Fit Life With Brynn

Fit Life With Brynn

Mother, Wife, and Beachbody Coach helping people better themselves through Nutrition and fitness. I have always been interested in exercise. I LOVED IT.

Hi, My Name is Brynn and welcome to my FIT LIFE health and Fitness Page. I was very active growing up but as I became an adult I bounced in and out of gym memberships and was always just working out for that special know...bathing suit season, the upcoming wedding, the vacation, that new years resolution, or because I was bored. I could go on and on. I was never consistent. I was al

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Find your tribe and love them hard. I am absolutely feeling the love today. It still blows my mind 3 years later that I have this amazing tribe of ladies to surround myself with. This business and opportunity truly goes beyond some shakes and workout programs. Yes, those things are amazing but the friendships, love and support that this community continues to deliver day in and day out is priceless!!

I would jump in and say YES all over again! I mean, what other "J.O.B" allows you to be on a business meeting virtually with your business partners, still in your workout clothes while doing some food prepping..while still being a busy Mama with your kiddos home on summer break??? You just can't put a price tag on Love, support and FREEDOM!!!!

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The scheduled dinner tonight in my 5 Day Slim down group was chicken tacos but the kiddos wanted "regular" tacos. Little do they know that I use ground turkey anyway so I was fine with it and Mama's got goals so I made this salad that was delish and almost too big! Good thing I actually get to eat and all this fits into my meal plan!!

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This will be replacing my usual almond milk in my daily superfoods shake. It takes like dessert anyway but this is literally the icing on the cake. So yummy!! You know you want to try them both! Ask me how!!

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How many of you are using packaged protein bars? I know I used to and I always thought the more protein the better. I quickly learned that definitely isn't the case. Be careful of the ingredients as they usually have a ton of added sugar and processed chemicals as well. They truly are not as healthy as you think. Making things like this from scratch assures that you are using quality and healthy ingredients Check out this recipe and make your own healthier version. It's just another awesome way that we can use Shakeology and get it into our diet daily! Try them out and let me know what you think!!


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If you know me, you know I am obsessed with hoodies and I am even more obsessed with this one!! This was my reward to myself for completing 2 rounds of Core De Force. I'm officially a Brawler 💪👊🤣 Transformation pics coming soon!!

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We are going back to the basics so Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix just went down. Wise words from Autumn today: "Motivation is what is going to get you started, but dedication and forming a habit is what is going to get you to your goal."

Motivation does not last people! You think I'm motivated to work out and eat clean every day? Heck NO. But oftentimes I hear people say they don't live a healthy lifestyle due to "lack of motivation". I hate to break it to you, but it takes DISCIPLINE and why-power... something STRONGER than motivation alone. You won't always feel like it, but it is SO worth it!

❣️❣️❣️Ready to join my ? Join us starting on the 13th, only 4 spots available❣️❣️❣️

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I'm feeling fab because the Falcons are beating some Brady bo**ie.

Add me on snap...brynnmgray

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I can't let another minute go by and not recognize and celebrate one of my amazing challengers. You may remember me mentioning her and her husband when they completed round 1 of Core De Force. Well, this girl is killing it and has completed round 2 by following the Deluxe Program and losing another 4 pounds and 3 inches for a total of 15 pounds and 11 inches GONE IN 60 DAYS!!!

She is now half way through round 3 and following the hybrid calendar. This means she is taking full advantage of her All Access Beachbody On Demand Membership and combining Core De Force with other Beachbody programs like Insanity, T25, The Master's Hammer and Chisel and Yoga!! She is on day 71 and still getting results from staying committed to her goals, eating healthy food and drinking one superfood shake a day.

This busy mama and wife of 4 is an amazing addition to our challenge group and continues to engage, inspire and motivate us daily! I am so unbelievably proud of her and her commitment and am so proud to be on this journey with her!

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Hello February! It's the month of love so why not focus on loving YOU. It isn't selfish to take care of you and to make yourself and your happiness a priority. Let's start the month doing something for yourself that fills you up and makes YOU Happy!!

"You yourself, as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and affection" -Buddha

Timeline photos 27/01/2017

I needed a little pick me up and getting my nails done always fills my tank up. I just feel so much more put together when I have a fresh mani and pedi. Thankfully I can do little things like this for myself now and not feel guilty about dipping into our budget. What's even more awesome is that I can work from my phone so I stay on schedule, can check in with my challenge groups and tackle my to-do list while taking care of me! It's a win-win in my book!

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Some mornings you have to give yourself the pep talk.... "You're a bad ass, don't be lazy, you're doing great get up and fight for it! You are worth it"!

Did you fight for it today?

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It's here!!! Beachbody released an ALL ACCESS Pass to Beachbody On Demand for a limited time and at an AWESOME price!

Here's a hint... it's cheaper than your yearly gym membership!! 😉😉
I'm sure some of you are wondering.. What does this mean? With ALL ACCESS You can :

🏋 Access every single Beachbody fitness program ever created in your On Demand Digital library- 21 Day Fix, T25, Country Heat, Core De Force plus so many more... EVERY.SINGLE.PROGRAM! This is over $3,000 worth of content!
🏋 Access all the nutrition guides
🏋 Access all the program manuals
🏋 Receive the portion fix containers
🏋 Get a 30-day supply of Shakeology
🏋 Access to exclusive trainer workouts
🏋 Access into my private support group starting January 9 (spots are LIMITED!) of all...
🏋 ME as your coach to support and guide you and help you pick out a program to start with!

For ONE YEAR, you get every Beachbody program AND anything NEW that is launched in the next year! It's like the Netflix of fitness!

💪Lets call this FITFLIX!!

You don't need a gym membership in 2017. YOU NEED THIS!!
Who's coming with me?! Message or comment below for the hookup!
{Current customers - comment below or shoot me a message and I'll show you how to do the easy upgrade}

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This couldn't be more true! Most people start something new because it interests them at the time but once the realization sets in that you must actually be committed to something to get the results you want, that interest fades quick.

I'm here to tell you to fight for it. Fight for what you want. Stay committed, put the excuses aside and get the results you are desperately looking for. It will not always be easy, but it WILL ALWAYS be worth it!!

Timeline photos 17/11/2016

Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it. Stay positive, Trust the process and know and trust if it has been achieved by someone before, then so can you!

Face your Fears and Crush your goals and Dreams!!

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What will you create today?

Hope. Belief. ~ Fear. Judgment.

It's a choice. Choose wisely someone once told me.

Are you thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2017? Comment below, if you could do anything next year what would you do?

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Are you a Mama wanting accountability, support and a plan to see results?

Are you ready to step in to the ring with me in the comfort of your home to shred body fat, share recipes, eat healthier in this crazy busy life we live in and truly learn how to eat properly and effectively for you while fueling your body and not being restricted of your favorite things?

Starting this Monday my Core De Force journey begins and I am looking to mentor 3 more ladies that want to feel better, lose weight, gain energy and confidence and have support!

Fun prizes and rewards with a money back guarantee!

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This is amazing!!!! I don't care what your excuses are...they are all out the window after seeing this! If this awesome lady can do it....anyone can do it!!!! It just goes to show it's all about mindset and that you can do anything if you want it bad enough!! So inspiring!!!

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Fall In Love with Clean Eating! FREE GROUP!

The holidays are just around the corner! Ready or not here they come! Instead of gaining a few extra pounds this season, why not learn how to make healthy delicious fall recipes and get great tips on how to stay on track??

Well YOU CAN and you're in luck! We’re hosting a FREE Healthy Fall Recipes Group and would LOVE for you to join us! We will provide a 5 day meal plan with fall recipes, a grocery list AND a BONUS dessert & side dish recipes guide.

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The group will open soon so you have plenty of time to grocery shop over the weekend and we will officially start making our fall recipes on Monday, 10/17! Join in the fun to stay on track over the holidays!

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Who else is excited and ready for the weekend????

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Do you use the word "busy" to describe your life daily?

Serious question...Are you busy doing the things that will ultimately point you in the direction of success, or are you busy living your life on someone else's terms?

Busy is a situation that you can change.

Productive is about the actual process of change.

Which are you and where do you want to be?

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The sneak peek of CORE DE FORCE is LIVE on Beachbody On Demand. Log in and check out the brand-new mixed martial arts-inspired workout created by Beachbody Super Trainers, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews before it launches on November 1st!

PLUS, join the CORE DE FORCE BOD Sneak Peek Sweepstakes for a chance to win a CORE DE FORCE Base Kit + $1,500! Go to FAQ 5283 to find out how to enter. Click here for official rules:

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Monday is here. Another Monday that you said you were going to start today? You were going to start your exercise program today or working towards that goal you keep putting off. How much longer will you put off Success and learning how to be successful in all areas of your life?

And if you keep putting it off, where will you be in 1 year, 5 years? How about 10? 20??

I know you may be saying, "I just can't do it this time...I'll start next week or next month"? But, how many times have you said that before?! And how many MORE times will you say it?

Let's get real…success is NEVER convenient. But neither is FAILURE! Sure, you could keep putting it off…

But putting it off means putting off your dream of reaching that goal. It means putting off the incredible feeling of accomplishment, accomplishment and success. It means putting your LIFE on hold… It means SETTLING for a mediocre life…

And that is NOT the life YOU were called to live!

This could be the most important decision you ever make.

Because it's a decision to get up…to step up…to rise up and live the life you were CREATED to live!!! And that is NOT something to be taken lightly.

This decision is THAT important. So STOP putting it off. STOP putting your life on hold and make that final decision to do the work.

Do it for you! YOU are worth it!!

Timeline photos 29/09/2016

Do you believe in yourself? Do you let the opinions of others affect the way you feel about yourself?

What others think about you doesn't matter because it doesn't change you. What you believe in yourself matters because it DEFINES YOU!!

Timeline photos 28/09/2016

Fueling up and ready for a crazy afternoon of errands! The funny thing is a few short years ago I would of just hit the McDonald's drive-thru for a large coke and went on with my day. Now, I plan, prep and make sure I am fueling up favorite chocolate superfoods to give me energy to get through my day!

Timeline photos 23/09/2016

Beer = Salad!!! I'm going with it!!

Timeline photos 20/09/2016

Only a few more days until we go away with our best friends for our annual adult weekend!! I'm super excited! Hair done last week and mani-pedi today!! Another thing I love about fall is the fall polish colors! I like the fun, bright options for summer but I like to switch it up for the fall too!!

Do you switch up your colors with the seasons or stick to the same thing??

Timeline photos 20/09/2016

I'm in love with this! Again, it's all about outlook! If you spend your time focusing on negatives of course that's all you'll see. Working out has been amazing for my mood, confidence, and inner and outer strength. Nutrition has been a true game changer for me. Just even since adding Shakeology to my life I haven't had sniffles, colds, or anything in over a year not to mention my skin, nails and hair are looking amazing and I feel stronger and healthier than ever! We all have a different journey to reach our desired destinations...all that matters is that you're taking the steps daily to get there! I'm in this for life!

Timeline photos 19/09/2016

I'm serious you guys! I really don't always have a ton of time for my workouts....thank goodness they are only 30 minutes or less! There are always so many other things I could or should be doing. I am a priority though and this 30 minutes is my time to sweat it out and get my head right for the day and in this case, the week. I have a rule to never miss a Monday because it sets the tone for the week!

So, what are you waiting for! Make time and get it done! You got this!!!

Timeline photos 17/09/2016

After a very long, crazy week we are all just relaxing and taking some time to rest and recharge. It isn't very often that we don't have things going on so we are taking full advantage of the downtime and are just doing nothing! Brian and Braxton are watching football and snoozing and Natalie and I are hanging in bed watching TV. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night!

Timeline photos 16/09/2016

Happy Friday and this Mama is super happy because I'm getting my hair did!!! It's been a crazy week and it feels so good to just relax and pamper myself a little!

I used to have so much more time to get my self care and pampering in. With being a hair stylist and owning a salon I always had the trendiest cuts and color but that all kind of took a back seat as life got busy and I became a stay at home Mom. Then I would feel guilty for spending money on myself and go as long as possible to save money and I didn't want to get a sitter to go make my appointments. I would let things go so long I would hate to look in the mirror because I just felt unkept! Can you Mama's relate???

I am quickly realizing how important self care is! It's important to do things that make you happy and that fill your tank! It's not being selfish ladies! You are worthy and deserve to feel and look your best so stop putting yourself on the back burner!

It's Friday and the start to a beautiful weekend! Be sure to do something for you!!

How often do you pamper yourself?

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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