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The biggest of thanks to everyone who helped make the 2022 Fennell Forestry Truck Pull Challenge another huge success.

Whether you were a sponsor big or small, a competing team member, volunteer, Variety SA fundraiser, strong man, strong woman, spectator, or you streamed the event online - THANK YOU!

We couldn't have done it without you.

Variety SA Motoring Barry Maney Group Trident Tyre Center Cummins Inc Janus Electric Waratah Asia Pacific and Africa One Forty One Tough Fit Gym Fox's Chook House Chicken and Game Meat Onetrak Tabeel Trading Nominees Pty Ltd Jordan "Biggie" Steffens King of The Circus Brooke Prichard The Jelly Bean Machine - Car 140 - Variety SA Bash Screenshot Big Screens
The teams are set ahead of tomorrow's 2022 Fennell Forestry Truck Pull Challenge:

Fennell Forestry
Tough Fit Gym
Team Chookhouse (Fox's Chook House Chicken and Game Meat)
Team BMG (Barry Maney Group)
OneTrak Oneders (Onetrak)
Team TTN (Tabeel Trading Nominees Pty Ltd)

Pull order will be drawn by Variety SA Bash representatives on the day.

Who will take home the winner's trophy? Find out from 10.30am tomorrow.
Tough fit from the land of the rising sun!

Ski, row, bike and lift in a welcoming and inspiring team environment. Follow @tough_fit on instagram.

Established in 2012, Tough Fit Gym is an industrial-style facility providing world-class training in the heart of Mount Gambier. Ski, row, bike and lift in a welcoming and inspiring team environment - Tough Fit Gym is an industrial-style training facility located in Mount Gambier, in regional South Australia. Built, owned and run by Gym Jones certified trainer Scott Thomas in 2012, the gym has gro

Operating as usual


Satdy Sesh no.234
4 Teams of 5.
For time.
3 Rounds
1. Row 1000m 150 ea change.
2. Bike 100 cals.
3. Ski 1000m
4. Bike 50 cals.



Legwork and working on the engine.
1. Deadlift 4x4 160kg 4 min rest.

Into a Row,Assault Bike,Ski combo.
For time.
1. Row 2km
2. Bike 100 cals.
3. Ski 2km.

Time 21.26mins.
Work to do.
Workout idea from
Cheers mate 👍.


Satdy Sesh no.231.
3 teams of 6.
7 Rounds.
1. Bike 75 cals.
2. Ski max cals.
Every 5 mins Ski stops .
3. Complete 10 deadballs over bar.
Then recommence next round.


Upper body sesh.
1. Banded Bench press 3 fast reps. 70kg
9 min EMOM.

2. BENCH PRESS 5x8 3 min Rests.

3. SKI 30/90x10 170m.


Bike 1000 cals for time.
Team of 6.

Get on, go hard, get off.
Time 22.59mins


1. Banded Bench press 3 fast reps.
EMOM 9 mins 3 Grips. 60kg Wide,Narrow,Normal.

2. Bench Press 4x10 4 min Rests.
127kg, 10,10,9,6 reps.

Bike conditioning work.
Group of 3 600 cals. 30 sec ea and change.
Time 20.42mins.


7 Rounds, Every 3 minutes.
1. D /Bell Bench 10 2x40kg
2. D/Bell Bo Rows 5 LR 40kg
3. Dips 5
4. Ez Bar Curls 5 35kg

Rest 5 mins.

Then bit of conditioning.
1. Bike 10 cals + Lat pull-down 5.
= 200cals+100reps


Bench n Bike.
1. Bench Press 5x5 3 min rest

Then into Bike Max Cals.
16 mins in pairs, 1 min each.
Total 307 cals with 💪.
Goes alright this one!


New World Record for 2000m 14 yr old.
Well done mate, proud of you.
Hard work pays!


Bike n Bench.
1. Bench Press 10 110kg
2. KB B0 ROWS 10 LR 32kg
4 sets 2.30min rest

4 Rounds for time
1. Assault Bike 75 cals
2. Bench Press 20 70 kg
22.31 mins.


Sunday Sesh
Ski 25 Rounds= 50 mins.
1.Ski 30/90 165m+
2. KB Swings 7.


Hello darkness my old friend!
This one spat me out big time.

1. Hatfield Squats 4x4 160kg
4 min rest.


1. Band hamstring curls 20.
2. Assault Bike 20 cals. SPRINT.
Rest 4 mins , 5 Rounds.

1. 19 sec.
2. 19 sec.
3. 21 sec.
4. 25 sec.
5. 32 sec.

If done correctly, you should be dazed and confused for the next 30 mins!


Ski 400 cals
60 sec work / 60 sec rest
Every 50 cals complete
Assault Bike 20 cals.
Time 42.03mins.

Great workout courtesy of .

Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 02/05/2022

Ski n Bench.
1. Ski 5km
Every 1km complete
2. Bench Press 10 reps 100kg.

Complete last 10 reps for 50 reps in total.
Time 21.33mins.

Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 22/04/2022

Been a while on the long stuff. That blew the cobwebs out!

Ski 10km
Every 1km complete
10 Beach Press 100kg.
= 100reps.
Time 44.38mins.

Finished 10km at 43.58 then complete 10 reps for total time.


Bench work.
1. Band face pulls 3x20 .
2. Banded Bench Press 3 speed reps
70kg EMOM 9 mins.

3. Bench press 5x5 140kg.
3 min rests.

4. D/Bell curls/holds 30/30 2 min
5. Band Tri pushdowns 40
3 sets.


Ski n Bench work.

1. Banded Bench press 3 fast reps.
3 grips EMOM 9 mins.

2. Bench Press 5x3 3 min Rest

3. T Bar Rows 5x5 heavy 1 min Rests.

1. Bench Press 10 100kg.
2. Ski 1 min
2 mins rest
3 Rounds.


Yep, 100kgs !
Goes alright for a 14 yr old!
Proud of ya mate💪💪💪.


Upper body sesh.

1. Banded Bench Press 9 mins
Emom 3reps,
3 sets of ea wide ,close, standard.

2. Bench Press 4 sets of Max Reps 100kg. 4 min rests.
78 reps total.

3. T-Bar Rows 4x10.

4. Push ups 15
5. Dips 15.
6. Band Rows 30.
7. Tri pushdowns 15
3 sets.

Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 09/03/2022

Spicy breather!
1. Ski 1000m to 100m
2. Bench press 1 to 10 reps 100kg.
Between ea rung.

(Ski 1000m+ Bench 1 rep, Ski 900m + Bench 2 reps, etc)

15 sec PB from 1-8-2019.

Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 24/02/2022

Bench n Breathing.
1. Bench press 4x10 4 min rest.
125kg, 125kg, 130kg, 130kg for 9.

2. Ski 250m/2.30 min rest x8
Target, Sub 45sec ea round.


For time 7 Rounds.
Teams of 4.
Complete in order.
1. Row 300m.
2. Ski 500m.
3. Bike 50 cals.


Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 02/02/2022

Had to have a crack at this challenge set by .
Target is sub 1.29.3 500m/pace .
Ski 200m/1min rest x10.

His 2km record pace is 1.29.3mins, a complete machine.💪
Very spicy 🌶 workout, came out with 1.28.9.


Go where the real people are, go the extra mile it's less crowded there.

Monday's upper body strength.
1. Bench press 5x2 4 min rest.

Then a special.

1. Bench press 100reps at bodyweight.
E3MOM 5 Pull Ups. For time.
Time 13.16mins.

Thank you , a place never forgotten. Teachings that stay with me to this day.
The Mind is Primary. ✊


Upper strength work.
1. BENCH PRESS 4x4 4 min rest.

2. BB BO ROWS 3 100KG
3. DIPS 6
10 sets 1.30min rest.

4. T-Bar Rows 5
5. Push ups 5.


Chasing me down, it won't be long!
1. Bench press 5x5

Emom 15 mins
1. Push ups 5
2. Dips 5
3. Curls 8


1. Hatfield Squats 5x3
3 mins rest.

Emom 10 mins
KB Swings 32kg 12 + push ups 4.

For time 3 Rounds
1. Ski 500m (100m ea)
2. Bike 40 cals ( 30 sec ea)
3. KB F Walks 50m.

.winter 14.26mins.


Monday's Mudders Group.
1. Bench press 4x10
3 min rest.
125kg,125kg,125kg,130kg for 8.

Assault Bike 500 cals.
In pairs, 1 min ea and swap.


Upper body and Ski intervals.
1. Bench press 10 120kg
2. KB BO Rows 10 24kg
3. D/Bell Curls 10 15kg
4. Tri pushdowns 20
4 sets 3 min rests.

1. Ski 30/60x10 165m✔
Rest 3 min.
2. Ski 30/60x5 170m✔


1. Hatfield Squats 5x5
3 min rests.

Ski 30/60x15
165m+ ea round.


First hitout 2022.
1. Bench press 10
2. D/Bell S.Press 5 LR 15kg
6 sets ,3 min rest.

Pairs EMOM 24 mins
1. Bike 10 cals
2. Push ups 7
Total ea.
Bike 240 cals
Push ups 168.


Final hitout 2021.
1. Bench press 10 110kg
2. Band pull backs 10
3. KB Gorilla Rows 10 2x28kg
5 sets.

Then in pairs for time.
1. Bike 75 cals.
2. Bench press 50 reps 70/30kg
5 rounds.


Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 29/12/2021

Still some fight in these old Dogs yet!
Gym Jones "Tailpipe"
4.45 mins.
If you have done this correctly you'll know why it's called Tailpipe.

1. Ski 250m
2. KB Rack Hold 2x24kg
3 rounds ea.

Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 22/12/2021

Legs,Ski n Bench.
1. Hatfield Squats 4x4 140kg
2 min rest.

Into a 30 min Max Bench

Bench press set at 65%1RM

Bench 100kgs,
every time you rack it you must Ski 400m.
Total reps 123 and Ski 4800m.

Bench 90kg 62reps
Bench 95kg 65reps
Bench 85kg 88 reps


1. Hatfield Squats 5x2
3 min rests.
2. Belt sets 4x4
2 min rest
3. Reverse Hyper 4x15
4. KB Swings 4x15.


Upper body strength work.
1. Bench press 4x4 3 min rest

2. Rack pulls 3 160kg
3. Wide grip deadlift 5 120kg
4. KB BO Rows 4 52kg LR.
5 sets 2 min rest.

5. D/Bell Curls 20
6. Tri pushdowns 20
2 sets.


1. Bench Press 15 to 1 =120 reps.
1 minute rest. Strict.
Once you rack it, stays racked until next set.
Missed on 11 reps, only 9
Missed on 9 reps, only 8.
117 reps total.

2. Shoulder Press 4x4 70kg
3 min rest.

4. Reverse Hyper 3x20
5. D/Bell curls 3x20.
2 min rests.

Photos from Tough Fit Gym's post 25/11/2021

Upper body + Engine work.
1. Bench press 3 130kg
2. Inverted Rows 10
3 sets 2 min rest.
20 min Emom
1st min Ski 300m
2nd Bike 10 cals.

"Strengthen the mind first to enable strength in the body"

2 mental failures at 299m.

Our Story

Have you ever pushed yourself to your emotional and physical breaking point?

Your mind will give up long before your body ... learn how to push past it and build mental grit and physical strength, at Tough Fit Health and Fitness Training.

Ski, row, bike and lift in a welcoming team environment, alongside some of the strongest and fittest people you’ll ever meet!

Tough Fit is an industrial-style gym built, run and owned by internationally-recognised and accredited trainer, Scott Thomas.

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