Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes ORV Area

Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes ORV Area


Anyone interested in 100' tow strap?
Anyone need a Chevrolet 4L80E transmission for cheap? MT1 - MCP, have lots of details if needed. Just need it gone. Does work.
During busy dune events (Memorial, Mud Bogs, Halloween, etc.) is there any item that people would like to see vendors carry? I have opened a mobile coffee trailer, ADRENALINE COFFEE COMPANY, and am so excited to offer coffee, drinks, sno-cones, & light food (hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, etc) at said events. My family and I are avid lovers of this sport and are lucky to live in close proximity (within hour n 20) to the dunes. We camp at Moses, Juniper, Beverly, and Coos every year! My son will be doing the Sno Cones and I will be doing the rest. Please let me know if there is something specific I should carry. Happy and safe riding my friends
I found this key at the dunes today. (10-1-21) we were parked just off the road, between the signs 1 and 2.
During the bounty hole weekend someone stole my sons four wheeler. :/ honestly not expecting it to be returned.. just want to put the word out so the people who helped themselves to what wasn't theirs don't feel like they got away with it and will possibly feel like s**t for stealing a 7 year olds quad :)
Our thoughts are with Daniel Buchanan and his family. He was involved in a bad accident this weekend at the mud bogs causing him to be ejected from his buggy. Although he has 11 broken ribs and spinal fractures we are happy to hear he will be ok. There is a Go Fund Me to help his family with the cost of the LifeFlight that air lifted him to the hospital from the dunes. Any contribution helps.

Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes ORV Area
Sand Scorpions ORV Group
Is there a band playing tonight at Moses and if so where are they playing?
I'm stuck at work! Is there a live feed somewhere?
I know it’s a long shot but anybody find a dewalt box like the one on the bottom of this stack out in the dunes today????? I lost mine last night.
Is there anyone out in the flats that can help get a friend unstuck?? They’re out at Toyota Crossing!

Moses Lake Mud Flats & Sand Dunes Located just off Sand Dune Road in Moses Lake, Washington. Events are held throughout open season hosted by the Moses Lake Sand Scorpions
and volunteers who HELP us KEEP the GROUNDS CLEAN.

Mud Flats: Open July 1st to October 1st every year. Sand Dunes: Open annually

Consider packing a shovel and tow straps with plenty of refreshments, you might be a while! If you pack it in, PACK IT OUT!!!! Do not ruin our playground! Warning, any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also

Operating as usual

Photos from Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes ORV Area's post 08/06/2022

One of the top things the Sand Scorpions hear regarding the September Mud Bog Event is how packed spectating has gotten. We want to alleviate that, potentially with bleachers.

However they have hit numerous dead ends searching for bleachers that are portable enough to be loaded on a trailer by a few strong guys yet large enough to seat a decent amount of people for the space the bleachers take.

If you have a lead or suggestion on rental and portable bleachers, please share the lead. Send them their way. If you want to donate to the bleacher fund, that would be cool too! Help the Sand Scorpions continue to make this event great!


Cool things happen when volunteers come together!


Mt Adams Mud Fest! Super cool event!


South Idaho Mud Racing!

Photos from Moses Lake BMX's post 02/06/2022

Moses Lake BMX is doing big things with the local BMX track! They are a great non profit


Please see the Sand Scorpions event layout for this weekends events! SHARE THIS!
Please do not cross the boundaries for the safety of you and those participating! Sand Drags at 12pm-145pm, Big Air 2pm-345pm, Big Air Award Ceremony at 345pm.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday at the Off Road Bash!
Thanks to Washington National Guard , Grant County Tourism, CBCustom Creations LLC , Dune Star Whips and so many others for making this event possible!


Closer view of that cj5 partying on 2 wheels


We are fast approach the deadliest weekend of the year for ATV accidents.
While there are no statistics available as to why this weekend is so deadly, we can assume that cabin fever, or spring fever and the excitement of being let out for the summer has a great deal to do with lowering people's inhibitions. This is an especially worrisome scenario after a global pandemic.

1 out of every 5 ATV related fatalities is a child under the age of 16
Hundreds of athletes and individuals will launch the same message simultaneously and flood all social newsfeeds on Thursday, May 27th.
It is our hope that it fuels conversation and inspires riders to think, and remind everyone to wear a helmet when riding an ATV.

Child ATV fatality rates are estimated to have increased by 33% during COVID.
ATV sales have skyrocketed during 2020, and there are many newcomers to the sport. While it is obvious to those of us in the industry, many people simply do not understand the difference a helmet can make. In 80-90% of all fatalities the victim was not wearing a helmet.

We are asking all professional athletes and their networks to remind the public—especially children— that there is a proper uniform when riding an ATV.
As Hubert puts it, “ I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, but one thing I will never do is ride and ATV or a UTV without a helmet.

If you would like to join us please take the following simple steps:
1. Simply post the attached graphic to your social pages on Thursday, May 26th. (Fan page/ business page you can schedule the post in advance)
2. Tag the post with
3. Please share with your athlete colleagues and ask them to do the same.


Off Road Bash a short week away!


Cool event in TRI cities


Cj5 partying on 2 wheels down the drag strip

Photos from Sand Scorpions ORV Group's post 07/05/2022

Good times are coming!


The MLBMX group is a great addition to our area! Check out their big race coming up soon!

Looking to fill the calendar with state qualifiers? Hit up CBBMX in Richland, WA and then head to Moses Lake, WA .

Columbia Basin BMX - May 14:
Double points state qualifier. Online registration open until May 11th at 5pm. In person registration from 830-10am. Skip the line and register online at:

Moses Lake BMX - MAY 15:
10AM race
Gate Practice 8:30-9:50AM
STRIDER Practice 9:50- 10:10AM
Presign will be open until 9pm 5/14
Make sure to verify your 2022 number is correct in presign profile.
In person registration 8:30 - 10AM with $1 fee to process credit/debit cards.
Registration fees: Class or Cruiser $25, second bike $15, Striders $10.
1st 2nd & 3rd Awards for class/cruiser
All striders will receive an award.

Photos from Sand Scorpions ORV Group's post 03/05/2022

We like both!


If your jeep doesn't do woolies, what are you even doing with your life?


Photos from Moses Lake MOPS TOUCH A TRUCK's post 21/04/2022

Touch a truck, even a mud truck! Coming soon


For the first time ever.... Trucks Gone Wild is coming to the great state of Washington!
This has been years in the making and now Trucks Gone Wild along with the Sand Scorpions are finally coming together to make it happen.
We want to show the world how Washington Rolls! And we want you, and everybody you know to be a part of the action!
The Bounty Hole, Freestyle Mud Trucks, Open Wheeling, bad ass vehicles everywhere, and much much more.
It's all going down the weekend of September 17th. It's Trucks Gone Wild Weekend at Moses Lake Mud Flats!
Save the date, tell your friends, get your rigs tuned up and we will see you there!


Get your kids into BMX and introduce them at a no pressure gate practice!

Cancelled due to rain. Please stay off the track when wet so we don't have to repair the ruts.

🚦Heads up new riders.... Gate Practices will begin TOMORROW, April 20. 6-7pm.🚦

🛑 ALL riders must wear long sleeves and long pants to participate.

*Volunteers are needed at 5pm to get the track prepped before practice and then also after practice. Please let us know if you are available.
*This week, practice is sponsored by the Niehenke family. You can sponsor a practice as well for $25 Let us know if you're interested.


Bounty hole coming at you in North Idaho!

The Bounty Hole, sponsored by Clearwater Pools! $5,000 payout, 1st $3,000, 2nd $1500 and 3rd $500. Happening Saturday after the Havoc LCQ has concluded. Please come to the Merch shack to sign up,$50 entry fee. You must run a minimum 44 inch tire.


Rain or shine, the sand scorpion Easter egg hunt will go on! 12pm sharp, don't be late or your kiddo will miss out! Poker run to follow


Sand Scorpions Easter Egg Hunt is rumored to have nearly 20,000 Easter Eggs all donated by local businesses! Don't miss this one, it starts 12pm SHARP this Saturday the 16th!

Photos from Rob Jones Grant County Commissioner's post 07/04/2022

Rob Jones doing work to protect our ORV areas


TGW headed to Washington State

The Sand Scorpions are making some really cool stuff happen!


@mycarxd2.0 hucking it


Huge egg hunt coming up, not to late to donate more eggs and prizes!


Sand drags coming soon


Due to some bad information we incorrectly posted information about a search party, please ignore and do not form a search party on your own.

We apologize to any stress we added to the family.


Speed Limit Reduction on Potato Hill Road?
Despite the support of EVERY resident along Potato Hill Rd to reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 35mph the County Commissioners won't open a Public Comment period to reduce the speed limit. Even our awesome ORV Sheriff supports the speed reduction!
We've all seen the accidents, the near misses, people doing 70+mph, animals killed and more along that road. Why was there no public comment period before it was raised?
If you're in favor of a speed limit reduction on Potato Hill Rd, please call the County Commissioners and tell them why!
Cindy Carter - 509-750-8007
Danny Stone - 509-770-9855
Rob Jones - 509-770-9848
[email protected]


UTVs are fun but you can't beat the power of an LS Sand Car!


Tag em up! Been far fewer people out the other end of the Sand Scorpions Bounty Hole!


Best company around for your LED whips!

There was some confusion last year on people buying Whips from other unlicensed (A Grant County Peddler’s/Hawker’s License is required to Sell anything in the Moses Lake Sand Dunes) people in the Moses Lake Sand Dunes. Dune Star Whips is me (Tina) and my husband (Garrett). Pizza Jeep will also deliver Dune Star Whips to your camp in the Moses Lake Sand Dunes. They can also Currently be purchased at Mountain View Polaris, Wolfpack PowerSports, TGM-Motorsports and SAT Off-Road.


Sand drags coming soon!

With the terrible weather we’ve had over the last 3 yrs trying to run the drags in April we’ve decided to move the drags to may 7 flyer will be done soon it will be index and bracket only quads,sxs and of course king of the sand will always be run what U brung style time ins will be all day Friday u make 3 passes and u pick ur time so ran so much smoother and faster if u can’t make it Fri to time in u can still race on sat but will need to pick ur index so we can put I in the computer any sponsor’s feel free to reach out so we can put u on the flyer thanks everyone see you all soon flyer will be done soon.


Stay off the track!


Cool Halloween event in the Sand Dunes! @nwutv

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