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I want to start by congratulating everyone who joined the walking challenge! It has been so motivating to see everyone in town getting outside and walking more. I myself chose to walk instead of drive more than 10x this month, which is a huge win!

As a group over the past month, we logged over 4,800 kms of walking!!! How incredible is that?

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the generous small business owners in our community for getting involved with the walking challenge! Shout-out to Simplicity Natural Foods, Jenn’s Kitchen, My Place Yoga Studio, Blissful Aesthetics, Inner Circle Ceramics , Espanola Coffee Roasters and Ptitbear Photography. My heart is so full and it is so incredible to have such amazing people and small businesses in our little town.

I hope you all continue to get outside and walk. If you are looking for any motivation to get running/moving from now until the fall, please feel free to join the Espanola Running Club :) Most of the running is done independently but we will try our best to meet biweekly as a group and we (Southon Fitness & HOP Fitness) will be hosting a fun run at the end of the summer.
“Less stress, more flow.”🧘‍♀️

Got my zen on in the studio with Shawnna Dean, the beautiful face behind My Place Yoga Studio for this awesome branding session!

Branding photography is nowadays crucial and so important for your business, no matter how big or small it may be.

These photos allow you to showcase your products, your process and tell your brand story to help you connect with your clients, grow your audience and attract potential customers.

These visual aids can also be used towards more than just a website - think emails, newsletters, social media/blog posts, signage and more!

For more examples of my branding work, check out 💻
My heart ❤️ is SO full, thank you ladies for joining me tonight.

By request here is my playlist.

Tammy Sheppard
Lisa Tobodo
Alison Maher
Nicky Campbell

Little miss Hannah wants to know if you would ever do a Saturday morning kids yoga on zoom?
DM me if you're in!
Who's in for beginner buti at 3pm today?

DM for the link to join! Drop ins are always welcome!
Join me tomorrow morning :-)

Offering adult yoga, children's yoga, group and private classes
DM for more information

Operating as usual


Excited to move, groove, relax, and reset with you this week.

Since there’s so many new faces here, it’s a good time to remind everyone how to sign up for classes:

You can comment on the post or send a DM to reserve your spot in any class. If classes fill up, you’ll be added to the waiting list. I’ll send you a message if someone drops out. When you sign up for classes, I usually respond in some way (so if I don’t this means I probably didn’t see your comment… please reach out if that’s the case)

We are bringing back yoga as we get prepped for Outdoor Yoga (likely to start next month once Serena and I coordinate).

Bands: 30 mins
Lunch Flow: 45 mins
Other Classes: 60 mins




Essential Oils

We kind of sell them here. I guess…

An order is placed monthly around the 10th of the month, so if you want something then let me know.

I’ll be ordering a new blend or two!


There are so many ways to adapt your yoga practice. You can use various tools to help you, which I’ve talked about lots. Tools are helpful and they really level out the playing field.

But did you know that another way to adapt your practice is to simply SLOW IT DOWN

So how can you do this in a class?

Take breaks: go into child’s pose or simply sit and watch. You can also listen to the cues of the class (e.g “you can stay here or join me as we try XYZ).

There’s nothing wrong with slowing things down or regrouping for a minute or two. Listen to your body and adapt in any way you see fit.


I’m about to fall here

In fact, if I remember correctly, I’m laughing and saying; “just shoot Aimee, I’m all off balance”. When I look closely at the photo, my form is completely off, and I’ve let go of my core. I was doing this “for the gram” and everything fell apart.

I’m not a perfect yoga teacher and I don’t pretend to be. I fall, I laugh, I joke and sometimes I have off days. My life isn’t perfect and neither is my yoga practice.

It’s okay to struggle sometimes, we all have those days and those seasons. Don’t worry, I’ll fall and laugh with you if you’ll let me.


There are a few places where I apply essential oil during savasana. This is one of them. So many of us, hold tension between our brow line. Oil application paired with gentle pressure here can be so relaxing and calming.

Make sure if you want to have your oil applied here that you remove your eye pillow first. That’s usually my cue.



Thank you for your kind words. Our hearts are full 💕


Wide Legged Forward Fold

My body has limitations, if you’ve been to class then you’ve probably heard me talk about that. I use props a lot to support my practice, and there really is a prop for everyone here. I’ve been trying to deepen my standing forward bend, and resting on a bolster has been most helpful for me. It provides cushion for my head and is quite comfortable.

I don’t normally use a bolster like this, so I figured I’d share. How do you deepen your standing forward bend?


Light week this time around.

I’m busy this week planning an epic bachelorette for my {future} sister in law so I can only teach Monday and Wednesday. I’ve got to make all the things, buy all the things, and prep for some fun.

The good news is that our girl Aimee is picking up the slack and here on Thursday for a double header!

30 min: Bands & Abs
45 min: Flow
60 min: Yin


Looking for a quick workout?

Try Bands & Abs!

It’s one of our shortest classes, in fact, it’s only 30 minutes long. In this class you can expect a few things:

- a moderately challenging workout
- the use of resistance bands throughout the class (they are provided or you can bring your own)
- loud music
- modifications if you need them
- core work (lately we end with a few minutes of abs without a rest)
- bad jokes (they usually come from me unfortunately)


When you’re a yoga teacher, people confide in you. Sometimes they tell you their secrets, but they mostly tell you little pieces about themselves and why they are so grateful for the classes and space.

If I had to think of a theme to do with messages… it would honestly be hard to pick just one. What I do notice about people reaching out to talk about why they need My Place is that many people are feeling the need to carve out time for themselves, to find an activity they love, and to reset.

I get sent super kind messages, the type of messages that melt my heart a little bit. In many messages, people say that they feel so great and can’t believe they didn’t start sooner.

All you have to do is walk through the door. If we can do it, so can you. We all started somewhere.


Reclined Bound Angle

With the support of bolsters and blocks. It’s a fan favourite here, and how we start a lot of yin classes. It’s enjoyed by so many, that if I haven’t set up the first pose for a yin class before everyone arrives, that many yogis start to set us up into this one whether it was planned or not.

I have to say, I LOVE that the yogis that come here do that. If you crave this pose, then come on in and hang out there. Let’s do what we need, when we need it here. After all it is your practice.


Are you still curious about workshops?

They look kind of like this sometimes. Chatting, laughing, questions, answers, and then some yoga. They are fun, light, and hopefully informative. A great place to start if you’re curious about yoga.



When you think about yoga, do you think about strength? I certainly do. Some poses, like side plank require a great deal of physical strength, but also cognitive strength.

Don’t think so?

Try to hold this baby for a few minutes… or long enough for a photoshoot.


Did you know

That there are lots of different places that we can apply essential oils during classes?

In general, I usually apply oils to the top of peoples heads. I do this because it’s easy to access, and it’s what people ask for. But you might not know that there’s other wonderful places that feel oh so nice. The base of the head where the neck meets the head is full of nerve endings. It can feel wonderful to have a little bit of pressure and some essential oils applied here.

Maybe we can try it sometime soon.


Thank you for the 💕



It’s true what they say you know, it truly is the best medicine. Some classes here are full of laughs and jokes. Not everything we do is serious and calming, sometimes it’s just pure fun and joy.

If you’re looking for slower, more serious classes then try restorative or yin. There aren’t too many opportunities for a deep belly laugh in those classes.

If you need some laughs or are worried that yoga is too serious for you then head to a workshop, HIIT, power flow or vinyasa classes. We tend to laugh and giggle here, it keeps things light and fun.


Who’s ready to move and rest this week? Can’t wait to see you!

Bands & Abs (formerly HIIT Bands) has evolved. This 30 minute class will have you sweating, and give your muscles a burn using resistance bands to intensify the workout. We work hard for 45 seconds, followed by a period of rest. Once we have the moves down pat, we double or triple up the exercises for up to 2 minutes. The class ends with non-stop core exercises.

Looking to slow things down? Restorative and yin may be the medicine your body is craving right now. 60 minutes of pure bliss.

Our pelvic floor workshop is this Thursday. This class is 75 minutes and full of information and exercises to help you connect with the 16 muscles that make up your pelvic floor. This workshop is catered to women of all ages and abilities.
Cost: $20 or 2 punches on your card.

Let me know what you’d like to sign up for by commenting on the post :)

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