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Strategy meets magic with Annie Sanchez, Mariposa Strategies

Combining Strategy with spirit to truly create the opportunity to heal what is needed as you create the life you are ready for. We hear insights from Annie on how rest - not sleep - is critical on our journey. Annie is a true storyteller. She shares a moment from her mom’s celebration of life and how that has guided her.

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Have I officially introduced myself?

I’m Annie. I’m the creator of Clarity Pages.

You may know me from Mariposa Strategies or my personal IG account, .

Whether we know each other or you landed here some other way, I’m glad you made it!

A little about me that even my closet people may not know:

🔸 I started my business in 2018 without a dollar or a real plan (just a hard core commitment to never going back to working for someone else). It’s true. I had ideas, but really no true plan and for sure no “business plan”.

🔸 I despise the inquiry, “Do you have a formal business plan?” I don’t have time to write one, no one wants to read one, and the kind of investment I need doesn’t involve the kind of people who ask for formal business plans.

🔸I don’t do proposals. You want to work with me? Let’s have a conversation and see what’s possible. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are like being on the playground hoping to get picked for kick ball.

🔸My favorite desserts involve 🍋.

🔸I’m an avid hunter. Deer to be specific. (Ha, jk lol)

🔸I’m a full time traveler, cruising around in my RV with my partner and kitty.

🔸Traveling is part of who I am and I’ve only realized it’s importance at 40. However, I’ve done a lot of it: In my early 20’s I backpacked for 6 months around South and Central Americas and Mexico; I took at least one annual international trip into my early 30’s; and I’ve yearned for more ever since.

📸 Selfie this week while taking in mid 60’s sunshine after soaking in some hot springs.

Would LOVE to know a fun fact about you!! Won’t you share in the comments??


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As you know, Clarity Pages is ON FIRE right now. I'm super excited to give two winners a special anniversary edition journal this week.

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3. Tag a friend in the comments below who you turn to when you need a good clarity conversation (more tags = more entries!)

Winner announced tomorrow, Nov 15 at 3pm MST!
HTW is Excited to be part of this retreat! Thank you, Native Women Lead for connecting us with Mariposa Strategies!
Register Today! 🙌🏽❤️

Claim What's Yours | A Wellness Retreat
Saturday, November 23-Sunday, November 24
Sarabande Bed & Breakfast in the Village of Los Ranchos
$250, payment plan also available

Join us for a holistic experience designed to support you with creating the life you want. A collaboration between Ilsie Gonzales (spiritual life coach & healer), Haley Laughter (yoga instructor and life path coach) and Annie Sanchez (goal strategist and clarity coach).
👇🏽 Thoughts on patience from the Mariposa Strategies HQ.
Thoughts from the Mariposa Strategies HQ on this lovely Sunday morning.
Meet Annie Sanchez, CEO of Mariposa Strategies. She is a goal strategist and productivity coach. She has a diverse background in nonprofit management, project management, restaurant
management, high-end/high-impact event production, volunteer management, and small business advising, along with many, many freelance hustles. We are grateful to have her join us in the WEAVING Breakout session tilted "Sharing a Soloprenuer's Toolkit" at this year's 2nd Annual Native Women's Business Summit.

Learn More:
Get your tickets at

Annie Sanchez is a seeker, navigator of change, believer in possibility. Clarity is our�for a reason.

She’s our CEO, founder of WOC Culture Club, Creator of Clarity Pages and host of Courage Culture & Clarity.

Operating as usual


Are you my executive assistant? 😃

I'm excited to be in a place to bring on this new kind of support in my life and business. I can already feel the relief & expansion!

I'm in search of an Executive Assistant who will be my right hand person.

This is a part time, independent contractor role (to start) based in Albuquerque, NM.

If you're interested or immediately thinking of someone you know who might be, check out the job at and feel free to forward.

I've begun accepting resumes this week.

Big love,



åWe’re a woman of color-owned, boutique personal development company in service to those who live in the blurry land of the in between — where identity, communities, culture, grief and the messy, often scary, unknown leaves more questions than answers. This is our sweet spot of what ifs & figure outs.

We know sensitive, brilliant minds are often over-looked, under-appreciated and underestimated. We love working with and supporting these visionaries in their growth because their magic makes our world a better place.

In March, we are excited to host a small group of "in betweeners" for PIVOT, a retreat designed to help you rest, re-member and refine your next big and important move in your life and work.

All the beautiful details are here:

There are just a couple spots open. Is one of them yours?


While living on the coast of Maine in 2021-2022, something deep and guttural came out of me in my final week on those sacred lands. Something was left on the floor exactly seven days before I left.

I was preparing my space for a virtual meditation gathering I had been hosting weekly. Music coming through my earbuds, I lit candles and piñon incense, and arranged my pillows while tears rolled down my cheeks like gentle, steady rain on a window.

That evening, I wailed unlike any other time in my life. In a divinely formed Sangha, I entered what I now see as my form of Shiva.

For the next seven days, I mourned, shed, and cleansed from deep within. Decades of pain and grief moved through me.

What I know, know, know is that when we are moving through big change, pivoting our lives or businesses — completely changing the way in which we do something — we are going to experience grief.

Popular opinion is to strategize. Figure out the actions you need to take. Leap and a net will appear.

This is not helpful when you feel tired, scared and lost.

Moving through a major change cannot be rushed, strategized or solutionized.

It has to be felt.

Two words I was invited to hold in my heart on repeat by my rest teacher throughout 2022: I am.

It’s taken time to recognize, hear and embrace who I am today. Different from who I was a year ago. Different from who I was six months ago.

Who you are today is different from who you were…before.

You're a sensitive, brilliant leader. A quantifiably powerful individual. And, you are changing.

Your pivot is on the horizon.

I look forward to hosting you on my homelands in New Mexico.

The details are here ♥️

PIVOT Retreat | Mariposa Strategies 04/01/2023

PIVOT Retreat | Mariposa Strategies

What I know, know, know is that when we are moving through big change, pivoting our lives or businesses — completely changing the way in which we do something — we are going to experience grief.

Popular opinion is to strategize. Figure out the actions you need to take. Leap and a net will appear. This is not helpful when you feel tired, scared and lost.

Moving through a major change cannot be rushed, strategized or solutionized.

If you are ready to completely the change the way in which are doing something, yearn for like-minded community to explore possibility, and crave a sacred restful pause, the PIVOT retreat is for you.

PIVOT Retreat | Mariposa Strategies Through thousands of hours in personal and client healing spaces, Annie discovered her coaching method that centers possibility.


Whatever you do tomorrow, I pray you re-member, feel deep inside down to your marrow, that you have nothing to figure out today.

We are right on time.
Right on track.
Right here. Right now.

Growing. Learning.
Stumbling. Getting up.

My big sister and I were in a deeply co-dependent relationship until my mid-30’s, and the last 9 years I’ve been healing from what I knew to be true, what I never learned, and all the pain and anxiety that’s come with such a complicated situation.

She was my very best friend. And, we are all but estranged today.

Something she used to say to me, in all my BIG POSSIBILITIES ANNIE energy,
”Wherever you go, there you are.”

I say, “Wherever I go, there I grow.”

Keep growing. Keep resting. Keep believing.

And, let that s**t go.

My most read blog post of all time reminds me year after year that we don’t just shed once.

We shed every day. And we regenerate every day.

So being where you are is not a static thing, but a growing thing.

Keep growing.
Keep letting s**t go.
Keep letting goodness in.
Keep crying.
Keep laughing.
Keep getting up.

I started January 2022 with the heaviest load of grief and fear. I was crying a lot. Unsure of so much. Turning a major corner, I knew it, but had no clue how I was going to get there.

I’m ending December 2022 with tired eyes from so much releasing the last few days, and so so so much peace in my heart and bones for all the blessings I’ve received this year.

Count your blessings, as the Como Mamas say.

Big love,



"Annie, you have literally helped me get through this summer. Thank you so much!"

Just you and me. In a really simple way.

Different than a coaching package, where you would have to schedule sessions in advance and we’d be focused on a particular goal or desired outcome over an extended period of time.

Back Pocket Guidance is available to you right now based on what you need, right now.

Real life situations I can help with (and have):

🌙 I don't know how to bring in revenue next month.

🌙 I need help negotiating a job opportunity

🌙 I am struggling to initiate a conversation I need to have.

🌙 I can't decide if I should take this contract or not.

🌙 I have an exciting idea I need to talk through!

🌙 I need to fire a client ASAP.

🌙 I need to set up some tech but I'm not sure which to choose.

🌙 Will you look at my document and give me feedback?

🌙 _______________.

Nothing is off the table.

Take a look and see if this is what you need in the new year. ♥️


Private, custom guidance when you need it. Not a course. Not self-paced. Actual, factual coaching. No rigamarole. Accessible pricing.

I experimented with it as a standalone offering this year, and have gotten such great feedback. It’s coming with me into 2023!

Let’s go!

Sign up for Back Pocket Guidance at and you’ll be supported starting next week.

“Annie, you have literally helped me get through this summer. Thank you so much!"


Inspired by the future and particularly talented at making things happen by turning thoughts into action, I'm literally queen of the in between.

I coach visionary leaders, international thought leaders and entrepreneurs across the world. My style is both heart-centered and strategic.

Change is the least scary thing I know and the most scary thing I know. My zone of magic is helping people navigate it.


"Annie helped me clearly understand why I needed to simplify things and get some balance back into my life. She has a calm and logical method to coaching that truly connected and inspired me."

"Annie’s retreat was so epic and just what the doctor ordered. You’re doing an awesome thing sister, helping us find clarity within. Thank you!"

"I could have never imagined that I would accomplish one of the goals I set that day. Makes me emotional and grateful. Thank you Annie for imagining when those you help cannot. For expanding possibility and the world."


I create one-of-a-kind experiences that propel people forward, through big change with ease.

A business advisor, life coach, double water earth with an insatiable Mars and very supportive Jupiter, here's how we can work together:

😌 Back Pocket Guidance. Not a course or self-guided. Actual guidance. Mid 3 figures. Start now.

💡Luminary Day. Let’s illuminate your magic, clarify and/or build out a highly customized plan for your business and/or life. Low 4 figures. (1 spot in Q1)

⚡️PIVOT (March 13-1t). If you're ready to completely change the way you're doing something, this is for you. Accommodations & ground transportation for VVIPs.

🤌🏽Private retreat. You and me, in person for 3 luxurious days and nights of rest, healing, contemplation and highly customized support for your business and/or life. Mid 5 figures. (1 spot in Q1)

🔥Private guidance, 6-12 months. We kick off with a private retreat. Mid-high 5 figures.

I'm terrific at holding the whole while drilling down to the details. I'm known for taking risks that are grounded in practical realities, and I don’t mess around with what has always been done.

If you're ready for a rebirth—2023 is your year.

Big love,


When you’re on the brink of change, it’s scary. And exhilarating.

But for sure, scary.

What if the scariness is the very thing that lets you know you’re on the right path?

The scariness is the unknown.

The unknown is where the magic of what’s ahead lives.

And the only way to experience it is to step one shaky foot in front of the other.

But not blindly. It’s not just about stepping out of your comfort zone because you have an urge.

Coping with change, the unknown, and all that comes with bravely being the only way you know how to be…now, is the key.

Coping is the emotional part of the courageous behavior part.

Are you on the verge of doing things completely differently than you are doing things today?

The pivot retreat may be just the space for you. It’s a teeny tiny, luxury in person experience in New Mexico in March.


If you’ve felt like this year has been challenging in ways you wouldn’t have expected after surviving 2020 and 2021, you’re not alone.

If you’ve felt like this year has brought beautiful and abundant gifts into your life that you wouldn’t have thought possible back in January, you’re not alone.

If you’ve been in my orbit, you’ve heard me say 2022 is like a line in the sand. A point of no return. We’ve come this far and we can’t go back. Not even if we tried.

There is no rule that says your New Year goals have to be set by the 1st. S**t, they don’t even have to be set anywhere close to then.

When we set intentions and goals, my hope is that we’re setting them with our hearts and from a place of divine awakening and not frantic rushing.

Part of my framework with clients includes: Getting goals you actually give a s**t about.

To do this, you can’t rush them or even think them up — you have to feel them and allow them to arrive when they’re ready to be taken on.

It’s not about you. It’s about the goal, the dream, the idea that wants to be born.

This is why I created the New Year Planning Guide for the first time in 2018.

The 5th Annual New Year Planning Guide is free, now available and more awesome than ever!

This year it has a calendar built in to support your planning — I wished it had it earlier this year while I was doing my 2022 planning so I created it for us.

I also am pairing the printable guide with a private podcast that’s been curated to support your visioning and planning even further. It’s not like anything else out there — not what you think, and just what you need.

I know, I’m you. You’re me. We are we. The tools I create are for the me from last year, 3 years ago, 10 years ago.

Get your New Year Planning Guide + Bonus Private Podcast for free at, then start when you’re ready.

Big love and happy Thursday,

Photos from Mariposa Strategies's post 13/12/2022

Three months ago was September 13, 2022. It had been 13 months and 4 days since I’d left…and 9 days since I’d returned.

There aren’t enough words to fully explain my time away.

There’s the obvious: full-time RV’d all over the West and Pacific NW, saw many beautiful places, wintered on the far NE coast, summered in ATL, shared lots of traveling kitty pics, ran my business like a champ.

There’s the not-so-obvious: struggled through painful people stuff, became estranged from some, grieved deeply, became a devotee to rest, studied a lot, let go of even more, made new friends who have become some of my favorite people in the universe, questioned everything, grew my company from $100k-ish to $200k-ish.

This era has been so hard and so rewarding in ways I couldn’t have predicted or planned for.

I think a lot about the future and have a special gift for being able to forecast the weather of the work, the goal, the dream, the thing at hand.

This year has been one of great lessons.


We are cellular beings — parts of ourselves literally become new every day while other parts regenerate every few or more years.

Why wouldn’t our needs, wants, dreams, hopes and relationships be the same?

I shared a few months ago one of my favorite and most grounding activities I do is something I refer to as “scouring” or “scouring the corners” which is a way of reflecting, cleansing, cleaning up, bringing forward and letting go.

On this Tuesday morning, my offering is to scour the corners of your past 3 months:

🌱 Think back to September 13th and recall what you have seen, felt, had, done, been, and experienced.

🌱 Simply reflect, write, jot down all that comes up.

And, when you’re done, do a little net casting into the next 3 months:

⚡️ Come March 13th, what would you like to see, feel, have, do, be, experience?

Not everything has to be big and bold or even perfectly clear right now.

⚡️What are the outlines or shadows of your wants? Capture those.

Sending you big love,

p.s. There are two VVIP spots open in the PIVOT retreat in March, which includes luxurious accommodations, airport transportation when you land, 1:1 time with me before and after, plus some.


Don’t let her out the house. 😂


What have you come to learn in recent months?

What is this full moon 🌕 shining light on?


For me, it’s all behind the scenes stuff. 😮‍💨 and today I honor this phase with a glorious dose of loving on myself — starting with sleeping in, followed by body work with , lunch with , and hours at .


Beautifying my whole self and space on this Wednesday.


Big love,


You do not need to have your 2023 word of the year and plans in place before 2022 is over. Just saying.

One of the biggest, most liberating strategic moves I have made in my business each year has been to let the planning come when I’m ready for it to come.

There’s a lot of pressure to have our 2023 visions in place, strategic directions clear, and goals set.

A calendar year is simply one structure put in place to help us mark time, but if you recall Einstein time — time is in you.

Happy to share my approach to all the things planning that is antithetical to “new year new you” bs.

🌱 🌱

Clarity is my registered trademark for a reason. ®️

Big love & happy Monday,

Photos from Mariposa Strategies's post 03/12/2022

Clarity Pages is here for you when need to reflect and find clarity about what's next without feeling overwhelmed.

Right now, get 50% off when you spend $50. Shop at

You can use this 13-week journal to set:

🌱 business goals
💫 life goals
🙏🏽 healing goals
🦋 any type of goal you’re dreaming about

There are no rules, journal your own way.

Undated so you can start anytime.

Two sizes:
🔸 A5 5.8 x 8.3
🔶 Standard 8.5 x 11

Three colors:
🧈Butter (creamy yellow)
🔥On Fire (sparky orange)
🥛 Classic (clean white)

Spiral bound, soft covers

This journal has held business plans, campaign plans, healing plans, pivot plans and growth plans by:

Executive leaders
Grassroots organizers
Busy parents
Small business owners
Nonprofit leaders
Non-binary people
People of color
White folks
Black folks
Native folks
Asian folks
Latinx folks
Chicanx folks
And more…

Clarity Pages is a journal for anyone who has big dreams and visions for beauty and impact, and who also Carrie’s a lot on their shoulders.

This journal is a way to help you manage the day-to-day while moving your goals forward.

Clarity ®️is my registered trademark for a reason.

Right now, get 50% off when you spend $50.

Shop at

Big love,
Creator, Clarity Pages
CEO, Mariposa Strategies

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