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I'm one hiking-addicted outdoor enthusiast and enjoy hours if not days/weeks on the trails. And what I dread the most is not the difficulty of the hike or the time it will take me to reach the summit.

I dread having to search for a secluded place to go potty with no skin-irritating plant life ( I see you poison ivy) or insects in the vicinity and especially in areas with little to no foliage.

Most of the places I visit rarely are there restrooms available. But, when you gotta go, you gotta go. What's a girl to do?

So when Debbie of Zip Hers, asked me to test the Trailblazer 2.0 Pant, the full crotch zipper design pants that makes going potty outdoors easier, I jumped at the chance to try them on my hiking trip to the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend National Parks.

I did have my reservations, designed to be worn sans undergarments, and I wondered about comfort and irritation of delicate areas.

After hiking the Guadalupe Peak Trail, a 3000' elevation gain 8 miles hike with a short scramble to the summit, I was absolutely amazed at how comfortable these pants are.

Then, heading to Big Bend National Park, I really put them to the test, scrambling the Grapevine Trail to Balanced Rock, hiking to the summit of Lost Mines, and traversing the Rio Grande River in the Santa Elena Canyon. And I can say Zip Hers is now my favorite trail pant.

Not only are they comfortable enough to spend hours hiking the many diverse landscapes the national parks have to offer, but I also love the feel of the fabric.

The material isn't noisy like some of the other water-resistant fabrics are, although after soaking in the hot springs and walking in the waste-deep waters of the Rio Grande, they did have a slight swishing sound.

But by the time we made it back to the car, my pants were almost dry, the swishing noise had subsided, and ready for another adventure.

An additional feature of the pants I like is the side cargo pocket is large enough to hold my phone.

And I can't get over the absolute ease and discretion at going potty on the trail. No more searching for that elusive secluded area so very very very far off-trail.

These pants are a game-changer in women's hiking apparel. I spent 4 days hiking in these pants and I recommend them highly. ZipHers is an outstanding company with an exceptional product.
I have now sent a few more emails about the shipping label not being included in your email and haven't heard back again.
Kudos to the creators of the ZipHers athletic wear. My loving and thoughtful husband purchased several pairs for Christmas. I have had 7 knee surgeries on my left knee; 3 surgeries on my right knee. Presently, I’m recovering from a ruptured Achilles’ tendon, with no weight bearing and on a knee scooter. Not having to fight with traditional shorts in the restroom is a blessing. ZipHers are classy enough to be worn with a dress shirt, blazer, and a pair of loafers.
Debbie Mercer’s customer service is exceptional.
Has anyone ordered from this company? I ordered on the 16th and still haven’t gotten any kind of order confirmation or response.
Hello, the description for the "plus" size full length tights indicates they are "light weight". Does that mean they are see-thru? or are these a heavy enough material that people aren't going to be able to see through them like some tights are. thanks! I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, kayaking, but I feel so limited due to not wanting to drop my drawers to my ankles! I so need some Zip Hers!
This has started a conversation in the house. After you unzip do you pull your un**es off to the side? Are they special crotchless type? I get the feeling You have to hold a tree with your left hand for balance, pull your un**es with your right. There is no way your sticking your hand in the trail mix after that. I need more information.
The weather's getting cooler, can't wait to be able to get outside more and wear my new Zip Hers!
I Walked the Camino Frances in 2015 and I knew then I wanted an 18” Zipper to replace the Seam from the bottom of my Waistband, Down my Crotch and up the Back.
- I just UnZip, Move my Pants & Un**es over, P*e and Zip back up. 👍😉
- In 2017 a Camiga made me 2 pairs and it made my 3rd, 4th, 5th Caminos soooooo much easier!!
-I recently learned of and I am thrilled I don’t have to make them myself and they have a number of styles.
- I ordered 2 pairs and I loooooooveeeeeee them!!!
-They are soft, snug but not too snug, stretchy and easy to UnZip and Zip.
-My new Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Biking, EVERYthing stretchy Exercise Pants!!
- m’I!!! 💞💝👍
Cathy Seitchik Diaz 🙂
💖 💖
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Learn more about Ziphers:
Happy Women's Day! Today, we are celebrating our women-led clients that are innovating their industries.

Debbie Mercer, Founder of Ziphers, the creator of a uniquely designed Houston-based athletic apparel, is set out to level the playing field and empower women that they can achieve any goal a man can.

Stay tuned for more!
I love Ziphers. I’m not out doorsy or athletic but I work a lot of racing events in the Houston area. These are perfect when I need to run to the potty and I don’t have a lot of time. Super easy to unzip, zip up and off I go! They are incredibly comfortable even for just lounging around.

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Ho, ho, hold on...don't get caught with your pants's Holiday Sale time! Head on over to for our 20% store-wide sale!


Hiking The Narrows but make it cute & matchy 👭

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The PNW in the fall... doesn't get much better than this y'all! 🍁

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Can you please stop won't catch us with our pants down! 👀


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Jump, shout, & let it all your Fit & Leisure shorts! 🤸‍♀️🎉



🍂 20% Off Fall Sale is here! Use code FALL22. P*e outdoors without pulling your pants down!


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Using the restroom outside on a whole new level! 🌊


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Timeline photos

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Living vicariously through Maggie's beautiful views in Colorado 🤩

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Our seamless front to back zipper...the perfect combo of fashion & function! 🩳


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zip_hers on TikTok 18/08/2022

zip_hers on TikTok

Does anyone else get p*e anxiety when p*eing outdoors?

zip_hers on TikTok Does anyone else get p*e anxiety when out doing recreational activities? 😳 Zip Hers unzip from the front to the back waist band so women can p*e more freely and discretely when on the go! *e *e

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Mount Everest ain't got a thing on her! Shes on top of the world, and with nothing on top 😆 *e # mountains

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You know what they say...p*e stories told on the trail, stay on the trail 🚶‍♀️👣🥾

Photos from Zip Hers's post 16/08/2022

You know what they say...p*e stories told on the trail, stay on the trail 🚶‍♀️👣🥾


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These shorts were made for walking...and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these shorts are gonna walk all over...the world! 🌎


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We've got something new for you...coming very, very soon! 📰


Timeline photos 05/08/2022

Where are our mom + daughter duos who love hiking together? We see you! 👯‍♀️


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Questions about Zip Hers? Ask away and our Founder & CEO will get back to you! 👋

Psstt...her name is Debbie and she's supa fly! 👟


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There's no other place I'd rather...p*e!


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Spent a couple of days at Canyon Lake, Tx hiking the Gorge with friends. I was happy to find a discreet place to squat and not have to take off my Camelback or pull down my Zip Hers 9” shorts!! Made the hike so much more enjoyable!!

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For all you water sports ladies...have we got the pants for you! 🛶


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Jump, shout, & let it all your Fit & Leisure shorts! 🤸‍♀️🎉


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Hey babe...take a walk on the wild side 🍃🐯


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Is Nancy pickin rocks or poppin a squat? We'll never know...that's how discreet we are! 🌊



Our summer sale ends this Friday, July 1! Scooch your pooch (literally) over to our website now and get your gear! 🏷🤸🏽‍♀️☀️

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Octavia likes to wear her Zip Hers when she attends Church and nice Dinner events. She looks great 😍

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Our very own took her pair of Zip Hers all the way to the Smoky Mountains. Talk about a bathroom with a view! ⛰🚽🚺

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Cheesin through the week!

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Where will your adventures take you this weekend?

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Should we make Zip Hers for dogs?! 😂😏🐶

BIGGEST Hydration Mistakes Backpackers Make! 25/05/2022

BIGGEST Hydration Mistakes Backpackers Make!

We've got you covered when it comes to p*eing in the woods, but are you making sure you're drinking enough water? Water is the basis of all life and essential in promoting normal bodily functions. We lose tons of water through our sweat when we are out exerting ourselves. It is essential to make sure you are replenishing your body.

BIGGEST Hydration Mistakes Backpackers Make! We see so many backpackers making these mistakes over and over! Learn what not to do, as well as some tips for how to properly hydrate even in extreme condit...

Made by women, for women

Finding a solution to this dilemma became our challenge…and that’s how Zip Hers came to be.

Zip Hers activewear tights and shorts cater to all women –not just the professional or amateur outdoor athlete! We created a zipper design for any woman, who wants to feel ease when using the restroom outside. And look fantastic at the same time. Whether you are hiking, doing yoga, running, camping, biking, or just spending time outdoors, you can use Zip Hers!

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