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It’s normal to have less energy for exercise in trimester 3 🥵 AND,⬇️

movement is still a valuable tool in supporting your body through the end of pregnancy,

Through your birth experience,

And into your postpartum recovery with a newborn.🤱

✔️ What’s important is finding exercise that feels good to You

& aligns with your late-pregnancy needs, birth & postpartum prep,

❌ Without wearing you out further,

adding pressure to perform,

or taxing your core, pelvic or orthopedic health.

➡️ A good way to manage your exercise is to notice differences in how you feel before, during & after bouts of physical activity.

Typically, it’s reallyyyy heard to get started, 🙃

& then,

We feel better, sleep better, move better, etc.

once we show up & strike the right balance between movement & rest. 🙂

Here for you,

You’ve got this! ❤️💪

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We might enjoy a boost in energy in trimester 2, AND we might begin feeling significant physical changes,⬇️

And the “pregnancy modifications” to our workouts become more & more needed 🤰🏽.

While it’s not rocket science (and there’s not “secret” to it at all),

There’s still a lot to consider to keep you moving well & supporting your future of healthy, positive movement. 🙂

Pre & postnatal fitness is not one-size-fits-all.

We are all entering pregnancy with different needs, interests & abilities.

➡️ If you’re looking for direction & understanding in your personal exercise journey

(That makes room for all the messy/ vulnerable/ hard stuff)

I’m here to help. 😙 You’ve got this!


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If your going thru pregnancy or early months or years of motherhood,

Things are different for you right now.

Your body. Your priorities. Your needs. Your capacity.

There is so much freedom & possibility that comes when we give ourselves permission to do/ try things differently,

Like exercise.

To be flexible,

& meet ourselves with what will help us here & now,

Right where we are today.💪🏽

Change is inevitable, especially when we’re talking our bodies

& how we move/ take care of ourselves in our motherhood journey.

The more you can adapt & roll with the inevitable changes,

the more this things called “fitness” can hold a positive, lasting place in your life.

You’ve got this. 😘

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🤰🏽Trimester 1? Your body may not look much different yet, but,⬇️

there’s already SO much going on inside that affects how we feel

& the changes we need to make in order to make exercise feel achievable

while supporting our pregnancy + our future health. 🙂

Save these 5 tips to help guide you through the highs & lows of early pregnancy,

Keeping in mind that the changes you make will depend on your individual background & pregnancy circumstances.

Questions? Let us know! & Stay tuned for trimesters 2, & beyond 🥰💪🏽

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Planning for pregnancy is body & 🧠, (but we don’t always treat it that way!)⬇️

It can be an exciting & happy time,

a fearful & anxious time,

or a combination of both.

(Ask me how I know🙃)

Through working with women before, during & after pregnancy

(& as someone who’s been there a few times myself),

➡️ these 6 concepts stick out as common themes that *may help us* prepare for the significant physical & mental challenges of pregnancy

(& birth/ beyond!).

*They are also generalized (not specific to your needs/ circumstances),

& not are not medical advice.

Your journey to pregnancy deserves a knowledgeable yet compassionate & personalized approach.🙂

Here for ya,

You’ve got this! 💪🏽


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🤰🏽It’s incredible how adaptable our bodies are (I mean we literally grow humans!), & that exercise can have life-saving effects ⬇️

🚫At the same time,

Our pregnancy, birth & postpartum health circumstances cannot be controlled to a T.🩶

All we can do is our best,

& make informed decisions about what we DO know influences our health.*

➡️Similar to the effects in non-pregnant folks, exercise does wonders for your cardiovascular & metabolic health.

🤰🏽When you add pregnancy to the mix,

the impacts of regular exercise complement or mitigate the functional changes to our bodies,

producing positive, protective effects for women & their babies.

➡️ It’s very important to take your medical circumstances into account when exercising through pregnancy.

For the majority of women, exercising to some extent in pregnancy is much healthier than not!

🥴 Amidst early pregnancy stress, fatigue & nausea,

I’m order to make exercise work for you,

it’s essential to find the right method & amount of exercise to improve your symptoms

& support your long-term health (yep- after pregnancy, too!),

without zapping your energy further. 😌

🏋🏽 Combining the evidence with your personal circumstances to find a balance that works is exactly how I help my clients.

You are ALREADY so strong,

& extra support is right here if you need it 🙂

*Not medical advise.



🤰🏽Weight gain in pregnancy is a mash up of the following:⬇️

your baby,
amniotic fluid,
uterine & breast tissue,
extracellular fluid, &
maternal body fat.

Adequate amounts of each are necessary for a healthy mom & baby. 👶🏽

Gaining weight in other areas of your body— aside from your belly—

is purposeful, healthy & normal!

Eating, exercising & resting well during pregnancy will help you achieve a healthy weight for YOU,💪🏽

& remember: health is MORE than weight,

& looks a little different for all of us during pregnancy.

👉🏾Are you worried about gaining weight?

I was! With both of my boys,

I gained weight pretty early on in my arms, face & thighs,

which took consistent (& diligent) inner work on my part to be okay with. 🧠

What helped?

✔️I blocked out influences telling me to fear my changing body.

✔️I challenged the beliefs about appearance equating with love & happiness.

✔️I decided once & for all that I wanted to enter this new chapter of life ❌WITHOUT the harmful body image baggage I’d been carrying,

& that I’d commit to doing everything I could to avoid passing this onto my kids.

✔️I decided to give my self the chance to step into my best self who I [deep down] knew that I was,

But kept getting pushed down by negative self-talk, fear & doubt.

It all required shutting down the shameful & harsh inner voice👋🏽

🤰🏻If you’ve ever worried bout your weight or appearance, this process can be really hard.

However, it’s possible to find relief from body image/ weight struggles during pregnancy

with the right tools & support.

Save or share this reminder!

You’ve got this. 💕

*Always discuss any concerns about your pregnancy weight gain with your doctor or midwife, & qualified mental health provider.

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🤱🏽Is getting dressed driving you nuts postpartum? Did you know there’s so much MORE going on than your weight?

I hope this helps relieve *an ounce* of pressure about “losing the baby weight” in order to feel comfortable in your body again, 🤰🏽

As your weight is only *one small piece* of the transformation that took place thru pregnancy & birth,

& weight is only once piece of finding comfort in our bodies.🤍

As a pregnancy & postpartum fitness coach,

I see it often:

➡️ the deep, structural changes our bodies go through to have babies

— that affect so much of how we feel & perform as moms —

Get overlooked when we’re preoccupied with a belly roll or a number on the scale.

I remind my mom-clients of this all the time:

➡️ Your body will continue to change & feel different for the first 1-2 years postpartum.

Change occurs gradually (with periodic turning points),

And involves so much more than your weight.

🤱At 8 weeks postpartum with my second baby, my body feels different (& hips & ribs wider!) yet again.

Change can feel hard, but it doesn’t have to be bad,

& remember that nothing is forever.

You’ve got this. 💪🏽😘

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🤰Is pregnancy fatigue making exercise feel impossible? Like you can’t keep up with the goals you set for yourself?😩

Pregnancy (& it’s best friend, postpartum👩‍🍼🙃)

are alllll about being flexible, persevering & compassionate with ourselves

amidst uncomfortable circumstances & changes we can’t control.

Don’t be mistaken… we can do A LOT!

But we just can’t control fatigue, nausea, aches & pains, medical needs or other changes to your body & how you feel 100% of the time. 🤍

Assessing (without judging),

adjusting our mindset & strategy,

& taking action in small ways to support our well-being is the most compassionate thing we can do when things feel hard.

🏋🏽‍♀️Exercise & how we approach it is ONE variable we can control,

that has the power to make us feel better inside & out,

in spite of our circumstances.

I believe in you. You’ve got this💪🏽 😙

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WE DID IT! 👶🏻💙 Baby Odin was born on 2/6/23. I thought for sure he would come fast! 🤪 But our boys run late— Odin held out til 41+2, with another long labor (starting on the full moon as predicted by 🔮😉).

I’m proud of us for advocating for our unmedicated, low-intervention birth,

trusting my body, baby, instincts & evidence in handling push-back from providers as I passed 41 weeks🤰🏼.

I can honestly say that laboring to 9cm was a dream—

I felt calm, confident, focused, 🧠

& remained JOYFUL to meet our baby,

which was the biggest goal I’d set for myself for this birth. 😌

My physical & mental prep definitely did every bit of what I needed it to. 🙏🏽

Thanks to my hubby for keeping me up & moving thru the wee hours of the morning,

when all I wanted to do was lay on the floor in our cozy, candle-filled labor land😄

Things got super intense between 9-10cm, right before the urge to push.

Turns out this guy was a little bigger

& his head a little rounder than Nate’s 😜🫣,

but we got to work & pushed him out in just a few minutes. Phew!

We are so, so in love with our family of 4, I’m still in disbelief that this is real life. 🥹👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Thank you to everyone who’s checked in on us… I look forward to sharing more (& all the postpartum glory!) as we go 😊💙💪🏽


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Whether it’s heavy lifting, running, HIIT, group fitness, CrossFit or other sports, ⬇️🤱🏽

Intense exercise can be anything that *really* challenges your body!

☑️ Use this checklist to help guide your postpartum exercise approach

& decide your readiness for harder, faster, heavier activities in the months after pregnancy & birth.

⚠️You can see that a healthy postpartum fitness journey involves a *little* more than Kegels

& going right back to our pre-pregnancy routine when we’re ‘cleared’ at 6 weeks.

Your journey will be different from Joanna down the street (or that mom influencer on Instagram), 😉

& should be based on your exercise background,

your current/ postpartum needs

& your long-term goals.🏃🏾‍♀️

This is why I take a
experience-informed &
personalized approach as your coach here at 😘

You’ve got this!

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Want to exercise, but feel like your circumstances are constantly working against you as a mom?🫠

It might take looking, thinking & doing differently than you’re used to

(or what worked for you in the past,

when ‘xyz’ were way different in your life). 🤍

Feeling limited by
responsibilities or
changes to our bodies are some of the most common struggles new moms go through when it comes to fitness & feeling good in our daily routines.

You’re not alone.

You need support.

AND, You (you!) are your greatest superpower! 💪🏽

You’ve got this
(& I’m here to help). 🙂

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 10/01/2023

If you’re a mom & constantly trying to find the time, energy or motivation to exercise,⬇️🤰🤱

you absolutely not alone!

🧠 Our beliefs about fitness,
our roles,
our circumstances,
& what success “should” look like can hold us back more than we realize.

✔️Problem-solving our challenges with small, realistic action steps that honor where we are in life,
what we value,
& what we can actually handle (& feel good doing!)

➡️ changes the game (& empowers you with small but significant victories) when you’re managing as a mom. 🤍

✔️ Save these 12 ideas (or share your own!) to help you take action & start feeling better,


You’ve got this! 💪🏽


🎉Cleared for exercise? ALRIGHT! This means you’re ready for…⬇️

☑️ core, pelvic floor & any orthopedic rehab (if you haven’t started already!) &

☑️ a gradual return to fitness (movement, strength & conditioning) that honors your unique pregnancy, birth & postpartum journey.

🤱🏼A healthy approach to fitness after birth should gradually progress from low to higher intensities through a (minimum) 3 to 12 months,

🏃🏾‍♀️with impact (like running & jumping) re-introduced between 3-6 months for most women

➡️ depending on your individual background, needs & goals.

☑️ Finally, it’s essential that your exercise approach honors the demands of your newly-transformed lifestyle,

including the significant physical & mental shifts that come with motherhood.🤍

🏋🏽‍♀️ My online fitness program, The Postpartum Method, takes care of the planning from week 1 to year 1 after birth (so you don’t have to!👏🏽),

with personal & community support that honors who you are, where you’ve been, & what matters to you moving forward.

Questions about your postpartum fitness journey? Let us know! 🙂

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Enjoy the food you eat. Move to feel good. Take breaks when you can, if you need to.

👆🏽Just like your deadlifts, this is part of fitness & *lasting* health.

At the end of the day, your long-term habits will win out

(sorry ‘cleanse,’ but we got this without ch’ya!✌🏽).

Happy Holidays 🤍😊

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 13/12/2022

Cleveland-area moms & moms-to-be: this is for you! 🤰🏽🤩➡️ Janine & I are excited to help you move & feel better during or after pregnancy,

With whole-body movement therapy & exercise to match your needs in the chapter you’re in. 🤰🏽👩🏼‍🍼💪🏽

Enter through Wednesday at midnight! Random raffle & winner announced Thursday 🤩

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 06/12/2022

Finding what works for your body, baby & lifestyle is not textbook (& the internet is full of conflicting messages!).😵‍💫

👉🏽 That’s why Kristen & I LOVE working up close & personally with moms,

to help you navigate pregnancy & early motherhood with greater ease in your routine,

👉🏽 in this case, exercise & sleep habits that help you *actually feel good* in your body, parenting & everyday life. 🤍

Join our giveaway thru Wednesday at midnight EST… winner announced Thursday! 🎉


Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 30/11/2022

When it seems like everyone & their mom is sick🥴, here are some tips to help keep you healthy OR reduce the severity of illness if it strikes.

Keep in mind that our individual differences fitness levels,

stress loads &

how we respond to stress plays a huge role in how sickness affects us.

Being able to spot when you’re under the weather,

& staying adpatable-yet-consistent with your health behaviors is key.

This is so hard to do, I know, when you’re taking care of more humans than just yourself❤️.

Since you can only control what you can (which I know sometimes doesn’t feel like much!),

Keep your efforts super small & realistic, whatever that means for you, to preserve your health.

The minimum is significant. 🙂

You’ve got this!

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 03/11/2022

Beyond the snacks, unicorn toys or screen time that can come in CLUTCH, 🙌🏽🙃

these 5 strategies & mindset shifts may help you stay the course when you’re feeling frustrated,

& make exercise a lasting part of your routine with your little ones.

(Also, here’s to hoping you get a few workouts alone here & there, too😚)

➡️ If you’re looking for on-demand, quick & supportive workouts you can do from home,

🎉 Join my free mom’s fitness challenge beginning on Monday!

I’ll be showing up (pregnant w/
my kid🙋‍♀️🤪) with a quick, positive & achievable plan to get you moving over 5 days.

➡️Link in bio or visit to save your spot!

I’d love to see you there, too. 💕

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For guidance, a clear plan, plus some laughs & real-life craziness as I coach you w/ my 3-year-old,😜⬇️

Join my FREE fitness challenge at the Link in bio,

Or visit 📱

💪🏽 Includes 5 days of at-home, dumbbell-only strength, conditioning &
mobility workouts

With modifications for pregnancy, postpartum, & your ability level.

Workouts start Monday NOVEMBER 7th, and are recorded so you have access anytime.🎉

We’ll keep it super casual & fun (promise!😍)

but high-quality in terms of the training, guidance & efficiency over the 5 days we’re together.

I would love to see you there! 💪🏽


Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 30/10/2022

Happy Halloween! 🌮🍕😋 (+ last year’s pic bc it’s still my favorite thing ever😂🥹)

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 26/10/2022

Link in bio to learn more & Join if you’re interested! 💪🏽🤰🏽👩🏼‍🍼🏃🏾‍♀️

Or visit .

🎉 We officially start workouts Monday, November 7th,

But everything you need will be recorded & emailed directly to you

so you have access anytime.

We’d love to see you there! 🎉

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[Spoiler Alert] Not a list of ab or Kegel exercises. 😉⬇️

Adapting exercise & our expectations to support your body & life after having a baby is a lot deeper than that

(& exactly why I love the working with new moms!)

➡️ What sticks out to you on this list? What would add that you think others should know?

For me, # 6 it says it all when it comes to guiding our health, well-being & decision-making postpartum. 😙

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 12/10/2022

Bonus: drink some water! Double bonus?⬇️😉

Grab a snacky-snack with some protein!

In all seriousness,

this is a go-to strategy for busy weeks or low-energy days for me & my clients.

In my experience, a big part of making this ‘hack’ work

involves shifting your mindset,

to tell yourself that 10 minutes IS ENOUGH, for now,

And means a job well-done & positive effects for your body & mind,

Even if when it’s not a full-length workout like what you’re used to.

This counts!

➡️And taking small, consistent action (like this) is a crucial part of building & maintaining momentum

a key part of motivation!

Don’t keep waiting for a better time (or when you’ll someday have MORE time🥴)

to get the ball rolling with a small bit of positive action.

⬇️Are you trying this?
Do you this already?

I did a 10-minute sesh today, & picked kettlebell deadlifts & dumbbells push press.

A perfect pick-me-up for my body at 23 weeks 🤰.

You’ve got this!


🤰🏽Trimester 2 Workout… here’s the deets!⬇️

**Based on YOUR energy, time & ability level, I suggest:

➡️2-4 Rounds at 5-7/ 10 RPE (feels moderate to kinda hard🔥):

✔️6-12 Deadlifts of choice
✔️5-8/ side Incline Bear Taps

✔️8-12/ side 3-Point Rows
✔️6-10 Box Squat/ OH Press

✔️6-10/ side Reverse Lunge w/ Internal Rotation
✔️6-10 Back-to-wall Pressout
✔️8-12/ side + direction Latreal Band Steps

➡️ This workout is from a trimester 2 block in our 40-week prenatal fitness program,

💪🏽And highlights strength exercise to support the weight, shape & postural changes that increase in mid-pregnancy

With less likelihood of pain or core/ pelvic issues now AND further down the road.

👌🏽Be sure you breath, hydrate, & balance & engage your core as you lift (& let it relax when you’re done!).

🤰🏽Save it this workout FOR when you need it,
(& for more, tap the link in bio!)

You’ve got this! 👏🏽

Photos from Strong As A Mom's post 04/10/2022

From a recovering perfectionist (anyone else?🙋🏽‍♀️), messy action is freakin’ GOOD. ⬇️

Boundaries matter,

& you need to make the choices that serve you & your family best

which will always look different at various points in life as our circumstances & priorities shift.🤰🏽🤱🏻

➡️ At the same time,

When you consistently put things off til the ‘right time,’

when everything is ‘set,’
your body is ‘fixed’
or life looks good enough on paper….

Not only do pressures & expectations build,🥴

But you miss out so much of the irreplaceable learning, adapting, & confidence-building that comes from taking messy action

(& experiencing *even the smallest* wins!),

when things AREN’T perfect. ✌🏽

👀 What’s one thing you’re putting off until until a better time?

For me,

it’s weaning Nate from his binky (because UGHHH😂😭),

and on a more real note, finding a therapist that’s a good fit for my complex 🧠😉.

I know it isn’t easy to Go for it.

But, my most compassionate advice to you, mom, is

Don’t put YOU on hold forever.💕

(If this sinks in, Share with a friend you care about, too)



🚨Don’t let the internet tell you that a symptom here & there— like ab coning— is an emergency (it’s not). BUT⬇️

Symptoms are helpful info we can take & apply to improve our performance with tasks that require MORE of us physically

like heavy lifting, running, or, you guessed it… parenting! 😜

If you’re expecting or you’ve had babies in the past, ab separation is common & normal to an extent,

❌ & it doesn’t mean you’re weak or broken!

This simple strategy of checking in with movement in a controlled setting (like an exercise or 2 in your workout)

& making small tweaks to your alignment, breathing or bracing technique can have a big (positive!) effect on your long term fitness, function & comfort. 👏🏽

💪🏽 If this helps, try it out, & share with a friend!

You’ve got this.


✅SAVE THIS ONE— It’s jam-packed with tips to support a strong, symptom-free return to fast & heavy fitness postpartum!

FOR MORE: 💪🏽 Our online postpartum fitness program takes care of every step with clear workouts & instructions,,

AND personalized coach support to match your circumstances & goals. (Link in bio for more)💕

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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🚨Don’t let the internet tell you that a symptom here & there— like ab coning— is an emergency (it’s not). BUT⬇️Symptoms ...
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