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Laughing Buddha Yoga


Hi! Are there virtual options or pre-recorded options during this quarantine? 🙏
The instructor was great. I loved the minimalist and artistic atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and I got a great stretch in at the candlelight yoga class.
Laughing Buddha is a welcoming, warm and inviting yoga studio. Every time I am there, I feel like I am at "home" and it is grounding. I highly recommend the teachers, it was the second place I practiced yoga when I moved to Arizona from Wisconsin, divinely orchestrated. Thank you, LB!
PLAY had the amazing opportunity to host a field trip for the amazing kids at Mountain Pointe High School at the Laughing Buddha Yoga

The kids were able to make their own sock eye masks to use during their meditation!

This is a great mindful self-care activity you could do with any age!

Long sock
Snack size ziplock bag
Bowl and spoon
Essential oil of choice (optional)
I love the relax and unwind class with kassandra! All the instructors at LB are just terrific, warm, and welcoming.
Something to think about. 😜
Introducing the LiveWell Stadium Yoga Series! We are teaming up with local studios The Madison Tempe, Hot Yoga University, Laughing Buddha Yoga, Sweatshop on Central, ASU Yoga and more to present FREE yoga on the Coca-Cola Sun Deck at Sun Devil Stadium!

Visit for more info and to RSVP! We'll see you on a mat 🤩
Really looking forward to my Sacred Toning Circle this Sunday evening! Come dive deep into the sacred sounds of each chakra and use one of our most powerful sound instruments - our voice!

No experience necessary!

Our voices will blend to create a powerful harmonic field where we can bathe in vibration and heal from the inside out.

* Balance and harmonize the Chakras and energy meridians
* Increase Oxygen to the cells
* Lower blood pressure and heart rate
* Increased levels of melatonin
* Reduced levels of stress related hormones
* Release of endorphins "natural pain relievers"

$25 in advance/ $30 at the door!
Lol 😂 Love you ladies! I’ll be back for classes soon!
28 days of yoga challenge
Day 14
Wasn’t able to make it to the 6am class today, so instead, making some time to journal, read, meditate, eat healthy(er), keeping up with the self-care.

Don't forget!!

TONIGHT!!!! 6 - 7:30pm

Join me for an evening of deep relaxation through the sweet symphony of these beautiful Fall rain showers and multiple gongs, alchemy singing bowls, drums and chimes!!!

Surrender to the sweet frequencies as the sound current activates, clears and heals at the cellular, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Bring a pillow and blanket and get cozy.
This is Dusty from Laughing Buddha Yoga doing her best Vanna White impression. Dusty organized a water drive to benefit TCAA and we are so thankful. Water is necessary and in desperate need in the summer heat. Thank you Dusty and crew for donating this much needed water!

Laughing Buddha Yoga encompasses a community that for now is mobile and on line.

Operating as usual

Photos from Laughing Buddha Yoga's post 31/07/2022

Sunday Funday at Inner Vision Tempe 10:15-11:30am with Dusty come explore and play on the mat.
You will be happy, not by forcing happy things to happen, but by being happy with whatever happens.~ Amrit Desai


“Yoga is not a work- out, it’s a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up to our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.”~ Rolf Gates

See ya on the mat at Inner Vision Yoga Tempe today 5-6pm hot flow and Sunday 10:15-11:30am Sunday funday flow!


With breath any thing is possible. Sometime we have to stop, pause and breath.
If you can not make it tonight for 5-6pm hot flow Tempe
See ya:
Thursday 9-10am hot flow Tempe
Thursday 5-6pm hot flow Tempe
Saturday 9-10am Level 1-2pm Chandler (subbing)
Saturday 10:30-11:30am Yin Chandler(subbing)
Sunday funday 10:15-11:30am Tempe

Photos from Laughing Buddha Yoga's post 03/05/2020

More pictures of past days at LBYoga. Sure do miss Yawl!

Good news, will be honoring any unused classes from LBYoga when our daily lives get back to “normal.” Thank you Stephanie for helping the community and providing a space for the practice! Follow to watch for updates and ya never know who might be teaching there!!!
Website below.😊
Lots of love,
Dusty 🦋
@ Laughing Buddha Yoga

Photos from Laughing Buddha Yoga's post 19/04/2020

It is come to my awareness that a few people did not receive the email regarding the permanent closure of the Laughing Buddha Yoga. If you are interested in reading the email please go to the website it is posted there.

My love to all of you. I hope that you are healthy and taking care of one another.
I am sharing a few pictures from the beginning and I will continue to do so over the next few weeks lots of love-Dusty 🦋 @ Tempe, Arizona

Timeline photos 22/03/2020

Every day brings new information about the coronavirus and the steps we are all taking during this uncertain time. Many yoga studio's are transitioning studio classes into on-line classes. You may ask yourself, is going to do that?

I had thought about it-wanting to keep us connected through the asana practice, to help the staff monetarily and of course the LB studio. However, I am of the opinion this is a time to reconnect with other parts of ourselves. Perhaps this is an opportunity for an act of seva (selfless service) by donating blood or bringing food to an elderly neighbor. Possibly cleaning out that closet that you haven’t had time for, or reading that book that has been on the night stand.

I know how daunting this time is. Daily, I wish I could call my mom and ask for her advice, not that I always took it. At times, I think she said what I wanted to hear so that I would do the opposite. LOL 😁

Each of you is an amazing human full of love and compassion. ❤️
If the practice has taught me anything, it is that everything ebbs and flows that nothing is permanent. This will shift, it's unsettling for sure. Don't forget you have tools. The entire body, houses the senses, intellect, and consciousness which depends on prana, the greatest force, your life force.
Breathe in, I am breathing in.
Breathe out, I am breathing out.
Thank you Thich That Hahn for teaching me this many years ago.

All auto-pays will be pro-rated as soon as we re-open. They will be suspended until then. All unlimited packages will be extended for the amount of time closed. All class passes will be extended as needed.

So much love you all,
Dusty 🦋

Timeline photos 19/03/2020

Did you know you can make an appointment and donate blood! Since the Red Cross has had to cancel blood drives there is going to be a blood shortage.
I was thinking about my mom and how she has to received blood multiple times during her hospital stay. I am so thankful there was blood available.
If you are healthy you can schedule an appointment during this “down time”. I have read that the Red Cross has implemented new safety measure for donors due to the coronavirus.
Help out our community and make an appointment to donate.
Lots of love 💕

Timeline photos 16/03/2020

It is clear that we need to temporarily cancel all classes at starting today. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and send you updates to confirm an opening date hopefully will only be a few weeks.
I understand this is a stressful and uncertain time for many of us. Let us continue to support each other with kindness and compassion.

Timeline photos 16/03/2020

Sending lots of love ❤️ to everyone during this time.
Class schedule for Monday is still on with the exception to restorative yoga. With that said we are limited attendance to only 15 students to take the appropriate health measures. If possible please sign up on Mindbody or use the app for classes to secure your spot.

We will keep you posted with updates as things develop. 💕

Timeline photos 12/03/2020

Good morning ☀️
I would like to reach out and address the COVID-19 situation. There is so much uncertainty and fear regarding the spread of COVID-19. In this difficult time we as a community want to be mindful and support each other. We will take precautions and ask you do as well.

*If you aren’t feeling well, are sick, think you are getting sick, or have been in contact with someone who has been sick, please make the informed decision to stay home and rest.

*We will continue to disinfect all door k***s, handles, surfaces, and high traffic areas with wipes and sprays.

*As hard as this is for me personally- all teachers will limit physical contact, hugging, hand shaking, etc. There will be no physical adjustments during classes of course there will be verbal adjustments to assist and guide your practice as usual.

*Please wash hands before and after entering the studio. Hand sanitizer is hard to find at this time, I will look for natural solutions and have around the studio.

Finally, remember to take care of you. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, boost your immunity, and breathe deep. This is temporary and we together as a community can get through this. The practice of yoga gives us wonderdul tools-mindfulness, asanas, breathing techniques to get us through this unsettling time.
With love,
Dusty ❤️

Timeline photos 01/03/2020

I have been trying to figure out what to post, it has been awhile. It has been difficult trying to focus on anything other than my mother and her main care giver my father.

I ask you to be gentle with me as I am grieving. The practice “yoga” couldn’t prepare me for the heartache I feel. For years my mother has been fighting cancer, kidney failure, or a ruptured gallbladder and I have been intellectually preparing. What I have learned is there is no preparation for death.
It is cycle of life and this I am fully aware. With that said, the ache I feel inside in moments is unbearable.
Yet I and others that have someone they love deeply die, move through the days masking the sorrow as to not make others feel uncomfortable. I am not so great at hiding. Please don’t tell me it’s going to be okay or it gets easier. It will shift and flow as life does, I am aware. None the less, at this time I must embrace the heart ache, so that I can move forward. Please honor where I am, not where you think I “should” be.
My mother was my friend, my parent, my biggest supporter even when she had her own fears. She help shape the human I am today and for that I am grateful. Although I do miss our daily- okay sometimes several times a day talks, I am relieved she is no longer suffering.

I look forward to getting back to teaching and being among such an amazing community. See ya on the mat tomorrow! With love 💕 Dusty

Timeline photos 11/02/2020

Movement is a way to release the stored energy in the body and can help release the tension in the mind.
Yoga is a wonderful way to experience a deeper connection with self and keep the body in good working condition. Combined with cardio workouts to keep the heart and lungs healthy and calisthenics or lifting of weights to help bone density you have a support system for your suit.
Then we can begin to think about what we eat and drink, how it effects our moods and body function. Along with the company we keep, what we watch on Netflix or You Tube can also influence our thinking and behaviors.
Don’t wait to get moving, take action for your health. See you on the mat!
Today if you missed 6am there is still 9-10am Slow flow
5:30-6:30pm Level 1-2 and
6:45-7:45pm Restorative
Also this Saturday a workshop From Head to Heart ❤️ with 4-6:30pm

Timeline photos 30/01/2020

As I have been in the hospital with my mom, I have had time find gratitude for the suit I wear even in all it’s discomfort.
The Doctors are looking for ways to help her get stable; however, they can’t make her healthy again. Dietitians can not make her thinner or undo the damage from the life choices she has made.
Made me think of us looking for teachers to make us knowledgeable, or Gurus to make us peaceful and enlightened, mentors to makes us financially richer, personal trainers to make us stronger. Ultimately we have to take responsibility for ourselves. If you have been putting off a lifestyle change that can improve your quality of life, take a step in that direction today.
From what I am witnessing there’s a certain point that this amazing machine of a human body becomes so unbalanced that it is hard to repair.
See you soon on the mat! Sending love 💕


This video is from the New Year’s Day class for Sounds Academy. Thank you everyone, together we raised $380 to support the nonprofit that brings music to unserved youth.

Recipe for giving to others:
Take a cup of compassion
Then take a cup of kindness
Mix them together and sprinkle in some love
Add a tablespoon of time and willingness to look beyond yourself
Then serve this often. 💕 ~Dusty
Next donation class in April! If you have a local nonprofit you would like us to donate to reach out and let me know!

Timeline photos 13/01/2020

Join Robin Afinowich for a 14 hour training open to Yoga Teacher‘s, physicians, therapist, bodyworkers, help keep her riders, social workers, and all others seeking to learn stress reduction and relaxation techniques. Hours from this training can be applied to yoga alliance continuing education hours. It’s this weekend Friday, January 17 through Sunday, January 19 for more information go to:

Timeline photos 12/01/2020

Perception is based on our mind-constructed idea of the world. Life reflects our held beliefs and opinions, that were often shaped by our interpretation of past experiences.
For example, if you wake up in the morning to the smell of coffee, your perception is that your dad is making a pot of coffee and already awake. You walk out into the living space and you interpret all the information around you and come to the conclusion from smell, sight, and hearing that this is true.

The challenge is as humans we may not always understand someone else's perception or we assume that their perception is ours. Which is impossible as we all perceive things through different lens. This is when disagreements and communication issues show up. For example, if you perceive a co-worker to be aloof or indifferent you may assume they are unhappy with you and you may then become frustrated and hurt. Which causes miscommunication and most times isn’t about you at all. Suppose this person has a sick child, an unhappy marriage, the list could go on. The point is without all the information this type of perception can be dangerous since you don’t have all the facts.

Exceptions I believe is another force behind our perceptions- a blog coming soon! For now the invite is to practice dropping the exceptions, assumptions and changing how you “see” things. Try to view the world around you through a different lens and begin to look at why we believe something to be good, right, fair, negative, or wrong. Perhaps then we can then let go of some of the misunderstandings. ~Dusty🦋

Timeline photos 09/01/2020

Join Jenna for a special full moon meditation yoga practice! No yoga experience necessary, show up and enjoy the healing sounds of singing bowls, gongs, and chimes!
Another wonderful thing it’s just the price of a regular practice or use your package. What a wonderful way to end your work week.

Timeline photos 04/01/2020

I invite you to slow down, to allow the healing to take place. We often get carried away with regrets about the past or worries about the future but truly all we have is this moment right here right now.
In the pause on the mat and in life it gives us this opportunity to reset. You can choose, I say this cautiously as sometimes it’s really hard to get out of the sadness, loneliness and pain. However, when we begin to realize it’s just a thought and recognize if we let our thoughts linger too much into what was it causes suffering, when we look too far towards the future it can cause anxiety. Personally I feel the most peace when I pause in the moment and stop to notice the stories that I am creating. I comeback to the breath and understand in this moment all is well.
Stop, pause and breathe.
With love 💕 Dusty
If you missed 8:30am Slow flow with Robin see you at 10am Level 1-2 with Dusty

Timeline photos 01/01/2020

Happy first day of 2020!
Today there is one cash donation class from 12-1:30pm.
The proceed will go to Sounds Academy a nonprofit that bring musical experiences to underserved youth.

Do you know that 50% of schools have no budget for curricular in arts education? Personally I don’t know how I would have gotten through my high school years with out Dillard Center of the Arts in Florida!

Join Dusty, Stephanie, Robin, Leslyn for 1 1/2 hours of breath and fun!



Tomorrow 1 class at noon, suggested cash donation of $10. The proceeds of the practice will go to a nonprofit bringing musical experiences to underserved youth. Thank you for sharing the information! 😀
Join the LBYoga teachers and community for a practice to begin 2020 giving back!

Timeline photos 20/12/2019

Tomorrow from 4-6:30pm join Robin for a special slow flow and restorative practice honoring the winter solstice!


The yoga teachers at LBYoga provide a space for inspired support and guidance. So that students can explore the body, mind, and spirit.
When we move the stuck energy in our body, new sensations arise. The mind becomes clearer, emotions even out, the heart starts to open.
Take the step to feel more vibrant and omnipresent. You are worth it.

Timeline photos 11/12/2019

Tomorrow night we have a special class at 6:45pm with Jenna Hedstrom!
In this special practice you will learn some of the aspects of this particular moon and there will be a guided meditation along with High-vibrational healing sounds of singing bowls, a gong and drums.

No yoga experience necessary, the only thing you need to do is walk through the doors! If you don’t already have a class package, drop in only $18!

Our Story

Yoga classes 7 days a week

At Laughing Buddha Yoga we welcome practitioners of every level, in a casual and friendly atmosphere. The teachers will use their experience and knowledge to guide you through the yoga practice with steadiness & humor. Laughing Buddha integrates the physical, mental, and the spiritual aspects of the practice and believes that yoga is accessible to everyone. The yoga practice gives us tools to tackle the difficult moments. Through the direct experience of yoga, you can change your perception of yourself and the world around you.

Laughing Buddha yoga studio offers practice in a room that is warm, though not heated in a way that can stress the body. It is consistently around 78-80 degrees; a temperature that we feel is ideal for the practice of yoga. The floor of the yoga space utilizes sustainable, soft cork flooring making for a more comfortable practice. The ceiling contains a large skylight providing natural light and the exposed beams give our 1000 sq. ft. studio an urban, open-space feel. Whether you have done yoga once or a million times, Laughing Buddha is the place for you. Just show up and know you are welcome.

First time students are welcome to enjoy a free yoga class with Laughing Buddha Yoga. Stop in to any class today and check us out!

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