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Operating as usual

Timeline photos 10/18/2017

Demotivating cold weather is ahead; maintain success with our personal and group training!

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Achieve your health goals with our one-on-one and group training!

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Half the battle is proper nutrition. We can help you build a sustainable meal plan to help reach your goals

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Be your own super hero by making healthy changes in your lifestyle. Connect with us and let's get started today!

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Let us help you 'push' yourself out of your comfort zone

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See healthy results with our personal training programs! Get in touch with us today & let's start your transformation

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Are you prepping for a competition, or simply want to be in better shape and feel healthier? Our personal trainers can get you where you want to go. Connect with us today!

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We're all about helping you achieve your goals; with your commitment, we'll get you there!


Are You Measuring What You Eat?

Let Us Help With Personalized Fitness & Meal Plans At Resistance Training Studio


Get The Results You're Looking For. Join Us Monday - Friday for our drop in Boot Camps!

Summer might be almost over ....but it will be back! Be ready.

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Personal Training
Drop In Boot Camps
Knowledgeable Staff
Personalized Meal Plans & More!

Contact Us Today & Lets Work on Your Goals!


Michelle Blondin is teaching some classes at Resistance Training Studio on the weekends now!

The classes are by donation and the funds are going towards her two physique competitions in Toronto in the Fall.

Saturday there are 4 classes, starting at 10 am.
Circuit, Yoga, TRX and Weights, Yoga

Sunday there are 2 classes, starting at Noon.
Circuit and Yoga

Come down this Saturday or Sunday to get your workout on!

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Try Resistance Training Studio Boot Camps Today!
30 min HIT workout
Flexible with YOUR schedule.
They start when you show up! Jump In when you arrive.
Monday- Friday
Come anytime from 12:30- 1:30 pm (ends at 2 pm)
Or from 5:15-6:30 pm (ends at 7 pm)


Someday's we eat well other days we eat our body weight in pizza... Life is a matter of balance.


Bootcamp that starts when you show up!
Monday through Friday
Come anytime from 12:30- 1:30 pm (ends at 2pm)
Or from 5:15-6:30pm (ends at 7pm)


Healthy looks different on everyone.
Progress is different for everyone.

Personal Training Resistance Training Studio creates personalized plans for YOU. Healthy and sustainable objectives to help you meet your goals.

Get started today!

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Why try Resistance Training Studio Boot Camps?

30 min HIT workout

Flexible with YOUR schedule.

They start when you show up! Jump In when you arrive.

Monday- Friday
Come anytime from 12:30- 1:30 pm (ends at 2 pm)
Or from 5:15-6:30 pm (ends at 7 pm)


Don't Hold Back. Start somewhere, our Bootcamps at Resistance Training Studio are quick, convenient, and EFFECTIVE!

Monday through Friday Bootcamp starts when you show up

Come anytime from 12:30- 1:30 pm (ends at 2pm)
Or from 5:15-6:30pm (ends at 7pm)

Msg us today for more information.


This is Brian.

Dont be like Brian.

Choose Strength and Personal Training at Resistance Training Studio. We will work with you on your goals. Even it's just getting strong enough to not ask your mom to open the pickle jar.


Here are some exercises you missed in the boot camps last week:

Triple skyfall burpee
Star plank
TRX suicides
Hollow holds

30 min high intensity boot camps 2 times per day, Monday - Friday!

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The struggle is REAL!


The boot camps at Resistance Training Studio are a new format.

They are 30 min boot camps, and they start when you show up!

So even if you get off work at different times, chances are you can still make the boot camps!

Come anytime from 12:30- 1:30 pm (ends at 2pm)
Or from 5:15-6:30pm (ends at 7pm)

Give the 30 min HIT workout a try and let us know what you think!

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"Its only impossible until its done" Let us guide you through your transformation today at Resistance Training Studio

Rates range from $45-$85/ per session with savings on mulitple sessions.

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Losing weight is more about your habits than food.
Pretty much anyone can do a 30-day challenge.

If you want to lose weight, we have to look at your habits. Flipping your whole schedule upside-down and creating unrealistic restrictions and guidelines that are hard to sustain won't create a healthy lifestyle or help you to reach your goals and have LONG LASTING SUCCESS

Try the Rule of 1
Change one thing until it is a habit.
Like coming to Resistance Training Studio

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Let us motivate you! Personal Training with Resistance Training Studio will encourage and educate you on how to best deploy your personalized plan, reaching your fitness goals no matter how big or small.
Message us today and let's get started!

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Donut Ever Give Up!

At Resistance Training Studio we help you to make lifestyle changes. Not jump into extreme diets and exercise routines that are unsustainable. Build healthy habits that will give you the results you want and can maintain.

Timeline photos 07/07/2017

This counts as clean eating....right?

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"Whether you think you CAN or you think you CANT...Your right" Let us show you how you CAN change your lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals with Personal Training at Resistance Training Studio.
Message Resistance Training Studio for more info


Only one boot camp class Monday July 3rd from 12 till 1:30pm, and here it is!
30 min high intensity workout
12 rounds; 2 min work, 0:30 seconds rest
The boot camp starts when you show up!

Photos from Resistance Training Studio's post 07/02/2017

Thank you to everyone that showed up and tried the free Boot Camps, 20% off of Boot Camp Packages for everyone...who came!
Offer expires July 21st
Sign up Today!

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Happy Canada Day!


Here is a preview of today's boot camp, take a quick peek at the exercises today and come on down!
Last day for free boot camps!

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STAT HOLIDAY MONDAY WORKOUT!Only one boot camp class Monday July 3rd from 12 till 1:30pm, and here it is!30 min high int...
Here is a preview of today's boot camp, take a quick peek at the exercises today and come on down!Last day for free boot...
Here is a quick video of Justin Rille explaining the exercises and how to perform them for Mondays June 26th free boot c...
Is your trainer or group class instructor letting you squat and deadlift wrong?Watch this short video on the differences...
So the third superhero is being completed today.In the meantime, here is a time lapse video of about 26 hours put into t...
Very proud of my client Darcy, who smashed her dead lift PR this morning!Here is her 155lb conventional dead lift. We wo...



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