Andy Baum

Andy Baum

Andy Baum is a fitness coordinator and professional trainer with an experience of 15 years. He completed a BS in Health Promotion from American University.

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- Healthy Living!

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Andy Baum- How to Do a One Armed Push Up 18/12/2015

How to Do a One Armed Push Up!

Andy Baum- How to Do a One Armed Push Up AndyBaum: So you are uninterested in the classic push-up. Or you are a monster and assume the classic is simply too straightforward. Either way, here square measure…

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Are you suffering from being overweight? Does the extra much of pounds bother you a lot? If the answer is yes then you don’t have to worry about it. check out for more!

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Fat Burning Workouts For Women!

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Care Your Body!

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Pull ups are stated to be one of the most beneficial and strongest exercises of all times. No one is sceptical that it has numerous benefits along with empowering strength to upper-body and back.

Andy Baum 30/11/2015

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Andy Baum Our muscles need strength and resistance training to perform the high-intensity workouts. They can comprise of pushing against a wall, pulling a resistance band or lifting a dumbbell; all these...

AndyBaum- Yes to Anti-Gravity Yoga 23/11/2015


AndyBaum- Yes to Anti-Gravity Yoga To maintain our body, we need to try out some fascinating ways to keep ourselves ‘in shape’. What you need to do is come out of your comfort zone and look at the fiery of life, after all, variety i...

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Tips for Getting !

Health benefits of cycling 16/11/2015

- Do you know also has a great impact on the mental, emotional and spiritual of our body. Click to know !

Health benefits of cycling There is no doubt that cycling has incredible physical benefits and perhaps crucial reasons why people do it regularly. The bike holds alluring benefits of cardio workouts, recovery workouts and sh...

Effect of sugar on 6-Pack Abs! 14/11/2015

- Do you know can cause problem if your goal is to achieve . Click to know!

Effect of sugar on 6-Pack Abs! Sugar is the ingredient which is consumed by you in lot of food item. In fruits, it exists naturally or it is added in our food to make it tastier. Do you know it can cause problem if your goal is to achieve six pack abs. Andy Baum, a famous fitness trainer recommends you to reduce the amount of sug…

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Benefits of Aerobic exercise 09/11/2015

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Benefits of Aerobic exercise The most common diseases in the US are stress and anxiety. These two diseases affect millions of individuals, but, it ca…

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can be fun with 'Anti-Gravity' yoga!! Let's be in shape and try this NEW way of yoga. Have a look!

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