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Always learning and upgrading to faster and more effective techniques. The goal of this company is to help business owners and their staff become aware of their potential which leads to higher levels of productivity, effective communication and staff wellbeing.

Emotional Performance matters and drives the behaviours that people show on a daily basis. Unresolved past issues can drive unhelpful behaviour and create limiting states within the body such as stress or anxiety. Nobody wants to talk about emotions or admit they have them because it may show a sign of weakness, however, the human system is designed to create these states of being based on the input it is receiving and unless they are addressed, reset and understood they can quickly spiral a person down into very negative spaces. Success comes from a combination of awareness, ownership, change and planning. Understanding how you create all of your past experiences internally, store them and then utilise them in the future unconsciously is key to being able to hit the targets in life that you dream of. We are all preprogrammed so we do not have to relearn everything in life everyday when we wake up and some of this programming is amazing but there are some aspects that will be extremely limiting. What we do is unlock the hidden potential, clear-up and recode the past limitations and help you map out your future with strategic day to day goals that will allow you to reach your outcomes. Raising awareness, creating ownership and personal responsibility are high on our list of results we intend to help individuals and businesses generate. Our team of highly skilled and qualified trainers and mentors will guide your company or individuals through the steps needed to achieve the success you wish for. We offer bespoke training programs, workshops and 1 to 1 mentoring. Whether you are an individual experiencing loops of depression, stress or anxiety or have had past traumatic events that you seem to not be able to move forwards from or you are lost in life and want some direction or you are a business owner wanting to get the team performing to their optimum or want to develop your leadership skills further, then give us a call, we have solutions to fit all needs.

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Working with stuck people and helping them shift the stuff they hold in storage is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. The weekends for me though are full of plenty of downtime, no laptop, limited phone use and masses of 'self first'.

I love the words self first.. not selfish. Many people pay lip service to the old adage that you can't drink from an empty cup but how many really do switch off at the weekend and recharge ready for the next hit?

Continued exposure to stressful situations and constant noise can exhaust the human system on a totally different level that can take a long time to recover from... so how do you get your off time?

The world we live in seems to be full of constant sound and chatter, switching off is imperative to growth and sustainable energy.

A question to ask yourself "do you ever just sit in silence?"

Quiet time, reflecting, tuning it or tuning out is one of my favourite ways to reconnect with my values and energy.

Try it.. you might just like it! #quiet #time #selffirst #mindchatter #peace #reset #recharge

[11/23/20]   3 tips for avoiding emotional overwhelm.

1. Develop a form of constructive release - most people hold in tears because they may feel weak if they cry, however, your tears are full of different chemicals based on the emotion you are feeling when you cry... so think of crying like dumping toxic waste. Another way to release emotion is to move, exercise releases feel good chemicals. So whether it is a quick jog, a slow walk, or a boxing session.. movement will keep that emotion in motion (moving it).

2. Learn to communicate effectively so that you do not hold your tongue too many times. Emotional stress can build up when we have too many triggers that we do not respond to. I am not saying get aggressive and argumentative.. I am suggesting developing a way of expressing your opinion so you do not feel bad on this inside when someone makes a remark and then you do not have a meltdown through layered stress.

3. Remember that everyone's opinion is just based on their own unique map of reality. So if someone is being rude to you, they are just showing you their internal state and programming. People will give you advice and make suggestions based on all of 'their' previous experience, limitations, beliefs and the current emotion they are running. Stop taking it personally.

What stops people getting help.

Everyone has emotions, beliefs and stored programs. The fear of feeling like a failure can stop people getting help which could free them up to live life to ...

Change Your Story to Thrive How do you change the story you are telling yourself so you can be freer to experience more of what you want in life? The start point of any story is to become aware of how it was written and the purpose behind it. So, how was your story written? We are taught many things […]

Pioneering EDGE

Do you live life on purpose or on autopilot?

"Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it." - Dorothy M.

When it all gets too much, it's normally too late... then BOOM 🤯... you lose control. What would happen if you know how to limit the build-up of emotion that can lead to massive meltdowns?

Find out more at >>

Law of Attraction & You - wendy smith The law of attraction is a powerful force that governs the nature of magnetic attraction in the universe. Using this powerful natural process in the right way could bring what you truly want in life to you quicker than you could imagine. When you fine tune the process through committed practice and

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Are you getting what you want in life? Feeling good? Everything turning out rosey?

Do you have dreams and goals that just seem to be totally unachievable? Do you try, try and try only to get nowhere?

After having read so many personal development books about positive thinking and creating success or using the law of attraction and finding myself failing time and time again, I thought 'surely there is another way'. I would set plans, change my daily habits and do my best to think differently but I would find myself going around the loop back to square one.

What I didn't know back then was that all of my past experiences, especially the early years were having an effect on what I was attempting to do now. I had no idea that all the teachers who told me I would never amount to anything or be any good, would re-run unconsciously to prevent me from actually achieving my goals. We are not taught in school the power of the human storage system and how every word someone utters to us is kept for later use or how we develop the beliefs of those around us and limit ourselves without consciously noticing based on our care-givers beliefs and actions. The emotions that we experience get stored, how to do relationships, handle money, the language we use, common phrases that limit us or expand our perception, work ethics, optimism or pessimism. We are basically the bundled up result of other people's ideas, dreams, behaviours and views until we become aware and make the decision to unpick the current map of reality we hold and develop our own one.

So how would you begin to unpick that old map of reality? Well, after years of studying numerous disciplines the first place I would start is with re-coding the past. Understanding why you do something is not very helpful if you have a mass of emotional drive stored with that old behaviour. Think of it like this, people are not what they do (behaviour) they are what they believe and feel on the inside. Emotions and beliefs drive the behaviour people show, so it makes sense to change the emotions and the beliefs which will then lead to an instant behavioural change. Trying to change old behaviours can be like banging your head against a brick wall, if you still have the old emotion attached it does not matter how many times you say you will get out of bed early or stop overeating, the emotion is what continually drives your responses. So you may go 3 days and think you have cracked it and then boom, the old emotion kicks in and you are back to square one.

I had many negative beliefs and used to be such an angry person. I battled with suicidal thoughts regularly and had continual bouts of depression. When I had the work done on myself I could not believe the change at first, I stopped getting angry at the slightest thing, no more road rage, slept better, got up in the morning without snooze, had more tolerance and patience... my friends actually thought I had been morphed into someone new and wondered when the old angry Wendy would return. She never has. I am not saying that the process I use removes your ability to show emotion, certainly not, what it does do it put out the flames of the past so they cannot ignite in the future. You end up with normal emotional ranges that are relevant to situations, not expanded by the weight of the past. It is freeing and empowering to be able to control responses rather than them control you.

The great thing about what I do is that it is not a talking therapy, you will not sit and talk about the old issues or go over old ground, talking just reignites the past and brings it back to run again. I have a gentle way of finding the start points that are causing the problems and then simply guide you through the internal process of changing the barcodes to something more supportive. If experiences get stored and coded, it makes sense that you can recode them with something productive.

Whether it is stress or anxiety, depression or deep trauma, this could be the solution you are searching for. Please feel free to contact me through my website I offer free 20 minute consultations to discuss level of need and the processes I use.

"Life changing stuff, I was in a very dark place, I had tried many different methods of counselling including relationship counselling, CBT, PTSD counselling and 9 months of court appointed relationship counselling yes some of these helped but not in the way I wanted. I worked with Wendy over 3 sessions and cleared the PTSD. I did not have to talk about past experiences or revisit any trauma. I felt an instant shift after the first session. Mark - Former WO2, current job security consultant."

"13 years as a Police Officer mainly investigating child abuse. I had no intention of leaving my job. I attended a house fire which left with me PTSD. I was offered TRIM and attended 12 sessions. This had little effect and the next 4 years I became anxious, nervous and could not sleep. My home life suffered as I could not have fire around me or see it on the tv. 4 years after the incident the police force then offered me counselling and I attended 6 sessions with no result, I resigned my position. Following many bouts of depression and anxiety I was referred to Wendy. I was apprehensive because of my anxiety but wanted change. Wendy put me straight at ease and after the first session I had relief. That weekend I was able to watch a fire on tv with no reaction in my body. If I had have had this treatment in the first place I would have had no need to leave the job I loved. Daniel - Former Police Officer"

You really do get what you are continually focused on. Your amazing brain filters external information down to a useable size for what is relevant to you in life... So what does that mean?

Imagine now for one moment that your whole day is the picture below, it is made up of billions of bits of information, multiple different possibilities and opportunities. Great conversations, shyte conversations, supportive thoughts, unsupportive thoughts, beautiful scenes, ugly scenes and everything around and between all of this, smells, sounds, images.....

Now pick a coloured bean and focus on it... that coloured bean is your all you can focus on out of your day, all you can see - feel - experience all day is that coloured bean.

Your powerful human system filters information down to a useable amount based on your previous life experiences, values, beliefs, memories etc... and then you act on this throughout the day and bring everything relevant to your previous programming into your current experience.

So the question is; What is your coloured bean bringing to your life?

What are you missing out of your day because your focus is on the wrong coloured bean? Your day is made up of so much more than what you currently see (billions of coloured beans) and you can expand your vision when you become aware of this process of filtering. The brain deletes, distorts and generalises information to make it easy for you to function.

The start point... awareness... be aware that there is more and that you may be focused on the negative, then own it... it's yours... then change it if you choose.

Pick a simple point to start, maybe you gossip about others or use negative language; don't want, can't do etc.. change it to; want to, can do.. pay attention to YOU and when you do make the choice to do something different.

The smallest changes add up to the biggest results.


The great thing about today is that now is always the time to create change. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday, that's gone and done... what matters is what you do with this present moment and every moment moving forwards.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are creating your current reality and everything you see around you.. are you experiencing what you want?

If yes, then awesome, keep it up and good on you for persisting and cracking on with your dreams.

If no, then maybe it is time for some change. Grab the reigns of your life and pull it back into alignment with where you truly want to be going. The smallest changes can have the biggest impact on your life.

To get started first look at your goals, plan, purpose... whatever you want to call it. The human system likes a direction, just like your car likes to have its satnav set, you too have an onboard satnav that loves a bit of direction so it can assist you in achieving the desired destination.

Start with simple goals, how you want to feel, who you want to spend time with... then spend some time sitting and imagineering those experiences. What does it feel like in the body to be happy or peaceful? Where do you feel it? What sensations come with it? Imagine it as if it was happening now because our system does not know the difference between imagined reality or reality itself, so you can think yourself into a space and then be it... do it for at least 10 minutes with purpose, not half arsed and then notice how you feel different.

Do the same with the people you want to spend time with, imagineer how that would feel now, what emotions go with it, where you would be, the sounds you would hear and again... spend some time really getting stuck into this with as much passion as you can.

The more you do these processes with all the areas of life, relationships, business, health etc... the more you will notice subtle shifts in yourself.

If you get stuck, you can always give me a call for some advice or to find out how I can help you on your way to the future you want now.

[email protected]

It's not always about therapy and to be honest I dislike that word because it can come with the feeling that someone is broken in some way.

Whatever the result is that you are getting in life or business there is nothing wrong with you... your human system is functioning perfectly and doing its best to support the programming that is continually running unconsciously. Your human system is a YES machine and does its best all day long to support whatever is being asked for. However, sometimes this programming can be limiting. Every single person on this planet had to be pre-programmed with information so they could function on a daily basis. As an example just imagine waking up every morning having to re-learn everything you currently know, how to get dressed, walk, talk, read, write, drive... the names of every object around you.. it would be exhausting. Therefore we come with a storage system to make life easier, we learn, we store and we utilise for future use.

Some of this storage could be detrimental to your success though, there may have been limiting beliefs that were taught or negative experiences around failure that got stored and these re-run at that moment when you really don't need them.

What I do? I recode those pesky little experiences that are restricting someone's expansion and free them up to create the outcomes they truly desire. How do I do it? With the most simple process that involves minimal talking and behavioural change.

Curious? #call #message #human #youareperfect #selfhelp #emotion #stress #anxiety #depression
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"Why me?" "Why does this always happen?" Stressed, anxious, sad, angry, guilty having the same old same old happening.

Sound familiar? It doesn't matter how much positive thinking you do, if you have a tsunami of stored up negativity from past experiences then breaking free of the continual loops can be like swimming up rapids on a lilo.

We all have past experiences that get stored and logged for future use.. like a map of reality that our unconscious can follow so we don't have to learn every single thing again every single day. That would be exhausting, wouldn't it?

Our human system is designed to support us fully in everything we do, it can only ever say yes and it also only wants to keep us safe. However, due to past programming this can mean that the habits of procrastination and self sabotage regularly appear. The reason being is that there has probably been times in life when criticism or failure were being experienced and these situations were stored unconsciously with a weight of emotion. This emotional storage is then recalled at a later date when similar situations arise and the appropriate behaviour is then generated unconsciously. Does this sound familiar? The email arrives and you get a hit of anxiety.. next thing you are at the kettle making a cuppa or the phone rings and you see the caller id, feel stressed and avoid the call or you want the promotion but sabotage your own progress with negative actions, your partner uses that face and you get triggered into that old emotional response.

We all do it. The great thing to know though is that there is a way to recode the past so you can free yourself up in the future.

The process is gentle, content free (meaning there is not masses of conversation to have) and shifts the behaviours instantly. Interested? Curious about how this could benefit you? If you are or know anyone stuck in a loop or feeling like 'is this it?', send them my way to have a free call to find out how I can help them create some transformational change and free them up from the baggage we all carry.

[email protected]

Our Story

Our 1-1 mentoring/coaching programs take people on a transformational journey that will comprehensively release them from past limitations, allowing them to explore their full potential in life or business. Whether emotional challenges or process driven challenges, we use powerful re-coding techniques and transformational business tools to generate totally new behaviours which lead to massive change.

We develop, utilising state of the art progressive methods, bespoke training programs to create solutions to perceived challenges in the workplace. There is no 'one size fits all' every business, education facility or sports environment is unique and we make sure that all aspects are tailored to meet the specific needs of that environment. We have had numerous life changing and challenging events throughout our lives and also share these experiences and knowledge of the human system, personal performance and achievement to deliver personal people based courses that are intended to challenge and raise awareness within the individuals, allowing them to take ownerships and create change.

Within our team we have a number of key note speakers who are specialists in their field.

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