Haikyuu Roleplay Court

Haikyuu Roleplay Court


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Roleplay page where you can roleplay with your favorite Haikyuu!! characters and have fun together :) Welcome to the HQ roleplay court! character.

Here we can roleplay to our heart's content

Join the Haikyuu Dreamland and Reality AU Discord Server! 14/03/2020

New Discord Haikyuu Server!

Welcome to Haikyuu Dreamland and Reality AU
Fluffy clouds of pleasant Dream and Nightmare just beyond the entry door!

Come join our universe of reality and dreams. You are living as normal high school students in the real world. But then you can enter multiple AU theme in your dreamland!

Join the Haikyuu Dreamland and Reality AU Discord Server! Check out the Haikyuu Dreamland and Reality AU community on Discord - hang out with 11 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


Tanaka-senpai wants to play a game where we have to reveal a secret we never told anyone. In that case, I want to reveal that Oikawa-san's arm broke when he arm-wrestled with Iwaizumi-san once back in middle school. After that he has been terrified and never watched any of Iwaizumi-san's arm wrestling matches with others.



Getting excited for Season 4~

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers 01/02/2019

New Haikyuu Roleplay Server in Discord :)
Haikyuu Spirit Pact AU

World of Haikyutia, the Kingdom of Aoba is establishing new relationships between humans and spirits in the form of the spirit pact. So far, the spirits have been treated as something similar to monsters in this world, but the Aoba kingdom wanted to show the world that they are different. Unlike wild monsters, the spirits have emotions and intelligence, which can lead them to become companions of humans instead of enemies.

You can choose your role as human or as spirit.
The time is medieval based, fantasy setting

Click the link if you wished to join ;D

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"Wuah we're turning to cats! Nyaa~~" catHanamaki playfully rolls around and plays with the catnip. "Roll it more~nyaa~" he paws the stick in glee.

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