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[10/30/15]   Over the past week I've been asked and responded to the same question over 10 times so I thought I'd share it with you. Question why is it I eat healthy and work out 5 days a week and still I lose no weight?
Answer Do you really eat healthy? Many people think they are eating healthy, but forget about all those sneaky snacks during the day/night that add a massive amount of sugar to your diet. So don't think that you have tried everything and give up. Get a diary and write down exactly what you are eating at what times. Please leave the calorie counter out of it. As long as you are eating healthy the calorie counter is a waste of valuable time. You will lose weight, but most importantly you will be healthy on the inside and well as the outside. Good luck. Keep strong and keep trying and you will succeed.

[10/27/15]   Got my skipping rope, boxing gloves,soccer boots and laptop packed. Think I'm all set to leave for the UK in 7 days 😊

[10/04/15]   End this lovely summers day on a high. 8pm boxing bootcamp. Contact me on 0451838689 for more details. Plus first session free 😊

[10/02/15]   Yes some called me crazy when I suggested running 8km today, but I'm still doing it. Lots of water and sun screen will help me. Happy days 😊

[09/20/15]   Would like to thank those who asked me to do a boxing boot camp last night. Oh what a massive workout you had, but you all managed to get through it. You might be feeling a little sore today, but its worth it. I will see you again next week 😊

[09/17/15]   I just had the best workout. I'm sure ill feel it tomorrow. Here is a few exercises I did. (I love this workout, but my arms feel like they are falling off)

Pyramid training.

Set 1
100 Straight pushes/ 15 push ups
100 straight punches/14 push ups
(Yes I did this until I got to 1 push up)

Set 2
100 hooks/15 squats (Down to 1 squat)

Set 3
100 Uppercuts/ 15 lunges on each leg (Down to 1 lunge)

Set 4
30 crunches/ 30 leg raises x 4

If the way I work out sounds like something you would like to try please feel free to smash it out and share your experience, but include rest periods, warm-up and cool-down.

[09/13/15]   Do you have a youth soccer team (football for uk) or know of one that needs a sponsor?

Unfortunately i can only help one team next year. The team who gets my sponsor is going to be well prepared and well managed.

For more information or to apply please contact me via email. [email protected]

[09/07/15]   By the way. The first month is free. Even for all those who are currently apart of my old one. Yes that's right first month is free. For more information or to get started just email to [email protected]

[09/07/15]   Great news!
I finally have what you've all been waiting for. Yes its the ability to have all your programs online with videos and descriptions for every exercise. My new software is amazing, I love it and I'm sure you will too. Its 100% easier to use. For those of you who enjoy my old software. Its still available, but everyone should still try out my new one.

[08/31/15]   I'm in shock.
One of my very important clients had a goal to lose 2kg this week. Through hard work and determination she lost a massive 3.5 kilos.
Regular exercise and a healthy diet really paid off for her. Great commitment. This is only the beginning, keep it up!

[08/28/15]   Do something this weekend to make you proud of yourself.

[08/28/15]   Tip of the day!
Don't say your going to exercise today. Just get up and do it.

Steph up personal training - SUPT



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[08/15/15]   Do you have any questions about health and fitness? Send me a message and ill get back to you ASAP



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