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RYT 500, E-RYT 200 Ich unterrichte hauptsächlich dynamisches Hatha und Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Ich war die letzten Jahre auf Reisen in Indien, Australien und auf Bali, für meine Yogalehrerausbildung und um Yoga zu unterrichten. Nun bin ich wieder in meine Wahlheimat Berlin zurück gekehrt und freue mich darauf, mit euch zu üben! Ich bin als RYT 500 bei der Yoga Alliance zertifiziert und habe meine Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin in Indien und auf Bali absolviert. In meinen Stunden kombiniere ich

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We are doing it again!
And are super excited and happy to announce our upcoming 200 Hour Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training! ✨

We will take you on a beautiful journey with the goal of getting to know yourself better and accompany you to become a Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher. 
Even if you are not looking to teach but rather to improve your own practice and learn for yourself, this training will provide you with an unforgettable experience and connect you with like-hearted people in a loving community.

The training is part-time with monthly online seminars and master classes so you can easily integrate it in your life and in the last month we spend a whole week together to study and practice in beautiful sunny Sicily.

You can find the link in my bio! Or send a DM, I am happy to answer all your questions! 💚

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I am already dreaming of a loooong summer. If you like to extend yours join me at 7. - 13. September for a wonderful week under the balmy Spanish sun.
Do you remember the feeling you had as a child, when in summer, after playing outside all day, you went to bed in the evening feeling nourished and happy? That is what you will experience during this retreat: the perfect combination of rest and play.

Our days are filled with dynamic and restorative yoga practices, pool naps, beach walks, time together and alone and the most delicious, fresh food, nourishing our body, mind and soul equally with both, rest and play.

Reach out if you have any questions!
It’s going to be such a dreamy week, really excited for this.


Humans are storytellers. 
It is our nature to make up stories, to interpret everything we perceive. 
Without awareness, we give our personal power to the story and the story writes itself. 
With awareness, we recover the control of our story. 
We see we are the authors and if we don't like our story, we change it.
― Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements
I love this reminder. It is so easy to get caught up in a narrative, in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, shying away from our own power and light.
When really we all are authors equipped with the divine gift to write and rewrite our story exactly as we want while manifesting and creating the life we desire. ✨


Our bodies know that they belong; it is our minds that make our lives so homeless.
Guided by longing, belonging is the wisdom of rhythm. 
When we are in rhythm with our own nature, things flow and balance naturally.
Every fragment does not have to be relocated, reordered; things cohere and fit according to their deeper impulse and instinct. 
Our modern hunger to belong is particularly intense. 
An increasing majority of people feel no belonging.
We have fallen out of rhythm with life.
The art of belonging is the recovery of the wisdom of rhythm. — John O’Donohue
Dear ones, please read the last line out loud, taste the sound of the words in your mouth and soak up their vibration, they are pure magic.

I feel most home, most connected and most alive when immersed in nature. Especially being by the ocean allows me to savor the present moment with all my senses. How I miss it! Allowing myself to be in the bitter sweet space of longing these winter days.

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Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. — Maya Angelou

The end of the year had me feeling pretty low in terms of energy levels. Adding the dark winter days and and my through the roof sugar cravings into the mix I wasn’t feeling me best in the last few weeks.
So I went for a 3 day juice cleanse (which turned into 4 days because ) to help me feeling more energised and give my digestive system a break and to consciously stop the unhealthy food choices I tend to make when I have many other things going on.

The last time I fasted was in Bali, it was a one week water fast, quite a few years ago and under very different circumstances. Then I could completely focus on myself during the fast and was resting and meditating a lot. This time I had to continue my regular busy schedule. So a juice fast was a great choice because I experienced the benefits of fasting, feeling light, focused and energised but was still able to fuel my body with nutrients to keep me going.

With the discount code INANNA15 (valid until 31.12.22) you get a 15% discount on all products in the range (no minimum order value) if you feel like a little body mind reset after the holidays.🤍


Today we celebrate light and honor the wisdom of the shadows. In connecting with the natural world in a way that honors the sacred immanence in all things, we establish a resonance with the seasons. — Dacha Avelin

Happy winter solstice!

Today is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. It is the stillness before the days get longer again and we witness the rebirth of the sun.

Before we move slowly back into the light get still tonight and allow yourself to softly descend into the void of the darkness. It is here where potential unfolds, healing takes place and where dreams come to life.

As the night falls outside close your eyes and allow the internal darkness to gently guide you to places inside of you that feel neglected or vacated. What comes up? Trust in what you don’t know and see where it takes you.


My most treasured memories are those moments when I feel fully free and alive.

In moments when the doubts take over, the rushing and the to do’s, I try to recreate those moments, pull out the snapshots from my mind and remember how I like to feel and how I am capable of feeling.

Allow your body and your mind often to recall your true nature of being free, resilient and capable so you don’t forget.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend! 💕

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A little summer recap, a little late too. Not a selection of the most beautiful photos but of the most beautiful moments, uncurated and unfiltered.
A little love note for summer, forever my favorite season, and to the people in my life who make me feel like sunshine, strawberries and skinny dipping, no matter the season. 🌞

Ready to welcome this new season with a warm and open heart🍁

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A little recap of my summer in images. Not a selection of the most beautiful photos but of the most beautiful moments, real and a little messy.
A little love note for summer, forever my favorite season, and to the people in my life who make me feel like sunshine, strawberries and skinny dipping, no matter the season. 🌞

Ready to welcome this new season with a warm and open heart🍁

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Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.
― Maya Angelou

If you have been considering getting your 200 hrs teacher training certification but the time never seemed right or you couldn’t take off a full month from work, or didn’t find a fitting course in your town, this might be your calling! ✨

Some you already know that the amazing and I have founded the and we developed our very own yoga teacher training to offer a course that is partly online so you can join from wherever you are, has international guest teachers, leaves enough time in between to study and digest as well as culminates in a one week in person training at a beautiful retreat location in Sicily. ☀️

You start your training in January and by June you are already a certified yoga teacher! You might surprise yourself where your courage to change your life will take you for the second half of the year and what new doors will open for you. 🌱

➡️ If you feel this could be your journey, dm me or Jenny for any questions you might have or book your free call with us! The early bird offer ends August 27th! 💙

I know change takes a lot of courage, but it is always worth it! 

For more information check out my bio link or hop over to


Energy flows where attention goes. Your thoughts are powerful, choose them well and focus on how you want to feel and what you want to achieve instead of what you don’t want.

May these affirmations for your day support you to bring clarity and focus. 
You are in charge of your thoughts, your attitude and your actions.

 🌱 Today I choose my thoughts

🌱 Today I choose my attitude

🌱 Today I choose my actions



Before starting my first ever yoga teacher training in India I was so nervous and my biggest worry was “what if I am not good enough at yoga”?

Maybe that is also a thought that came up for some of you when contemplating if you are ready to take a teacher training. Let me clear this up, what I was worried about back then was if my physical asana practice was “good” enough but I hadn’t truly experienced what yoga is to that point.

More than anything this first ttc showed me that yoga is so much more than just asana.
It opened my eyes to a whole other world.

I learned about the rich history and philosophy of the yoga tradition, the depth of energetic practices, powerful meditation and breathing techniques and most of all how wonderful it is to be part of a community.
Many people I met over the years in my teacher trainings I am still friends with today.

So don’t let the thought of “not being good enough at yoga” hold you back from doing a teacher training. This is not what it is about.

Even if you don’t necessarily want to become a teacher it is such a beautiful and highly transformative experience that I cannot recommend enough to anyone who is passionate about yoga (not just asana!)

When I signed up for my first teacher training I would have never imagined that one day I would host one myself. So very excited to go on this journey with the wonderful

200 hrs Teacher Training
27.1. - 7.6.2023
Online + 1 week in Sicily

Pre-booking is open now, please send a dm for all further information ✨

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Trust the journey, believe in yourself. 
The biggest strength you can possess is the strength of loving and believing in yourself. 
There will be times in your life when the path will be long, uncertain and difficult. 
You will feel unsure if you will ever be able to make it through . 
But when you believe in yourself, no matter how hard the journey gets you know you have the strength to get through it anyway. 
~ Dhiman 

I have been a little quiet on here those past weeks because there is a lot going on, good things and hard things as always in life.
I’m trying to find the right balance between work and play and reminding myself often to trust the journey and to believe in myself. Excited for the good things coming!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of rest and play! 💛

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Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break. — Akiroq Brost
If you like to do something nice for yourself for a whole weekend then I would love for you to join me on my upcoming spring retreat:

✨20.- 22. May✨
Seminarhaus Taubenblau, Stolzenhagen

Just an hour outside of Berlin but surrounded by beautiful nature we will spend the weekend immersing ourselves in all things yoga, enjoy amazing food and great company, get pampered with massages and take time to rest. 

I have carefully curated a mix of different practices for us that I truly believe to have a huge positive impact on the body, mind and soul. Especially when experienced together over the course of a whole weekend.

I will guide you through daily breathwork and meditation sessions of different styles, dynamic and slow vinyasa flows, intuitive movement, journaling, rejuvenating yin yoga and healing deep relaxations.

If this sounds like the kind of break you need to replenish and nurture your energy, I have a couple of spots left. ❣️

➡️ You can find all information on my website, just follow the bio link or send me a dm!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 🙏


Let this be the season you learn to say to yourself: 
“I’m worthy, I’m enough, 
I’m proud of how far I have come.”
— Dhiman
Let this be your mantra if you tend to always look at the journey ahead. Shift the conversation in your head, you don’t need to be constantly striving, achieving and moving.

Some days are meant to enjoy the sun in your face and to acknowledge all the things you already have accomplished.

Take a break to be here now and then continue on your journey. ✨


It’s been in the making for a while and I am beyond excited about founding the together with and finally being able to tell you all about it!
Our first course, “The Art of Teaching: Sequencing” will take place from 14. - 16. October in Berlin! We will guide you through a versatile weekend where Jenny and I combine our many years of teaching experience as passionate, full time yoga teachers and share it all with you. 🤍

When creating this course we asked ourselves what differentiates a good yoga class from a great one and we always circled back to that it all starts with teaching authentically, aligned with our core values and from the heart.

So here are some questions that might have come up for you at some point no matter if you are a new or experienced yoga teacher:

How do I develop my own teaching style? 
How do I remain authentic as a teacher? 
How do I present myself confidently as a teacher?
How do I find my own voice?
Where do I find inspiration for my own practice and teaching?How do I let my intuition inspire and guide me?

We will address those in the course as well as giving you lots of other practical tools to uplevel your teaching skills!

For the full program visit our website. 
Happy to answer all of your questions! 

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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. — Viktor E. Frankl
In Buddhism, there are four sublime states of mind: compassion, loving-kindness, joy and equanimity. 

Equanimity is a state of inner balance and non-reactive awareness, it is being able to be present with that is.

It does not mean that we are indifferent to the suffering of others, but that our response to it is not borne from reactivity.

We can care deeply about injustices in the world and try our best to help others and doing so from a place of inner balance so we don’t despair and burn out.

We can stay connected to others and everything that is happening around us while keeping our hearts balanced, not clinging onto anything and not pushing it away.

When we can accept the truth that we can control very little other than our own reactions to circumstances we can learn to let go.

Cultivating the qualities of loving kindness, compassion and joy help us to open our hearts to other beings. Equanimity allows us to let go of the concept we have of how we want things to be and instead accept them the way they are and start from there. 🌊


When I loved myself enough I quit settling for too little.
When I loved myself enough I came to know my own goodness.
When I loved myself enough I began taking the gift of life seriously and gratefully.
When I loved myself enough I began to know I was in the right place at the right time and I could relax.
When I loved myself enough I felt compelled to slow down way down. And that has made all the difference. (…) 
- from “When I Loved Myself Enough” by Kim McMillan
A little excerpt for you from my favourite self love poem as a reminder to love yourself like you mean it. Today and every day.

Only when we get better at loving and being compassionate with ourselves we can truly extend this to others.

You are so worthy of your own love, be generous, be lavish with it and it will grow.

I see you and I appreciate you.

With love, 

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I have been on here for quite a while now but I never actually shared the story of how I became a full time yoga teacher with you.
So here is a little Sunday night read for you:
I moved from London to Berlin and while working in the cultural industries -a film foundation, a museum and a magazine- my obsession with yoga grew and with it the string desire to dive deeper.

I first started a regular yoga practice when I studied in Australia and even though I had only attended a few classes, I was hooked and the wish to become a yoga teacher started already growing inside me. For a long time I couldn’t imagine changing my life could be as simple as deciding to do so. So I kept it as a dream and didn’t act on it.

Suddenly, in summer seven years ago everything shifted and changed at a rapid pace. I decided to change my life and do what I had been dreaming of:
I would become a yoga teacher! Suddenly it all fell into place, I just needed to make that decision.
I quit my job and four months later I sat on a plane with a one way ticket to Australia, no savings and it would be nearly three years before I would come back to Berlin.

I spent a year in Australia to work and save. I fell in love, I lived in the most wild and remote places and I was more determined than ever:
I was going to India, to the roots of yoga to take my first teacher training! And I did :)

Seven months in India was the trip of a lifetime and the times spent in Rishikesh at the feet of Ma Ganga are some of my most precious memories. I immersed myself completely in the practice, being mesmerised by its new found richness and density.

During the three months of my teacher training I was living and breathing yoga: I had a strict schedule consisting of getting up at dusk, cleansing techniques, pranayama, meditation, asana, philosophy, anatomy as well as kirtan and chanting.

Although being in India was challenging in many ways I always also felt a sense of ease because it led me home. I found my calling in sharing my love and fascination for yoga with others.

It’s five years now that I am a full time yoga teacher, I truly never regretted it and I am excited where my calling will take me! 🕊


Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
― Mary Oliver
Don’t let the grey, heavy Berlin January days weigh you down and dim your light.
Put that phone down for a bit. Do ordinary things and walk familiar ways with the curious, awake mind of a child, allow yourself to be astonished every day to cure the heaviness a little. Once you look closely there is so much to see.

I would love to know when was the last time you were astonished?✨

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We are homesick most for the places we have never known.
― Carson McCullers
When I went to Sinai for the first time I started to cry. I felt something I had never experienced before. It felt like coming home although I had never been there, like I had longed to be in this place all my life without knowing it existed. I have been back many times since then. 

The light, the sea, the mountains and everything in between is magical, it pulsates at an energetic frequency that breaks you right open. I have no other words to describe it.

I much rather would love for you to feel and experience it for yourself. So let me take you there! I am offering a one week

Yoga and Meditation Retreat for Women 
18. - 25. March 2022 

It will be a small group and there are only a few more spots left!

You can find all information about pricing, programme etc on my website, just follow the ➡️ link in my bio or send me a DM with any questions you have. 💛

Trust me, it is the perfect winter escape 🙏


To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love. To know how to love someone, we have to understand them. To understand, we need to listen. That person may be our partner, our friend, our sibling, or our child. You can ask, “Dear one, do you think that I understand you enough? Please tell me your difficulties, your suffering and your deepest wishes.” Then the other person has an opportunity to open their heart. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh ✨

May this serve you and me as a little reminder for the holidays. The greatest gifts we can give our loved ones are compassion, true presence and to really listen to make them feel seen, heard and loved.

Wishing you very happy and cosy holidays, my dears! 🎄

Take rest, be good to yourself and others and put your phone down for a few days!

Thank you so much for following my journey here on this profile, I truly appreciate each and every one of you! ❤️

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Accept — then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life. ~ Eckhart Tolle
“The Power of Now” is one of the books I frequently revisit. I skim though or randomly open a page and start reading there.
And this is the first sentence I read when I picked it up this morning. Wow, Mr. Tolle is calling my out on my own BS big time!

I am having a little bit of a hard time at the moment, actually every year in fall, no matter what I do. My energy is low and the short grey autumn days make me dream of better ones in the past or future.

I am quite simply often refusing to stay in the present moment, which is only causing myself more pain.

So this was a much needed reminder for me today to fully accept the present moment and everything it contains, starting right now :) ✨

May it also be of service to you! 🍁🌾

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Best case scenarios. 🌱

What if we allowed ourselves to day dream of best case scenarios, of the best possible outcome of things that haven’t happened yet?

Sounds wild, right? 
Yet we do it all the time for worst case scenarios and that seems completely normal to us.

It’s time to turn this around. Give it a try:

Sit down in a quiet spot and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.

Bring to your mind’s eye some major areas in your life: 🌻

~ your relationships 
~ your financial situation 
~ your health

Despite how any of these areas are right now, use your imagination to come up with a best case scenario for each one. ✨

Go wild, dare yourself to be as bold and as specific as you can! 

Your job right now is not to think of the “how”, your job is to visualise in detail the most positive development you can think of. 🔮

While you are visualising your best case scenarios, repeat to yourself the mantra 
“I am open to good”. 

Make yourself available for good things to come to you by shifting yourself to a higher energetic vibration, a vibration of abundance.
It’s worth a try! 💚

📷 by .malinowska


The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.  ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Be receptive, be open, be curious. Look for the cues, the hints, the signs in your everyday life.

If there is a deep longing inside you, a knowing that something is missing, that is not a bad sign but a sign that something is shifting.

This is not you being ungrateful or dissatisfied with what you have.

It only means that there is so much more. 🤍

That there is a connection missing to a deeper part of yourself that wants to be explored.

That ancient part of you, that is unapologetically wild and can show you the way to who you truly are when you strip away the fear and self-doubt.

Trust your intuition when you encounter the signs and gather your courage to walk through the doors you see. You won’t regret it.

It is your birth right to live your life as your true authentic wild Self. ✨

📷 by the wonderful .malinowska


I’d like to share with you a tool that I use a lot and that has a huge positive impact on how I deal with challenging emotions and situations.
The concept was developed by meditation teacher Tara Brach as a guide to being more mindful and compassionate amidst difficulties, allowing us to stay present with an open heart to whatever arises.

The acronym RAIN stands for:

R - Recognize what is going on 
A - Allow the experience to be there, just as it is 
I - Investigate with interest and care
N - Nurture with self-compassion

I find going through these steps so valuable when I get caught in a spiral of negative self talk, being judgemental and harsh towards myself.

Applying the RAIN tool allows me to take a step back, already getting a different perspective by becoming clear what is going on and then not trying to either fix it or push it down but letting it be there.
It is freeing to take a moment to look into why I am feeling a certain way. There is no room for judgement when you are going Sherlock Holmes on your feelings.
And the most healing part is to offer kindness and compassion to the part in you that is hurting or scared.

Try these steps next time you are dealing with difficult emotions. 💛🙏

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