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Operating as usual


Did you know that fall is also considered Vata Season according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Vata energy is all about space and air and we can witness this through the typical weather patterns we experience in the season such as wind, storms and volatility.

As we are interconnected with the rhythms of nature, it’s easy to get all stirred up and out of balance especially during the earlier days as we transition seasons. (It’s part of why fall cleanses are typically recommended this time of year)

Watch out for incoming posts on how to help balance your body and mind during this beautiful time and how to optimize the creative energy that it offers.


Life isn’t always blue sky’s and nature, some days we move around heavy things.

In another lifetime I would likely have been working the land to stay strong but in the modern world the iron paradise is where I get my reps in…it allows me to be more confident in my day to day life, maintain lean muscle mass, play the sports I enjoy and release stress.

As with most things in life, strength takes time and consistency to build so be patient, focus on form and small progressions.

I tend to lean into supersets (this was a simple bench press/dumbell row combo) as they can save time and increase the heart rate more than straight sets giving me a little extra cardio that isn’t cardio.

Supersets, when targeting opposing muscle groups can also help to open up our flexibility which most of us can use as well. (That doesn’t mean you don’t need to stretch though, as it has other important benefits)

That’s it peeps - have a beauty day and reach out if you have questions!


New moon vibes, tune out to tune in to your inner guide. Happy Sunday and new moon peeps!


Forgiveness is an important part of the healing process…this relates to others as well as ourselves.

Mistakes or less than optimal choices are all part of learning and growing.
Awareness and taking responsibility for the choices we thought were best in the moment is important, equally so is to forgive yourself for what you felt was best at that time…

That’s all, have an amazing day peeps - be kind to you and others!


Happy equinox peeps! Today’s reminder is to celebrate the changing seasons and embrace the light and shadow sides of yourSelf!


Self love isn’t all about bubble baths and spa days (although those are nice too) For me, the journey was more about tapping into the inside voice and the unkind ways I would refer to myself. Outwardly confident, inwardly not so loving kindness.

The more aware I became of these thoughts and feelings, the more I started to acknowledge them, things began to change. I started to listen to the inside voice and tune out the messages that my upbringing and society had taught me, as awareness grows we can begin to actively work to change the script. (Meditation has helped immensely with this!) Over time I have begun to understand what real Self love is all about. It has nothing to do with the number of hairs in my head, the size of my clothes or anything that can be found in material goods.

if this resonates with you I encourage you to lean into the hard stuff and meet yourself as you would a close friend or loved one. Authentic Kindness, compassion and love towards oneself has a ripple effect and opens us to more feelings of joy and peace regardless of our ages or stages. heal yourself heal the world.


Transformation happens over time.

I talk a lot about consistency (cause it matters) but what about allowing vs forcing?

I would be classified as competitive by nature - literally for those of us with primarily Pitta Doshas, we can be full of fire - stepping out of classroom and developing a yoga practice on my own has been by far the most transformational than any of the hours of group practices I used to do.

Instead of competing with others or the image in the mirror, I have moved to allowing my body to open over time. By letting go of my own expectations to be in a certain pose, I have suddenly found myself in them. No force, instead allowing and arriving there as my mind and body are ready.

Today’s reminder is to keep going, let go and before you know it you’ll be exactly where you wanted to be.


Making my way down the list for the day and feeling middle aged and also so joyous! 😂 Funny how Sunday fundays have changed through ages and stages except for the movement - my brain believes the week starts on Sunday’s so exercise is a definite!

I’m also doing some meal prep which may not sound super fun to most but I love how it sets me up for the week ahead. Preparation can be a huge part of success with nutrition goals and maintenance and how I feel during my days!

What’s on your Sunday funday list? Whatever it is, have a great one!


We made it through another one! It does not look sunny and blue here today but the vibe is the same - happy Friday peeps, remember to make time for play!


Blame is an easy game but with little reward in the long run. In fact it’s a good one to keep us stuck exactly as we are.

Real growth and healing can begin when we get honest with ourselves and start to take responsibility for why we are where we are - health, financials, whatever. As we move from victim to Self-responsible we can then begin to make different choices, forgive ourselves (and others) and start experiencing greater personal satisfaction and higher vibration emotions within and without.

It’s not easy, growth rarely is, but it’s worth the feelings that blossom within when we awaken to owning our story - the good, bad and in-betweens!

That’s it - have a beauty day peeps!


Sunday vibing is all about Be-ing!

Slowing down, sitting in silence allows us to begin to observe how we are showing up in the world - for ourselves and others - we then begin to become aware of our patterned and habitual ways. This opens the door to different choices - we can continue to show up in anger and fear or love and compassion. One keeps us as we are, the other allows us to grow and open to greater feelings of joy and contentment.

You choose how you respond (or react) to your inner and outer world! That’s is have a beautiful day peeps! ❤️


Same spot, different day, different vibes! Happy Friday peeps - make time for Joy and Play, share your shine if ya got a little extra and have a beauty day!!


It’s a thankful and a throwback Thursday post all in one!

Throwing it back to a place that holds many memories of my younger days - they feel a lifetime ago now as I reflect back…

Thankful for the chance to rediscover it’s beauty, play witness to the eagle soar and dive to catch his breakfast in the lake and the dragonfly’s as they danced about the dock as I flowed.

Exhale the old, inhale the new. Have a beautiful day peeps!

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