm - so my % range would be 185 - 192 bpm).
Perform 2 x 20 minute efforts with 10 minutes recovery between sets and ensure your average HR during sets falls into that zone.
Disclaimer. This hurts. A lot.
If you like the look of it 😈 - tag your training buddy 💪💪 @ Doha

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 10/06/2019

Unless you commit to change - Change will not happen... True adaptation come from hours of training and rehearsal - whatever the weather or your mood. To make it worse, this effort is often met with little sign of improvement, but over time, true transformation begins to take place @ Doha

Photos from Your Tri Life's post 07/06/2019

Low carb breakfast? What about a cheese, tomato and mushroom omelette (Swipe right) to start your day?... Here is something you can whip up in 10 minutes and contains:

4 x 🍄
small amount of 🧀
3 x 🍳
1 🍅

Nutritional value:
~420 kcals ✅
30 grams of protein ✅
Only 3 grams of carbs ✅

Periodising carbohydrate meal by meal, day by day, or week by week can be an effective way to enhance your health and fitness (& training adaptation)... for more info like this make sure to follow 👉 👈

Cook on low to medium heat in the pan, then place under the grill for a few minutes until the top is risen and cooked 💪
@ Doha

Timeline photos 06/06/2019

My goal is to provide more value for my followers over the next 12 months.

I have therefore decided to commit to producing themed daily posts to help you grasp the key concepts behind performance, health, fitness, nutrition and recovery 👍 there will be some great free content being put out 💪

Monday - the psychology of success 🧠 and how to overcome barriers in training, alongside creating performance environments that allow you to thrive

Tuesday - discussion, workouts and theoretical information around that all important component “Threshold” 🏃‍♂️🚲

Wednesday - A video or written workout example will be delivered... along with WHEN and WHY you may want to use it in your program 🏊‍♂️ 🚲 🏃‍♀️ 🏋️‍♂️

Thursday - discussing technical elements in endurance racing and strength and conditioning - this could be from equipment choice to optimal movement patterns 👟 🥽 🚲

Friday - all things food and nutrition 🍌 🍎 🥩 🥦 From meal ideas, to nutritional information on how we need to fuel to perform and recover

Saturday - Information on how to build strength 💪 🏋️‍♂️successfully as an endurance athlete

Sunday - a handpicked review of a scientific paper 📝 🤓, book chapter or mechanistic concept - offering some key information for you closet scientists

Make sure to follow 👉


• 3 exercises
• 3 rounds
• 90 second rest between exercise...
• 5km EZ run to finish...

building the base slowly but surely...

Timeline photos 01/06/2019

User friendly training plan designs = easier organisation of training for AG athletes! When combined with a periodised, targeted nutrition & recovery program... this really becomes a different beast 😏 visit the website in my bio for more information...


15 MINUTE WORKOUT to end the work day... a workout to keep in the locker for when you’re feeling like S**t... but wanna keep yourself moving.

50 pull ups (5 every minute for 10 mins)

75 push ups - 15 every minute for 5 mins...

there is no excuse... and although I could have swerved it - when I finished it was the best I’d felt all day...

Timeline photos 17/03/2019

Have a plan. Stick to that plan. Embrace any deviation from that plan. Enjoy the pain and savour the finish. 💪

Timeline photos 16/03/2019

Saw this from and thought it was pretty good... even for endurance athletes... here’s why
Triathletes and cyclists/runners tend not to worry about lean muscle mass because their “ideal” is to be light and fast. However, ensuring adequate protein intake can actually help retain FUNCTIONAL lean tissue.
Aiming for 1.2-1.5g per kilo of lean mass for an average endurance athlete will likely be a good start. If you are nowhere near that, starting your morning with an additional protein shake will likely get you 20-30% of the way there! Food first approach always best however. I will produce some new content in the coming weeks on nice training meals with macro quotas so you can start meeting those protein goals! 💪

Timeline photos 15/03/2019

Placing yourself in a negative energy balance can be vital for body composition adaptation and weight loss...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ one caveat is with fat breakdown can come muscle and other tissue breakdown. Bone health is often compromised in times of chronic energy restriction and there are certain basics we can do to try and limit and avoid those dreaded stress fractures during training... Being smart with your nutrition, alongside load monitoring will be vital to keeping you fit, healthy and in training for the long run... 🏊‍♂️ 🚲 🏃‍♂️

Timeline photos 14/03/2019

Training adaptation occurs once the stress of training is over... Allow your body to recover and supercompensate! Yes you may well get fit training ALL the time... but remember... performance = fitness - fatigue...

Timeline photos 12/03/2019

The key to a faster swim is inclusive of many technical aspects. What can we control out of the water though?
Much of the success seen in good swimmers comes down to good core control allowing them to maintain strict, streamline positions in the water. Therefore we should aim to incorporate core movements that engage the core in upright, extended positions.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Medicine ball slams eccentrically load the abs in triple extension.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rotational KB high swings engage obliques and again challenge stability at the top of the movement.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally Swiss ball jack knifes are a great way to challenge the core in a sports specific prone position. All 3 of these movements should really help you feel more comfortable in streamline, extended positions in the water. Not to mention will assist in developing power and speed in your stroke.

Timeline photos 11/03/2019

The run leg is the last part of your race and may seem like it should be performed at “steady” paces. However - If we do not train at speeds close to velocity at maximal oxygen uptake (vVO2max), we will not be able to fully develop lactate threshold speed or indeed fractional utilisation (what % of VO2max pace can be sustained on the run)...
This is all well and good, but it has also has been observed that running performance suffers off the bike (as we all know). Training at high intensities in sports specific sessions can really help you adjust to performing immediately when needed. This includes focusing on brick interval work (above threshold), not just your steady state sessions!
Finally (this will get a little geeky 🤓 but bare with me for the end message)•••••••••••••••••••••• Why does weight matter? Regardless of the fact running is a weight bearing modality (so can be hard on the joints)... Running economy is defined as the oxygen cost PER KILOGRAM OF BODY MASS per minute (mL/kg/min) or the oxygen cost of running a certain distance (mL/kg/km)... Let’s take a quick look at 2 scenarios.... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Two identical triathletes weigh 83kg (20% body fat). Both have the same maximal oxygen uptake capacity (VO2max) of 4.5 litres per minute. They both have a running economy of 225mL/kg/km at 5 minute/km pace •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Athlete 1 loses 4% body fat and is sitting at 16%, so now weighs 80kg. To run at race pace (5 min km pace) he uses 3.95 litres/min (88% VO2max). •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Athlete 2 loses more weight than athlete 1 and loses 10% body fat, so now is sitting at just 10% body fat. He now weighs 75.2kg, remember, he has the same lean muscle mass, economy and fitness level as athlete 1). He requires only 3.73 litres/minute (83% of VO2max) -•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Summary: reducing body fat by 6% at a given fitness has theoretically enabled athlete 2 to run AS FAST as athlete 1, and save 5% in effort - •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tag a training buddy who could do with shedding a few pounds 😬👀


LEGS LEGS LEGS.... this gets me in the mood to shift some weight in the gym!

Timeline photos 10/03/2019

To expand on a post yesterday... moving your seat forward can really help that transition (T2) to your run off the bike. A study from 2000 showed that a more aggressive seat position (81 degree seat tube angle) enhanced running performance during the first 5km of a 10km simulated Olympic distance time trial. A more recent study (Duggan et al. 2017) looked at this in more detail. I will report on this soon for you...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to summarise: If you have never thought about your seat angle, or even tested it... may be something to consider for a faster run leg 🏃‍♂️💪...

Timeline photos 09/03/2019

The bike is the longest part in any race you do... so make it count. Practise TT riding. Be disciplined and get used to staying strict in that aero position
Secondly - you may find that “aero” position can be improved... this can be done through CDA testing or just getting a good old fashioned bike fit with a well qualified individual.
Finally, to put those two previous points together, your legs and lungs really need to step up to the task to ensure that aerodynamic tuning actually makes a difference. Aerodynamics really come into play at faster speeds (~40kmh)... the only way you’re getting up that useful zone... is to TRAIN like a demon. Push through pain barriers and step it up 💪

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• 3 exercises• 3 rounds• 90 second rest between exercise... • 5km EZ run to finish... building the base slowly but surel...
15 MINUTE WORKOUT to end the work day... a workout to keep in the locker for when you’re feeling like S**t... but wanna ...
LEGS LEGS LEGS.... this gets me in the mood to shift some weight in the gym! #lifting #power #strong #yourtrilife
The most technical part of training... THE SWIM. 🏊‍♂️ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was never a club swimmer... so haven’...