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📣 Attention Fitness & Leisure members! Did you know you can collect your GCM Meal Deals from Squashbrook throughout the week?

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⭐️Meal Deals are open for order from 5pm Fridays until 10:30pm Sundays⭐️
You've made a commitment to your 6-wk challenge, make a commitment to your nutrition and see REAL RESULTS!💥🥊

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“Nick” off for a few days and “serve” yourself up some squash at the SA Masters Games 🚗

If you think you’re too old to lace up those shoes, chuck on the gear and strut your stuff, think again! 😮

This 30 sport, 4-day event on the 15-18 April this year is the perfect opportunity to head to the Yorke Peninsula’s Copper Coast for a competitive, social and scenic sporting event with fellow athletes your age 🚗

Register before the end of February for your chance to win a free gift basket http://bit.ly/CCMastersGames 🖱️

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Very attractive young woman featured in these My Zone promotional banners. Does she look like anyone you know?
Took the kids to their first basketball game tonight. Thank you for the passes!
Hard work lol
Omg over the moon atm that i got challenger of the week so proud of myself. All my hard work with nutrition and exercising is paying off.
2 week of the 8 week challenge and im loving it . Week one was tough with a few sore mussel but push through it use activation to help recovery and now im feeling great. The intensity of group training continuing to push myself and the support of other people it great. Im really enjoying doing meal planning and stay on track with my nutrition it quite easy once you get started.
Awesome launch ! Louise Tye and girls - once again great job
Yessss 🙌 10am squashbrookers! Finish your friday with a workout that works the whole body. Step away some of this winter weather for an hour while we're working on our summer bodies! 😁
Join me tomorrow for an all new CX Worx 27 at 9am and then why not stay for an all new Body Combat 72 at 9:30am! Some great challenges in both releases to take us through the new twelve weeks! Will you be there??
Join me at 10am this morning at squashbrook for some fun!!!! get the upper hand and come drop squat, knee lift and kick those winter blues back into summer 😉 . 💪💥

Look Better... Feel Better... Live Better Our passion is helping people get more out of life!

Live with energy, confidence and happiness with expert help from Squashbrook Fitness & Leisure.

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ONLY $39! Join our offer and visit the gym 12 times between the 9th - 30th of January and go in the draw to WIN a FREE Month Mega Membership valued at $420!

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Photos from Squashbrook Fitness & Leisure's post 26/12/2022

Keep moving this festive season to help you feel energised and ready for whatever your days are filled with!

We're open and if you're not away enjoying holidays, then we'd love to see you!



Enhance your motivation and make real change with full support from us all for only $39! Join our offer and visit the gym 12 times between the 9th - 30th of January and go in the draw to WIN a FREE Month Mega Membership valued at $420!

- 4 weeks membership
- 4 weeks Unlimited Group Personal Training
- 4 Personal Training Sessions
- Full membership access

Everyone who completes the 12 sessions automatically gets free registration for our next challenge!

Enquire today so you don't miss out on this limited offer!



From everyone here at SQUASHBROOK, we would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Christmas! We are so lucky to have so many amazing members and we appreciate all your loyalty and hard work. We cant wait to see you all in 2023!



Congratulations to our amazing winners for our October 2022 Transformation Challenge! Also a massive shoutout to everyone that participated and made some amazing progress and to for sponsoring us and providing some amazing nutritional food! We hope you enjoy your Christmas but make sure you don't lose your progress, so you can keep smashing your goals in the New Year!


Cheryl lost an amazing 9.2 kgs (10% Body Weight) including over 7kg of body fat!
At the begging of the challenge, Cheryl wasn’t sure of where to start her lifestyle change, or even if it was possible to lose weight. The challenge, and especially Group PT, gave Cheryl the motivation to eat well and exercise every day…..and even enjoy it! Cheryl now plans to continue exercising every day and to also weigh-in regularly to be sure of keeping track of and maintaining her results.


Gail lost 7.6kg (10% Body Weight) including over 5kg of body fat.
Before this challenge, Gail felt overweight, lacked confidence and was unsure what exercise she should be doing at her age. With the help of her PT Lauren, Gail gained confidence coming to the gym, created an exercise routine and learnt how to eat correctly. Gail will now continue to establish these better lifestyle habits and keep on improving her health and fitness.


Brad lost 4.1kg overall, gained muscle and lost 5.1kg of body fat.
Although Brad had maintained reasonable consistency with his exercise routine throughout the year, he felt he was sinking back into some bad nutritional habits and needed better structure with his workouts. His main challenge goals were to lose some weight and to also complete the challenging Blue Lake half marathon. Improving his eating and following the challenge program allowed Brad to be in the position where he was able to finish the half marathon in a very respectable time.




SAT 24TH: 7AM - 12PM
TUES 27TH: 7AM - 12PM
WED 28TH: 6AM - 7PM
FRI: 30TH: 6AM - 7PM
SAT 31ST: 7AM - 12PM
MON 2ND: 7AM - 12PM



Last week we said goodbye to one of our amazing trainers and friends. Lauren has moved to Adelaide to pursue her dreams and we wish her the best of luck! We will miss you and don't forget to drop in when you come home! Love from your Squashbrook Team!




Come and join us tomorrow in Punch Fit at 9:15am for Laurens last class before she moves away!



There are still a few spots available in tonight's Group PT at 5:15pm and tomorrow's morning class at 9:15am. Call up or speak to one of our girls at the front desk to book in and try a session.



Our extended Black Friday sale is coming to an end on the 19th of December! Enquire now and find out more before you miss out!

- $0 Sign Up Fee
- 4 x FREE PT Sessions
- 2-4 FREE weeks extra
- 4 x FREE weeks of Group PT
- Discounted weekly membership rate!

If you are interested call us on 8725 5351 or email through to [email protected]



Our final Weekly Challenger, well done Brad! We hope you enjoy your voucher from !

At the beginning of this year, Brad formulated the goal of wanting to complete a half marathon. Over various part of the year his nutrition hadn’t been so great, and this resulted in him putting on a few extra kilo’s, something not ideal for running a half marathon.
Over the course of the challenge, Brad managed to lose those few extra kilos through improved nutrition and returned his focus to running. He also maintained his intensity in Group PT sessions and continued with his strength training in the gym.
This all led to Brad completing the recent very challenging Blue Lake fun run half marathon course with a fantastic time.
Well done Brad on a very dedicated effort!



Thankyou to everyone who has already dropped off so many amazing gifts! AC CARE have informed us that they are struggling for gifts for the age group of 12-18 Yrs Old! If you could please help donate to this age group to help those less fortunate that would be amazing! You only need to drop the presents off under our Christmas Tree UN-WRAPPED!



Get in quick with our massive offers before the 19th of December! Enquire Now so you don't miss out!



Congratulations to Melinda Box for making Challenger of the week! We hope you enjoy your Gym Challenge Meals Mount Gambier voucher!

Mel started this challenge with goals of wanting to lose some weight, re-set her nutritional habits and to improve her upper body strength.
By the half-way stage of the challenge, Mel was feeling great and definitely felt like she had put in the effort, both in the gym and in the kitchen to achieve these goals. Unfortunately, her second weigh-in didn’t show any weight loss just yet.
Not to be deterred by this result, Mel made some slight changes to her nutrition plan and kept a positive mindset. She stuck with the challenge program and has been dedicated to getting all of her sessions completed each week.
Mel’s story is like so many other challenge participants, but not once has she thought of giving up and this is why she has now seen some amazing results and has had a successful challenge. Well done Mel, Keep Up the Good Work.



Come and join us this Sunday the 11th of December for our CHRISTMAS LAUNCH! Bring a friend along for FREE and enjoy the latest tracks and music the new launch has to offer. This is a great way to trial any of the classes and find out which one you like the most!



Come along and join us for our Members Christmas Party on Friday the 9th Of December. 6PM, at the Globe! We would love to see as many members as we can to say thankyou and see you out of our usual gym environment! Don't forget to let the girls know at the desk if your coming!


Help those who are less fortunate this Christmas and donate a present!

Every year at Squashbrook we have a Christmas Gift Drive that we donate to ac.care to help those who are in need! We are asking anyone willing to simply purchase a gift ($20 limit) for any child, from Newborn to Teenager, and leave it under our tree. No need to wrap your present and all gifts will be donated on the 19th of December. Please make sure that you have your presents under the tree before then.

We would love to be able to get as much support out of this as we can and help make a difference to people struggling this time of year!



Congratulations Cheryl McCombe on making Challenger of the week! Thankyou to also for helping our amazing members reach there goals!

Cheryl has entered her first Squashbrook challenge with some really clear goals and strategies in mind. Having recently celebrated a milestone birthday, Cheryl is wanting to create new healthy habit’s so she is able to age healthily and actively.
With the main focus on reducing some body fat, Cheryl has had an amazing first half of the challenge, managing to lose quite a few kg’s already.
Participating in Group PT sessions and increasing her exercise sessions in general have no doubt helped Cheryl in losing weight, but her commitment to improving her nutrition, including a strong focus on reducing her alcohol intake, will have certainly been the major contributing factor to Cheryl’s results so far.

Well done Cheryl on what is already a successful challenge and keep at it!



For a Limited Time Only we are offering two different memberships with no startup fee and added extras, to help you get back on track and ready to achieve your fitness goals, all while saving up to $507!
It’s time to capitalize on the enthusiasm of summer, and maximise your energy, fitness and motivation to help change your mindset and physique! This offer is for a LIMITED TIME only, so enquire today before you miss out! Click on our link to get started!



LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT™ is a non-contact, mixed martial arts-inspired workout that fuels cardio fitness and conditions your whole body. Define and strengthen your upper and lower body while increasing your overall speed and fitness. Feel empowered and in control as you punch out stress, kick down goals and build phenomenal core strength.

Enquire today to find out more and see what your missing out on!



Congratulations Rachel Dyer who has been one of our amazing Weekly Challengers!

Prior to starting this challenge, Rachel came to the realisation that she was feeling uncomfortable in her own body, her nutrition needed a big tighten up and unwanted habits were creeping back into her life. Greatly improved intensity and consistency with her exercise, meal preparation, far better nutrition and a positive mindset are all habits that Rachel has created so far throughout the challenge and she has been rewarded with some great results.

Rachels job is to now finish the challenge strongly, to be in contention as a winner, and to also remain in the same mindset at the completion of the challenge to continue living a healthy lifestyle that she is happy with. Well Done Rachel!



Everyone’s Fat Loss journey looks different, but the main components of the journey remain the same. Consistency in all areas is required, however a sufficient calorie
deficit is the mainstay of a successful fat loss plan, along with the right protein intake, sleep, resistance training and cardio based activity.

Get your Evolt 360 scan, with us here at Squashbrook, to find your baseline! Then sit down with our trained professionals to break it all down to you and give you the best guide to starting your journey the right and sustainable way!


We are experiencing difficulties with our phone line - saying the number is disconnected when it's not!

Our apologies for the inconvenience! Please message us via our social channels to get in touch.

Thank you Telstra for providing ongoing frustrations!


~ YOGA ~

Start your Friday off right and come and join our 10am Yoga class tomorrow morning!



Last weeks challenger was Amy Cooper. Thankyou to Gym Challenge Meals Mount Gambier for sponsoring us and helping out our amazing members on there fitness journeys.

Amy is participating in her first ever challenge and has already seen some fantastic results. Despite making a good effort to improve her fitness prior to the challenge, Amy has had some obstacles arise that have hindered her progress. Amy is using the challenge to reassess her fitness strategy and make some simple changes to her lifestyle, something that will be a great example to her family.
Amy is now focused on not only weight loss, but also improving her strength and fitness to comfortably be able to participate in her sports and also go hiking.
Amy’s nutrition focus has also greatly improved. Knowing that this area can be an obstacle, she is now setting aside time on the weekend to prepare and have meals ready to go throughout the week.
Keep up the great work Amy!



LES MILLS BODYPUMP™ is a scientifically-backed barbell workout using light to moderate weights and high reps to build strength and get you fit – fast.

Using a LES MILLS SMARTBAR , you'll work all your major muscles as you increase aerobic fitness and build strength. The encouragement, motivation, and great music you get in a BODYPUMP class will leave you feeling energized, confident and powerful, while getting you fitter, faster.

Enquire today to find out more about LES MILLS BODYPUMP™ and see what your missing out on!



At Squashbrook we would like to thank all those who fought and sacrificed so much on this day many years ago!




Ever wanted to get your heart rate up in a low impact way but also have fun! BODY STEP would be perfect for you then! Book in for tomorrow's 9:15AM class or enquire today to know more.



Did you know we offer Yoga and Body Balance Classes! Low impact exercise with maximum effort and great results! Enquire today to find out more about it!

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