Iveagh Utd FC

Iveagh Utd FC


New kits r crackers

iveagh united have two senior teams playing in NAFL intermediate and 3e we also have an under 18 tea


Anyone looking some counter work. Great owner great staff


We’re on the lookout for Kitchen/counter staff.

Experience preferred but not essential.

You Must be flexible

You must be Willing to work weekends

You must be able to work as part of a team

You must have the ability to work in a fast paced environment.

Please send us a message with relevant experience if any & bit about yourself as well as some contact details.


Get on it





Looking away fixtures for second team

5th September
12th September


Saturday special

Two flavoured milkshakes
Two nachos
Two ice cream 2 scoops/sundaes
Large bar of chocolate
Large Haribo bag




The Clonard Residents Association will be running a two day schedule of sports activities in association with Sonal Paul Morgan Sportz for our youth. Everything will be in line with the Covid Restrictions. There will be limited availability due to the restrictions so first come first served! Our office on the Springfield Road will be opened for registration from 5 - 7pm on Monday 17th of August. Fáilte roimh pháistí.

Timeline photos 07/08/2020


Hey folks thought we’d try be a little more upbeat today,,so a wee bargain to be had;
24 x 500ml bottles of DIET COKE yours for £8.00 hahahaha

£8.00,, sure it might as well be free...

We know don’t worry we will see ya soon 😉😉


Hopefully this gets the ball moving and our wee pub and others can start to look forward to opening again

NI PUBLICAN CALLS NOLAN SHOW 21ST JULY 2020 Gerard, a pub owner in Belfast, calls the BBC’s Stephen Nolan Show on 21st July 2020 to discuss the agonising wait for a ‘wet led’ pub reopening date.


Friendly wanted for this Saturday should there be any teams with a pitch and looking an opponent 🤞🏻

Drop a mail even if you have availability this week or other weeks

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Great to finally get back out onto the pitch after what has seemed like an eternity.

Near 3 hours of football played at billy Neil pitches and thanks to Philip Harris for the invite great day.

Normal service resumed for some and some roll backs for other - Liam mcshane bagging 5 goals. Sean Lindberg somehow showed that he is decent after all and big tony O’Neill leaping like a salmon at the back post for a goal 😂

Back to training this week boys. Anyone looking a new challenge or back into football give us a shout.

Also looking AWAY fixtures for both first and second team


⭐️ Special Offer | Tonight Only ⭐️

🔥 12” Pizza with 2 toppings & Can 🔥

🙌 Only £6 | Delivery Only 🙌


As a result of numerous requests from local residents our Association has taken the decision to formally constitute a walking club to cover the Greater Clonard area . It’s a great way to get or stay fit , to exercise and enjoy the craic at the same time. Our intention is to cater for levels of fitness, ranging from short to longer walks , starting locally utilising local parks and the nearby Black and Divis Mountain walks . So if you have the urge to get fit and healthy, walking is the thing for you . Anyone interested should contact us via our page or through any member of the Residents Association . Once we have accessed the response we can contact potential members directly and start to develop a programme of activities to cover the summer and autumn . Looking forward to hearing from you 👍.

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Club sponsor with a cracking give away.

Get entering

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Club sponsor Sweet treats & Party favours ltd have given us two cases of the hugely popular calypso lemonade from America.

This things are great and seem to be the thing to have at the minute.

Sweet treats have agreed to act as a point for us to raffle these cases. It’s 2 cases of 12 so you could win 24 bottles which have a total cost of £72 for a £1 entry

All you need to do is if your in the shop this week pay £1 get a ballot strip then we will do a live draw next weekend and announce the winner.

This is us trying to build up some funds for when the season starts. As a grass roots club we still have to find ways of raising money to buy equipment etc and with the current times preventing us holding any fundraisers we still need to find ways of making sure we are ready to start back whenever we get the green light.

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Few of the lads couldn’t help themselves today. That said they went down rather well.

Same again tomorrow


Happy days berts sorted for dinner

Sweet treats & Party favours ltd for deserts.

Dans Bar for the beers for the rest of the night

Isolation just got a whole load better

WE ARE RE-OPENING (tonight) SATURDAY 25th APRIL 2020 at 5pm

We have a restricted menu, please see this


** All orders must be place over the phone 📞 or via just eat **

(However cash will be taken on certain circumstances but change will not be given for home deliveries)

Sorry for the inconvenience we are doing this for the safety of our staff and customers.



First weekend this is all over we are going to have such a party in Dans Bar



Having given some of our vouchers out we were asked by a couple of football teams to purchase these for competitions.

So we will be able to provide these to any one that request be it football teams, Gaa clubs, dance groups etc

Or even if you just want to gift them so someone we can take payment online and deliver them to you or the receipent.

These can be used via our delivery service also (delivery charge applies )

Pm any questions


Nows the time to prepare for next season.

Calling all Amateur and Junior football clubs.

Please like and share to all that may be interested.

Feel free to send any queries via this page.


Some useful information incase you need some items delivered for yourselves or relatives who cant get out.

Older generation most likely don’t know how to use Facebook and not be aware of these services from small business in the area.

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So there’s load of wee football quizzes and things going around so here’s 1

Pick two teammates (past or present) who you could happily self-isolate with, and another who would drive you mad.

Hopefully this sparks a bit of fun


Happy birthday To our secretary, 2nds player, under 19s manger, slowest player at the club and general jack of all trades Gavin Press

Hope you enjoy your day in whatever form it’s taking


We are now operating a PORTABLE CONTACTLESS CARD READER for our customers, who dont want to use cash.

We would like to remind you all that we are currently only operating a delivery service & want to reassure you that we are following all government guidance in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We hope all of our customers are safe and well during this uncertain time.

We are all in this together, Stay safe. Berts


One of our players business will make sure that if tyres are needed they will help as beat a possible



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Disappointed that our wee bar is closed. Even more disappointing that now the off sales are closing tonight.

Understand the precautions being taken but have witnessed first hand the measures taken by Sinéad and Gerard to ensure safety.

From last week they stood at the door providing sanatiser on entry and on exit of the bar. Sinéad herself stood in the pouring rain.

Yet other shops are cramming people in. It’s not just about making money as it’s about jobs being lost. What may be anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.

We’ve had two sponsors close in last 24 hours with around 16 jobs no longer there. That’s 16 households with no income and yet our businesses are no further on with knowing what help is going to be given

We will be supporting the bar as soon as it re opens and hold a few nights in the bar.

From here on we would encourage people when possible to shop local, support the local shops and keep people in jobs

Photos from Dans Bar's post 24/03/2020

Still open folks still fully stocked. Plenty of safety measures in place

Photos from Fruiterama Belfast's post 24/03/2020

Support our local shops.

Fruiterama has sponsored us in the past whilst in castle street.

After all the terrible issues they had after the primark fire now they are faced with the current issues in their new home.

They need their customers backing more than ever.

Based on Springfield road in the old Laura lous shop


We hope all of our customers are safe and well during this uncertain time.

We would like to remind you all that we are currently only operating a delivery service & want to reassure you that we are following all government guidance in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We have had a lot of customers asking about other payment options & at the moment card payments can be made via just eat.

But we have also purchased contactless card readers so our delivery drivers will be able to take card payments when delivering your food. You can also make card payments over the phone. This service will be up & running as soon as possible.

We are all in this together, Stay safe. Berts

Photos from Dans Bar's post 21/03/2020

Support local businesses, extremely tough times for the hospitality and pubs sector.

Buy your carry out local of your having a beer or wine this evening



So we’ve all seen the posts about people being inconsiderate for bulk buying and leaving those who can’t afford it to fight for survival so to speak.

We’ve been in touch with west Belfast food bank who tell us their shelves will be completely bare in less than a week!

Also spoken to st Vincent de paul who also deliver food hampers to the vulnerable in the area and they too will be in great need of food.

We got the ball rolling yesterday and today a wonderful lady from ON sales and services got a brand new wheelie bin delivered to the shop free of charge to start a collection of food.


We have been to wholesalers today and bought food to start it off. This was money taking from yesterdays takings. We would rather help the local community put food on their tables then worry about a profit.

This is not a quest for likes this is an appeal to ensure kids who would get hot meals at school can get hot meals at home, an appeal that our elderly who are our most vulnerable at this exact time both in terms of health risks and food risks

We are also not encouraging anyone to go and buy things putting further pressure on the food supply.

We simply ask if you have bought more items than intended please please have a minute to think could you spare an item that can go to those in dire need.

Food banks are stretched ya the beat of times so let’s just think about them at this time of need.

Shop will open at 1pm and the bin will be placed just outside the door so as no risk of multiple people in the shop at one time.

Again we would rather a tin or packet than a like!!!!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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