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We are a transformative, non-judgemental, non-competitive, non-discriminating authority space that uses pole fitness dancing as a catalyst to gain physical strength and empowerment from within through meaningful musical expression.

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Full Review: "I am the type of person who researches a lot before I buy a product, so when so many other people swore by this pole I figured I would splurge and buy the Xpert Xpole. I bought it from polefitnessdancing.com because it was the best price and plus you got free dance lessons which was an awesome bonus. Danna is amazing she replied back really quick to any questions I had. The pole shipped pretty quick, about 7 days. I was super excited and I have to say putting it up was super easy.


There is no right body type in pole dancing, hence plus size pole dancing. Here we review the benefits of pole dancing for plus size and ways to achieve it.

If you think that pole fitness dancing is for skinny chicks think again. Plus Size woman can pole dance too! They don’t say that pole dancing is a great form of exercise so that the skinnier can get skinnier.



In the last article, we talked about taking responsibility for our body’s health both physically and emotionally. But how do you go about doing that exactly? What does that look like? It won’t be the same for everyone.

You are UNIQUE! Your divine path to optimal fitness, health, and well-being will be a blueprint tailored to you.



Full Review: "I just started the pole fitness dancing and buying this off PFD Grip Tac has really helped me to be able stay on the pole . No more slipping off. It does leave a chalky film on you and your pole but it’s easy to wash off. And there is doesn’t smell . Great stuff." (Toini


Free Online Pole Dance Lessons Videos
Here you will find our free online pole dancing classes so you can get a feel for what is available in Home Pole Dancing Lessons Complete Home Edition step by step video tutorials course sold in our shop.



When it comes to buying portable dance pole also known as freestanding dance poles or stage dance pole, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

There are 5 different kinds of dance poles in the market namely. Permanent dance poles, removable dance poles, friction fit dance poles, portable dance poles, and portable dance poles with stages.



Here is the first video in a beginner pole dance workout routine that can be done at home.

This pole dance routine will be divided up into separate posts, each containing a new video lesson you can do at home.

As you learn this beginner pole dancing routine, you will also get a great workout. This particular workout routine is designed for women.



If you are shopping to buy a dance pole for your home or studio use, then you have probably ran across the X Pole XPert model dance pole. This X Pole Review will be helpful to you. The X Pole XPert is a more expensive model of dance pole and people frequently wonder if the features of the X Pole XPert are worth paying the extra money.



Pole dancing workout at home is a great way to improve body health. Pole dancing lessons online are the fastest and easiest way to pole dancing for beginners.

It is a common question as to where to take pole dancing lessons. And also what lessons are best. Whether you are experienced or new to pole dancing class. These wonderful tips will help you get into pole dancing.



I have had a lot of people asking me questions recently on how to deal with dizziness when learning how to pole dance for fitness, especially for beginners. This is a very common concern and some beginners fear that they will never be able to enjoy doing pole spins for the long term because of the dizziness they experience.


Are Pole Dancing Shoes Safe? Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Heels? 21/03/2024

I don’t talk about nutrition and diet much on my blog and I realized that it’s a huge mistake. You see, 80% of anyone’s success in any fitness regimen is what you eat. As my hair dresser said, “You can’t out work a bad diet”. It’s very true.

I want woman to enjoy pole fitness as a lifestyle and a way to stay in shape for the years to come.

Are Pole Dancing Shoes Safe? Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Heels? Pole Fitness Dancing Shoes


Tips To Get The Right Pole Dance Fitness Equipment
The first thing you need to know about how to learn pole dancing at home is to get the right pole dancing equipment. A dance pole for home use is acritical part of your success in learning to dance on a pole because if you get the wrong one, then not only can you jeopardize your health, you will be limited on how you can dance on it because



Full Review: "Bought this to make sure my wife felt super comfortable and safe, since I bought her a pole for her birthday. I took it for a test drive and dropped on it while testing that the pole was secure and it did exactly what I needed." (Omar L.

Are Pole Dancing Shoes Safe? Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Heels? 14/03/2024

Explaining pole dancing for fitness at home to kids isn't easy to do but definitely possible. I've been asked many times by friends or relatives, Is Pole Dancing Bad? or if it is a negative influence on their kids and teenagers as it is mainly associated with st*****rs?
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Are Pole Dancing Shoes Safe? Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Heels? Pole Fitness Dancing Shoes


When it comes to buying a dance pole for your home, a removable or even portable dance is the #1 sought after type of dance pole because it can adjust to various ceiling heights making it easy to move to a different room or even a different apartment or home if you relocate.



Sometimes when girls begin to learn how to pole dance they fear they won’t be any good at it because they have no dance experience. This is a very common fear for beginner pole dancers and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do a good pole dance in the future or even get better at pole dancing FAST.



As this recovering series wraps up for week 8, I can’t help but feel like it’s not over. And it’s not; there will be another series with step by step video instructions on how to do a pole dance routine for beginners coming up next. However, the main reason it’s not over is that a pole dancing workout is a journey, not a dead end goal.



Full Review: "This is a great value product. It is smooth, easy to install and great quality. I am a beginner and didn’t want to pay 400$ for a Xpole not knowing if I would keep doing it. I will definitely reorder from here.

Also I had issues with the cover and the clientele service is amazing so far…


Best Home Pole Dancing Kits And Tips On How To Buy OneAre you looking for the best home pole dancing kit? Here we will review all kinds of home pole dancing kits including the cheap pole dancing kit for pole fitness.

So you have decided to start pole dancing at home. And you need a home pole dancing kit but you aren’t sure which one is safe, or best.



Calluses on the hands and feet of a pole dancer are a common complaint. In a world of beauty, we are taught that calluses are ugly, bad, an inconvenience, and anything but acceptable. Truth be told, calluses are your friend and as long as you care for them and your body correctly, then you won't find them to be the nuisance they appear to be.



Full Review: "For the price and for what it is, an affordable, portable pole, it’s great. I love practicing on it and my boyfriend loves to play on it. I have also found it is very slippery at first but as I use it more and more I’m noticing it get a little more grippy.


Traditionally the history of pole dancing has been known as an exclusive activity that st*****rs do as means of employment and male entertainment.

However, due to a large body of woman collectively using it for different purposes, it has grown to become a more widely accepted “sport” than contradicts is traditional roots.



The goal of this week’s pole dancing lesson is to really focus on bringing the Play & Win pole dancing routine for beginners to completion with proper dance technique and begin the intermediate version of the Play & Win pole dance routine.

We are on the 5th lesson in this pole dancing routine for beginners and it’s important to really focus on bringing pole lesson #1, lesson #2, lesson #3



Full Review: "I got this stage AFTER buying my X-Pole X Stage Lite and I love this better in most ways. It’s lighter, SOOOO much easier to install and take down, I don’t have rust issues living in Florida and it’s super stable – I am beyond happy!!

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