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As an ambitious woman who surrounds herself with other ambitious women and whose clientele is comprised of driven, successful women, I have a unique vantage point from which to view the struggles such women face. My education and training (graduate degree in psychology with a specialty in leadership development and coaching, and a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis), experience, and

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I’m sure you’ve considered what lies beyond the relentless pursuit of perfection.

We tend to be inundated with hustle culture’s harmful message to pursue perfection at all costs.

That’s not the way, friends.

Rachael Farley and Amanda Greaves bravely open up about their personal and professional journeys, guided by the powerful gut feeling that prompted them to redefine success on their own terms.

From the leap into entrepreneurship to overcoming the complexities of abusive relationships, their stories highlight the importance of listening to our body's whispers and distinguishing intuition from emotion.

Listen to their episodes to explore how trusting ourselves can lead to resilience, embracing imperfection, and the beauty of intuitive parenting and personal growth.

Listen here:

Rachael Farley:

Amanda Greaves:


So today I had my first Reiki/Hypnotherapy session in a hot minute. Funny how those of us who help others heal can get stuck in the trap of wounded healer. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

If the wounded healer identity feels like home, I invite you to consider something. 🙏🏻

Feeling overwhelmed is a common part of the journey, but how we handle emotions makes a huge difference.

Instead of ignoring or resisting what you're feeling, what if you could sit with your emotions, no stories attached?

Just presence and honesty.

If you want to truly move differently and make change happen, you can’t suppress what arises in the moment… or get entangled in narratives.

👀👀 I see you getting all caught up in your mind.

We’re EXPERTS at using our minds to navigate away from the present moment, the present experience.

Pause, my friend.

This is about truly acknowledging your feelings in the moment, without needing anything to change.

I know it’s super scary. But being honest with yourself and the integrity of the moment creates the space for genuine insight and resilience.

We all need someone else to hold space.


I've created a guide that dives into this simple yet profound practice.

It's designed to help you understand and embrace your emotions, enhancing your decision-making and well-being in both personal and professional settings.

If you're looking for a new way to support your mental and emotional health as you navigate the challenges of business, this guide might be just what you need.

It's straightforward, practical, and could be a stepping stone to a more balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Go here to get it:



Ever thought deeply about that one change you've been chasing, yet somehow it feels just out of reach?

Sometimes the very thing we say we want to change is something we're subconsciously clinging to.

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out.

Take a moment to really reflect. And get in touch with your dark side.

Could there be a part of you that's actually afraid to let go of this situation?

It's not uncommon for us to hold onto familiar patterns, even if they're not serving us well, simply because they're comfortable or known.

The thought of letting go and embracing the unknown can be daunting.

Acknowledging this doesn't just happen.

It requires a sincere conversation with yourself, exploring those deeper emotional and behavioral currents flowing beneath the surface.

This isn't about judgment; it's about understanding and honesty.

So, if you find yourself running into the same wall, maybe it's time to ask:

“What am I really holding onto?"

Sometimes, the key to unlocking real change is recognizing the comfort zones we’re afraid to leave behind.


PS. Ready to move past that thing that won’t seem to change? Grab my complimentary guide with the strategy I use with clients that helps them make the changes they need.

Go here to get it:


Ah, that lovely inner critic.  She’s louder than any external noise, isn’t she?  It’s like having a mean roommate you can’t evict who’s always pointing out what we did wrong. It’s exhausting.

We can’t necessarily evict our inner critic, but we definitely can shape her into a much kinder spirit, using self-compassion. 

Give this a go:

>>>vStart your day not with a to-do list, but with a to-be list. How do you want to be with yourself today? Kind? Patient? Write it down.

>>> And throughout the day, take “compassion breaks.” Feeling overwhelmed? Step back and ask yourself what you’d say to a friend in the same situation. Chances are, you’d be a lot kinder.

Integrating self-compassion into your life is about changing the script from criticism to encouragement. It’s about acknowledging that you’re doing your best, and sometimes, that’s more than enough.

Let’s make our inner dialogue our biggest source of support, not our greatest obstacle.


As entrepreneurial women, we often wear the “I can do it all” badge with pride.  But you need to know – you can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t.

Now I’m not talking about the “all” you want to share with the world. 

That you can do. 

But all of the tasks and strategy and building it takes to get there?  No. You will burn out, and we will miss out on your light.

Clinging to every task like it’s a life raft doesn’t prove your strength.  You’re human and you have limits. It’s okay to admit that. 

Delegation is not a white flag – it’s a strategic move.

By delegating, you’re not just freeing up your calendar; you’re giving yourself the mental and emotional space to focus on what truly matters.

PS Grab my complimentary guide to success as a neurospicy woman entrepreneur or business owner: The Fierce Feminine Secret. Link in bio.


If you’re really honest with yourself, how often do you feel like you’re chasing an impossible standard?  I know, I know … the impossible is far more fun.  But let’s leave the impossible to the overall feat you’ll achieve when you release the need for perfection. 

The relentless push for perfection (which isn’t even a real thing!) can exhaust even the most determined entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s time to pivot and find fulfillment in the present moment – on each step along the path – instead of obsessing over the destination.  Because let’s face it: you frequently adjust that destination anyway.

Give this a go:

1 - Be honest with yourself about the destination.  Is it really what you want?  Or is it some ideal you grabbed from someone or somewhere else? 

2 - Once you’ve truly defined the destination you have in mind, admit to yourself your current location.  Often times the reason we get lost in the perfectionism mindset is because we’re having a hard time being honest with ourselves about our current standing.  Let go of any shame, and just be honest with yourself. 

3 - Break down the steps from where you want to be, to where you are.  Yes, go backwards. What do you think the step right before the destination will be?  The one that will lead to that? Etc.  These are your stepping stone goals.

This mindset shift from ‘all or nothing’ to ‘step by step’ can significantly reduce the pressure you put on yourself.



As entrepreneurial women navigating the twists and turns of business, we often find ourselves on the brink of overwhelm and feeling out of balance.

Our brilliantly complex neurodivergent minds can sometimes struggle with traditional productivity methods.

Give this adapted version of the Pomodoro Technique a whirl.

What’s Different?

The neurospicy version of the Pomodoro Technique isn’t just about working in short bursts; it’s about recognizing and honoring the unique way our brains operate.

Manage your time effectively without fueling the flames of burnout or perfectionism.

Here’s how to make it work for you:

1. Flexible Timing:

Forget the strict 25-minute sessions. Find your sweet spot. Maybe it’s 15 minutes of focused work followed by a 5-minute break, or perhaps you thrive on 30-minute sprints. Experiment to find what keeps your brain engaged without overexertion.

2. Choose Better Break Activities:

Use your breaks to truly refresh. This could mean a quick walk, a brief meditation, or anything that helps reset your focus. The key is to choose activities that rejuvenate rather than distract.

3. Reward Systems:

Incorporate small rewards after completing a set number of Pomodoros. These rewards should celebrate your effort and encourage continued progress, aligning with your goals and values.

Why try it?

Adapting the Pomodoro Technique to suit our neurodivergent minds allows us to work with our brain’s natural flow. It encourages productivity without the pressure to be perfect, reduces the risk of burnout, and helps maintain focus in a way that feels empowering and sustainable.

Redefine productivity on your terms and celebrate the unique strengths of your neurodivergent mind.


Raise your hand if the task stack is growing faster than you can process, and your beautiful neurodivergent mind is close to overwhelm.  Balance?  What balance?

What if I told you that you could actually reset your mind in just 5 minutes, refocusing your energy and reducing overwhelm, helping you find balance?

It’s possible, I promise. 

Here are quick, effective mindfulness exercises tailored specifically for neurodivergent individuals. These are designed to help you reset your focus and find calm amidst chaos:

1. Focused Breathing:

Spend one minute breathing deeply, concentrating solely on your breath. Inhale slowly through your nose for a count of 8, hold for a count of 8 and exhale through your mouth for a count of 8. This helps center your thoughts and reduces anxiety.

2. Sensory Grounding:

Identify 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste. This brings you back to the present moment, anchoring you in your environment and away from overwhelming thoughts.

3. Body Scan:

Close your eyes and mentally scan your body from head to toe. Notice any areas of tension and consciously relax them. Don’t judge what’s arising, just allow it to settle. This not only calms your mind but also reconnects you with your body.

Bonus: Gratitude Pause: Think of three things you’re grateful for in this moment. Don’t force or overthink this. They can be really small, seemingly insignificant things. 

Grab my complimentary success guide for neurospicy women business owners. If you’re a recovering perfectionist this is for you. Link in bio. 🪄


Striving for an unrealistic ideal of balance left her exhausted.

Common advice, like not worrying about a perfect home or staying active, didn’t resonate with her; she was already living that way.

Her mind was a whirlwind, juggling the demands of today’s tasks, planning for the future, and taking small steps toward those future goals simultaneously.

This constant juggling act often leads to overwhelm, a feeling my client knew all too well.

I believe firmly that women can achieve and be everything they desire, but trying to do so all at once is a recipe for burnout.

Many women, I’ve noticed, spend more time overthinking their tasks than actually completing them.

This includes dwelling on immediate tasks, planning the next steps, dreaming about long-term goals, and making efforts toward those dreams, all while cycling back to the immediate tasks.

This is both the beauty of and the difficulty with a neurodivergent mind - it fuels creativity and the beautiful gifts you give to the world, but can also spiral into anxiety if left unchecked.

To break this cycle and start viewing your to-do list with eagerness instead of dread, give this a try:

1. Clarity Exercise: Spend a week focusing only on what you truly want and need to do. If it’s not on your clarity list, don’t do it.
2. Future Goals List: Keep a separate list for future aspirations. Pause on these for at least two days to give them space to breathe.
3. Time Tracking: Use a tool to monitor how you spend your day. After a week, review the data to understand your actual task time versus perceived task time.
Bonus Tip: Celebrate 1-3 achievements daily, no matter how small. Shift your focus to expansion, possibilities, and solutions.

I’d be thrilled to hear how these strategies work for you after a week. Feel free to DM me your thoughts and experiences.

Cheers to your incredible neurodivergent mind.


No 1 Success Killer for Women

“At any moment, they’re going to realize I’m nowhere near as smart or capable as they thought. I’ll be ruined.”

^^^ that fun little thought was plaguing the mind of a client of mine.

She was extremely successful — contributing to the world in such massive ways — and yet when she was in a room full of other successful people, Impostor Syndrome would roar.

And it’s more common than you think, especially among high-achieving women.

It’s a mix of perfectionism, self-doubt, and setting unrealistic standards; comparing behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.

Which is super easy to do given our highlight reel-ridden world.

And, if you’re not mindful, Imposter Syndrome can kill further success.

Here are some tips to beat it:

🥇Track Your Wins

Write down every success, big or small. Seeing them on paper makes it real and shows you how far you’ve come.

🥈 Engage in Positive Self-Talk

Catch yourself when you’re doubting and flip the script. Tell yourself, “I’m here because I’m skilled, I deliver massive value, and I belong here.”

🥉Find Your People

Connect with mentors and friends who lift you up. Their support can be a game-changer in seeing your own value.


PS. Don’t let Imposter Syndrome hold you back. And if you’re finding it tough to shake off on your own, consider some extra support. A coach can give you that push to recognize your achievements, build your confidence, and get you to see yourself as the leader you really are.

Thinking of leveling up and truly owning your place? Let’s chat. I’m here to help you bridge the gap between doubt and full-on confidence, showing you how to step up with assurance.

DM or email me at [email protected].

Are you a woman entrepreneur or business owner feeling overwhelmed or close to burnout?  
Get my complimentary guide to free yourself from that. Link in bio.


Engineer turned author, Dora Farkas unfolds the layers of listening to your inner voice amidst the hustle of high-stakes careers and life's pivotal moments.

Dora gets vulnerable about her transformative journey from the logical world of engineering to embracing the power of intuition in her life and career, offering an intimate look into the moments that have defined her path.

She advocates for starting with small, everyday decisions to recognize and cultivate the feeling of intuition

Navigating through the challenges and societal barriers that often silence women's intuitive voices, Dora highlights the crucial steps to harnessing this innate power.

Amazing episode. 🎧here:


Engineer turned author, Dora Farkas, Ph.D., unfolds the layers of listening to your inner voice amidst the hustle of high-stakes careers and life’s pivotal moments.

Dora gets vulnerable about her transformative journey from the logical world of engineering to embracing the power of intuition in her life and career, offering an intimate look into the moments that have defined her path. She advocates for starting with small, everyday decisions to recognize and cultivate the feeling of intuition

Navigating through the challenges and societal barriers that often silence women’s intuitive voices, Dora highlights the crucial steps to harnessing this innate power.

Episode link in bio.


The most loving thing you will ever do is to trust and follow your heart, intuition, inner guidance no matter who or what seems to be in the way.

Not only are you honoring yourself and the way Life desires to live through you,

but you are giving others who need a little boost of courage permission to do the same.

Happy Love Day, friends.



Three things:

🪄 Good morning! You’re lovely. I’m declaring today is fabulous for you.

🪄 I want to interview you for the Fierce Feminine™️ Podcast. Yes, you. Reading this. You.

🪄 If you have things to share about intuition – stories about your intuition, insights you have – but don’t want to be formally interviewed, let’s still chat. I’m recording episodes where I share anonymous stories, and I would love to include yours.

DM me here or email me at [email protected].

Can’t wait to hear from you.

PS. Take a listen at past episodes here:

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She was

Lost in the hustle.
Caught in indecision.
Wanting to be somewhere else.
Needing to jump out of your skin.
Refusing to allow your body to feel, alchemize, and release the hard emotions.

Can you relate to this self-imposed prison?

To free yourself from the prison your mind created, to break free from overthinking and the mental fog of anxiety, you have to feel.
You have to get out of your head and into your body. Divorce the story from the sensation.

Here’s your go-to method:

1. Release the mental noise.

For just 3-5 minutes, sit quietly and just be gently aware of the thoughts crossing your mind. Let them flow in and let them flow right on out — don’t grab onto any of them. Just be the witness.

2. Feel the sensations in your body, without creating or continuing a story about them.

Do a body scan and describe what’s happening out loud.

“My head feels tingly.”
“My neck and shoulders feel tight.”
“My arms are just there, nothing to note.”

Do this for each body part.

Resist the urge to make judgments like:

“My head feels tingly because I had too much caffeine" or “My neck is tight because I slept funny.”

The reason doesn’t matter. Just be present with what is.

3. Notice any emotions that arise and breathe into them — again, without making up a story about why they’re present. Just let them be present. Stay in your body, and out of your mind. Keep gently redirecting yourself back to your body.

4. Repeat.

You’ll begin to notice an overall sense of calm, even amidst the mind chatter. You’ll notice that you can be present with the thoughts and emotions that arise, without identifying with them.

You’ll notice that you actually have a choice.

And then, you’ll be able to hear the unique guidance that’s meant for you, and trust yourself enough to follow it.

Prison break accomplished.

🙏 Melissa

P.S. Grab the more detailed process that I use with my clients here (free):


What a stunning day. 🪄

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"We have to teach our girls to follow their intuition and not stop them, and not stifle them. Allow them to be big loud and messy and noisy and not make them conform to the little, quiet, good girls that we were all taught to conform to because that's just control and coercion – that's not actually teaching them to be able to live in the world, in their full space that they deserve.

Teach your girls that they're allowed to take up the space, they're allowed to make the noise, be messy, be just as brash and strong as anybody else in the world because if it's in there, why would we stifle it?"

- Molley Mills

This next episode gets right into it. Really excited for you all to be able to listen. Air date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 7:00am ET.

🎙 Subscribe here:


Tune in on Tuesday 1/9 to hear share the importance of being vulnerable and following intuition over fear. Leap and the net will appear. 🤩🪄 ™️

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Six! 🎭🤴👸🏻


For when it feels hard. ♥️💃🏻 ™️


When you choose to cocoon, to separate from what feels chaotic to your heart, to remove yourself - your attention - from people and circumstances that simply do not resonate with you NOW, you are choosing elevation. When those separations seem to occur at the hands of outside forces, know that it has still been your choice, albeit an unconscious one. The only way to expand and elevate is to accept and then to become indifferent to what is present, and shift your attention elsewhere. Separate to elevate. ™️


Pause. Re-center. Ignore what fear is screaming at you. Keep going.


It’s dark because you are trying too hard.
Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.
Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply.
Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.
— Aldous Huxley

Being the witness, the observer, of the play you are directing, producing, starring in, and watching unfold

is your place of power.

While reminding yourself that you are indeed in charge of it all.

Every single role in this marvelous production is yours.


when something hurts,

when something seems so out of your control,

like you wouldn’t choose that in a million years,


and lightly observe.

Pull your awareness back a bit.

You do not need to be so entrenched.

In fact,

believing you need to wrestle that thing you want to change to the ground, fight it, force it to become different

is the very grip keeping it present, and unpleasant.

It is what it is — and that’s all it is.

Change doesn’t happen when you force.

Change happens when you lightly witness, lightly decide differently, and lightly shift.


Fierce Feminine™️ Secret free guide - Link in bio


A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own. It waits until it has been taught what should be done, and then proceeds to do it.

— A Course in Miracles

the “wisdom not its own” is intuition

when your mind is in the chaos of overthinking,

of trying to force things to make rational sense,

it is harder to hear intuitive nudges

because you are not in tune with yourself.

You cannot think your way out of overthinking.

A healed mind comes only from feeling your emotions fully in your body, detaching from your present projections and perceptions.

Then you will be open to receiving the guidance from intuition, and however irrational it may seem.


Fierce Feminine™️ Secret free guide - Link in bio


Every moment is an opportunity to begin again.


And now.

Also now.

Even now.

And again, now.



Have you noticed

👀 when you attack something or someone outside of you

👀 have an argument (in your head or with the person)

👀 think of all the ways that person or thing lines up with the god-awful description you found when you googled

the emotional release you seem to experience is momentary

and always returns?

That subject is right where you left it emotionally when you pick it back up.

No matter how many times you push against it.

This is because

— if you truly want a solution, if you really want peace, if you actually want freedom from it —

you need emotional resolution,

not emotional release.

Resolution comes

when you stop pushing against,

feel the emotion in your body (not intellectualize it)

and become intentionally indifferent to the situation.



You only desire something because it’s already available to you.

When you have the vision it’s because there’s already provision (h/t ).

Your job is to get out of the way.

When you let your mind insist that the desire has to look, happen, be a certain way, you’re blocking it and yourself.

What you really want is the essence of it.

The full experience ready for you will blow your mind

when you get out of the damn way.


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