LRG endurance

LRG endurance

My name is Lily and I am 13. I ride in GER open endurance rides

Photos from LRG endurance's post 17/08/2021

A couple days ago I competed in the waterside parish pleasure ride . I loved cantering along the beach and the quite lanes near all of the farms . Marko loved the beach after he got over the fact the puddles aren’t going to swallow him up . We did the longest route and he seemed to love it ! Long strides and ears forward the whole time . Did it a bit quicker than expected and I was definitely tired afterwards . It’s nice to be back in the saddle again and speaking to everyone . Really missed it . Thank you to everyone to made the ride possible !

Photos from LRG endurance's post 31/07/2021

Today it’s was Mine and Marko’s first Endurnace Ride together and his first ever one . He was amazing 🤩! He didn’t bat an eye lid at anything apart from a big scary log 🙈. We went confidently past roadworks , lots of cows , farm machinery and glided over the motor way bridges 😊 . He was so relaxed and had his ears forward the whole time . His trot was exceptional , it felt like he was floating. I would like to thank Gill Bower for riding with me and taking me to the ride . Also thank you to the event organiser and volunteers for making the ride possible .


For the past couple of years I haven’t posted anything . In this time I have been fortunate enough to find a horse to loan . Meet Marko a 7 year old 15.2h grey purebred Arabian . I would like also thank Gill Bower for the opportunity to loan such a amazing , handsome and talented boy . This weekend he’s doing his first endurnace ride with me at Barton . I cannot wait to see everybody again .


Last season I didn’t have any expectations of winning anything due to changing horses mid season. However, it turns out I’ve come 3rd in the National juniors riding Sandy and 7th in the National juniors riding prince. I’ve also won the Peter Ball trophy. What a wonderful surprise. ❤️🐴🏆


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LRG endurance


More pictures of the spook busting clinic at crow wood.


Today’s lesson with prince.... he felt amazing!


Today prince and I did a spook busting clinic. It helped give me extra confidence with prince when in tricky situations. I think I did very well being the smallest and the only child and trying to control/guide prince in a room full of highly strung and very bouncy Arabs. I think everyone should have a go and learn how to help/handle your horse when they’re scared. I’ve had a fantastic morning.


Our first jumping lesson... loads to learn but we have all winter to practice. Thank you


Today prince and I had our first go jumping together. I quickly found out that prince can jump really high.... it also felt really really high especially when I slid over his neck and landed on my bum 😂. Thank goodness for my air vest.


Today we rode 66k at Royalties and passed. The weather was cold and miserable but we still had a lovely ride.
This is the last ride we will be doing this season. Over the winter months I plan on doing lots of hill work to help prince with his heart rate and overall fitness. We also need to get his saddle refitted and he’s losing a bit of his belly. I’m also going to see how he takes to jumping 😯. .. watch this space!


Today prince and I have had a little ride out to test our GoPro. We are hoping to get some good footage of the royalties ride next week. We are riding in the 64k again and hoping for another completion. We love the flat ground in this area,It makes a lovely change from the Lancashire Pennines.


Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. Enjoy 👍

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Today prince and I did a spook busting clinic. It helped give me extra confidence with prince when in tricky situations....
Our first jumping lesson... loads to learn but we have all winter to practice. Thank you @kirstygregg
Footage taken from the Cheshire frolic taken by my fab escort Jill Thorburn.