Three Pedal Mafia- 24 Hours of Lemons Racing Team Videos

Videos by Three Pedal Mafia- 24 Hours of Lemons Racing Team. Three Pedal Mafia is a 24 Hours of LeMons team located in NJ and PA. We race a Honda Civic, RX7, Cressida and have other cars coming to a track near you!

Other Three Pedal Mafia- 24 Hours of Lemons Racing Team videos

Two old guys in a booth
Managing to make fun of everyone that comes through judging and have a little bit of muppet fun #muppets #statlerandwald...

I’d say it shouldn’t be like this.

It’s a fabulous game of throwing the dong into the hot tub. Can you do it?

Don’t stop believing!

We wanted permission to shoot down the balloon… that may not have existed. #genericweatherbaloon #shootitdown #fingersup...

There is a general weather balloon that seems to be traveling through Pitt Race.

Instead of a selfie of Chrissy driving the race car home from the garage, something in the clutch/trans went crunch, so ...

Just clowning around

Sat Thompson update 2022
Thompson Saturday afternoon update!

Lemons fun
Mental enjoying some night time Lemons fun!

Race update sunday
Do not step on your weiner Betty!



Jeff and the Three Pedal Mafia corrupting the youth of America one road trip at a time!

Thunder and lighting out side ... bring the party inside!