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I want to be part of your team what are the requirements, I work for SINOMA CEMENT
Ok nice it looks so beautiful 🙉
It wont let me add this as a Review for you.... A group of 10 of us (all adults) visited Wildtracks last week. We were doing an organised canoeing adventure down the Zambezi River to raise funds for local kids to go to school. Paula and Sven invited us to visit, to take a look around as we passed through on our adventure. I am GLAD WE DID! Wow, what a place. The accommodation is really great and the activities on offer here are fantastic. The learning environment is one of the best I have seen for personal development, DoE, animal conservation and sustainability education. Really excited to learn more about your work and maybe visit with a group of adults for a Retreat!
Thank you for hosting such a great camp Paula and Sven and Cyrintha and Chris!!! Can't wait to do it again.
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I cannot wait to try this
Paula Vrdoljak/Sven Vrdoljak been chatting to some Mom's in Lusaka and we would love it if you could come up with a summer camp during the summer hols....what do you think?

We are guided by principles that ensure that all of our adventures are safe, ethical, and authentically Zambian, delivered professionally and reliably using the best equipment. Our Guiding Principles: We will always strive to ensure that Tulukani Adventures are: 1. Safe- We invest a large amount of time, training and resources to ensure that all the activities we deliver are delivered to the highest safety standards. 2. Reliable- Quality service delivery lies close to our heart and we endeavor to deliver a reliable service to all our clients. 3. Professional - We are guided by the principle of professionalism in order to give our clients a pleasant experience whilst doing business with us. Our staffs undergo continuous professional development workshops including child protection policy training and facilitation skills in order to equip ourselves to be better placed deliver our courses. 4. Well Equipped – Our high safety standards is largely due to the fact that we are more than equipped to deliver the courses that we offer. A large investment is made on an annual basis to ensure that we acquire all the necessary safety equipment, that is regularly undergoes vigorous safety checks. 5. Ethical- We operate or business on and ethical basis. Mutual respect, compliance are what we stand for. 6. Zambian- As a Zambian Business, it is important to us that our clients receive an experience that is authentically Zambian.

Mission: Our name Tulukani Adventures reflects our ethos and our origin in Zambia. “Tulukani” is derived from the ChiNyanja verb “tuluka” which means “to go out” or emerge. Outside is where we work and where people learn and grow. We encourage you to come outside with us to discover their own adventures while you: EXPLORE – Outside of your comfort zone. There is so much to see and experience! At Tulukani Adventures we are constantly exploring Zambia and it is our honor to share with you all the wonderful places and untouched corners of our land that we find. LEARN – Outside of the classroom. We are committed to our belief that when we participate in challenging adventurous experiences, we are given the opportunity to learn and grow. All our adventures are specifically designed to meet the needs of the group and each individual participant ensuring a speak learning experience for all. Not everyone has the same needs or abilities. It’s important that we help each individual reach the goals that they set for themselves through our activities. BE SAFE – Outside with us. The Zambian outdoors provide endless possibilities for adventure, however with any outdoors activity there is a certain level of risk. We are always aware of the risks involved and are committed to mitigating these risks in the best way we can. We pride ourselves in delivering our adventures with the highest standards of safety and professionalism, enabling us to provide transformative experiences without compromising on the learning outcomes or safety of anyone involved. Have Fun – Outside of the box. An Adventure should be fun. It is vital to us that everyone ends their Tulukani Adventure with memories and stories to share with friends and family for years to come. We aim to explore without losing our way, learn without getting bored, be safe without being too serious and challenge without intimidating. A fun adventure is a priceless gift that will transform and inspire you and those that you share it with.

Congratulations to the The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award-Zambia participants from the International School of Lusaka who completed their Silver Qualifier through the Zambezi Valley. Their Adventurous Journey took them from the banks of the Zambezi to the foothills of the Muchinga escarpment.

Thank you to Woods camp at Muchichili Safari House, the Zambeef Chiawa Estate, and the people of Shikalomo.

Another great week spent with Baobab College at Wildtracks Lodge.
Looking forward to the qualifier!

This week we were pleased to host Baobab College and Tulukani Adventures at Wildtracks. The Wildtracks team was involved in the cultural activities that was part of the students adventurous journey for their Duke of Edinburgh Award Zambia.
Congratulations to the students for completing their practice and good luck for the qualifier!

“All nature is but art unknown to thee.” Alexander Pope

We love introducing young people to the wonders of the natural world.

Redefining Zambian tourism hiking and wild camping in undiscovered corners of our beautiful country.

Something we teach grade 5s! Looking forward to another busy year of important environmental education.

Wetland Bioversity Matters for our climate, for clean water, for jobs and economies.
Loss of wetlands means loss of biodiversity, restoration of wetlands means restoration of biodiversity and sustainable use of wetlands means maintaining biodiversity. End biodiversity loss, restore wetlands! #WetlandBiodiversityMatters for people and the planet. #Biodiversity2020

Free play and learning games form an important part of our programmes for junior participants.
Looking forward to a great 2020.
Wishing everyone a smooth start to the year.

With schools starting this week, this is a great reminder for teachers and parents. Wishing you a wonderful year of joyful learning with the children in your care. #Literacychangeslives #earlyliteracy #reading #play #books

Our environmental education programme aims to spark and interest that could take more young people some this path.
Keep up the great work!!!

Our Environmentalist/Conservationist of the week is Chaona Phiri who attended secondary school at St. Monica’s Girls Secondary School in Chipata, Eastern Province. She graduated from the University of Zambia (UNZA) in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Wildlife Management, by which time she was already involved with Bird Watch Zambia (BWZ). She joined BWZ when it was still known as Zambian Ornithological Society (ZOS) in 2008 during her second year at UNZA as a volunteer intern
She is currently the Programmes Manager at BWZ managing 4 projects with a great team of young enthusiastic upcoming conservation leaders and a very supportive membership which set awesome baselines for all programmes currently running at BirdWatch Zambia.

Over the last 5 years, she has completed a Master of Science in Biodiversity Wildlife and Ecosystem Health- where her research was on the One-kwacha bird – Zambian Barbet, endemic to Zambia with a very small range of less than 90000 km2,, this species is restricted to South-central Zambia and has a very high affinity for fig trees. Chaona is currently doing a PhD in Conservation Ecology using the Black-cheeked Lovebird as a focus; possibly endemic to Zambia and among the top 10 birds adversely affected by Climate Change and desiccation in south-west Zambia.

Of the 4 projects she is currently managing, 2 are innovative and pioneer-type as they had not been done before on such a large scale in Zambia. The DEFRA funded biological contorl project seeks to control an aqautic invasive alien plant on the Lukanga Swamp. There are plenty of plants which are native and indigenous to Zambia but over the last few decades, a lot of non-native and invasive species have been brought into the country – one such species is the Kariba weed, Salvinia molesta which is an aquatic plant commonly known as water cabbage.

The weed forms a mat on water, reducing both sunlight and oxygen underneath which ultimately may lead to death of fish and other underwater species as providing breeding grounds of vectors of disease such as mosquitoes. In addition to that, the weed also reduces habitat quality for other aquatic species such as water birds which are great indicators of the ecosystem health. In sites such as the Lukanga Swamp where water transport is one of the predominant modes of transport, the presence of the Kariba weed makes this close to impossible as boats are unable to navigate through the weeds.

Chaona is happy to be leading an innovative biological control initiative to control this weed on the Lukanga swamp which is an important bird and biodiversity area supporting at least 350 species of both resident and migratory birds and about 22500 fishing households.

Another project Chaona is working on is the Vulture Safe Zones initiative; Vultures are the most successful scavenging species whose presence in the environment has multiple health benefits to ecosystems and other species such as humans living in these ecosystems. Unfortunately, Vultures are now also among the most critically endangered groups of species as thousands are lost each year. In light of this, Chaona and her team are working closely with pastoral farmers, game ranchers and game reserves on an initiative called the “Vulture Safe Zones” which seeks to ensure that vultures have safe food and are not feeding in high risk areas in which they are being poisoned by humans. All in all Chaona’s overall goal is to be in a decision-making position to influence the sustainable use of ecosystems and the services they provide.

And why did she choose to work with birds of all species? Well, birds are supposedly one of the most studied groups of living organisms but she’s of the opinion that most of our data in Zambia is out of date. She states that, ‘as a country we have a very rich avifauna but we are not paying attention to it, nor are we getting the maximum benefits out of it.’ It is her hope that BWZ’s work will help change this.

To read more about Bird Watch Zambia check: www.birdwatchzambia.org

[12/23/19]   Wishing all our intrepid explorers a safe and happy festive season.
We look forward to more adventures in 2020!

Congratulations to all. We are proud to have had the privilege of walking with you on your Award Journey....


We would like to thank Her Majesty's High Commissioner His Excellency Mr Nicholas Woolley for accepting our invitation to attend this years Duke of Edinburgh's International Award-Zambias National Award Ceremony, in Lusaka this afternoon.

H.E Mr. Woolley, a past Award participant himself, handed out close to 70 Awards at the Award Ceremony.

14 Participants from Mambilima Special School all the way from Mansa where amongst the participants who received their Awards today. This was made possible by the by the generous support from Atlas Mara Bank who have partnered with us to enable us to deliver the Award to more young people from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Thank you to all our Board Members, our National Director Mr Twaambo Chikoye, the Participants and their parents, because without you this would have not been possible. We would also like to thank Zambia Award Holders Network and Chama Moono for their dedication to putting together this event. A special thank you to Charlene Milner of Busy Bodies gym, who delivered a motivational speech to the participants.

We are #worldready are you?


Today we are avoiding the crowds at shopping malls and adventuring with the The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Bronze candidates from International School of Lusaka on their practice Adventurous Journey in Lusaka National Park.

A much better way to spend the day!


ISL Bronze Practice, Lusaka National Park. November 2019

ISL Bronze Practice, Lusaka National Park. November 2019

2019 has been a year full of Dofe Adventurous Journeys Tulukani Adventures . Well done to all Participants receiving their Awards next month...


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Zambia is proud to announce that we will be having a National Award Ceremony next month.

At the ceremony we will acknowledge the achievements of young people from all walks of life around Zambia who have achieved a Bronze, Silver or Gold Standard of the Award Program.

The event will be hosted by our Gold Sponsor Atlas Mara Zambia who have made it easier for us to reach young people from diverse backgrounds around the country.



'We can do it just as well as anyone else'

Check out this inspirational BBC news story of teenage kidney patients doing their Duke of Edinburgh's Award.


bbc.com Teenage kidney patients have taken part in a Duke of Edinburgh's award run by a children's hospital.

We loved hosting the Bermuda Groups for their Gold AJ and residential. Glad to see it had an impact!

Are you, or someone you know, between the age of 16-24 and interested taking part in the world’s leading youth achievement award at the Gold or Silver level?

The Silver/Gold Qualifying Journey takes place in Jamaica, July 24th - August 9th, 2020. Prior Award experience is not necessary. The next info session takes place on Saturday October 26th in the Argus Building, Spirit of Bermuda Boardroom, 9:00am to 10:30am.

Please email [email protected] to RSVP or to find out more. #worldready #CASC2020 #CASCwecomming #pushthelimits

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Formal education alone isn’t enough for a young person to thrive; globally, 21.2 per cent of young people are not in employment, education or training. The Award gives young people opportunities to develop skills, get physically active, get involved in their community and experience adventure.

LICS Bronze Practice Sept/Oct 2019

On the 30th of September, 17 students from the @Lusaka International Community School began their Award Journey with Tulukani Adventures.

After two days and 24km of challenging navigation in the @Lusaka National Park the three teams successfully completed their preliminary Adventurous Journey training for their Bronze @Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

Well done to teams 'Lollipops', 'Hippos' and 'The Currydarshians' on your achievements.

All the Best as you prepare for you Qualifying Journey.


On the 30th of September, 17 students from the @Lusaka International Community School began their Award Journey with Tulukani Adventures.

After two days and 24km of challenging navigation in the @Lusaka National Park the three teams successfully completed their preliminary Adventurous Journey training for their Bronze @Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

Well done to teams 'Lollipops', 'Hippos' and 'The Currydarshians' on your achievements.

All the Best as you prepare for you Qualifying Journey.


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Young people who take part in the Award, and the adults who support them on their Award journey, interact with others, gain self-confidence, develop life skills, and experience a sense of purpose and satisfaction resulting in improved mental health and emotional wellbeing. #WorldMentalHealthDay

Good luck Sierra! Wishing you all the best.

Good luck Sierra Pacheco, D of E Award dual holders and Gold level participant! Sierra recently returned to Bermuda after completing her Gold Adventurous Journey in Zambia. #worldready Tulukani Adventures


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

We’re delighted to announce Stephen Peck as the Foundation’s new Deputy Secretary General and Chief Operating Officer.


AISL Amazing Race and DofE Bronze Qualifier

Earlier this month AISL year 10's were at Wildtracks Lodge for a week full of adventure!

Congratulations to the students who successfully met the requirements for their Adventurous Journey Section of their Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Earlier this month AISL year 10's were at Wildtracks Lodge for a week full of adventure!

Congratulations to the students who successfully met the requirements for their Adventurous Journey Section of their Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Trident Prep School


So glad the Trident Prep School students enjoyed the Tulukani song

Year 6 sing about their trip to Wildtracks.

Bermuda DofE AJ and Residential, July 2019

Bermuda DofE AJ and Residential, July 2019

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award-Zambia


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award-Zambia National Director Twaambo Chikoye with Karen Edwards-Simmons, Programs Director and Award Leader John Adcock from The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Bermuda.

Our National Director Mr Chikoye took some time to chat with the Award Leaders and Participants during The Award in Bermudas recent visit to Zambia, for their Adventurous Journey and Residential Sections of the program.

We value your friendship.

Thank you to all who made this trip a success!

Bermuda DofE AJ and Residential, July 2019

Bermuda DofE AJ and Residential, July 2019

So happy to have Trident Prep School and Trident Prep Kalumbila School from Solwezi adventuring with us for the first time. The cookout is one of our favorite team building activities.


As the sun sets on the The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Adventurous Journey and Residential Program, all we can say is thank you to the Participants, parents, Award Leaders and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Bermuda for entrusting us with delivering a safe and transnational experience.

Safe travels back to Bermuda, hope to see you soon.


On the last two days of their Residential the participants delivered the desks that they had helped refurbish to Kanyangala Community School. The Team also visited RHO Appleseed School in Bauleni, Lusaka. At both Schools the participants interacted with the students and the community. A highlight on both days was watching the participants perform Bermudas traditional Gombey dance.


The past two days have been amazing!!!!

We were at Conservation Lower Zambezi - CLZ and the Lower Zambezi National Park

The group learned about the conservation efforts of CLZ in the area as well as some of the challenges associated with human/wildlife conflict.

This morning we were in the Lower Zambezi National Park and had the opportunity of spotting Lions, Buffalo, Elephants and a Leopard (to mention but a few).

Thank you to Conservation Lower Zambezi for hosting us and to Muchichili Safari House , Kiambi Lower Zambezi and Gwabi River Lodge for the game drive.


Yesterday the participants spent their day at the Kabwadu community garden.

The day was filled with dance, song and laughter (and lots of hard work), as the Bermudian participants worked side by side with their Zambian hosts.

The day was an opportunity for the participants to become immersed in the Zambian culture, whist at the same time providing meaningful service to the community.




Last night we had a lovely night under the stars. We explored the night sky, spotted some constellations and heard some African tales based on the stars.



Yesterday, the participants, sanded and varnished timber for desktops/benches. They also cleaned and repainted desk frames. When they are all dry the desks will be assembled and delivered to Kanyangala School.

This morning the group is doing a study on the ecosystem with Paula and climbing Wildtracks Lodge's famous Baobab tree with Paul.


Grab your self a copy of today's Timesofzambianewspaper (if its not too late)!

The Bermuda Dofe groups are in the news!!!

We are thankful for this awesome coverage.



All three teams arrived safely at Wildtracks yesterday (Friday 11th July) after their 60km, four day Expedition from Lusaka to Wildtracks Lodge , Lower Zambezi.

A massive well done to all the teams for pulling through and making it to the finish line!

Today the Participants begin the Residential component of their Award program and have already been put to work, sanding, painting and putting together desks. The desks refurbishment project is being done in collaboration with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Bermuda , Wildtracks Lodge and Kanyangala School.

The participants are scheduled to hand over the refurbished desks to Kanyangala School before they head back to Bermuda.


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Tulukani Adventures is #Worldready




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