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The ultimate training facility in the Eurobodalla and far south coast. Moruya Gym is a large open space with plenty of quality old school and modern equipment in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere helping you to "Achieve Your Goals".

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New toy at Moruya Gym!

Rogue Echo Bike.

Perfect for an intense cardio and conditioning workout! 💪

Get your ninja on here @moruyagym in our new adults jungle gym !!! 🐒

Continue to watch this space as our back yard is under construction 🚧

[04/24/19]   We are closed today for ANZAC Day.

Lest we forget.

Easter hours 🍫
Good Friday 3pm till 6pm
Easter Saturday closed
Easter Sunday closed
Easter Monday 3pm till 7pm
24 hour access is available 🍫

The results for the second ever Moruya Gym Lifestyle Challenge are in!

This year we had three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advance, and that means we had three different winners!

Congratulations to Leanne, Emily & Dayna for winning your levels! They took home prize packs that included supplements, 3 months membership and custom training programs.

Out of the 29 people who entered the Challenge, 24 came the minimum 3 (or 4 for advanced) times a week which earnt them all an extra months membership for free! Well done everybody!

Overall it was another successful Lifestyle Challenge. We'll be running another later in the year so stay tuned!

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

NatBod Showdown: South East - Sat 7th Sep in Ulladulla,

NatBod Showdown: South East, Saturday 7th September in Ulladulla. A new approach to natural physique competition.

Brought to you by Moruya Gym owner Ryan Norman, Richard Norman PT from NRT - Natural Resistance Training and gym members Veronica HC & Scott Mazz.

Moruya Gym will have a good sized team competing in numerous competitions, including this show, for season b this year. We are looking forward to competing in friendly competition with other teams from across the South East.

If competing is a challenge you've seen yourself taking, have a chat with the crew at the gym and see what you can achieve! BodyShaping, BodySculpting & BodyBuilding @ NatBod Showdown: South East Saturday 7th September in Ulladulla. All natural, drug free competition!

The "Lifestyle Challenge" intermediate level starts 11th of February. Limited spots available, spaces are already filling, don't miss out! Get into contact with us to secure your place 😊

For more info on the "Lifestyle Challenge" see the post on our page.

Beginner level all booked out, starts tomorrow 💪

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

The "Lifestyle Challenge" beginner level starts 4th of February. Limited spots available, don't miss out! Get into contact with us to secure your place.

For more info on the "Lifestyle Challenge" see our previous post.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals


Last year Moruya Gym ran our first ever "Lifestyle Challenge" which was an amazing success. The goal behind the "Lifestyle Challenge" has nothing to do with body image, there are no weigh-ins or measurements taken. The goal of the "Lifestyle Challenge" is to get people started in making the gym part of their lifestyle, and to help teach people how to effectively use weight training to achieve their health and fitness goals.

- Beginner: 3 Day Routine (Starts 4th February) $150
For people who are new to the gym or do not have experience with weight training.
- Intermediate: 3 Day Routine (Starts 11th February) $150
For people who have some experience with the gym or weights and are ready for a structured routine and accountability.
- Advanced: 4 Day Routine (Starts 18th February) $165
For experienced gym users who would like to take their training to the next level.

- You will receive a training program and 3 (or 4) initial training sessions with a PT to learn how to execute the program. Included is 6 weeks gym membership with 24hr access.
- To win the major prize you have to come the most times within the 6 week period out of everyone in your experience level (maximum 2 times a day).
- Everyone who comes to the gym 18 times (3 times a week) for beginners and intermediate, or 24 time (4 times a week) for advanced will receive 1 month membership free! That’s our commitment to your new lifestyle!

3 Months Membership, Custom 6 Week NRT Training Package, Proflex Protein Powder, Bio-Charge Pre-Workout, Creaflex Creatine Monohydrate, Shaker Cup and Moruya Gym Shirt/Singlet TOTAL VALUE $527!

Call us on (02) 4474 5392, message us on FB or drop in to the gym at 2/36 Shelley Road in the north Moruya industrial area to secure your place!

2019 is here! Happy New Year to everyone from Moruya Gym ✌ we hope you enjoyed your Christmas 🎄 and New Years with lots of fun, food, family and friends!

We are back to our regular hours now and are looking forward to catching up with you all again 😀

For anyone who has made New Years resolutions that involve the gym we wish you the upmost success 👏 If you're looking for an awesome training facility with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere we encourage you to come check us out, we'd love to help you to "Achieve Your Goals" here at Moruya Gym 💪 You can find us in the north Moruya industrial area.

Happy New Year and here's to an awesome 2019! 🤙

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

[12/21/18]   #MoruyaGym Christmas & New Year Trading Hours:

- Closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day
- 10 am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm on regular weekdays between Christmas and New Years Day (including Christmas Eve).

Members & 10 Visit Pass Holders will have 24hr Access available as always. We will be back to our regular hours in the New Year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Schwarzenegger: How I fought my way back to fitness

Wise words from Arnold in this article.

The fitness industry promotes magic potions, special diets and so many other fads that don't work. Their goal is to make money, not improve your health and fitness.

Fitness and health isn't about six packs or super strength either. It's about improving yourself.

It's not gonna happen all at once, or in a specific time frame. It's a matter of taking an extra step every day that moves you towards your goals. Each day you work on improving yourself adds up. And eventually a month has passed, then six, than a year. You will have improved far more than you can imagine. And it will have become a part of your lifestyle.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals It's time for the fitness industry to be honest with people, says Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had to work his way back to fitness after open-heart surgery earlier this year. He writes of what he learned: There is no gimmick. There is no shortcut. There is no magic pill.

November selfie challenge winners!

@kaylebhawkins @jacob_4727 @jacobmulcahy @mia_johnston2 @ashleebrookehopkins

You can pick up your prize of a Moruya Gym shirt/singlet and shaker here at the gym!

Congratulations! 👏💪 #MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

What's on offer here at Moruya Gym? Experienced owners and trainers, a friendly atmosphere and heaps of equipment!

- 2 x Dumbell Racks up to 50kg
- Straight Bars up to 35kg
- EZ Bars up to 40kg
- Olympic Bars: Straight, EZ Curl, Swivelling Supra, Hex, Swiss, Hammer
- Bench Press
- Incline Press
- Decline Press
- Shoulder Press
- Preacher Curl
- 2 x Power Racks
- 2 x Smith Machines
- Deadlift Platform
- 4 x Adjustable Benches
- 2 x Flat Benches
- 2 x Seated Benches
- HyperExtension
- Sit Up Bench
- Captains Chair

- Hammer Strength Bench Press
- Seated Calf Raise
- Squat Machine
- T Bar Row
- Chest Supported T Bar Row
- Leg Press
- Hack Squat

- 2 x Chest Press
- Pec Dec Flye
- 2 x Flye Machine
- Assisted Dip
- 2 x Shoulder Press
- Rear Delt Flye
- Side Raise Machine
- 3 x Cable Pulldowns
- 2 x Cable Rows
- High Cable Row
- Chest Supported Row
- Unilateral Pulldown
- Lower Back Machine
- Assisted Chin Up
- Pullover Machine
- Preacher Curl
- Tricep Preacher Pressdown
- Incline Cable Tricep Extension
- Leg Press
- 2 x Leg Extension
- Lying Leg Curl
- Seated Leg Curl
- Standing Leg Curl
- Thigh Abductor
- Thigh Adductor
- Hip & Glute Machine
- Standing Calf Raise
- Ab Crunch Machine

- Cable Crossover with Adjustable Arms
- Standard Cable Crossover (Top & Bottom)
- Top & Bottom Cable Station

- Farmers Walk
- Strongman Log
- Sled Push
- Battle Ropes
- Medicine Balls
- Kettlebells
- Bands
- Power Bags
- Ab Wheels
- Tyres
- Landmine

- 2 x Treadmills
- 2 x Cross Trainers
- 3 x Recumbant Bikes
- Upright Bike
- Water Rowing Machine

Come check us out in the north Moruya industrial area and see how we can help you "Achieve Your Goals"!

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

Come on a walk through Moruya Gym and check our awesome facilities!

Plenty of equipment, big open space and most importantly a friendly atmosphere.

You'll find us at 2/36 Shelley Rd in the north Moruya industrial area.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

For all of November show us your fitness story!

Add your fitness photos (selfies) & videos to our Facebook or Instagram. For every post you make you will receive an entry in the draw to win an item of Moruya Gym clothing and a Moruya Gym shaker. 5 winners will be drawn out of a hat on the 30th of this month.

All you have to do is:
Facebook Check in @ Moruya Gym or Instagram tag @ Moruya Gym

The winner of the "Lifestyle Challenge" is Sophie with a massive total of 59 VISITS in the 6 week challenge period!

Sophie won the prize pack which included Protein Powder, Creatine, Pre Workout, Shaker Cup, 3 Months Membership and a custom 6 Week Training Program with 4 PT Sessions!

Coming in second was Katelyn with an awesome 58 VISITS, so we also gave her a prize which included a Moruya Gym shirt and shaker cup! It was really competitive between the two girls so we didn't want Katelyn's effort to go unrewarded.

Of the 24 people who entered the competition, 21 came more than 18 times in the 6 week period which earnt them all the prize of one months free gym membership! Well done to all who entered.

This challenge was highly popular and successful so we're planning on running another in the New Year. Stay tuned!

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

We wanted to give a massive shout out to our amazing gym member Natalie!

Last weekend Nat took out the Australian title in the Novice Short Figure division at the ANB Nationals in Sydney! She also took out 2nd place in the Masters Over 40 Figure division as well.

The weekend before that was her first time competing at the ANB Canberra Titles where she also took out the Novice Short division and another 2nd placing in the Masters.

Well done Nat, we are super proud of all your hard work and well deserved placings! Australian Champion in your first year competing, an amazing effort.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

Have you seen our new Moruya Gym clothing range? Represent the gym with pride! Plenty of variety to suit your personal fitness style!

- Crop Tops
- T-Back Singlets
- Muscle Cut Singlets

- Standard Singlets
- T-Back Singlets
- Stringer Singlets
- Muscle Cut Singlets

- T-Shirts

COLOURS AVAILABLE: Grey, Charcoal, Black, White, Red, Blue & Green

SIZES: Small through to XXL

$25 each or 2 for $40 - Great Value!

[09/25/18]   We will be closed Saturday the 29th as we are off to Canberra for ANB bodybuilding show to support Nat!

Closed Monday the 1st for October long weekend

24-7 access always available
Sorry for any inconvenience
Bec + Ryan

[09/03/18]   Just a reminder to everyone doing the 'Life Style Challenge' it is very important that you turn up on time as our PT's are booked with back to back clients. Thank you :)

[08/28/18]   The "LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE" is all booked out! No spaces left, sorry to anyone else looking to enter.

Moruya Gym's LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE has received an amazing amount of interest and so we're opening up the second week of September for people to do their initial training sessions with the PT.

The Lifestyle Challenge is vastly different from traditional gym challenges in that it isn't focused on body image or weight but on introducing you to training in the gym and developing a routine that fits your lifestyle! If you want more info about the Lifestyle Challenge and how it works see our previous post.

As spots are filling fast and time is running out please make sure you get in contact with us to secure your entry so you don't miss out!

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

6 Weeks to a New Lifestyle!

Moruya Gym “Lifestyle” Challenge

Starts on the 1st Week of September

This is a different kind of challenge! The physical benefits of the gym are well known, but the mental and emotional benefits are just as amazing! We want to focus on making health and fitness something you can incorporate into your lifestyle forever! Traditional challenges based on weight loss create an unhealthy relationship with the gym and quite often don’t provide support for entrants after the challenge is finished. Truly lasting success is the sum of consistent effort over a long period of time, not an all-out sprint during a set time frame. So, the focus of this challenge is not on a physical result, but the development of a routine that fits your lifestyle and will last you a lifetime!

Only $150 to Enter! Amazing Value! (Includes 6 weeks membership including 24hr access, training program and 3 PT sessions RRP $277.50! Saving $122.50!)

What is Included?

- Includes a 3 day training program and 3 sessions with a PT to learn how to execute the program.

- Winner determined by most visits in a 6-week period. No focus on weigh-ins or body image! This is about creating a positive and healthy relationship with fitness.

- Come to the gym 18 times in the 6-week period (3 times a week) and win an extra month’s membership free! That’s our investment in you so that you become comfortable in the gym and make health and fitness an integral part of your lifestyle!

- Prize for most visits is a Bio-Flex supplement stack (Protein Powder, Creatine, Pre-Workout and Shaker Cup), new customized 6 week training program with 4 x PT sessions and a 3 Month Membership to continue your new lifestyle! (RRP $475!)

- Support and encouragement always available to help you “Achieve Your Goals”!

Get into contact with us via message or in person to secure your entry! You'll find us at 2/36 Shelley Rd in the north Moruya industrial area.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

We have done it again! Another new toy for our members! Rear Delt Machine to isolate the rear portion of the shoulder muscles 💪 also can be used as a Chest Flye Machine! We’re always working on improvements to provide the best facilities possible for our valued members ❤️

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals
#fit #fitness #goals #help #friendly #comein #becomeamember #workout #togetther #team #toys #new #whatsnext #gym #southcoast

New supplements !!! 😍
& a restock of all your old favourites 😀

We're super proud of our amazing gym members Veronica and Michelle who competed today at the National Titles! They both looked absolutely awesome and represented the gym and the Moruya area at the highest level in the country. Well done ladies! 💪 #MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

Moruya Gym's cover photo

A new safety squat bar 😃
A new strong man log 🤣
A new curl bar 🤔
New sand bags 5kg 10kg & 15kg
And a few new cable attachments !

Now !
What will you workout today 🏋🏾‍♂️
Moruya Gym - Achieve your goals

[04/24/18]   Moruya Gym will be closed tomorrow for ANZAC Day. 24hr Access only for members.

The Moruya Gym team took to the stage in Canberra on Sunday for the Canberra & Country Titles.

▪ Team NRT coach Richard won the Masters Men class and shared the stage with his son and gym owner Ryan in the Open Men class, however Richard and Ryan didn't achieve placings in the Open class.

▪ Brad took out a 3rd place in Fitness Model Novice.

▪ Veronica placed second in the Masters Figure category.

We are extremely proud of all our athletes who competed over the last two weekends. We are also super grateful for all the support we have received.

Moving forward Ryan and Richard will be heading to Brisbane in June for the WNBF Australia Super Show and Veronica will be competing at the ICN Nationals in Sydney. Team NRT coach Sandra is also looking to compete in a bodybuilding show within this time frame as well.

Is competing something you've considered taking on the challenge of yourself? Come see us at Moruya Gym and we can help you to get on stage looking your best with the support of the amazing Team NRT coaches Richard and Sandra.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

Modified hours Saturday & Monday due to competition in Canberra. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks as always for all the amazing support we receive!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Moruya?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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