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Operating as usual


Well done to Rhys for winning Active8's goblet squat challenge. 101 squats! Great effort!


We have on board some fabulous sponsors this season.
Thank you 🙏

Please support these businesses where you can. Their generosity helps our club continue to blossom. ❤️💚

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A while ago when we tested Bec's 1RM deadlift she was able to lift 75kg, which was a great achievement! Now after a lot of hard work 75kg is her working sets of 5x5 💪great work Bec

who lift

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Another clean sweep for Nick Harrap Fitness!!
Well done to Phil and Jen for winning the Active8 100m ski competition. Jen did it in 19.4 seconds and Phil in 16.3 seconds (getting pretty close to my time but not quite there yet 😜) well done guys 💪


Super proud of the work my wife Emily has been putting in, keep up the great work 💪


MEET THE TEAM: Nick Harrap
Well don’t we all underestimate the Supreme Personal Trainer Extraordinaire. Nick brings his own spin to Active8 classes. With his dry sense of humour Nick knows how to make your class enjoyable yet challenging.


Rhys has been working hard to be able to do unassisted pull ups. It's great to see after all of his hard work that he has reached his goal and can do 10 pull ups unassisted. Last year I posted a video with bands assisting him and this video shows him doing them with no assistance. Excellent work and perseverance Rhys! 💪


Get in quick, there aren't many spots available. If you have a friend who might like to join you as well might be a good idea to ask about this month's special 🙂


My 4:45 class practising their ski relay. Working on beating me in Active8's ski challenge, I have a bit of stiff competition by the looks of it!


During SA's 7 day lockdown I made a follow up to my nutbush core workout video I made last year. Do I expect any of you to try this workout? No 😂 but let's have a laugh. Here's a few disclaimers because all the best videos have them: Some of the things in this video could be potentially dangerous so don't recreate them, also the footage of my wife was taken pre Covid-19 and that's why she isn't wearing a mask. Enjoy!

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Congratulations to Rhys and Bec for winning Active8's max rep bench press competition in the 16 and under mens category and the womens category. Great to see Team NHF almost sweeping the board. Great work! 💪


Also here is a behind scenes video of Tammi, Rob and I trying to complete the push up tower. A little giggle for your hump day

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I was super proud of my group for joining me for this month of push ups and raising as much money as we did for mental health. Our group of 9 managed to raise $1133 between us. And despite being the smallest group, completed 29,772 push ups. Not that it was a competition (it always is between the 3 of us 😉) but our group completed the most push ups per person. Couldn't be more happy!


The final shout out for my charity group is Phil. He runs a local dairy and has just one simple message: Support local farmers and buy milk from Australian brands. I think that's a message we can all get around. (Pictured: A cow, not Phil)


Continuing my shout outs for my charity group is Caitlin from Wellness Culture. Currently she is a health and nutrition coach but is also becoming qualified as a personal trainer. I have had a hand in helping her develop her skills as a personal trainer and she's going to do great things. Follow her page, it's currently just for her health and nutrition business but soon will become your one stop for nutritional and fitness needs.


I would like to thank everybody who has joined me in raising funds for mental health over the last few weeks. Over the next few days I'm going to be shouting out a few of those people, particularly those with their own small businesses.
First of all is Bec from Hair by Bec. She's the only person I trust to handle my hair and whether she's at the gym or the salon she's always entertaining. If you're looking for anything hair related check her out. Come for the haircut, stay for the show!


Nick Harrap Fitness is excited to be sponsoring Vicis Netball Club for the 2021 season. Good luck ladies, all the best for a great season!


Saturday morning bootcamp. Another tough session!


Congratulations to Phil who won Active8's end of year competition of completing 15 ground to over shoulder throws and 50 calories on the Rogue Fitness echo bike in the shortest time. 2:19.2! Dominating the competition and beating the 2nd place contestant by over a minute. Well done mate take tomorrow off as a reward!


It's my 30th birthday today!! And to celebrate I'm making all of my clients complete 30 reps of an exercise *evil laugh*. Although Nathan smashed his push ups and decided to do 47! Guess the next person might need to do something a bit harder 🤔 burpees maybe?


Who doesn't love relieving some stress while working out? The ladies smashing a group shadow boxing session


Post workout nap? Sure why not!


Even though that particular monthly challenge has finished. Jen wanted to have a go at the 300m ski sprint. What a result, 59.9 seconds! Jen would have given most of the guys a run for their money. The hard work has been paying off 💪


All the best to Nathan who will be applying to the army as an infantry soldier next week. He's been training with me over the last few months to make sure he'll ace the fitness assessment. He met every obstacle I gave him with determination and a smile on his face. In the end he went further than what was required and in most sections of our testing was at a special forces level. Great job Nathan, you should be proud!


A big congratulations to Stevie! She and I took out Active8's monthly competition last month with the fastest 300m ski sprints. I got a time of 51.4 seconds and Stevie got 1:08.5. Even having another go later in the month to shave a bit of time off even though she was in the lead. Well done Stevie 💪


With people sad that they aren't able to do their usual plans for Easter this year, I hope this can put a small smile on your face. In all seriousness give this workout a go and see if you can get through the whole song!




In response to the governments guidelines regarding the covid-19 outbreak. Active8 have taken action to limit the number of people inside their building to members only. Classes have been modified to reduce overcrowding and to keep everyone as safe as possible.

1 on 1 personal training will continue if you wish. We are very lucky to have access to one of the largest gyms in the area so there will be room for everyone to be comfortable to continue training.

Extra cleaning and disinfectants have been added and extra measures have been taken to make sure equipment is safe to use.

Please note the rules which you will need to follow and will be strictly enforced: towels must be bought to every session, hands must be cleaned with sanitiser provided in the lobby before training starts, public water fountains will be shut down so you will need to bring your own water bottles.

Exercise is so important and we want to continue to provide the means for you to do so in the safest and healthiest way possible. If you feel even the slightest bit unwell, do the right thing and stay home. Sessions can always be rescheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: These details could change at any time but I will keep you up to date.

Let's get through this together.
Regards, Nick


Emily having a go at using the slingshot to do bench press. She ended up with a PB of 55kg for 5x5 reps.


The winners of the Active8 rowing competition, Jen and myself. Jen has put in a lot of work with me and it's been paying off lately. To everyone who entered, especially those who were trying to beat my time.. better luck next time 😉


Really proud of everyone who entered Active8's rowing competition. Everyone who entered got in the top 10 in either the men's or women's category. Including 1st place positions in both categories. Well done everyone!


Bec has been training with me for a year. Each week she has consistently put in the work and has seen noticeable physical and mental changes. She's hardly recognisable from the person she used to be and is willing to go out of her comfort zone. Now we just have to work on time management 😂 baby steps!


Active8 Health and Sports Centre are doing a write up on each of their trainers. I think they've started strong with their first choice 😉. If you're interested in training and reaching your fitness goals send me a message or even come down and visit me at the gym.


Awesome effort from Phil! Friday's hot and humid weather didn't stop him from achieving a new P.B. Over 10 seconds shaved off his 2km row and a new time of 7 minutes 20 seconds.


Young fella is getting stronger each day. Soon he'll have the Samson strength to match the hair.


Yesterday's warmer weather didn't stop some! Interval training and getting a sweat on!

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With people sad that they aren't able to do their usual plans for Easter this year, I hope this can put a small smile on...
Emily having a go at using the slingshot to do bench press. She ended up with a PB of 55kg for 5x5 reps.
Bec has been training with me for a year. Each week she has consistently put in the work and has seen noticeable physica...
Young fella is getting stronger each day. Soon he'll have the Samson strength to match the hair.
Yesterday's warmer weather didn't stop some! Interval training and getting a sweat on!




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