Orangetheory Fitness Grande Prairie

Orangetheory Fitness Grande Prairie


Twas' the week after Christmas, and I sat alone in my bed, 🛏
With the covers pulled up high, tightly over my head. 🙄
What just happened this past week, I really don't know,🤷‍♀️
But the number on my scale sure really did grow. 😳
I had eaten the pies, the cakes, and the chips,🥧🎂
And all of the cream filled chocolates went straight on my hips. 🍬🍫
And what didn't go to my hips went on my waist,🙈
But all of those marvelous meals, I just had to taste. 🤩
The glasses of wine followed with handfuls of cheese,🍷🍷
I regretted it none, as my heart screamed "Yes Pleassssssse ".🙏
I thought to myself, "Well this just won't do", 🤦‍♀️
As I hopped out of bed to look for my shoes. 👟👟
It was time to get healthy, it was time to get fit, 💯
OT Live was on my computer loading up quick!🙃🙂
I threw on some pants and found a clean top,👖👚
Hair in a messy ponytail I was ready to rock!💪💪
The OT Live coach said hello and introduced herself to the class,😊
Her smile was sweet but she was gunna most deffs kick my ass!💓
With the coach in my living room and my resolutions all made, 🤔
Praying that I kept them at least until valentine's day 🤣
This year showed great promise this was going to be great. 🥰
I was going to undo everything that I just drank and ate.🙅‍♀️
I'll jog, I'll do sit ups, I'll run on the spot,
With all these burpees I was gonna be hot. 🔥
So if you miss me at all, join me online for some classes, 👏
We'll build all them muscles and bust our.... 🍑🍑
We'll start out at base, and progress to push pace,
Next is all out, you'll win that race!!
Happy New Year to you, sending you hugs, love , .... and plenty of fun💋
Wishing you health and happiness in 2021! 😘
Brought To You By Yours Truly ,
Darkness, Coach Black Widow, Coach Josie

Heart-rate based interval training in a fun and energizing group environment. Work for 1 hour, burn for 36. That's the Orange effect!

Operating as usual



It’s time to spring into action and get the results you’re looking for. With energy-packed workouts, big-time motivation from our Orangetheory community, and that extra accountability from your coaches to keep your results on track.

For a limited time, get 3 weeks of unlimited sessions for $75. ✅

Hurry – this offer ends April 19th! Call 780-513-6444 to get started.


🧡🍊💪🏻Happy Easter OTF GP!! May your day be filled with Family, Love, Laughter and Splats!


🧡🍊💪🏻 Orangetheory Fitness Welcomes Our Curt to the 💯Club! Curt’s journey has been absolutely outstanding. Each day he works so hard, and he has the results to show it. It’s always so great to have him in class with us, and his determination on this journey is a pleasure to be apart of! Congrats Curt! 🔥Keep crushing it! Here is what he has to say….

My journey began 2 years ago when I returned from a Europe trip. I was frustrated with how difficult it was to walk everywhere. I would see a bench and that’s where I headed too. I had to change. It started in the kitchen and then 20 min walks. The walking led to 1-2 hour hikes. I needed more but I didn’t want to give up more time. My sister in Vancouver always talked about OTG then after speaking with Lynden (GP-OTG’er) he had me sold. I had to try it. First session I fell in love (sorry Paula – love you too) My wife also signed up and we call it date night when we both attend. The atmosphere is infectious, the work outs are amazing and I just show up with everything pre-scripted. You just go to work. The coaches, the owners and fellow OTG’ers are all amazing humans… I have never felt better since joining.


🧡🥟Run on down to Orangetheory Fitness for some amazing Perogies!! We hope everyone is having a happy Easter weekend! Today from 11-3 Obi Wan Perogie is here to feed you😊🥟 Specialty perogie is dill pickle and when we run out of those it will be potato, goat cheese, roasted garlic and balsamic onion!

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🔥INFERNO🔥 Results!
Congratulations everyone who fired it up on the rower in the challenging signature workout!!🚣‍♀️🚣
Some AMAZING PB set. Your distance will be in your app under challenges.


🍊🧡💪🏻Orangetheory Fitness Welcomes Our Trevor to the 💯 Club! This guy is so amazing. Anything can happen in class when Trevor is there. 😂 From dancing, to singing, he loves dress up days with his beautiful wife, Ashley….. and always gets the best out of every workout. He’s a motivator, and strives for the best in himself each day. Congrats Trevor! Here is what he has to say……

OTF, A great team of coaches and a fun atmosphere drew me to try OTF. It was perfect place to start my workout journey back from knee surgery. The coaches had perfect modifications to suit my needs. Here is to a 100 more classes with OTF family.

🍊💪🏻Keep up the amazing work! We are all so thankful to have you crushing goals with us!



It’s time to spring into action and get the results you’re looking for. With energy-packed workouts, big-time motivation from our Orangetheory community, and that extra accountability from your coaches to keep your results on track.

For a limited time, get 3 weeks of unlimited sessions for $75. ✅

Hurry – this offer ends April 19th! Call 780-513-6444 to get started.


🧡🍊💪🏻Coach Kerrie has an amazing house of 27 peeps rocking an amazing 3G Strength, Endurance day!! Great job family! Way to crush Thursday!! 🔥


🧡🍊💪🏻Throwback Thursday! Look at these two amazing coaches!! Love these memories that will last forever!


🧡🍊💪🏻 Orangetheory Fitness Welcomes Our Rachelle to the 💯Club!!
Rachelle always comes in to the studio with a huge smile, and ready for the workout of the day. She pushes herself to the limits, and it shows. Rachelle we are so very proud of you, and glad you took that leap to join our OTF family, and crush goals along the way! 🔥Keep going all out girlfriend! Here is what she has to say……

It took my sister in law (a dedicated OTF member in Bedford, NS) two years to convince me to try Orange Theory. My only regret is not trying it sooner. Orange Theory was exactly was I needed to motivate my fitness journey and boost my confidence in the gym. I’m thankful for the amazing community for pushing me every class and look forward to many more classes in the future!

🧡Congratulations!!! Keep up the amazing work!

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🧡🍊💪🏻Don’t let your goals go up in smoke — practice fire safety by crushing today’s Infernosignature
workout. You’ll feel the burn in your legs as you alternate between the rower and tread or a bodyweight exercise. But stay focused: On the rower, your challenge is to increase your meters by 100m each round.
The rest of the stations are your active recovery today. You know you can do this, so don’t miss class and have the chance to share your final rowing distance ⬇️. We can’t wait to celebrate you.


🧡🍊💪🏻You know you’re dedicated when you prepare for the Inferno signature workout TOMORROW by crushing a crew row TODAY. The crew row is a great way to practice your form as you follow your team captain and, stay in Base the ✨ whole time ✨. Tag a friend ⬇️ who keeps you in sync. They may just end up as one of today's rowing captains.


🧡🍊💪🏻WOW!!! Congratulations to our amazing Transformation Challenge Winners! You all did so amazing, and we couldn’t be more proud of you all!!


🧡🍊💪🏻Ready to spend the evening with some pretty amazing peeps we call our Family!! Looking forward in celebrating so much with you this evening! See you soon OTF GP!


🧡🍊💪🏻Happy Splaterday!! Packed House today at OTF GP, everyones working hard to look good healthy!!


🧡🍊💪🏻Orangetheory Fitness is celebrating our 4 year Anniversary tomorrow! Come on down, bring your family and friends, and enjoy some beverages, great food from Joe's Pizza Stone, and of course…… announcements of Transformation Challenge winners, music and more! Let’s celebrate eachother, and all the successes we’ve made it through! Doors open at 6pm!! See you all soon OTF GP!!


🧡🍊💪🏻Join today and save!!!
Also, Did you know we have a refer and receive promo this month?! You can save over the next 3 months on your membership too!

Call us at 780-513-6444 to book yourself or your accountability partner in and get more details 🧡

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🥟😋Looks who’s back!! Obi Wan Perogie will be with us tomorrow to serve up delicious food for you. They will be with us 11-4pm, come get all the delicious perogies, cabbage rolls and sausages! May the perogie force be with you🥟


Things are lookin good OTF GP!! We have added more classes. Book in today! 😀


🧡🍊💪🏻Why workout alone when you can sweat with a commUNITY!?

All around the world, members unite when they walk through our doors to work on their health.

On 🌍 we want to give a HUGE shoutout 📣 to our across the globe who strive to be the best version of themselves every single day.


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🧡🍊💪🏻It’s National (Power) Walking Day! If you set your speed between 3.5 and 4.5 mph during class today, we want to celebrate YOU! To learn more about the benefits of power walking at Orangetheory, click here:


🧡🐾 Ruby Tuesday….. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it’s what you do constantly. Each step is Progress! 🧡🍊💪🏻


🧡🍊💪🏻Happy Monday OTF GP!! We have added more class times to the schedule! Call now or go on your App to book! Can’t wait to see you under the Orange Lights!!


🧡🍊💪🏻Orangetheory Fitness GP welcomes our Lynn to the 💯 club!! This is such a fun lady! Lynn is an amazing client, always smiling, giving it her all no matter the challenge of the day. She works so hard, and we absolutely love having her at the studio. Congratulations Lynn! 🔥 Looking forward to your next accomplishment!! Here is what she has to say…..

Orangetheory fitness has the most challenging workout, for all fitness levels, and the coaches make it fun. I love it there and would recommend this place to anyone. The coaches are awesome and the owners are very kind and encouraging.

Keep crushing it Lynn! We are all so proud of you!! 😂


🧡🍊💪 Orangetheory Fitness Invites you & your family and friends April 9th, to our 4 Year Anniversary Party!! Through all the ups and downs over these last few years, we finally get to celebrate you!! Transformation Challenge winners to be announced that evening. Can't wait to see you all there OTF Family!!


🧡🍊💪🏻Who's ready to celebrate April Fool's Day with a sweat sesh? We're not fooling when we say today's workout will have you:

🔥Burning calories
💪🏻Building strength and endurance
🎉Celebrating wins with your OTF Community

Our Story

The physiological theory behind Orangetheory is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). During the course of a session, you will perform focused 10-30 minute intervals that use your entire body and stimulate your metabolism. After each exercise, you will feel increased energy. After the session, your body will continue to burn more calories as it tries to recover from the strong bursts of activity.

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