The Fitt Division Pty Ltd.

The Fitt Division Pty Ltd.

Personal Training ,Health and Sports Conditioning Professionals.

The F**t Division Pty Ltd, is new Company which as above listed offers overall physical conditioning to the general public, schools, college's and other private institutions. By the use of knowledge obtained in the Managing Directors studying in various fields of study like Sports Management and Sports Science , which equips us and our partners Muxury Ltd Pty and Misskay Fitness to name a few to deliver Academically acquired knowledge on excercise training in many forms.


A Brand coming to life ….

Dressed in


Meet Sihle Nkosi the other guy not Coach. The last time I wore a Coat was on my sisters wedding back in 2014 . Coach


Today was fun. I hope you all enjoyed it as much I did.

See you all next weekend.


Coaching or Personal Training with your boy.

An important part of the Process in exercise and overall fitness or Health is having a good solid plan.

Planning is important for your goals, well its important for everything in life.

But in exercise it's important in the sense you won't see any results if you don't plan out you're weeks & Months it's not just exercise but the enter process.

The Process as I see it.
Nutrition, Exercise, Consistency, Hydration, Rest (sleep) Solid Support structures, Financials & TIME management. To Name a few.

I'm not just talking about Training Splits. These are when you train a certain body part on a certain day. Personally I use to do this but I rate it's not for everyone unless your body buiding. We call this periodzation.

If you want to start but you don't know where to start. Talk to me.. Lol... ASK ME HOW 😊



Keep your head down & work Young Black Man, nothing will be given to you in this world.

Pray hard & never tire.

Give thanks consistently.

Find something or someone
to Love.

Follow your dream, Give it over to God & Work hard and efficiently.

Trust The Process.



A young Flex.
Once in awhile I'll start to share my progress with you guys. Just so that you may we see how the Process is treating me..

I won't even lie.. It's so frustrating sometime when you train and hit a platue, where you don't see any gains or losses 😢... But this is when changing your training plan or variety really helps..

Trust the process. These clips above may not be massive gains but by my standards, seeing this was worth all the days spent at the gym and eating for this body.
I'm still a few months away from wher I could love to be.

In the Process we remain...
Coach Sihle Exercise Solutions.


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A young Flex.Once in awhile I'll start to share my progress with you guys. Just so that you may we see how the Process i...