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That ass going errr where 👀

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That ass going errr where 👀

Tekashi came up strong af this past year 🤔

“Drake is a gatekeeper.” What y’all think?? 🤔 ⤵️👉🏼 Follow @cloutboyrap if viewing

Lil Pump a good dude ✊🏽 @worldstar

Would y’all go to a Carti concert? 👀🔥

What y’all think about a Smokepurpp-Drake collab? 👀⤵️👉🏼 Follow @cloutboyrap if viewing 🔥

This a good look for Pump❓😬 ⤵️follow @cloutboyrap if viewing 🔥

Saucy or nah? ⤵️ @worldstar follow @cloutboyrap if viewing 🔥

How y’all think this one ending? 😂👀 ⤵️follow @cloutboyrap if viewing 🔥

lol man didn’t know whether to give the waters or square up 😂😂

X’s music vid blowing up right now 😞😢 ⤵️follow @cloutboyrap if viewing 🔥

Off the dome 👀❓🔥 @mymixtapez

@kcamp about to go in?? 😩 @mymixtapez

Y’all think Chief Keef care about any of this? 😂😂

How you feel about this❓👀 @6ix9ine_

Meek Mill keeping the positivity going 💯

Man knows how to troll 😂😂 @6ix9nie_

Who know this song?? THUMP 💥 “Based” - #souljaboy #bigl #soundcloud 👉🏼 follow @cloutboyrap for 🔥 music and updates

Y’all know a better lil Xan song?💥 @xanxiety - “Been Bout It”👉🏼 follow @cloutboyrap for🔥 music and updates

Tekashi pullin a 50-Cent 😮 #69cent #tekashi69 #soundcloud