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Videos by The BJJ experience. Follow 2 amazing boys Liam Finnegan and Cian Howell on their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey and see how their mad Dads so too �

A few pictures from the European championships

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A few pictures from the European championships

What amazing day yesterday was, thank you Charles Negromonte and my professor, Stuart Gwilt

Liams 2nd fight at the Nationals.

So Liam's first fight at the British nationals

Liam doing his private today.

A few pictures from the Braulio Estima seminar, anyone who knows Jiu Jitsu knows how high level he is.

Cian gets silver at the Cheltenham open 3 very tough fights

Both boys pick up Gold at the All stars BJJ tournament.

Liam's fight at the Gracie Barra nationals

Some sparring from Saturday

Liam's fight at the world championship

Little roll from Saturday's class

Liam and his sparring partner Conor sparring No Gi

Liam’s fight from yesterday

So Cian did awesome today, his opposition didn’t turn up so straight to the final, bonus 😉Cian went on to take on a very...

So Liam wins Bronze medal at the UK Nationals , in his first fight for a place in the semifinals Liam dominated did real...