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Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 10/01/2022

Ready for sale!
2 new Bushworks Custom SP10 Pro's in red ano freshly swapped to dedomed Nichia 519a sm453 R9080 (~3600K). Full kits with 900mAh 14500 cell and single bay USB charger with cable. Original thermal paste replaced with Noctua professional grade thermal paste. Beautiful rosy tint, 97+ CRI, and great throw!
$40 usd each shipped within Canada/USA

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 08/07/2022

My latest entropic anodized titanium creation 😍
Bushworks Custom FWAA Ti with 3 way mix dedomed Nichia 519a R9080 (sm353, sm453, sm503) giving a super rosy beautiful warm tint 🔥
Looking forward to getting this one out to it's new owner 🤙

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 07/05/2022

My latest 2 creations 😎🤙
Red S2+ with triple SST20 DR (deep red), Carclo 10507 narrow spot optic, 5 amp H17A driver with 4 output levels and double tap strobe, red glow gasket, and deep carry pocket clip 🔥
Purple S2+ triple 5W LG UV Mule (15W at full output) with 5 amp 12 group driver, purple turbo glow mule ring, and deep carry pocket clip 👌

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 06/15/2022

Finally found some time to put together these 2 beauty Bushworks Customs Convoy T3 triple Nichia 519a's 😍
The Orange one has 3 x dedomed 519a sm453 4500K R9080 (~3500K dedomed), the Blue one has 3 x dedomed 519a sm573 5700K (~4100K dedomed).
I used the Dr. Jones H17FX FET+7+1 driver in both which gives just shy of 2K lumens of beautiful rosy ultra-high CRI light from a compact 14500 hotrod 😎🤙
I'm excited to get these sent out to their new owners 😀


Did a little customization on my Maeerxu DF02 Ti! Gave it an antique bronze looking entropic anodizing 😀

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 05/06/2022

Another custom S2+ triple ready to ship to it's new owner. This one has 3 x Nichia 519a sm453 4500K R9080 (97+ CRI), MTN-17DDm driver with Bistro UI, Carclo 10511 semi frosted combination throw/flood optics, deep carry pocket clip, and fully bypassed springs. Drawing over 18 amps at the tail cap with a Molicel P26A, this little triple hot rod pumps out over 3500 lumens on turbo 😎🤙 (for a short time anyways, then the laws of thermodynamics come into play and the nuclear meltdown prevention protocols take over 😂).
The perfectly neutral ultra-high CRI 4500K daylight tint looks awesome outdoors 👌

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/30/2022

Another beautiful blue custom triple S2+ complete! This time with 3 x dedomed Nichia 519a SM353 3500K R9080 (~2800K dedomed) 🔥👌
MTN-17DDm FET+1 driver with Bistro UI, Carclo 10508 frosted floody optic, fully bypassed springs, and a deep carry pocket clip 😀
This is a beautifully rosy warm flooder with ultra-high CRI (97+) and great output 🤙

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/30/2022

Tonight's creation is a Bushworks Custom Triple OSRAM Deep Blue S2+ with MTN-17DD driver and Bistro UI. Fully bypassed springs, deep carry pocket clip, Carclo 10507 throw optics. This thing throws a LOT of blue 😎🤙🔦


It's flashlight building time 😀🔦🤙

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/27/2022

What's better than a Wurkkos FC11 for EDC? How about 4 of them modded with 4 different CCT's of dedomed Nichia 519a R9080's 😁
Still waiting for the 519a sm403 4000K for a 5th!
Current lineup:
sm573 5700K (~4100K dedomed)
sm503 5000K (~3800K dedomed)
sm453 4500K (~3500K dedomed)
sm353 3500K (~2800K dedomed)
The dedomed Nichia 519a is powerful, throwy, ultra-high CRI, and the absolute best tints IMO 🔥

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/27/2022

Put together this custom KR4 for a customer today. Modded with 2 x dedomed Nichia 519a sm453 4500K R9080 (3500K), and 2 x dedomed Nichia 519a SM353 3500K R9080 (2800K). Also installed a stainless bezel. The tint is an absolutely beautiful rosy ~3200K. Add to that the brilliant colorful secondary aux lights, and you have one awesome flashlight! Can't wait to get it sent out to its new owner 👌


A whole bunch of custom bits and pieces are slowly showing up! I have some pretty sweet ideas in the works once everything shows up. Also adding more equipment to my work shop, including a pro quality laser cutter/engraver which will allow me to offer custom engraving on my lights 👌
Stay tuned 😁

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/18/2022

My latest TS21 creation! This time I tried a quad dedomed Nichia 519a R9080 with a mix of 4 different CCT's, 5700K(~4100K)/ 5000K(~3800K)/4500K(~3500K)/3500K(~2800K). The result of this mix is a nice mellow rosy ~3600K. 3800 lumens of beautiful warm ultra-high CRI light and 200 meter throw 🔥🔥🔥. The beam profile from the quad optic is a great combination of a very throwy hotspot and nice wide angle spill 👌

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/18/2022

A few of my Wurkkos FC11's I modded with dedomed Nichia 519a's 🔥
Left to right:
519a sm573 5700K R9080 (~4100K dedomed)
519a sm453 4500K R9080 (~3500K dedomed)
519a sm353 3500K R9080 (~2800K dedomed)
Great output, increased throw, beautiful rosy tints, 95+ CRI 👌
More FC11's and Nichia 519a's on the way if anyone is interested in one of these awesome ultra-high CRI EDC's 👍
PM me if interested.

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/15/2022

My modded Wurkkos TS21 with dedomed Nichia 519a sm573 5700K R9080 (~4100K dedomed). This tint is as perfect as it gets for a ~4000K neutral white 95+ CRI light 👌. At well over 3000 lumens with a high drain 21700, it's not only higher output than the stock SST20 4000K, but also a much cleaner tint!
I'm in love 😍

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/14/2022

A trio of my modded dedomed Nichia 519a R9080 red anodized lights 🤙
Wurkkos TS21 with 519a sm573 5700K (~4100K dedomed)
Convoy T3 with 519a sm503 5000K (~3800K dedomed)
Wurkkos FC11 with 519a sm453 4500K (~3500K dedomed)
These tints are just pure bliss 😍

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/14/2022

My latest build is a beautiful deep red Convoy T3 14500 with dedomed Nichia 519a sm503 5000K R9080 (~3800K dedomed) and H17A 4 mode 5 amp driver with hidden double tap strobe and mode memory. With a Vapcell H10, I measured just shy of 1100 lumens and 214 meter throw on high 😎.
The 3800K tint is absolutely awesome, and comes in over 95 CRI. A warm white super compact pocket 14500 EDC hotrod with beautiful high CRI tint, high output, and over 200 meter throw...that's a win 🤙🔥
This one is up for grabs, PM if interested! More coming soon 👍

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/13/2022

My Custom KF8 SFT40 with MTN-20DDm FET+1 driver and Toykeeper Bistro UI. This is a super high performance 18650 tactical style tail clicky compact thrower with 2200+ lumens and 566 meter throw! Beautiful styling and anodizing with great features including a tactical ring, bypassed springs, stainless bezel, SMO reflector, and copper pill with good thermal mass/heat sinking. This is one of the best performing lights of its size 💪
If you're interested in this build, drop me a PM for a quote.
Driver/UI options:
MTN-20DDm FET+1 with Bistro UI
MTN-20DDm FET+1 with Guppy3drv UI
Dr. Jones H17FX FET+7+1 with Lucidrv2
*Not currently stocked so it would be 1-1.5 month lead time. Can also discuss other custom emitter/driver options*

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/12/2022

Put together this custom TS21 for a customer today. Swapped the stock SST20 4000K's for Nichia 519a 4500K R9080's. Also added DC-Fix #3 diffusion film to make it a bit more floody and even out the beam profile. The tint is spectacular, and looks just like daylight. Excited to get this one sent out to it's new owner 😀

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/11/2022

A lineup of some of my custom Wurkkos offerings (including a few stock ones waiting for emitter swaps).
Left to right:
1) TS21 with 3 way Nichia 519a R9080 mix. 4500K/4500K dedomed (3500K), 3500K dedomed (2800K). Result is a beautiful warm relaxing rosy 3600K.
2) TS21 Quad Nichia 219b R9080 with SW45K/SW35 mix resulting in a nice neutral rosy 4000K.
3) TS21 stock SST20 4000K. Waiting for quad Nichia 519a 5700K R9080 dedomed (4100K)
4) FC11 Nichia 519a 3500K
5) FC11 Nichia 519a 4500K dedomed (3500K). Nice throwy rosy warm tint with ZERO tint shift 👌
6) FC11 stock Samsung LH351D 5000K. Waiting for Nichia 519a 5000K R9080 dedomed (3800K)
Tint comparrison is in a different order but all labeled 👍

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/10/2022

My latest custom quad emitter TS21, this time with a Nichia 219b SW45K/SW35 R9080 mix. By combining the 2 different CCT's (Correlated Colour Temperature), it ends up a beautiful neutral slightly rosy 4000K 🌹😍. This is a great tint for outdoors and brings the colours of nature to life with its 95+ CRI. Super wide flood along with a nice throwy hot spot makes this perfect for walking my dog through the trails at night 👌
In the tint comparrison shots, left is my custom Nichia 219b mix, right is the stock Wurkkos TS21 SST20 4000K.

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/10/2022

My personal custom C8+ with Luminus SFT40 and Dr. Jones H17FX FET+7+1 driver. At 2200+ lumens and 905 meter throw, this is one of the most powerful pocket throwers you'll find anywhere. Hand picked SFT40 emitter with the best output and tint bin available. This is by far my favorite compact 18650 thrower 👌

The H17FX driver is extremely advanced with a fully customizable UI, up to 3 amps of ultra efficient regulated output, and high performance FET direct drive for the higher outputs. 2 separate fully programmable mode groups. The user can choose number of output modes for each group, and output level of each mode (choice of 24 visually linear steps). This gives you basically 2 UI's in one (could have group one set for indoor use with moonlight and various lower regulated output levels, and group 2 with a tactical style UI with just low/turbo and double tap strobe). Other great features:
- 3 choices for mode memory (off, classic mode memory, short-cycle mode memory)
- Programmable double tap mode (option of Turbo/strobe/beacon/double pulse blink)
- LVP (Low Voltage Protection)
- Integrated ATR (Advanced Temperature Protection) with programmable temp limit from 40°C to 90°C (factory set to 60°C)

I don't currently stock this ultra-high performance light, but it can be made to order. With current shipping delays from overseas, parts usually take around a month to arrive, so keep that in mind if you're interested in this set up. Contact me for more details and pricing.

Photos from Bushworks Custom Flashlights's post 04/09/2022

Bushworks Custom Convoy S2+ with BLF A6 A17DDl FET+1 driver and SFT40 emitter. 2200+ lumens and 385 meter throw on turbo in an ultra compact 18650 pocket light. Excellent UI with 2 mode groups (7 output levels in group 1, 4 output levels in group 2) and option of mode memory on/off. Currently set to group 2 for 4 output modes, and mode memory off so it always starts in low. 45 second timed turbo step down (*Caution* the light will get VERY hot on turbo!), and Low Voltage Protection that will shut the light off at 2.8 volts. Fast PWM that's invisible to the eye, and prevents tint shifts at lower outputs. A very powerful and intuitive tail clicky EDC 🤙
$50 usd shipped within North America


I'm just putting the finishing touches on the new page. Once I have everything in order I will start to post all my modding/custom projects here! I will also use this page to take orders for custom mods. Feel free to share and invite your friends to like Bushworks Customs 👍




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