Deuces Wild Endurance Festival

Deuces Wild Endurance Festival


Hey, just wanted to thank @mountainmanevents for a great race experience today. A well run event as I have come to expect from you all. Thank you. Happy to be back racing.
Too early to ask about water temperature? 🌡 I don't remember it being cold in 2018.
Not much action on this page but just wanted to say I am excited about racing again.
Hi. The website shows the elevation map for the bike course, but nowhere does it list the actual elevation gain? Does anyone know what the elevation gain is for the bike sprint and the bike Olympic course?
Any update on this event? I need to give notice to my reservation if it's going to be cancelled
This is a great course in a good area. Course is well marked and water stations well done.
Cadence had a great showing up at the Deuces Wild Endurance Festival in Show Low. This gang stopped to pose with their age group awards!
Racing Deuces Wild Endurance Festival in Show Low this weekend? Be sure to pace yourself accordingly. The course sits at roughly 6500 ft above sea level.

If you attempt to maintain your sea level pace or power output at this elevation, you will crumble. With less oxygen available to deliver to the muscles, you will see a higher heart rate and lower power output on the bike.

Since you are getting less oxygen to your muscles, your body increases its heart rate to help bring in more oxygen which means you reach your max output quicker.

Back off roughly 10% and limit your surges. Additional hydration and nutrition should also be included to help meet these demands.

Current water temp is showing mid-50s, so be sure to get in a proper warm up!

Race smart and go fast!
Is there anyone going to Deuces Wild that can give me a ride back home? My ride there needs to leave by 12 and I wanted to stay and help with tear down (done this for the past couple of years). Is there anyone heading back later that afternoon that can give me a ride back? Will gladly chip in for gas. Let me know.
Is there a schedule of events somewhere? I’m looking for start times and bib pick ups, etc.
Is the bike course for the half all street or does it go off road? Want to make sure I have the right bike.
Hello! I unfortunately, won't be able to make it. I have two Deuces Wild Olympic Triathlon tickets I would love to sell. Please let me know if you're interested!

Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival has something for everyone, even the kids! Beautiful venue, great courses and a weekend for family racing!

Operating as usual


Dear Athletes,

Due to the uncertainty of public health data, and with the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, staff, and communities as our top priority, it is with great disappointment that we have to announce cancellation of the 2020 Deuces Wild Endurance Festival. We are in communication with community representatives about next year’s date and want you to know that Deuces Wild will be back.

For those currently registered for Deuces Wild 2020 we can offer the following options:

1) Transfer to either the July 12th or August 16th Mountain Man Triathlons (

July includes Sprint and Olympic distances

August includes Olympic and Long Course (70.4 mile) distances

Note - if you choose this option, then you may shift triathlon distance with no additional charge. There are no off-road options, but off-road athletes may choose any on-road distance available

We are looking into options for adding a Sprint distance triathlon and running race (5k, 10k, 13.1) options to the August event. We will keep you updated.

2) Transfer your registration to Deuces Wild 2021

2020 USAT Age Group, High School, and Club Championships: we are in discussions with USAT to move these categories to the Mountain Man events later in the summer. Please stay tuned.

If you are ready to make your choice now, then please be sure to email us at [email protected] and tell us your full name, the event and distance that you currently registered for, and the event and distance that you would like to transfer to. If you are not yet sure, then please notify us at least two weeks prior to an event.

For additional resources and updates for athletes from USAT please visit

In this time of crisis we know that this community has strength and close ties to support each other. While our July and August events are still currently on schedule, please understand that this is a fluid situation and we are doing a weekly review of public health data and guidelines. Please stay safe, keep strong, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Your Deuces Wild and Mountain Man Team

[email protected]

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Change is hard, especially for those of us who like to keep moving. We've found that setting an alarm, setting a routine, limiting screen time, and reaching for new goals helps to keep us motivated. What are you doing to keep your body and mind healthy?

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The Full House: The Olympic + Off-Road Triathlons | June 6 & 7, 2020
Would you "tri" this ultimate challenge?
Saturday, June 6: The Olympic Triathlon
▪️Swim - 1500 meters
▪️Bike - 40 kilometers
▪️Run - 10 kilometers
Sunday, June 7: The Off-Road Triathlon
▪️Swim - 800 meters
▪️Bike - 20 kilometers
▪️Run - 8 kilometers

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Rule #1: Cardio.

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Happy Monday, folks! Can you believe that we are only 2 months away from the festival?! Start the countdown, we can't wait!

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The Sprint Aquabike | July 7, 2020
The Deuces Wild Sprint AquaBike follows the exact same swim and bike course as the Sprint Triathlon. Once you cross the timing station at the dismount line heading into T2 you are all done - no run for you!

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We are feeling grateful for this warmer spring weather we are getting and the ability to spend some solo time outside. How are you doing?

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The 10K Run | June 6, 2020
If you are looking for a 10k run in the White Mountains of Arizona then you have found the crown jewel! This race takes a scenic route around Fool Hollow Lake via roads and gravel paths. You also get to run through some of the campgrounds where people will be cheering you on. Learn more here -->

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With all this extra time on our hands it's easy to feel anxious about the future. We are here to remind you that you do not need to feel guilty about missed training sessions or setbacks in performance. It's not your fault! Use this time to explore new opportunities and set new goals. Work on that mobility issue, master that difficult drill, or focus on working out an imbalance (if you can). Allow for proper rest and recovery, establish a better sleep routine, and learn some new, healthy recipes! And of course, if you need any help or advice, please reach out. We are here for our athletes! Here's to doing our best to stay motivated 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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How are you keeping up with your training as you socially distance or isolate yourself? Let us know in the comments below! Need some inspiration? Check out "The Triathlete's Guide to Dealing with Covid-19" article we have linked below!

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We know that life is uncertain right now and we can only do our best to keep going and pushing through this situation. As of now, the city of Show Low says we are on! A goal for us to strive toward is incredibly helpful in times like these. That being said, registration prices are increasing on April 2nd, so if you still plan on joining us in June, save a few bucks by registering before in the increase. We understand that finances are tight for a lot of people. Your continued support of small, local companies like ours can only help to keep us going by providing the events that you love.

Register here -->

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The Olympic AquaBike | June 6, 2020
▪️ Swim 1500 meters
▪️ Bike 40 kilometers
Once you cross the timing station at the dismount line heading into T2 you are all done - no run for you! AquaBike finishers will not cross the actual finish line on their bike; however, we encourage you to make your way to the finish line to collect your medal and partake in the post-race activities! Link below for more information or registration.

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With so many finding themselves stuck at home for the next few weeks, many applications and services are offering free or discounted rates! Some of these include CARROT Fit, Down Dog Yoga, and Peloton. Full details can be found by clicking the link below.
Do you know of any other awesome free apps or services? Please comment below so we can spread the word and help out our fellow athletes.

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Hope everyone is doing alright out there and that you are doing what you need to do to stay safe and healthy. We do not currently have any plans to cancel or postpone events as we are hoping to be able to have the races this year. We can get through this situation if we stick together. Please, do what you can help family, friends, and neighbors in need.

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The Olympic Distance Triathlon | June 6, 2020
▪️ Swim 1500 meters
▪️ Bike 38 kilometers
▪️ Run 10 kilometers

For more details on this race to to register, visit the link below!

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Why do you tri?

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Day dreaming of summer weather and the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. Join us this June for the Deuces Wild Endurance Festival!

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The Off Road Relay | June 7, 2020
☀️Relay with a team of two or three people☀️
▪️Swim: 800 meter open water swim
▪️Bike: 24 kilometer mountain bike
▪️Run: 8 kilometer trail run

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Nothing like a little cheer to keep you motivated during a race. What is your most helpful motivation tip?

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Just one week until the kickoff race of the Arizona Tri series, Tri 4 the Cure AZ, takes place in Anthem, Arizona!

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Bet you didn't know that Winnie the Poo is a triathlete!


Spring Break is around the corner and we'd like to celebrate by giving away a FREE entry to the race event of your choice! Visit the original post to find out how to enter!

Spring Break is around the corner and we'd like to celebrate by giving away a FREE entry to the race event of your choice! Entering is simple, simply follow the 3 steps below:

1. Like and Share this post.
2. Tag a friend or fellow triathlete in the comments.
3. Follow Mountain Man Events and Deuces Wild Endurance Festival 2020 on Facebook.

We will announce the winner next Wednesday, March 11th.

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The Youth Triathlons | June 6, 2020
▪️ Kids 5-8: Swim 50 yards, Bike 1.2 miles, Run 0.55 miles
▪️ Kids 9-12: Swim 200 yards, Bike 2.75 miles, Run 1 mile
▪️ Kids 13-15: Swim 200 yards, Bike 4.1 miles, Run 1 mile
Learn more about this race by clicking the link below!

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The best invention after the wheel . . .
. . . was putting two of them together!

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The Sprint Triathlon | June 7, 2020
▪️ Swim: 850 meters
▪️ Bike: 12 miles
▪️ Run: 3.1 miles
This triathlon is a great course for beginners and people with experience who are looking to challenge themselves up in the White Mountains of Arizona. Learn more at

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An early morning observation of the swim course. What's your pre-competition routine?

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At Deuces Wild, we have an event for all abilities and ages! Sign up now at

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The 8K Trail Run | June 7, 2020⁠
This course follows the same route as the off-road triathlon and offers a mix of hills and flat terrain. Sign up now or learn more about this race and others at

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The worst run ever is still better than no run at all. Hope you all get out today!⁠

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We are looking for volunteers to help us at Deuces Wild on June 6 & 7! If you are interested, please sign up via the link below!

Deuces Wild - Our Story

Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival was started in 2004 by Debbie and Seton Claggett. In 2019 we, Mountain Man Events, purchased the race from the Claggett’s. The race encompass an entire endurance weekend that has something for the entire family. The proceeds from this event go to many incredible charities including the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Show Low Youth Sports Foundation and several others. Come see why Outside Magazine and Triathlete Magazine both selected the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival as one of the best triathlon festivals in the entire United States!

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